SH “HIT AND RUN TUESDAY: Kim Zolciak “CousinITT”… Kandi Burruss “SecretTodd”…Tweet Relief “HurricaneSandy”… Who Is Adrienne and Paul’s REAL Mother?… Stoopidest Housewife “Vote Now”!!… Joanna Krupa “CallThePaps”!!!

November 6, 2012  

From TMZ… Kim Zolciak as Cousin ITT:



Kandi Burruss tells The Dish about her secret love, Todd Tucker:

Kandi’s singing from the mountaintops about her love life now, but once upon a time, only Phaedra was privy to her confidential cupid file. “The only person that I’d really talked to about it was Phaedra, but other than that, nobody really knew for sure. People kind of tried to guess, or to think they knew what was going on, but not really.”

NOTE:  If YOU were reading SH back in December 2011, you knew about Todd Tucker!   Back in July, Kandi denied her engagement!


Jax Laurita and DonCaro are very proud of their accomplishments… they have provided much-needed tweets to the people most in need.

BubbaJax takes a stab at those “raised differently”…

The following video was taken by a volunteer who went to Staten Island… you’ll catch a glimpse of da Manzoids around the 6:07 mark…

NOTE:  This is not a commentary on relief efforts for those who have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy!  It IS, however, up to readers to interpret for themselves the given information… as are all the items on SH!


If Paul and Adrienne are brother and sister, who could their mother be??


All of the nominees have been chosen!  Now is the time for YOU to cast your vote for Stoopidest Housewife of 2013… poll is on right…


Does Joanna Krupa do ANYTHING without calling the paps???  Joanna’s latest from the DailyMail.  Joanna is now in the running with Kyle Richards for the Housewife who most calls the paps!!

(Thanks to SH readers “duffydan” “JoeC” “”@SalZamy” and “PDM”!!!)

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36 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN TUESDAY: Kim Zolciak “CousinITT”… Kandi Burruss “SecretTodd”…Tweet Relief “HurricaneSandy”… Who Is Adrienne and Paul’s REAL Mother?… Stoopidest Housewife “Vote Now”!!… Joanna Krupa “CallThePaps”!!!

  1. Hahahaha love Mama and she DOES look like she could be their mother!!

    I wish these NJ ladies would just knock off the constant crap! I love Teresa and maybe she felt she couldn’t defend herself any other way, but I knew her tweet would cause a backlash and I figured it would be Jacqueline. Ugh – RHONJ, just do your thing to help out and keep your noses out if each other’s business for once! There are better ways to use your energy!

    • Teresa is a snake. Fame has gone to her head and unfortunately there wasn’t much there to begin with. Sadly she is waaaaaayyyy dumber than she’s aware of. She’s my least favorite housewife besides tamra Barney.

    • I think Teresa carries herself very well in social media and I believe she responded with more restraint that I might have defending herself from mean tweets. I agree about the backlash, too bad Jacqueline responded in the manner she did. Since Teresa doesn’t get down and dirty on twitter like some others, hopefully this will all die down soon.

  2. Jac-a-loon & Co. bilked the Susan G. Komen cancer charity out of $18,000 and then she wants to toot her horn about her “good deeds”. She is such a self righteous fool and I bet she cups and huffs her own farts, cuz she thinks her sh*t don’t stink.

    • EXACTLY!!!
      Charity would be for Chris and Jacqueline to pay right away the 18,000 dollars that they screwed the SGKomen Foundation off and then worry about the rest. Donating hundreds of cases of BLK water that nobody wants to buy or drink is not too much of assistance, especially when they will use those cases for tax deductions.
      What about Carolwhine offering an event at the Brownstone to collect money, instead of asking for food cans and used jackets, what about money from their deep pockets instead?

      • Can you imagine you’ve just lost everything to a flood and when the cavalry arrives, they’re offering sludge?!!

        • I am sure as time goes on and things get repaired more and more events to raise money will happen, but the Brownstone can hardly plan a glitzy event when so many have no homes and no way to get hot food, JFTR The Brownsone is serving FREE hot meals.

          Jeez people they are helping just because YOU dont like what they are doing or think they should be doing something else dosnt make what they are doing wrong.

          and Hers I am not refering to you just making a general Statement.

      • That’s a super idea! They should open the Brownstone to all & feed them! That would help so many that are hungry&cold! Even if they serve gross food, a hot meal is incredible after no power for a week!

        • Theyhave been serving food since the storm., I doubt they are doing functions now and all that food they have has to be used.

  3. What was it Whitney said “Jax is whack?” no wait, well.. anyway I thought doo-doo birds were extinct? I’m lost here. Isn’t Jax & co. evidence that someone lied? Hummm, well anyway, I’m sure she & Caro are helping someone , we all need a laugh right? ;P

    • Teresa and her friends have taken over this thread!! Unless you plan in trying to convince me that the world is actually full of people dumb enough to support Teresa. Come on now.

      • Oh well I guess making all those appearances, book signings, selling loads of wine and haircare products is all due to a lack of support. Come on now.

  4. And another chance to hang out with Hollywood. The guy in the orange vest is Theo from Sons of Anarchy. Why pose with an actual hurricane victim when there are celebrities around for photo ops.

  5. I’ll give them credit for this – If Jax is helping , maybe she’s staying away from certain liquids. & if Carowhine is helping, at least the NJ’s answer to an angry Pee-Wee Herman at least she’s making herself feel useful, may not be true but I don’t think it matters either way to PW. ;P

  6. When is it going to quit. Teresa is getting bashed on twitter that she is not helping since everyone else is posting pictures of themselves donating to the relief efforts and she is not. Teresa responds that she is helping but just not tweeting or posting pictures of her self doing it. She was raised to not take credit for helping others. However Jac tweet was directed to Teresa.
    Now Jac is once again thinking that Teresa was talking about her. Jac needs to get a life and understand that Teresa was done with her last year. She stopped talking about her, tweeting her, tweeting about her and stopped including her in her daily life. Jac needs to stop with her obsession of all thing Teresa and move on.
    Knowing that Teresa has a shore home with flood damage strong enough to move her fridge and know things over on her counter but has not taken the time to clean up down there yet tells me that she is very busy helping others and taking care of her parents. Some people (JAC) need to back off and give Teresa a break. With her deposition next week and a special needs son you would think that Jac would get her personal life in order before she bashes Teresa.

    • Have you watched this show? Ever? To you really that Teresa guidice would be helping and NOT bragging about it all over the place? Surely she can call up one of the gossip mags and toot her own horn?! Nah, I’m guessing they’ve had enough of her…lying about everyone while using their mag as a vehicle, then lying about the mag every chance she gets. She may be sly but sharp, she ain’t!

      • Yes, I have watched the show since season 1. I also do my own research. I read this blog and several other including Faux Realty which is loaded with DOCUMENTS about Jac and Chris and the Gorga misdeeds.
        Jac and Caroline used to be my favorites until I learned about all they have done behind the scenes. Jac and her husband in my opinion (yes, I am allowed to have one) are pure scum. They have lied in a federal court case to the court and to their own attorney. The total sum of the money missing from Signature in not 7 Million. It is over 55 MILLION Chris lied to the trustee when he stated multiple times that he left all the computers and disks belong to Signature at the company and now 2 years later he finally admitted that he had the computers at his new company but they now had a virus and the courts will not be able to get the information off of them.
        Maybe you need to read a few other blogs and all the past posts on this site to learn that the Lauritas and Manzo’s were pals with one of the producers to get a good edit and Lookers was in a relationship with the other to make sure that Teresa got all the crap and she came out as the sweet and innocent. Too bad that scam failed and most people saw Lookers for the phoney liar that she is, her husband as a stupid famewhore that sold his family out for a tv show and Jac is nothing but a drunken mess and worst friend on the planet.

    • I think it’s great that Teresa is not advertising her good works as other are. Gia mentioned that her father had repaired a roof and Teresa tweeted for some ideas about feeding a group of people. My impression was that she had a houseful.

  7. I have two teenage daughters 13 and 14. 13 year old watches RHONJ with me. Kids are home today as schools are used for voting. Have listened to my girls bicker about EVERYTHING all morning long and finally snapped. I said ” alright Jacqueline and Teresa quit your bickering right now or I’m taking both your phones!” Both of them shut up but my 13 year old asked me ” who you callin Jacqueline?” (use Gary Coleman voice). She made me laugh and I always lose when I laugh.

  8. It doesnt surprise me that Jackhole finds a way to take another dig at Teresa. Btw Jackhole how’s that 7 million dollars you and that saintly hubby of yours stole working out for you? See you in court :)

  9. Of course she was raised to be an alcoholic with very bad parenting!!! She’s the one that’s scum, and still stealing I bet.

    • About that still stealing line….What exactly does Chris do for a living now? I know he is part owner of BLK, but Caroline has said that it isn’t turning a profit yet. They were saddled with legal bills right from the get go over ownership etc. It must cost a fortune just in taxes for that mansion not to mention maintenance, utilties, BLK vans and everyday expenses for a family of 4. What are they living on? RHONJ salaries ? I find it hard to believe they sustain their lifestyle with that. I know Teresa is using that money but she also has several other lucrative deals that have been established for a while, not just in the pipeline or behind the scenes. Jac hasnt lost her house or had the power shut off so they must have money coming in from somewhere. Maybe family? Unless…… some of the Signature money was stashed away! Not accusing- just curious. (ok nosy)

  10. I haven’t figured out what Chris L. or what Jimbob (from the O.C.) do for a living. Maybe they haven’t said or maybe I wasn’t – paying attention phuleez! – but I’ve questioned that myself while watching the shows. The seem to be rollin’ in the dough.

  11. Jax is sooooo gonna be the Stoopidhousewife of 2013. Just based on that tweet alone.
    Note: Jax, Tree wasnt talkin about you. But thanks for letting us know that you have plenty-o-time to scour her twitter searching for any morsel that you think MIGHT apply to you.

    • ^ x 1,000 It just writes itself. And Twitter just adds a new level of sickness to the famewhored among us. No wonder she needs to take a shower. Eeeek! :(

  12. But ‘cha gotta egmitt it’s funny watching them try & convince everyone. It’s like watching a puppy dog chase it’s tail round & round. Too funny. Only one (Jax) has been to the water bowl a few too many times & the other (Carowhine) is just plain MAD AT THAT TAIL !!! It’s a BAD tail , it’s been spreading lies on it’s s/i/l & now insulted our tweets!! So funny! :P

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