SH “HIT AND RUN TUESDAY: Kim Zolciak “CousinITT”… Kandi Burruss “SecretTodd”…Tweet Relief “HurricaneSandy”… Who Is Adrienne and Paul’s REAL Mother?… Stoopidest Housewife “Vote Now”!!… Joanna Krupa “CallThePaps”!!!

November 6, 2012  

From TMZ… Kim Zolciak as Cousin ITT:



Kandi Burruss tells The Dish about her secret love, Todd Tucker:

Kandi’s singing from the mountaintops about her love life now, but once upon a time, only Phaedra was privy to her confidential cupid file. “The only person that I’d really talked to about it was Phaedra, but other than that, nobody really knew for sure. People kind of tried to guess, or to think they knew what was going on, but not really.”

NOTE:  If YOU were reading SH back in December 2011, you knew about Todd Tucker!   Back in July, Kandi denied her engagement!


Jax Laurita and DonCaro are very proud of their accomplishments… they have provided much-needed tweets to the people most in need.

BubbaJax takes a stab at those “raised differently”…

The following video was taken by a volunteer who went to Staten Island… you’ll catch a glimpse of da Manzoids around the 6:07 mark…

NOTE:  This is not a commentary on relief efforts for those who have been devastated by Hurricane Sandy!  It IS, however, up to readers to interpret for themselves the given information… as are all the items on SH!


If Paul and Adrienne are brother and sister, who could their mother be??


All of the nominees have been chosen!  Now is the time for YOU to cast your vote for Stoopidest Housewife of 2013… poll is on right…


Does Joanna Krupa do ANYTHING without calling the paps???  Joanna’s latest from the DailyMail.  Joanna is now in the running with Kyle Richards for the Housewife who most calls the paps!!

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