SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Gretchen Rossi “CancerTix”… Camille Grammer “BFTrickery”… Kim Richards “KimAndKenDolls”… Cynthia Bailey “BFFNene NoKim!”… MobWives “HousewivesInfluence” … UPDATE: BubbaJax Tweet Celebration!!

November 4, 2012

Time to celebrate!!! Hard to believe, but true!   BubbaJax just released her 10,000th tweet!!  Yes, ONLY 10,000… seems like she tweets 10,000 a day…


                                                                        “I was hangin’ out with Jay while Jeff was struggling… that makes me a cancer advocate!”

If YOU are in the Pittsburgh PA area and are willing to part with $100 per ticket, you can get your photo taken with WretchedRossi on November 11!

We’ve lined up Gretchen Rossi of the Real Housewives of Orange County who knows firsthand how cancer effects everyone, after losing a loved one to it. Don’t miss a private meet and greet with her for only $100! Meet & Greet tickets are limited so purchase now!

Interesting that the 100% of the proceeds of the silent auction are going to charity… but no mention of any portion of the proceeds from the ticket sales benefit charity!

Bid on Silent and Chinese Auctions with all of the proceeds benefitting local Pittsburgh Area Cancer Organizations!

Wretched’s appearance is for a “KnockoutCancer” event… TreeJoodice appeared at the same event last year.

  “I still can’t believe Ima awther!!!”

NOTE:  Let’s not forget all those additional “fees” that are tacked on!  But, this is a new one… they are charging YOU $1.50 for YOU to print YOUR ticket on YOUR printer!


Camille Grammer tells Wetpaint that she had to trick her boyfriend, Dimwitri, into appearing on the RHOBH:

How about Dimitri? We’ll be seeing him on Season 3, right?
Yeah he shows up, he makes his appearance. He was nervous.

Did you give him any advice?
I kind of had to almost trick him into it. I was like, ‘So we’re going to go look for condos with Mauricio [Umansky].’ He was like, ‘Are the cameras going to be there?’ And I was like, ‘Oh you won’t even notice them!’

I’m guessing he noticed them?
He did, he was like, ‘Don’t ever do that to me again!’ No, he was fine after a while. Some people get stage fright and he’s one of those.

NOTE:  Riiiiiiiiight…Dimwitri didn’t look nervous when he visited a local boutique opening with Camille… from December 2011.  Watch around the 3:00 mark, as they try to make a 10-second commercial spot.  This is the “REAL” RHOBH!



                                                  “This is my ‘I think I gotta pee’  pose… lotsa famous photographers loved it!”

Cynthia Bailey had a lot to say to ComplexMagazine… including being BFFs with Nene Leakes and that, of course, the RHOA is completely REAL!

How often do you hang out with some of the other ladies when the cameras aren’t rolling?
I hang out with NeNe the most; we really connected on screen and off screen. She really is typically my best friend on the show, and we spend quite a bit of time together. I also have spent a little bit of time with Candy. We kind of are in the same circles, we are getting to know each other, and our friendship evolves this season. I talk to pretty much all the girls from time to time on the phone with the exception of Kim. Kim doesn’t really call, but for the most part I have a cordial relationship with all the girls, I would say. If I see Kim, I would say hello but we don’t really talk on the phone.


Jennifer Graziano chats with the UKTelegraph about creating MobWives… Renee credits Bravo’s “Real Housewives” as the reason for MobWives!

Mob Wives owes more than a little to The Real Housewives reality television franchise. It is, in fact, why Graziano created her show. She’d started writing a drama about her life when she saw how popular Housewives was.

‘I thought, “I can do that. I have everyone right under my nose.”’

Her sister, Renee, is made for reality television. She’s a self-described drama queen overflowing with one-liners: ‘Either play on team Renee, or team go away’; ‘I need a break. I have to go fur shopping.’

Other cast members include a gravelly voiced blonde feared for her street-fighting and two quieter, but no less steely women.

A typical episode of Mob Wives involves a perceived slight that snowballs, thanks to much gossiping and several shots of Patrón tequila, into a full-on hair-pulling catfight. Sometimes it ends in hugs all round; other times they have to be dragged apart.