ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Just Wanted to Send A Nice Flower Arrangement… Not The Whole Shop!


Here we go with Season 3! Last season was full of drama and excitement, I know this season will not disappoint. As you’ve heard, things are very hectic for me these days; there are several new business ventures (that you will be hearing about throughout this season) and of course being a mom is my top priority, and a full-time job!

In this episode, I found out that Lisa did not invite me to her restaurant opening. I was honestly not that bothered by it, though the snub made it clear that Lisa still hasn’t moved on from our prior issues. At this point, I am definitely ready to bury the hatchet and let bygones be bygones!

Lisa and I have always had our differences, and I’m sure we’ll never be BFF’s; but at the same time we share social circles and I would like for us to leave the past in the past and work on being friendly again.

As for the very large flower arrangement I sent Lisa: I simply asked the florist to send something very nice, I didn’t expect him to send the whole flower shop! It was a beautiful arrangement (if a little gargantuan). I hope she appreciated the gesture.

After everything that Taylor went through last season, I am so glad to see her in a better place. She looks beautiful and much healthier than last year, she is definitely in better spirits! I couldn’t be happier for Taylor, besides, I love having a shopping “partner in crime.” You know what I always say: “The higher the heel, the closer to God!”

As you’ve probably heard by now, Paul and I have separated. There is a lot going on in my personal life right now — both good and bad. My priority is and always will be my three boys. I am very thankful that business is booming and I am grateful for the exciting ventures, new projects and new beginnings this season offers!

Sometimes in life the challenge is to take the bad with the good and find your balance.



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30 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Just Wanted to Send A Nice Flower Arrangement… Not The Whole Shop!

  1. Out of all the HWs on this franchise, Adrienne was the only one I could sorta stomach. She sure is a pistol and a whip though.


  2. I want to give Adrianne a chance. Hopefully, we will see her inner biatch this season. She was a little too mellow in the previous seasons and I don’t want vyle to be the queen of mean.


  3. Awwe come on! Betcha ten to one that Angelic little Adrienne told her florist the entire embellished story! No florist would create such a monstrosity when told to send something nice to a grand opening! ever! What was it supposed to be anyway? It looked like a sea serpant! sp*? Also, think about what that thingggg cost her! $$$$


  4. You know, I gotta tell you all, I’m 65 now and this pettiness is just not worth it. Give it up and get along with each other. Adrienne should have ignored it, but its too late now. Just get together and try and resolve this.


  5. There has not been one, not one, example of housewives truly forgiving another and moving on. It’s always,yak yak yak. Talking it out solves nothing. Truth is they truly need to make a new friend who they like. Constantly forcing the colliding of personalities is a joke.


  6. The flower arraingement is just like Adrianne’s hair, clothing, and makeup, tacky and overdone. I have no doubt Adrianne picked out that display.


  7. I also cant understand why Adrianne cannot see that what she said on the reunion show could have ruined Lisa’s livelyhood. Lisa owns resturants that many major Beverly Hills and Hollywood players dine at. To be outed as someone who sells stories to the tabloids could drive people like that away. It was mean on many levels.


  8. Well let’s see….this tiff with Adrienne and Lisa (Pink Queen) is again flash back to NJ because someone apparently sold a story to the rag mags. What is it with these women who sell out. I do wonder if Lisa did, if you recall beginning of last season Traylor thought Lisa leaked to one of her media friends info about her and Russell. I agree with most I would have ignored the whole thing about not being invited; who gives a hoot; there are better places then Lisa’s to hang out at and those pink milkey martini’s looked gross. The tree branch arraingment; I bet Lisa threw it out afterwards; fire wood. On an other note….poor Kyle, is Kim catching on? Grow up Kyle be a real sister to Kim and stop selling her out, are you mad cause you have no control?


    • What is so silly is that Adriane was told by a tabloid reporter that it was okay to comment on something because Lisa does it all the time. They tried to bait Camille with the same lie and she didn’t fall for it. Adriane saying Lisa got paid 25K for a story is crazy. Everyone knows that the sources for these stories can be any one from a chef (Berney) to your garbage man. I doubt that Lisa would risk her Reputation for the few dollars and satisfaction she would get for putting some gossip out there.


    • “I wonder if Lisa did it! Lisa has always tried to get the sisers at odd’s towards one another. Lisa has shown she tries to align herself she with a side-kick to weld more relevance as a relevant cast member.

      Lisa needed her foot in a door – any door. She will use this tiff to launch her new “look at her” attempt to get noticed. Through all the series “Lisa has been trotting to angle a maneuver to be center-stage!”

      “Lisa will milk this to be out in front for as long as it will flaunt her in a prime-spot-light!” Negitive those it may be – “Lisa craves attention.” Watch as her lap-dog husband rallys on her band-wagon. As he will attack as he ensues to “find fault” and proceed to insult and assault and instigate a feud! All just to defend the “Lisa’s me, me, me, me campaign!”


      • PR people have been known to plant stories as well because the Old saying is there is no such thing as Bad publicity. Some of those stories about others in the HW universe could come from no one other then a the PRfirm repping the HW. PR is all about keeping the CLient in the rag and in the media in good and bad ways its all the same.
        Some PR ppeople have been know to call the Paps and telling htem were there client will be so the PAPs can get pictures to sell to the Rags.


  9. When Adrianne accused Lisa of selling stories to the tabloids the look on Lisa’s face was genuine anger and shock. Adrianne for whatever reason had her knives out for Lisa.Maybe Ad’s anger is justified but to do that on the reunion show was a very low blow. I’m surprised Ad acted out that way. It took her down more than a few pegs IMO.

    Lisa had stated on last night’s show if Adrianne approached her with an apology she’d sit down. Adrianne does the slap in the face and than wants to play like “what’s the big deal get over it”. People like that annoy the hell out of me. It’s as if no one has a right to be offended or angry when trespassed upon.


  10. the thing is..Adrienne met wtih the girls ahead of the reunion to get everyone to beat up on Lisa.
    That kind of calculated move is far beyond the comment about selling stories. I would never ever speak to someone again that tried to get a gang together to take me down in a public forum. Lisa stick to your guys and never be nice to Adrienne again. Be polite, because that is the kind of person you are…but she is not deserving of any kindness. That kind of person, and the kind of person that lies about Paul and the abuse…straight out of Traylor Trash’s playbook, is not someone to ever bury the hatchet with…


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