SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Joanna Krupa “BeautyComesFromWithin”… Kenya Moore “It’sAllREAL” … Flipit’s NEW ProjectRunway Video!…

November 2, 2012

New Atlanta Housewife, Kenya Moore, chats with the DetroitFreePress about how she got on the RHOA… and more!  Kenya explains the difference between scripted shows and her “reality” character; and gives the company line about everything being “real”…

Q: What was it like having reality TV cameras around all the time?

A: It’s definitely a unique experience, one I’ve never had before. When you’re on camera, on set, it’s a controlled environment: You come in, read lines, play a role and you leave. And that’s what they capture.

With reality TV they’re capturing who you are, not a character. So you have to expose a lot of your life. You have to be willing to be 100% organic and to be vulnerable to do that.

Q: Some reality TV stars complain producers edit footage to portray them differently. Are you concerned about editing? Or how the show might impact your career?

A: No (laughs). The producers can only get what you give them. They can’t make up something they didn’t shoot…It’s probably a little concerning one way or the other but that’s all in the risk you take when you join a reality show…Whatever they show of me is consistent with who I am as a person. I’m passionate, I’m feisty, I’m outspoken and I really do care about other people. I just am who I am and I’m hoping people will love that.

NOTE:  How interesting!  The question as to whether these “reality” shows are “REAL” continues…. and the Housewives always state that their shows are absolutely “REAL”!!  ‘Cept for Kyle-ee!  She let it slip that OTHER shows are “slightly scripted.”   Well, didn’t we ALL know that already!


 “I’m MUCH prettier than YOU, Joanna!”

Joanna Krupa chats with GreenvilleOnline and says that her beauty comes from the inside:

TG: OK, “Miss Sexiest Woman in the World,” you’ve graced the covers of Maxim, Shape, Esquire, Playboy and dozens of other magazines. What is your definition of sexy?

JK: For me, my definition of sexy and beautiful is that it comes from the inside. There are so many beautiful women in the world I’ve worked with and they’re not the friendliest or nicest people. I think the most important part is how a person is inside her heart. I think everyone was put on this earth to do something good in this life. They can be beautiful on the outside, but if that’s not underneath, I have nothing to do with them.

NOTE:  Wonder what those other “beautiful, but unfriendly women” think of the PierogiePrincess, Joanna???


We love our “flipit/Ronnie” from TVGasm!!!  AND… we love Project Runway!

What happens when you put the two together???  You get this video review of Project Runway by “flipit/Ronnie”!!!   Check out his other hilarious redubs of the Housewives at his YouTubeChannel!!


20 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Joanna Krupa “BeautyComesFromWithin”… Kenya Moore “It’sAllREAL” … Flipit’s NEW ProjectRunway Video!…

  1. :D you guys & your pictures. Love this stuff. Tamara would be thrilled I’m sure. Look at NeNe’s face in that top pic. Is it me or does she (almost) always have that expression on her face?


  2. “flipit / Ronnie” you are very creative and talented. It’s good to see you in person having only known you via voice from “What Crappens.” Can’t wait for “What Crappens” RHOM Podcast (soon).

    Joanna’s statement is correct about inner vs outer beauty. Too bad she can’t apply that to her own actions, etc…. She’s very tormented it’s quite obvious. Seeing her ridiculed / tormented by Adriana & Team was way over the top. Certainly changed my initial reaction to her last night.


      • dch I meant the 2nd evening at Lea’s Ball. The comments Audriana spewed “super bitch & super whore” is what I meant by she was being tormented. The part “Joanna is “tormented it’s obvious” I was referring to Joanna’s inner-turmoil her emotional problems and / or alcohol craziness / actions. Didn’t quite express it as clearly as I thought I did.


  3. Well if that is Joanna’s true feelings, then I hope she realizes she is zombie ugly (just keeping with the season).


  4. Thanks my SH for posting my videos and thanks so much to you guys for watching them and commenting. I love reading this site and it’s so cool to see myself on it!! Even if it is on Vanderpoop day. xoxoxo Ronnie


  5. Agreed lobstahsmaht, Joannas true feelings have been seen and she is so ugly on the inside I hope everybody can see that!


    • And I thank you Ms SH…for all the pictures, information, you have given me and I would guess all of us., since 2010. You are the BEST!!!

      Love ya, sleep time,commin back ear’l time…honestly love ya and now have to go to sleep. zzzzzs and quqqqq . :)


  6. Ronnie, have I told you lately that I LUV you. Which makes me totally jealous of ms SH. You bring the laughs…too many to comment on….well, except for your “beat us all up” schpeil about over-gayly dressing habits…those dudes just make me feel…..manly.


    • Ronnie is BEST. i didnt know he was doing his thing til my gay exboss told me they have viewing parties…i have been hooked ever since. LOVE IT


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