JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax Still Tweeting!… Says To Wash “Your Important Parts”…

November 1, 2012

Is JaxLaurita serious???

BubbaJax is STILL tweeting up a storm… no pun intended.

BUT, is she serious???  BubbaJax is “advising” anyone who reads her tweets to make sure they “wash” and is giving hair care advice…

Jax is also very concerned about Halloween!

AND… savin’ Hoboken with that black liquid…

NOTE:  Well, at least BubbaJax ain’t still talkin’ about any of the RHONJ!  At least for the past few days!  

To see the devastation from Hurricane Sandy… check out the slideshow from NBCNews.

(Thanks to SH reader “cybraxis”!!)



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152 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax Still Tweeting!… Says To Wash “Your Important Parts”…

  1. Ok I’ll play. I am reading between the lines and what im seeing is Jax is CRAZY AS HELL. I see her hopped up on BLK and Boonesfarm sitting on her California King with twinkies, a washbucket and a magnified battery powered makeup light applying rouge mumbling as she sents out stupid tweets.

    • Omg lol!!! I could totally see that! But she doesn’t even need all that stuff she has a generator to keep her house warm and her fridge cold but she was complaining about it only heating four rooms. I would be grateful to even have one small warm room!

  2. I looked at Tree’s twitter & shes hardly posted anything in the last day. I’ll bet she is busy doing useful things instead of working her way through the cellar & pantry & posting moronic ‘tips’ on twitter.

  3. Why even mention that those creeps are going to Hoboken in “the blk van?” Wow, she just had to throw in the blk name. How about this? Why don’t they help out in Hoboken without exploiting this disaster to promote themselves? How about quietly helping out without putting it on Twitter?

    • Maybe they did it for a tax break – can claim gas as a charitable contribution. You know, “yes Mr. IRS agent, we spent $8 million on gas to get BLK to dehydrated people on Hoboken”.
      Sorry, I am so mad. I live in Nothern NJ in the “highlands”. No, we did not have flooding, but our lovely-to-look-at pine trees have all uprooted in our yards and across our power lines. My neighbor’s house and our back yard were on fire Monday night due to a gas main break (power line zapped a gas line). Luckily we have a generator for heat, water and septic services. We are now hosting several neighbors since their homes are uninhabitable.
      No power is expected until late next week.
      Jax is so self-centered I just couldn’t stay quiet.

      • Anyone wanna bet they are taking empty blk bottles and filling them up with flood water dropping a few drops of blk food coloring in and reselling them to the resident who have nothing…yes I said resell I doubt the Manzos are that ceritable, Well maybe Tommy I have heard storys of him helping out people who have had a tragedy in their lives.

      • I also live higher up in Morris County. I am happy to hear your house is ok. So many houses around here have huge trees right through them.

  4. Oh Lord. She also tweeted a tip on Alzheimers disease. Everyone around her is as bad as she is because they sit idle while she tweets this nonsense.

    • Good point but I think Chris may have given up on trying to fix what’s wrong. Some husbands are glad to ignore the problem(s) as long as the wife isn’t screaming at them. It’s a duck & cover move that some people learn while married , to keep the peace.

  5. I think she’s become a Twitter junkie ;P Needed her fix. But giving out advice for people with health problems. Maybe she means well or is just trying to look kind , but she needs to be careful with that advice. Just on the off chance that someone actually listens.

  6. Maybe her next business deal is with Tupperware ware or equivalent. She can use storm video to show how safe and fresh her well stocked pantry stayed. I wouldn’t put it past her. I didn’t see the pantry footage but was it extremely well organize d? Maybe she has an OCD type thing going on.

  7. O.M.G…. While reading Jacass’s tweets, I’m listening to HLN News. People are starving, cold, homeless, without heat and water , begging for help. . . and this fool is tweeting about exercising and hair, while showing her well stocked pantry??? The women being interviewed lost everything and were begging for just a change of clothing, heat and food.

    GAH!!! :( This woman gets on my last nerve. How dare she??? Not only is she making an ass of herself, we also have MeGo, Caroline, Lauren and Melissa’s sisters doing the same thing. People were calling out one of MeGo’s sisters for posting a pic of a beautiful meal while some are without food and calling out Caroline for announcing she’s cooked a big meal for her ilk too. They were partying along with the Gorga’s. What’s wrong with these people??? Shame on them!!!

    By the way, Jacass now evidently has a PhD in Autism and is putting herself out there as some sort of expert, giving advice to other parents, which made me want to vomit. She’s on a very slippery slope and it’s going to bite her in her moronic ass. She’s going to give the wrong advice to someone and do harm to a child.

    Jackass needs to STFU!!! ***sorry for the rant but I’ve had it with this stupid, stupid woman and her ilk.

  8. Now THIS was the laugh I needed. I hope the news catches ppl in Hoboken turning the sludge water away. UGH.

    • Just thought of something….was she implying that we should use blk water to wash your “important parts”?

  9. Just the same sad ol’ gal doing the same sad ol’ things. Trying to play on the Twitter yet again. Trying to sell the BLK , & make herself out to look like a saint. One thing you have to give her, I didn’t see any digs at Teresa (so far anyway). I really do believe alot of the tweeting is about distracting her from the state her life is in today (mainly regarding the legal stuff) plus she has the stuff with her son & she may be worried about keeping her lifestyle (big house etc) now that they are having legal trouble. I think she’s the type that needs to distract herself rather than take on the problems. Of couse that really doesn’t help her situation, but it’s the natural personality of some.

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