SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Gretchen Rossi “CancerTix”… Camille Grammer “BFTrickery”… Kim Richards “KimAndKenDolls”… Cynthia Bailey “BFFNene NoKim!”… MobWives “HousewivesInfluence” … UPDATE: BubbaJax Tweet Celebration!!

November 4, 2012

Time to celebrate!!! Hard to believe, but true!   BubbaJax just released her 10,000th tweet!!  Yes, ONLY 10,000… seems like she tweets 10,000 a day…


                                                                        “I was hangin’ out with Jay while Jeff was struggling… that makes me a cancer advocate!”

If YOU are in the Pittsburgh PA area and are willing to part with $100 per ticket, you can get your photo taken with WretchedRossi on November 11!

We’ve lined up Gretchen Rossi of the Real Housewives of Orange County who knows firsthand how cancer effects everyone, after losing a loved one to it. Don’t miss a private meet and greet with her for only $100! Meet & Greet tickets are limited so purchase now!

Interesting that the 100% of the proceeds of the silent auction are going to charity… but no mention of any portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales benefit charity!

Bid on Silent and Chinese Auctions with all of the proceeds benefitting local Pittsburgh Area Cancer Organizations!

Wretched’s appearance is for a “KnockoutCancer” event… TreeJoodice appeared at the same event last year.

  “I still can’t believe Ima awther!!!”

NOTE:  Let’s not forget all those additional “fees” that are tacked on!  But, this is a new one… they are charging YOU $1.50 for YOU to print YOUR ticket on YOUR printer!


Camille Grammer tells Wetpaint that she had to trick her boyfriend, Dimwitri, into appearing on the RHOBH:

How about Dimitri? We’ll be seeing him on Season 3, right?
Yeah he shows up, he makes his appearance. He was nervous.

Did you give him any advice?
I kind of had to almost trick him into it. I was like, ‘So we’re going to go look for condos with Mauricio [Umansky].’ He was like, ‘Are the cameras going to be there?’ And I was like, ‘Oh you won’t even notice them!’

I’m guessing he noticed them?
He did, he was like, ‘Don’t ever do that to me again!’ No, he was fine after a while. Some people get stage fright and he’s one of those.

NOTE:  Riiiiiiiiight…Dimwitri didn’t look nervous when he visited a local boutique opening with Camille… from December 2011.  Watch around the 3:00 mark, as they try to make a 10-second commercial spot.  This is the “REAL” RHOBH!



                                                  “This is my ‘I think I gotta pee’  pose… lotsa famous photographers loved it!”

Cynthia Bailey had a lot to say to ComplexMagazine… including being BFFs with Nene Leakes and that, of course, the RHOA is completely REAL!

How often do you hang out with some of the other ladies when the cameras aren’t rolling?
I hang out with NeNe the most; we really connected on screen and off screen. She really is typically my best friend on the show, and we spend quite a bit of time together. I also have spent a little bit of time with Candy. We kind of are in the same circles, we are getting to know each other, and our friendship evolves this season. I talk to pretty much all the girls from time to time on the phone with the exception of Kim. Kim doesn’t really call, but for the most part I have a cordial relationship with all the girls, I would say. If I see Kim, I would say hello but we don’t really talk on the phone.


Jennifer Graziano chats with the UKTelegraph about creating MobWives… Renee credits Bravo’s “Real Housewives” as the reason for MobWives!

Mob Wives owes more than a little to The Real Housewives reality television franchise. It is, in fact, why Graziano created her show. She’d started writing a drama about her life when she saw how popular Housewives was.

‘I thought, “I can do that. I have everyone right under my nose.”’

Her sister, Renee, is made for reality television. She’s a self-described drama queen overflowing with one-liners: ‘Either play on team Renee, or team go away’; ‘I need a break. I have to go fur shopping.’

Other cast members include a gravelly voiced blonde feared for her street-fighting and two quieter, but no less steely women.

A typical episode of Mob Wives involves a perceived slight that snowballs, thanks to much gossiping and several shots of Patrón tequila, into a full-on hair-pulling catfight. Sometimes it ends in hugs all round; other times they have to be dragged apart.


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168 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Gretchen Rossi “CancerTix”… Camille Grammer “BFTrickery”… Kim Richards “KimAndKenDolls”… Cynthia Bailey “BFFNene NoKim!”… MobWives “HousewivesInfluence” … UPDATE: BubbaJax Tweet Celebration!!

  1. I think most of the Vh1 shows are a rip off’s of The Real Housewives franchise. Basketball Hoes wish they would pull Atlanta’s numbers.

  2. Cynthia is very low IQ. I’ll never forget when she had the party at Peter’s, her scrub’s (oops, I meant husband/scrub) club and she sent out the invitations only one or two days beforehand. Things that make you go hmmm. And then there’s the failed lawyer Phaedre, who is branching out into her version of “classy” funerals where white doves and driver’s with top hats fly out of the deceased’s ass.

    • Or maybe Cynthia’s party was at her “take money from delusional girls who think they can make it as supermodels” school. I just can’t remember at the moment.

    • Phaedre doesn’t even speak words. She mostly says “umhmmm” and noticed her mother does the same. How ghetto.

      • I agree. Most of the lines she does manage to slur out are ignorant. “Irish twins” anyone hello racist statement that means the Irish pop ‘em out like rabbits – imagine if Kim had said “african twins” oh lawd hell to pay! Can’t stand Phaedra the Frog Princess with her faux southern belle act.

        • I thought Irish twins meant two kids born 11 months apart? Ive never heard it used in reference to the Irish breeding like rabbits.My husband and his younger brother laugh about being Irish twins since they are 11 months apart.

          • While I dont find the term “Irish Twins” offensive or racist I do understand what she is trying to say. I want to Like Phaedra but i just cant she is just to uppity and PHake.

          • Yes where it came from was a slur on the Irish, who were seen as poor shanty riff raff back in the day (actually, talk to a few of my Brit friends now and they’ll have a few things to say about the Irish and “Irish Twins” would be the light end of it) Just like my nyc schoolteacher friend who says the biggest fights are between Haitian kids and African kids – it’s like, c’mon can’t ANYONE get along??

            • Of course not Getting along would be to easy and wouldn’t make much of a reality tv show and My friend in Ireland dosnt have to many nice things to say about the Brits ;)

          • Yup, “Irish twins” refers to a woman who gives birth and immediately gets pregnant again. It’s not a reference to a woman having a lot of babies, it just means that she had two babies in quick succession (but that doesn’t excuse, of course, ethnic slurs against Irish people). It’s a crass expression.

          • You are right Irish twins isn’t racist it children born less than a year apart. If anything it should be called Catholic twins (because the church bans birth control.)

      • HI made…it’s always nice to see you! Where in the heck do you find some of these clips? You never fail to amaze me : )!

        • Howdy KT. I just search em out on the your tube. Its a lil window into the way my mind works :) Glad you like them.

      • I’m reminded of Annie Johnson’s funeral from “Imitation of Life”, the Lana Turner version! I would say that folks who use G&G for their funerals believe in celebrating life, and love the pageantry. Nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with a simple urn either.

        Amazing vid MP, you always deliver! :D

        • Yes, and I feel the need to apologize for my comment about Phaedra’s funeral pageantry. There is no “wrong” way to memorialize a loved one’s death–different cultures, nationalities, etc. conduct funerals in very different ways, and I was very heavy-handed in the words I chose, so I truly am sorry for being insensitive. I am of northern European descent, and we are generally very minimalist and reserved about everything (and that’s most definitely not always a good thing). However, in Phaedra’s case, she is simply crass, devious, pretentious, and money-hungry. Tonight I heard her say something to the effect of “I can’t wait to get my hands on an actual dead body,” etc. She is vulgar and vile–I can’t imagine dealing with someone of her ilk at a funeral home if one of my loved ones had passed away. I’m not a fighter, but I’d probably make an exception for her and smack her from here to the moon.

          • Sumpin tells me Pheadra is defiantly “in on the joke” regarding these over the top funerals. She is pokin all kinds of fun. I don’t think you were being insensitive at all. I get bad cases of inappropriate laughter especially at funerals so I KNOW that I know that I know I would bust a gut if I ever attended a funeral directed by Phaedra. Would prolly have to use my modesty cloth to mop up the piss stains.

            • It’s very common for people to have nervous laughter, and most people don’t understand that, so I hear you. Forget about mopping up the piss stains, what is crucial is that afterwards, you wash your IMPORTANT PARTS :-)

            • :) So true. Its even grosser that Jax thought people had to be reminded of that. She must be hanging out with Katfish too much.

            • I wrote obits for a small town newspaper and was amazed by the families that wanted funeral/pageants-pallbearers in matching suits or colors, carriages, birds flying off-like what Phaedra offers. Maybe it’s a southern/cultural thing. The funeral directors are characters-salesmen, bleeding hearts, freaks. The worst have no sense of humour-a necessity in the funeral home business.

        • And I forgot to mention, “Imitation of Life” is one of my favorite movies, tragic as it was. I imagine it was considered very progressive and/or controversial when it came out (1959?). On a more superficial note, these “housewives” have no clue what real glamor is all about–they should all take a lesson from Lana Turner in that movie. Her beauty and attire was timeless and elegant, much like Grace Kelly’s.

          • Stacy, I hope you didn’t think I was calling you to task about funerals!!! Not at all!! :D Didn’t that vid TOTALLY remind you of Annie’s funeral? I too loved Imitation of Life, a Douglas SIrk masterpiece. My other fave he directed is “All That Heaven Allows”. Those 50s melodramas with the old school Hollywood stars are great to watch.

          • Hi Stacy. I totally agree with you. Its rare to see a movie star with class and taste like earlier stars. I used to love the Oscars because of all the beautiful dressed men and women. They didn’t try to out skank each other but did it with elegance and class. I really get offended by these so called stars(reality show bimbos) who think they are in the same category with Lana,Rita and all of the original great actresses.I miss classy movie stars….(sigh)

          • If I remember right my Grandmother spoke of that movie being banned for a bit? Maybe I’m thinkin’ of the wrong one? I know the one called Pinky was at least in the south.

  3. Cynthia has dark circles under her eyes.The photo of her and her mom with the Fred Sanford “Big Dummy ” Tshirt showed her butt ugly without heavy makeup and concealer.The wigs cover up her bad hair.She is ugly on the inside too because of her BFF NeNe Moose.

  4. really? Kyle has an ‘angry nostril’..? And she’s so upset about it that she actually has to switch sides with Camille to prevent it from showing….? These women spend way too much time studying their faces!

  5. Just searched “Shayne Lamas” on SH..1 post came up & it was from May 11. Tamra & Vicki was on a video on the post&now my point.-Vicki & Tamra both stated that 10% of proceeds went to charity for their Wives By Wines…Vicki further elaborated..She said her charity is the Long Beach Womens Shelter&she said Tamras is Breast Cancer Research..So,maybe that helps explains the posts frm last week (I think) about how much&to whom they donated because their WBW site didnt say!Now about Gretchen-I wonder how many ppl will be going2the charity event&will pay the$100to go-especially w/places very close to Pittsburgh destroyed by Hurricane Sandy&alot of those ppl probably have donated to tht cause. Im sure plenty of ppl will show up but just like any reality star,the$100per ticket will go2provide her(&Slade +whoever else she brings,I guess)airline tickets frm CA 2 PA&then hotel arrangements + food etc. Idk if she’ll charge her usual fee due2it being a cancer charity event..Bt tht would be a great thing IF she does!!

  6. I’m feeling rather catty this fine Sunday morning: BubbaJax is pathetic and needs to get a life (10000 tweets? WTF?); Wretched looks like an ugly trannie made out of wax, and is a grade A con-artist. She grosses me out with her bullsh&@ cancer advocacy- give me a freakin’ break. I strongly dislike her pancake makeup and gawdy sense of style. In short, her and BubbaJax skeeve me out- and don’t even get me started on SWINE…There, I feel better.

      • I’d love to see a break down of exactly how much time it would take over the period of time that she did this to do 10,000 tweets. Then I would like to see another break down that would show how many diapers you could change or bottles you could make etc. in the same amount of time! lol

        • A lot of people tweet When they hit a Milestone some even dedicate the Milestone tweet to someone Whats the Big deal.

          • I’d like to dedicate this milestone post to my next-door neighbor, thank you for NOT dumping your stinky fast food leftovers into my trash can this week!!

          • Ima gonna dedicate this post to my husband who works hard and allows me to be a stay-at-home commenter.

            He bought the computer, He bought the chair
            He dont kir if I post long as I’m outa his hair

            Dats right yall,I am a football season widow
            But that really dont make me a right silly bimbo

            I muck up the DVR with Bravo junk n chit
            He rarely complains unless is caused a scheduling conflict

            Then I know the drill, my stuff gets trashed
            cause he pays da bills and I can kiss his…. mass

            So he can have his football and his Smallville episodes too
            As long as I got stoopidhousewives and everyone of you

            Now dont get me wrong my husband is as sweet as pie
            IF he thinks he rules the roost then I’ll let him believe that lie.

            Love ya baby!!!

            • I dedicate this post to my fellow posters who I often disagree with yet we still love each other.

            • lol. I can’t complain. If I had it to do all over again I wish I had done the stay at home mom thing when my kids were younger. But at the time you do what you gotta do. ‘cept I think I could have reworked some non-essentials and made it happen back then. Then again there wasn’t a Stoopidhousewives back then so I might have gone plum crazy. :)

            • Awe thanks Cyn. I hope so. Made my mistakes along the way for sure. Different than my parents mistakes but no better by a long shot I am sure.

            • Thanks made..Gabe was great! You’re such a wonderful Mom. I love your heart! Please tell your son… his fan base is growing!

            • Made , Gabe is the real deal and talent just pours out of those fingers. You must be bustin’ your buttons. Wow! I feel like I’m watching a super star. Move over Slash, Jimmi Hemdrix and the lot there’s a new cowboy in town. Go Gabe!!!!

            • Grinning form ear to ear. Remember that guy Rizo that he jammed with a bit on talent show day? The rapper? Well the plan is now to get them both in the studio to record an original. This will be fuuuuuun!! Also he is looking for a girl to record a cover of this one with. Killer guitar on this. Gabe can do this. I love this song!

            • Made he is on his way. Love the song it is perfect for him. I would start picking people’s brains about professional representation and make sure Gabe is well protected legally. I’m telling ya’ better hang on tight cuz Gabe is taking off like a rocket. This is God given talent and you cannot fake. Are you all prepared for this? I am glad he is recording. Gives me chills how fantastic he is.

            • To be honest, no I aint prepared. Just wingin it. My husband is plum giddy over it. Right now we are just havin fun.Have you ever seen Waterboy? When we talk about Gabe’s future my husband does his Robero Boucher imitation. “just like Tiger Woods and his daddy”

            • I love it …. I have an official job title….Ihate the blank stares when ppl ask my profession and I stammer something about being some kind of mother or serving wench or whatever I can come up. I can now officially call my self a stay-at-home-blogger, or self-employed-blog-browser, perhaps an exectuive-housewife-chronicler….the possibilites are endless.
              thanks pile

            • lol. Good one. Video Distribution Coordinator
              Here’s one. Kimmel is back to torturing the youth of America. He is a Juvenile Tantrum Profiteer. The kid that says “I just want you to be happy” is just too precious for words.

  7. I would also like to add that every single woman on these Housewives series have sold their souls to the devil (with the exception of Camile from BH and Carole for NY). But damn are these shows a guilty entertaining pleasure! Can’t get enough of it. P.S- Teresa is satan

    • I agree with you on every point here, except that I *have* gotten enough of it. The spell has been broken and I’m no longer interested in seeing/hearing or contributing to these idiots any longer. Especially after a devastating tragedy with the hurricane, you see what’s worth your time and what’s not. I’ll read about it here and see clips, but I won’t be contributing to their ratings any longer.

  8. in the early seasons with Gretchen, I had mixed feelings about her. On one hand I found her relationship with Jeff sickening…typical Gold-Digger in my opinion. I was especially troubled by the scene with Wetchen & one of Jeff’s daughter’s. Wetchen was in the kitchen of Jeff’s house flaunting a ring Jeff had bought her… to HIS daughter…UGH! The whole scene hit home for me…remembering the witch my Dad married (second wife) and the FACT that, for her, it was ALL about money. My Dad wised up in less then a year after they married but that witch still got a sickening amount of money, including a family vacation home, in upstate New York.
    I did though begin to find myself “feeling” for her when that heartless sociopathic WitchTamballs entered the picture. My disdain for that seemingly soul-less biotch is right up there with MeGo-HO-HO. IMO, even if we took the demise of the friendship between Wetchen & Alexis out of the equation..just the fact that Wetchen & Tamballs are now friends.. says it ALL for me. Hey, at least it makes it easier…..Now they can BOTH deservingly be seen in the same dark light!!
    In fact, Heather Doo- Brow belongs right in there with them!
    IMO, the entire cast of the RHOC should of been canned, 86′d, adias amigos….period! Given the fact that Bravo initially chose to keep most of this awful cast of women…I’m glad Alexass will be back, if for nothing more then too just piss those Three little pigs off. The fact that those three alone have somehow managed to make Vicki look good…..tells me ALL I need to know about the non-existent character of those three!

  9. So very sad that a grown woman is proud that she has reached 10,000 tweets. She is a pathetic excuse for a mother.

    • Oh Please, Lots of people celebs and others celebrate when they go over a certain Tweet level 10,000 is a small amout of tweets compared to others who point out their milestones on twitter

        • Well, yes, there are a bunch of pathetic parents (and other people) on Twitter. People: get off the internet, raise your kids, read a book for a change (I know that is a foreign concept to Jacqueline), help your kids with their homework, get out in your back yard and play soccer with them, and TALK to your kids and other family members.

          • But then what would the nanny do? ITA Stacy. You realize now you will be accused of being the dreaded helicopter parent ? Welcome to the club.

            • LOL! I don’t have kids, well, not human kids. I have 2 dogs who are my kids. I’m 48, and it’s just sad to me that parents aren’t reviewing their kids’ homework, etc. and insisting that everyone sit down to dinner at an ACTUAL TABLE together to eat, without looking at a cell phone. I love technology just as much as the next person, but now we have a societal cult of narcissism, which believes every text on our phones, and every tweet, is an emergency in need of our immediate attention. And by the way, I don’t have a Twitter account ;-)

            • Now THAT was impressive!
              Bravo producers would of been better off giving Jac-a-loon a Dr. Seuss book to try and read to-herself on the first day of filming–season 3. It would of kept her busy and out of trouble until the end of season 4. Jax is finally done reading…”And that’s a wrap!”

      • It really is a distraction.. My daughter doesn’t have Autism, thankfully, and I feel bad even looking at my phone too much around her. She gets antsy and wants my attention, and even five minutes while you are engrossed in your phone is long enough for a small child to break something, get hurt, or make a mess…. That’s why I usually only comment here at night when she is in bed, lol.

          • I got a question. Does twitter count the deleted tweets? Just wondering if when she deletes something she tweets does that counter take those off of the total?

          • Ashlee has only got 14k and some change. Sumpin WROOOOOOOONG with the counter. That chick twits the ridges off of her fangers.

            • Just like her mama. Apple/tree doncha know.? I am diagnosing Jax , after long hours of observation and research with a terminal case of Stoopid. I am now an expert on Stoopid and will be holding a benefit slash garage sale for my new Terminally Stoopid Foundation. I have rejected MeGo as a solo performancer but Kim from RHOA, MeGo and Luman will be singing backup for JoGo as he performs the best of Dianna Ross and the Supremes. Classic hits such as “STOP ! for the love of God” “Love Child” and so forth.

            • lol. I will donate my surplus George Forman Grills that my momma went nuts on one year and over ordered to your garage sale.

            • well i am a hoarder,granted not the mummified pets under a piled of old news papers kind ofhoarder, i do throw things away but i keep my treasures,,, and she cant have them

            • Its for a good cause Lisa! It’s not like I’m gonna be Cayman Island rich and buy myself a knock-off Juan Valdez on acid neon peasant blouse . This is for charity! Don’t you care about the Terminally Stoopid? I have some really heart wrenching vid of Jax tweeting while Sara McLaughlin sings “In the Arms of the Angels” and sssssshots of She by Sheree fashion without ant fashion show.

            • Thanks Made I appreciate your wonderful contribution. I will be giving you an award and there will be a banquet and gift bags for everyone. You will be required to buy an 8 million dollar table for all of your friends.

            • * million huh? Well I will see what I can do. Might have to tap Lea Black for that kind of coin. Perhaps if we can get her to donate to this program(Seriously good program)

            • Will you take a two party check? I have a check drawn on the Signature Apparel company account and I could endorse it to you.

            • That was so funny Aint! I’m enjoying just picturing that scenario. : ) I can’t get the image of JoGo singing “Stop..for the love of God” with Kim Z, and MeGo trying to harmonize in the background..out of my head now.

            • Teresa Has over 13,000 tweets so i guess she is a Fart cupping moron to, but im quite sure its OK she has more tweets then Jax because as always its ok when Teresa does it.

            • Ashee is a Jax offspring. You and Lacey would make a defense attorney’s wet dream though. Dont focus on what his/her client has done…. distract by what the popo did/didnt do, mommy and daddy did/didnt do, by what the mailman’s sisters brother’s cousin has done/not done ect ect. ANYTHING to avoid confronting the facts of what is being discussed about the individual that we are discussing at the time.

            • Dont get offended Lisa defense attoneys make bank using those tactics everyday in courtrooms all across the land. Still love ya.

            • Promise? Hope you have a good night. I really didn’t mean to offend. I am sorry if it did. I take it back. I am sure IRL you and Lacey would make a conscientious jurors. Orrrrrrr you could pull a Lea Black and bag a rich attorney with your not guilty vote. :)

            • not offended, i really thought since you brought Ashlee into it would be ok to bring Teresa count into it…my bad what was i thinking.

            • I don’t know why Teresa has to be brought into every conversation even when it doesn’t involve her. My facebook isn’t filled with her mumblings all day long. Jax has to hire a babysitter to watch her kids who both seem to be talking quite well. Hmmm. Jax with the miracle cure soon. Please it’s about time they did something but I am sure it’s with an a motive. Blk truck etc. We don’t need them to help us. They started this for a reason. Jax is the tweeting secretary. More power to them if they can help people. I admire that. Teresa has 4 children to take care of an 2 parents, she has enough on her plate. The lazy Manzo and fat Laurita’s can get out without worrying about kids. When I hit reply it came up to your name Made.

            • Again Teresa gets a excuse for not helping when the rest of her cast mates are, the Gorgas have kids they are helping their neighbors., [poor poor overworked teresa must be hard laying up in bed having her kids make her breakfast in bed.

            • I agree. Teresa is always texting and no one ever says a word about her. I do find it absoultely hilarious that the Lauritas, Manzo’s, Gorgas and Wakiles are all out there helping at the clothing and food sites but the Giuidices are getting breakfast in bed cooked by their daughter. The aren’t out helping the ones less fortunate.

            • oh wait Teresa did say she gave fabilini to her housequest during the storm. and wait lacey someone will say Its ok Teresa wasn’t out helping she has 4 kids to take care of.

            • You know, I have been following twitter for the last couple weeks and what I have come to see is the only person speaking about drinking is Teresa. She is constantly tweeting about having a bottle of fabellini. Interesting huh and now the twitters have gone wild. She has been twittereing 3 times more and not saying alot. Did you notice the Manzo, Gorgas, Lauritas and Wakiles are out helping on the food lines, getting clothes distributions set up for NY and NJ. They are out there helping while the princess hasn’t left home. I have come to the conclusion the princess isn’t doing her twitter all the time either. There are too many large words that she has no idea the meaning let alone how to spell them.

            • But its ok she isnt helping she has kids to take care of
              and that’s enough for simple minded Teresa to handle.

              i applaud all of the Manzos,lauritas and the Gorgas rolling up their sleeves and lending a hand they to could have sat in their warm mansions and sipped wine and had breakfast in bed to.

            • Yeah they are out there helping people, setting up places for food deliveries, helping some get generators and then setting up a place for people to drop off clothes. They have been working on that all weekend. I applaud them too. Teresa is sitting on her ass, drinking fabellini and having Gia cook for them.

            • Teresa doesn’t tweet crazy things that make her sound like she needs a dose of Thorazine. Jac-a-loon also deletes some of her more deranged tweets which would be reflected in her tweet count. Besides, isn’t Teresa too stoopid to write a coherent sentence? Her tweets must be written by her ghost writer.

              Poor, crazy Jac-a-loon: fat, drunk, and stoopid is no way to go through life.

            • like i said, its ok what Teresa does it and there is always a excuse as well. and i am not the one who says Teresa ghost writes everything. FTR i dont believe any of them writes there own blogs i think bravo interns do it.

            • It isn’t like you said. I am not making excuses, merely pointing out the difference in content between the two twitter accounts. Jac-a-loon tweets crazy stuff like how evil Teresa is and how people without heat and running water from the hurricane should exercise and wash their pits, pubes, and pooper while she tweets pictures of her fully stocked pantry and boasts of her generators. Teresa tweets about her events, pictures of her family, etc. You know, normal stuff that reflects a normal person, whereas Jac-a-loon’s tweets are a Rorshach Test like glimpse into the workings of her deranged mind.

              My reference to the ghost writer was merely facetious, but if that is too hard to decipher, I will take a page out of Sheldon Cooper’s book and punctuate all of my jokes with BAZINGA!!!! so that you might get it.

          • And then there’s also the time spent reading tweets, composing tweets, blocking people, refilling the ole wine goblet..

            • Well just between me and youz guys Jax has started stalking me and wants in on the garage sale action. She says she is an expert at ripping off er-uhm being charitable and can advise me….. if I will take a few thousand cases of BLK and Brownstone sauce of their hands. I have to put my foot down. Next she will want to be a showroom model at my garage sale and that will get me kicked out of the neighborhood.

            • ITA! One would think that since they don’t have the greatest track record with starting business, that they might work for someone else.

    • Thanks for the link Stan! I knew there had to be money somewhere for Slade to be in the picture. It would be a shame if he had to actually work for a living. Or pay child support.

      • You’re welcome Aint Pittypat…She tries to portray this “empowered woman success story” when all she really did was hook up with a guy who had one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel who left her a bunch of cash…

        • Just saw this stan…Thanks! Boy that just pisses me off. Wetchen really laid it on thick, when she whined that Jeff didn’t really leave her much…UGH! I was SO..hoping that Jeff had smartened up before his passing and that she really did NOT get any real money. What a liar she is…that’s 2.5 million that any of his kids, or even a charity—like maybe “The Cancer foundation” should of gotten. I knew it…what a Gold digger…UGH…..

    • If Jeff did indeed leave that money to her instead of his children, he is garbage. Who knows if it is true, but I read that Jeff treated people like trash, so maybe we shouldn’t all worship him.

      • ROFL Ive actually gone to garage sales with some annoying folk.. Thanks Made . I will give you a generous receipt for your tax records.

      • I have no opinion about Jeff one way or the other. ITA if his kids were left out in the cold so Wretched could warm herself with his cash.

          • Trusts aren’t usually (with some exceptions) public. So, he could have established a trust, which one would expect of a high net-worth individual. But you never know . . .

            • I dont watch the OC but i did catch a few episodes when Jeff was sick. one scene she was telling his kids I AM THE ONE WHO CLEANS UP YOUR DADS VOMIT. After that i couldnt stomach her no more. Jeff didnt marry her right?

            • Lisa no he did not, he got sick before they could..if Gretchen even really intended on marrying him, which I doubt. She is a golddigger if I ever saw one…and my least favorite hw.

  10. @ Ms. SH LOL! Go figure, huh? Also, I’m a STAR now (in my own mind)….Ms. SH has wrote TO ME! U made my YEAR :) Ik, I can be a little crazy sometimes lol! TY, though!

    • Thanks again stan..for that added link. Wow what a piece of sh** Wretchen really is. I only watched 2 episodes of the O.C. this year because it was just so mind-numbing. I use to watch it back when Laurie and Gina were both on. It totally sucks now! I don’t know which idiot had the brain fart idea of bringing Heather Doo-Brow on…but it’s a huge fail! Watching and listening to her is equivalent to having a tooth pulled. The irony is, while she’s the type that deludes herself into believing she’s disliked by SO..many because she’s educated is pure bullsh**! I really like Heather from rhony-c , and I also like Carole from N.Y. a lot. I don’t actually watch rhony on there aired nights though, because I can’t handle Romona and Sonja…it’s like hanging from a rope to me..but I have watched the re-runs.

  11. I wouldn’t take anything the ex says too seriously. She said Jeff wasn’t planning to marry Gretch.? He bought her a huge beautiful ring , bigger than the one she has picked out. They were looking at houses together & she told Jenna (Gina?) in front of him that they were getting married so.??? Also from what they’ve shown of the kids after Jeff’s death they seem to get along ok with Gretch. I mean the guy had 5 ex wives, he was a serial marrier :P I doubt that his personality changed that much in the last couple of months of his life. & Gretch’s tears over his illness looked real. She may have the gold digger side to her but, if that was all she was after she wouldn’t be with Slade right now. I know she has her flaws but I like Gretchen, I think she less of a self centered person than say Tamara or even Vicki. The pic with Tre “I’m an awther.” Too funny!!

    • She wants to stay on the show. Slimey has the hook-up with that Dunlap feller so she has prolly already got the memo. Its a packaged deal. House, cloth and feed the Slimeball or you will be chitcanned.

    • I respect your opinion maybeitsyou, and I agree that guy Jeff had to have some issues, but as far as Gretchen goes; once you’ve got your gold – you can relax and not have to worry about digging for a while. I just get a kick out of her always saying she’s worked so hard for her success… Come to think of it I guess the definition of “work”
      has many meanings… You have to admit there was something shady going on with her and her buddy “Jay” when the poor old Kenny Rogers look alike was stuck in the hospital.

  12. You can’t help but wonder about the whole Jay thing. Maybe she was just there for the money, but she seems to care about what Slade thinks. Remember when they were at the park (last season I think) & he got mad at the “tubawuba” remarks & decided to jog home. She actually seemed hurt by that.? To me he has some growing up to do anyway, acts like a child when he’s angry at another adult, but it seemed to bother Gretchen? But yeah, the whole Jay question does throw a monkey wrench into the – maybe she really did care about Jeff – question.

    • I’m sorry maybeitsyou, but come on…Wretched’s new bff is Tamballs-UGH! I mean does THAT witch even have a soul? IMO, this past season Wretched was more unlikeable then EVER! I’m no fan of Doo-Brow’s either, but you would think she was smart enough to back away from the likes of Tamballs & Wretched. Let’s face it Tamball’s & Wretched befriended Doo-BROW for her Money, and Doo-Brow is still that insecure High School kid trying to fit in with the mean girls…pathetic!

      • I have to admit the fact that Tamara & Gretchen teamed up & put their problems behind them really surprised me. Remember all the ugliness at that dinner, I want to say it was the party that Lynn threw (it was a good while back I know). But I mean some of the stuff Tamara said about Gretchen was pretty out there , very nasty. I’m not a big Alexis fan but why they went after her I don’t know. I mean we’ve all known people who aren’t very bright but as long as their not out to harm anyone , you just accept them for who they are. I do wonder how much imput the producers have when it comes to creating the cat fights between these women. I don’t hate Gretch or Tamara , but I think I would trust Gretchen before Tamara. Not to say that I would trust her with anyone’s credit cards. But I don’t think she usually comes from the jealous , I’m unhappy so I going to try to make someone else unhappy, thing that Tamara seems to have.

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