November 7, 2012   NationalEnquirer...

1) THESE two young film actresses – they’ve co-starred in a huge franchise and one bomb together – like to get drunk and fool around. But now that one of the ladies is back with her boyfriend, the other has been left out in the cold – and she’s telling everyone who’ll listen that not only is the popular star a cheater, she’s also a lesbian! WHO are they?

 2) EVERYONE thinks this “DWTS” pro is gay, and he doesn’t mind one bit! In fact, he says his “faux homosexuality” gets him more dates than he can handle! The hunky hoofer brags about three-ways and sex parties with girls who think they can “change” him from gay to straight! WHO is he?

 3) WHAT sexy singer/model-turned-action star is living large in a Hollywood mansion while his baby mama and young child are cooped up in a cramped shoebox apartment  down the road? The selfish 30-something stud was paying his ex the minimum he could get away with legally, but she’s hooked up with a savvy lawyer who’s convinced she can take the cheapskate to the cleaners!

 4) WHICH A-list Latin couple is  getting backlash from Spanish media for ignoring reporters from their home country while openly courting Hollywood outlets? The Oscar-winning couple has been branded snobs and, worse yet, traitors!

EXTRA Blind Item!!

5) Which Housewife has threatened a lawsuit against SH for “defamation”??  This Housewife also claims that SH has gone after her “fans”…  NOTE:  HUH?? and WHA??

NOTE:  Again… HUH???


  1. 1. Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning – Franchise is Twilight and the bomb is The Runaways (even though I liked that one more than any of the Twi films)
    2. Derek Hough
    3. Mark Wahlberg? But I thought he was still with the mother of his kid(s)
    4. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem


  2. Def K Stewart for 1. As for #5, r u kidding me Miss SH ????? If No, then I say PT! Did I miss a twitter battle between SH & Camille? My ADD must be acting up..


    • Yeah, and there aren’t too many SH articles that are unkind to Camille. There are plenty of SH posts that are harsh on Aviva and Jacqueline (But they totally deserve it), but I’m not seeing too many that are harsh on Camille).


  3. Wow! Can’t believe Camille Is the Beyotch threatening you.
    In fact, just read and my guess was: Heather Dum-brow.

    Camille’s an idiot.
    She just jacked up her Season 2 rehab image in my book!
    Perhaps who she was in Season 1 is really WHO she is!


  4. I thought the exchange was bazaar! For the life of me I couldn’t see what you re-tweeted about a hosting job that could be damaging. I chalked it up to IBS (our version not hers.)


  5. 1. Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning
    2. Mark Ballas
    3. Tyrese
    4. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are Spaniards so they’re probably taking a lot of heat from Spain.
    5. Camilla!


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