JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax Still Tweeting!… Says To Wash “Your Important Parts”…

November 1, 2012

Is JaxLaurita serious???

BubbaJax is STILL tweeting up a storm… no pun intended.

BUT, is she serious???  BubbaJax is “advising” anyone who reads her tweets to make sure they “wash” and is giving hair care advice…

Jax is also very concerned about Halloween!

AND… savin’ Hoboken with that black liquid…

NOTE:  Well, at least BubbaJax ain’t still talkin’ about any of the RHONJ!  At least for the past few days!  

To see the devastation from Hurricane Sandy… check out the slideshow from NBCNews.

(Thanks to SH reader “cybraxis”!!)