JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax Still Tweeting!… Says To Wash “Your Important Parts”…

November 1, 2012

Is JaxLaurita serious???

BubbaJax is STILL tweeting up a storm… no pun intended.

BUT, is she serious???  BubbaJax is “advising” anyone who reads her tweets to make sure they “wash” and is giving hair care advice…

Jax is also very concerned about Halloween!

AND… savin’ Hoboken with that black liquid…

NOTE:  Well, at least BubbaJax ain’t still talkin’ about any of the RHONJ!  At least for the past few days!  

To see the devastation from Hurricane Sandy… check out the slideshow from NBCNews.

(Thanks to SH reader “cybraxis”!!)



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152 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax Still Tweeting!… Says To Wash “Your Important Parts”…

  1. lol. Funny to hear an alleged hooker call it her “important parts” Surprised she didn’t tag Katfish in that bit of sage wisdom.

    • I think you nailed it Stinky but am beginning to believe it may be an everyday occurrence.
      I guess Chris forgot to arrange a minder for Jax so she treated herself to some wine and xanax found her confiscated cell phone then hopped back on twitter.

      • I hope he keeps all of those guns we saw on Season 3 locked up good and tight with Jac-a-loon around.

          • They had an arsenal. Some real heavy duty looking stuff. She posed holding it, if I recall coorrectly, trying to look cute. It was while she and Chris were drinking.

            • Oh my….I remember it now. Thanks for the reminder. Alcohol and instability= recipe for disaster. She is home alone with two vulnerable kids why does she tweet that insanity. Please! you never know what kind of sicko is lurking. She clearly should not be left home alone with kids.

  2. She’s absolutely nuts…taking that black sheetz to Hobokon all the food trucks around were going to Hoboken to people the people today…did they do that….The Governor proclaims Halloween for Monday not Mayors of towns….she is so sick I want to throw up because no one seems to care. She does have a following who are kissing her feet. Sad. How can she be watching her children. All schools are closed until Monday. The school won’t even let the Marching Band go to Hersey Park to compete in the most competitive championship this weekend, the last big outdoor one of the year.

    • Jacqueline doesn’t seem to be the brightest blub that’s for sure. I think she said they were loading up the van with food and supplies not necessarily BLK. I think it’s great they’re pitching in to help with the rest of NJ.

        • I would bet that if someone brought cases of BLK the the Super Dome after Katrina the riots would have started sooner than later. I lived through Katrina and if someone brought me something thing I didn’t like I respectfully said no thank you. But you bring cases of BLK shit to a group of thirsty people you are looking for trouble. Justsayin. I would be thinking someone was trying to kill me You don’t want BLACK WATER when you are in desperate for food, love and water. StupidJackAssesJac&BLK

          • I have to agree, we have cases of clear water, I don’t think anyone here would drink that sludge, you’re right they would think they were being killed. Oh well we all that she’s a nutcake with a lot of friends who are on that dam facebook page singing her praises.

  3. I hope they are taking bottles of regular water to hoboken. Its would be a butthole move to give em black sludge water.

    • I think Hoboken already has plenty of sludge already after the storm. The last thing they need is more!

      • Good question. I doubt it. They aint gonna do nuttin for nobody unless they drawl attention to it and pat themselves on their back. I bet they are afraid to pass out the BLK for fear of the chance that someone would snap a picture of someone turning their nose up to it.

      • SH: now you know the two Manzoids were home with Mama! She probably drove through the storm to get to them to safely transport them home to her womb..I mean home!

  4. She also tweeted pictures of her fully stocked pantry and told people without power to do squats and crunches if you feel cold. I am not joking.

      • Jacqueline Laurita (@JacLaurita) tweeted at 11:15 PM on Wed, Oct 31, 2012:
        Those stuck w/out power,y not stay strong&warm by doing a workout. Crunches,push-ups,dips,lunges, squats,toe raisers,jump,stretch!

        Wow someone tell the homeless this advice quick!

    • Oh no . Bubba Jax and MeGo are the gold dust twins for sure. “Bring it bitch” and Jax nicely stocked pantry. They really are that dense and insensitive.

    • Great point! My important parts are my hands, eyeballs and mouth: Hands for typing, eyeballs for reading SH and mouth for eating/drinking and asking my boyfriend to please stop bothering me while I am reading about the HW ;)

    • I’d like to know what’s so important about an armpit. One thing’s for sure, she has her head stuck up one of her so called important parts.

      • I totally missed this until now! LOL! Almost spit coffee on my computer.

        Don’t forget that while her head is up her important part, she is able to cook, tweet, chew, swallow and go to the bathroom at the same time. Oh, and her pantry is well organized.

  5. I find it incredibly insensitive that so many are in absolute dire circumstances practically in her own backyard and Jac is tweeting about private part hygiene and taking a rest from hair tools. Reprehensible!
    I do think any donations to our poor victims of this hurricane is honorable.

  6. I am one of the people in New Jersey without power since Monday. It is freezing cold in my house and I have been studying by candlelight, charging my phone with my car and eating nothing but fruits and vegetables. I still have it better than many people, my college has been turned into a shelter for families and pets.

    Jacqueline Laurita (@JacLaurita) tweeted at 10:24 PM on Wed, Oct 31, 2012:
    Some of Nick’s snacks (minus his gluten-free chips) he enjoys in here…(looks like he got into the cookies)

    Jacqueline Laurita (@JacLaurita) tweeted at 10:19 PM on Wed, Oct 31, 2012:
    And I like my cereal in containers in the pantry like this…

    • Jac is for Jac, I read all her tweets on my facebook…she is nothing but a pos…I hope you are doing ok, just bundle up because it’s getting cold outside….Jac has a generator she has it good she has 55 million bucks to throw around. I’m sure they have squirrled some of it away. Please I want to go through this computer and strangle her. She’s for herself only. Who’s taking care of the kids. Probably a Nanny. Why didn’t they go down to Newark and take care of those people. Why Hoboken, let me guess….nope I don’t have to. Again teapot take care of yourself.

    • I’m sorry to read about your circumstances. It breaks my heart to hear of the devastation and I wish I could do something. Holding you in my thoughts. Take care!

    • I really need to get a twitter. My first photo will be a shot of how I stack sheets and towels in the linen closet. Maybe follow that up with a nice photo of my utensil drawer, and then possibly one of the pencil/pen cup on my desk, because people need to know how to get organized!

    • Actually I was informed that this month (Nov) most of the Laurita’s including Jac are being called on to testify at hearings regarding business (mis)dealings surrounding her husband and his partners “alleged” fraud and embezzlement (note alleged) and that her husband wants to stop her testimony and show her as having “diminished capacity” meaning we all know she’s a total nut job but lets hope the feds take the bait. These twitter rants are following that closely. Can’t stand her at all or the Manzo tribe for that matter.
      To everyone in the Northeast affected by Sandy, I feel your pain as a Florida resident for 23 years orig. from NY I went for 27 Days in Oct. 2005 without power after Wilma tore through. Good luck to all of you and may your lives be back to normal very soon. Take care!

    • Take care, teapot, thinking and praying for all of you up there. We did ok here in the mid-atlantic but understand your situation.

    • And Ms. SH: That picture of Kim is sickening to look at. But then again, appropriate for Halloween.

      • I agree–it’s a very scary pic of Kim!! :0
        As far as the storm, I have friends back in Hoboken (where I lived til last year) who are still in the dark, and family on LI. They all said that now people are getting frustrated and not so nice. I hope they all get their power, stat, otherwise real looting and crime will go up. I’m scared for all of them.

  7. @Teapot. Sorry , I hope things improve for you soon. We all take so much for granted.
    Man Jax must be bored. Tweeting pics of your pantry. Cereal containers. Box of snacks. It’s not as if I thought Jax was a candidate for mensa but seriously. Praying she doesn’t overindulge and tweet pics of her private parts.

  8. @teapot Also…So…sorry to hear that. Wish there was some way we could help make things better for you. Please stay warm. No one around with a generator?? Ugh…I feel so helpless hearing this. Hope you’re not by yourself, and your with family.

    • Girl you need to post a warning before ya post those vids. I have wine screen now! Fred Sanford is my all time fave.

  9. @teapot. Where are you in Jersey? I know Rutgers NB is closed and so are we. I work in Newark and we plan to return on Monday. Do you need anything? If you are not too far maybe I can help. The gas lines are crazy here, so we are trying to conserve to get through the weekend but please let me know. I’m in the central jersey area and have power, heat etc if you need anything. As far as Jac is concerned she’s just nuts and totally insensitive. I scroll right by her tweets as she is nonexistent in my book. Teapot let me know how I can help. Oh and SH I just left Lurkerville ;).

    • Leigh, I just wanted to say that I was so touched by your offer to help. What a beautiful soul!

        • Thanks but it is the least we can do. The situation is pretty bad. Gas shortages, long lines, frustration, fear, tempers are beginning to flare…just crazy. If I can help someone I will. I had a bunch of teenagers sleep over until there homes were powered up. My mom is still without but making it through. It just irks me to watch her tweet nonsense when real people are suffering and doing it without a pantry full plastic containers. Someone mentioned above instead of Hoboken she should go to Newark. They are correct. Newark area was down but they are restoring power and are coming together. I would personally take her on a tour. It would be my pleasure…drop her down a notch or two. And teapot, as a college employee I commend you as you study by candlelight. I believe we are extending our semester so maybe your university will do the same. Reach out and hopefully I can help.

          • Leigh. I am so moved and impressed by your kindness. You sound like a lovely person and great neighbor. I am sure being cold, hungry and out of gas is a scary position for people to be in and without knowing what the future will hold. So many people live paycheck to paycheck and this disaster exacerbates financial problems, mental and emotional issues for so many.

          • Drop her down a notch or two she would have a heart attack and drop dead. She would never step into Newark let alone Drive. Way below her mighty level. I worked in Newark, the Essex County Police on Clifton and then the Hall of Records. I drove through it and on lunch went downtown Newark. Hello JaxAss try it you might like see how the other half lives. They don’t rob $18,000 from a Cancer Foundation but they might do other things…..

            • Hi Barb! Hope you and your friends and family are hanging I there! Your comment about Jax in Newark made me smile! I had a layover in the Newark airport once and the employees were downright hostile! LOL!

              • That airport feels like a war zone. I have never been in an airport like that before or since. I will avoid a connecting flight there at all costs!

          • Leigh I started to cry when I read your message. I did not know anyone could be so kind, thankyou. I go to Bergen Community College and I am transferring to Rutgers next year. I will make it through, all the towns around me around me are dark and I might get power back by Nov 7. My midterms and research paper have me more worried than the cold. I live in Morris County and commute about an hour each way to BCC. Your message gave me some relief because your college is extending the semester and I hope mine does also so that they don’t work us too hard. Everytime I think about how will I prepare my research paper and study for my midterms with no power on top of dealing with the gas issue, I feel completely overwhelmed and paralyzed.

            • Teapot, hopefully the school will make an accommodation for you and probably many others. Don’t let the stress get to you — you can only do what you can do. You’re not alone. There are many of us praying for you from coast to coast.

            • Hey tea. I just checked the BCC fb site. Not much info on there except you are closed today. The webmaster has limited access. Not much info on the homepage either. Keep doing what your doing try not to stress about it. It will keep your mind off of what’s going on outside. I’m sure your profs are experiencing the same thing and will have compassion. If you need a chuckle I would recommend checking out this website :)

  10. She disgusts me. My neice lives in NJ. Her 11 year old daughter has juvenile diabetes and the insulin needs to be refridgerated. She has four children total. Sadly, like many they have been without power since the storm. Today the family lost contact ( probably because the battery on her cell finally went ) with my neice. I pray she doess not go into diabetic shock again nad have to be rushed to the hospital…… because the last we heard it is impossible for them to get around with the debris.

    She is such a self centered person. True charity does not have to ANNOUNCE to the world their charitable acts to garner ATTENTION. I am so glad her pantry is stocked !

    • Lizaroo, I am so sorry. I hope your niece and the children are ok especially the 11 year old. If you called the Red Cross is it possible they could contact her or the police could do a well check? I’m sure services are strained but this is critical. keeping them in my prayers.

    • Liz, where are they? Many towns are beginning to get their power back. Point pleasant which was hard hit is beginning to restore power so that is a good sign. Hopefully they will get power soon. I’m in central jersey area, my offer goes to you as well. Prayers and thoughts!

      • Toms River doesn’t expect power the earliest is Wednesday, I have a friend who lives there…The Barrier Island AC Electric expects to have them up and running by midnight Sunday but not LBI. We in Stafford have most of it back. People in Beach Haven West are allowed back in tomorrow to see what their homes are like. I am sure someone can get the lady with the children an ice chest with ice in it for the medications. I charged my phone and ipad in the car. I rode around. I did fill up last night in Costco no one there.

    • So sorry liz. During katrina red cross brought coolers and ice to my neighbors that had insulin. Idk if possible up there but good luck and prayers go out to you and yours.

    • Try not to worry too much Lizaroo. Your neice is probably well versed in how to stretch out her insulin supply. I’m a diabetic and while she will need insulin to stay out of shock, a much smaller dose can be used. Her glucose reading will be high but not shock inducing. I guarantee they exactly how much they can get away with using. I use an insulin pen which needs no refrigeration luckily. Your fridge is about 40-45 degrees so the outside temps should keep it cool enough. I would worry more that it would freeze. But that is easy to prevent also. Try not to worry and just know that a diabetic always has more than enough insulin to last a month with each refill. Very rarely does a Rx contain exactly what you need and because they can’t underfill a bottle you just get the overage, every month. It adds up. Relax a little if you can. I will pray for you all.

  11. <3 The last we heard my neice and her family are doing okay. Of course with her daughter things can go haywire quickly. Luckily, my neice lives in what sounds like a wonderful neighborhood in NJ. Her neighbors are aware of her daughters health issues and have been a god send even before this storm. Unlike these trash people on RHNJ they have gone out of their way to be there for my neices family selflessly without any thought of renumeration or public praise. I get so angry after the kindness that has been shown my neice by the friends she has made in NJ that these trash shows give people the wrong idea of what the REAL people of NJ are like.

    Two years ago after just moving to NJ my neices daughter went into diabetic shock. She was undiagnosed at that point. My niece had 3 children besides her under the age of 5. The next door neighbor heard the ambulance and rushed over to see if she could help. She took care of the three younger children till their grandmother could arrive. I am amazed at how this community has come together to help my neice and support Juvenile Diabetes over the past two years since she was diagnosed.

    There are AMAZING people in NJ. Kind. Charitable. Good people. With neighbors like my neice has I know they are doing all they can to help each other. Leigh you represent what my family has come to experience in NJ. Good Bless the people of NJ.

    • You wouldn’t believe the outpouring of love down here. The shelter is full there is an over abundance of volunteers that there was an announcement not to go to the school and they needed nothing they were sending stuff to other shelters….these are neighbors friends all coming together for a common cause. Tomorrow when the people go back to Beach Haven West we were asked to drive there and bring food to them and drinks. It’s going to be so sad and if we see a child get it a toy. The cup of human Kindness here in Stafford. :-)

        • Thanks so much bless you all for the prayers. It’s going to take a long but we will be good. There is going to be a Bon Jovi, Springsteen and quite a few more personalities working a Telethon tomorrow night at 8PM-9PM I think its on NBC and I know BRAVO is carrying it also. It’s for the Red Cross,.
          12:26 PM ET
          Bon Jovi, Springsteen to perform at Sandy telethon
          As the death toll from Sandy climbs higher, some musicians are hoping to lift the spirits of those affected by the superstorm.

          Jon Bon Jovi has pulled out of a European press junket in London to return to the States, saying in a statement, “I really need to get back home having spoken to my wife and kids who are stuck in New York, I need to be with my people. Thankfully, my family is safe.”

          The New Jersey native is eager to pitch in, noting that many rely on his JBJ Soul Kitchen, a community kitchen in Red Bank, New Jersey, for food.

          “I need to find a generator and get that working. What can I do, I have to get there and find out. We take care of each other, that’s what we do,” he said. “There is no power, water, the devastation is off the charts. The President is in my hometown in New Jersey because of the damage. It’s like Armageddon. Where my children surf, 80 houses burnt down.”

          Bon Jovi will join fellow Jersey icon Bruce Springsteen in a telethon to raise support for the American Red Cross relief efforts.

          NBC Universal’s networks – including NBC, E!, Bravo, MSNBC, Style, Syfy, USA, CNBC and G4 – will air the event Friday from 8 to 9 p.m. ET with Matt Lauer on board as host.

          “Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together” will air live on the East Coast, with a tape delay for the West. No TV? You can catch the telethon live on

          Christina Aguilera, Billy Joel and Sting will also perform, with appearances from Jimmy Fallon and NBC News’ Brian Williams.

    • Good to know . You sound like a very loving and caring person as well. Wishing you and your fam all the best.

    • Great news Liz! I’m glad they Are ok. We have wonderful communities here in the garden state. We always come together somehow someway. I’m sure I other places are doing the same.

  12. My heart truly goes out to those that have been affected by the hurricane. I feel so heartbroken, but I’m sending all my prayers and love from far away hoping you’d find peace through all of this. I’ve been really busy lately but to the commenter above @Leigh you are truly a God sent with a very pure heart I hope God continues to bless you. @Lizaroo I pray that your niece is safe and sound and it’s amazing to have good neighbors like those. Sending well wishes to you all whether you’ve been hit by devastation or not you too MsSH!!! I love this site!!!

  13. Jax. is. nutz.

    At least, that’s what she’s hopin the judge will say when she tries (again) to get out of doing her deposition for one of the many lawsuits against the Laurita Empire. She thinks that by acting like an imbecile she will be excused from any wrongdoing.

    Good luck with that, Jax.

    • She is not nuts, she is pure evil and self centred. All of this is so she doesn’t have to be deposed. This little innocent act is all for the courts and viewers. Chris is no different, can’t tell which one is the most deceitful. BTW, why isn’t Doncaro angry at Chris for getting her sons involved in a lawsuit? Isn’t that one of the reasons she going after Teresa (Punta Cana trip)?

  14. Who’s being stoopid. People have died, others have lost everything they own. People are without the basic necessities of life and Jac-a-loon is telling them to keep their pubes clean and how good for their hair it is to take a break from styling. She is telling those without heat that what they need is a good workout to warm them up. I can’t decide if she is the most insensitive person in the world, stoopid, or certifiably insane. Whatever she is, she needs to STFU.

  15. Read between the lines? People are trying to protect their families and pets from the freezing cold and waiting three hours in lines to get gas for their cars so they can drive to work. She is basically telling people to wash their ass, keep your hair greasy and do dips and crunches if you get cold. Which by the way is working out great for me… I totally wake up in my 40 degree house and start doing lunges lol.

  16. I don’t think people suffering with no heat, electricity, or stocked pantry need to be schooled in emergency hygiene. Telling people who are living in dire straights how to wash up while posting how much fun you are having snacking from your organized pantry in your mcmansion is stupid and vapid.

  17. Ok I’ll play. I am reading between the lines and what im seeing is Jax is CRAZY AS HELL. I see her hopped up on BLK and Boonesfarm sitting on her California King with twinkies, a washbucket and a magnified battery powered makeup light applying rouge mumbling as she sents out stupid tweets.

    • Omg lol!!! I could totally see that! But she doesn’t even need all that stuff she has a generator to keep her house warm and her fridge cold but she was complaining about it only heating four rooms. I would be grateful to even have one small warm room!

  18. I looked at Tree’s twitter & shes hardly posted anything in the last day. I’ll bet she is busy doing useful things instead of working her way through the cellar & pantry & posting moronic ‘tips’ on twitter.

  19. Why even mention that those creeps are going to Hoboken in “the blk van?” Wow, she just had to throw in the blk name. How about this? Why don’t they help out in Hoboken without exploiting this disaster to promote themselves? How about quietly helping out without putting it on Twitter?

    • Maybe they did it for a tax break – can claim gas as a charitable contribution. You know, “yes Mr. IRS agent, we spent $8 million on gas to get BLK to dehydrated people on Hoboken”.
      Sorry, I am so mad. I live in Nothern NJ in the “highlands”. No, we did not have flooding, but our lovely-to-look-at pine trees have all uprooted in our yards and across our power lines. My neighbor’s house and our back yard were on fire Monday night due to a gas main break (power line zapped a gas line). Luckily we have a generator for heat, water and septic services. We are now hosting several neighbors since their homes are uninhabitable.
      No power is expected until late next week.
      Jax is so self-centered I just couldn’t stay quiet.

      • Anyone wanna bet they are taking empty blk bottles and filling them up with flood water dropping a few drops of blk food coloring in and reselling them to the resident who have nothing…yes I said resell I doubt the Manzos are that ceritable, Well maybe Tommy I have heard storys of him helping out people who have had a tragedy in their lives.

      • I also live higher up in Morris County. I am happy to hear your house is ok. So many houses around here have huge trees right through them.

  20. Oh Lord. She also tweeted a tip on Alzheimers disease. Everyone around her is as bad as she is because they sit idle while she tweets this nonsense.

    • Good point but I think Chris may have given up on trying to fix what’s wrong. Some husbands are glad to ignore the problem(s) as long as the wife isn’t screaming at them. It’s a duck & cover move that some people learn while married , to keep the peace.

  21. I think she’s become a Twitter junkie ;P Needed her fix. But giving out advice for people with health problems. Maybe she means well or is just trying to look kind , but she needs to be careful with that advice. Just on the off chance that someone actually listens.

  22. Maybe her next business deal is with Tupperware ware or equivalent. She can use storm video to show how safe and fresh her well stocked pantry stayed. I wouldn’t put it past her. I didn’t see the pantry footage but was it extremely well organize d? Maybe she has an OCD type thing going on.

  23. O.M.G…. While reading Jacass’s tweets, I’m listening to HLN News. People are starving, cold, homeless, without heat and water , begging for help. . . and this fool is tweeting about exercising and hair, while showing her well stocked pantry??? The women being interviewed lost everything and were begging for just a change of clothing, heat and food.

    GAH!!! :( This woman gets on my last nerve. How dare she??? Not only is she making an ass of herself, we also have MeGo, Caroline, Lauren and Melissa’s sisters doing the same thing. People were calling out one of MeGo’s sisters for posting a pic of a beautiful meal while some are without food and calling out Caroline for announcing she’s cooked a big meal for her ilk too. They were partying along with the Gorga’s. What’s wrong with these people??? Shame on them!!!

    By the way, Jacass now evidently has a PhD in Autism and is putting herself out there as some sort of expert, giving advice to other parents, which made me want to vomit. She’s on a very slippery slope and it’s going to bite her in her moronic ass. She’s going to give the wrong advice to someone and do harm to a child.

    Jackass needs to STFU!!! ***sorry for the rant but I’ve had it with this stupid, stupid woman and her ilk.

  24. Now THIS was the laugh I needed. I hope the news catches ppl in Hoboken turning the sludge water away. UGH.

    • Just thought of something….was she implying that we should use blk water to wash your “important parts”?

  25. Just the same sad ol’ gal doing the same sad ol’ things. Trying to play on the Twitter yet again. Trying to sell the BLK , & make herself out to look like a saint. One thing you have to give her, I didn’t see any digs at Teresa (so far anyway). I really do believe alot of the tweeting is about distracting her from the state her life is in today (mainly regarding the legal stuff) plus she has the stuff with her son & she may be worried about keeping her lifestyle (big house etc) now that they are having legal trouble. I think she’s the type that needs to distract herself rather than take on the problems. Of couse that really doesn’t help her situation, but it’s the natural personality of some.

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