ANDY COHEN: MissAndy to Host Rihanna FB Chat…Guess Which Housewives Site is Rihanna’s Favorite??

November 7, 2012  From TheDish at Bravo…  

“Andy Cohen loves nothing more than a good diva. There’s plenty of them in Housewives land, but in music, Rihanna is up there when it comes to pop diva royalty, and Andy will be hosting a live chat with RiRi herself to promote her upcoming album…

On Thursday at 7p EST / 4p PST, Andy will host an live online Facebook chat with Rihanna and her fans as the racy R&B star prepares the release of Unapologetic.

Rihanna’s fans are urged to drop their questions on the chat’s Facebook page, and Andy will relay them to the “Diamonds” songstress at Facebook’s NYC headquarters while hopefully also putting his Watch What Happens Live interviewing skills to the test with some adlibbed follow-ups. C’mon, Rihanna isn’t exactly bashful …

Guess which Housewives site is Rihanna’s fav??

To find the answer to that question, just pop on over to RihannaDaily… scroll down and click on Kyle Richard’s image!


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29 comments on “ANDY COHEN: MissAndy to Host Rihanna FB Chat…Guess Which Housewives Site is Rihanna’s Favorite??

  1. Interesting combo…Andy is trying to get all up in pop culture relevancy. I like RiRi music so I’m excited about the new album.

  2. Ah yes, Rihanna. A good role model for young girls everywhere. Heck, women everywhere. Yes, I am dying to know more about her, Andy. DAMN IT, THINK, COHEN

  3. She’d fit in with Bravo. I had firsthand knowledge that she wasn’t all she appeared to be. I also heard tidbits about her “abuse” not entirely being real. She and Alicia Keys are both not too nice. Just passin’ the info that I heard from a woman who worked in the music industry (and she was sweet and had no axe to grind!!)

    • Figures. Her music is not allowed in my house. The words to some of her songs are absolutely vile, especially bad since she is marketing to kids.

      • Coming from someone who was actually raped and abused, I don’t believe that she’d immediately appear in sexy videos with songs of that caliber. It was an immediate red light for me. I don’t really like her anyway–she was always auto-tuned and not too talented.

            • Thanks, CJ. Family is saying it’s almost blizzard conditions on LI now. So strange, but they’re all safe thusfar———-power is flickering so they’re all rightfully worried!

            • Hers, ooh, thank you so much. I tried to immediately get help but not report it and block it out. I’ve had so many medical people and friends urge me to talk about it. I think I’m okay by now (it’s been 5 years). Thank you!

            • Yeesh, if you knew the details, you’d be horrified, but I think I’ve moved on. Took a long time. Thank you so much for your compassion.

            • You’re so welcome. I can’t stand to think of anyone having gone through that, let alone a friend like you. Take care, Done.

            • I’m truly so sorry to hear that done….
              I’m wondering something. ..why throw Alicia Keys in the mix? I ask because I happen to like Alicia & her music. There’s no doubt that she’s real talent… unlike some. Can you elaborate?

            • Not to give personal details, but her now-husband was married and his wife was newly pregnant and in the dark about him not being happy with her! Alicia was a part of it and became pregnant herself with him while he didn’t even begin to sever ties with his wife. Not cool. Plus, I heard she’s a real biotch, which didn’t surprise me. Sorry, but she’s merely a Stevie Wonder ripoff. I don’t like her aura.

            • Thank you, Barb. I forget what a huge deal it really is. I think I swept it under the rug and just brushed it aside.

        • I hate that this happened to you Done. You strike me as being a strong person but I am sure your wounds are deep. Love ya girl.

          • Thanks, mp. I happened because I am entirely too trusting and naive. I didn’t press charges because the guy worked for the gov’t. He looks like Adam Levine’s double (prob even better looking) and I believed he was a good guy. He set me up. It was only 1 LONG night but it was the most humilating, painful, sad, bad night of my life. I thank God that I lived thru it. I was on the verge of needing surgery after that night. Bad………….. Looking back I prob should have pressed charges. Instead I stalking him online and tried to prevent future women from falling for his crap. He was a pretty famous blogger too.

            • oh dear my dear babygirl. That’s awful. I do understand your reasoning at the time. Many girls rationalize it that way becuase prosecution is HARD. Especially if your mind is still in the process of “sweeping it under the rug” When I read that , my heart breaks for you. Its good that you are talking about it now and please reach out to get help. You have been injured and just like a broken bone that is not set properly it will heal but heal kinda cockeyed if you dont get help. And its never too late. You cant be the “strong girl” all the time.

            • Thanks, MP. Too add to the complication, I didn’t want my kids to find out or my soon-to-be-ex-husband (even though we had a dating agreement by that point). In the end, he was really supportive.

  4. I do not like RIRI everytime she comes to Hawaii they print a picture of her toking on a Doobie and make it look like all we do is hang out and smoke dope all day. ..maybe now she will go to Colorado and smoke dope there.. as for the Chris Brown issue she needs to poo or get off the pot if she wants to be with that idiot then do it im tired of hearing about them swaping tacos behind the door at the grammys

  5. Dear Ri,
    We love your talent. Mean it. Peace!


    P.S. If you are done with Mr. Brown, could you set him up with RHoBH’s Shaft/SWINE? They are perfect for one another. Thank You for your consideration in this personal matter. ;)

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