CAMILE GRAMMER, JOANNA KRUPA: Camille Looking For Hosting Job; Adrienne’s Divorce Not on RHOBH… Joanna’s Tickle-Me Film… UPDATE: Camille NOT Looking For Hosting Job… Apparently NBC is WRONG!

November 2, 2012

                                                                           The movie is so bad, it should have been filmed in grainy black and white…

Joanna Krupa “stars” in a tickle fetish movie.  Joanna had the starring role of “Head Nurse Regina” in the foot fetish/tickle torture film “No Shoes No Mercy” back in 2003… watch it at TMZ (if ya like that kinda stuff!).


From  Camille Grammer is looking to become a host of a reality show… she’s already submitted pilots to several production companies.

She also has aspirations to host a reality TV series. “I have shot a couple of pilot presentations for different production companies,” Camille said. “I would love to get into hosting! And I love to do something with my kids. But we will see what happens!”

Camille also said that the Maloof/Nassif divorce will not be a part of season three of the RHOBH…

“You are not going to see anything about their divorce,” Camille said. “Adrienne is private. I really feel for her. I went through this during the whole first season. I just want her to stay strong. She is a great mom and is really there for her children.”

(Thanks to SH reader “Heidi”!!)

UPDATE:  Camille Grammer says via twitter that she is NOT looking for hosting jobs, as Today stated!