TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: Tree’s Shore House Hit By Sandy… Melissa Prepared Her Shore House… Kathy Wakile’s Shore House (What Shore House?)

October 31, 2012  

@Teresa_Giudice tweeted that her Jersey Shore house took a hit from Hurricane Sandy…

Tree’s Shore House…


@MelissaGorga  tweeted that she prepared for Hurricane Sandy by putting her Jersey Shore house furniture up… 

… and a tree fell on her house…

… but, JoGo got out his chainsaw…

MeGo’s Shore House:

NOTE:  OK… how the hell did MeGo ‘lift’ all that furniture?  Will be interesting to see any images MeGo tweets of her shore house…


Kathy Wakile didn’t do a damn thing to prepare HER Jersey Shore house… KomaKathy didn’t even bother to see the effects of Hurricane Sandy on her house.  OH… never mind… KomaK’s shore house is a rental!

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564 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: Tree’s Shore House Hit By Sandy… Melissa Prepared Her Shore House… Kathy Wakile’s Shore House (What Shore House?)

  1. ok, shoot me if you want, but, is jogo just a little retarded?
    i know 17 year old boys more mature than him.
    i think he’s missing a few chromosomes,

  2. I actually watched the whole video and it would seem to be that a man like Joe who has keep expressing how wonderful his sex life is means that he more likely is not getting any. I am not saying that I am interested in his intimate time because I have more important things to worry about. It would seem that the shore house that Melissa and Joe are trying to perceive is that we have all this money and look at on wonderful furniture.
    Another thing do you find it strange that her children never seem to make a noise like there is no screaming and shouting between the three throughout the entire two seasons of the show?
    Joe is trying to prove his masculinity to us the viewers through his perceived sexuality and all of a sudden “I am hot for my wife” complex. Melissa on the other hand, totally looks embarrassed at her husband’s sexual remarks. It’s like Melissa is saying

    “Please act like this for the cameras! Use our sexual experience to gain popularity like Teresa! Brag about it Joe! Say it Joe! Now!”

    • Yes, Rushie, it bothers me too that the Gorga children never seem to shine. There was a lot of meaning when their little son whopped his dad Joey up side the head. Like his son was frustrated & wanted to say “shut up and play with me!”

      • maybe the Gorgas dont feel the need to Pimp their kids out to the Cameras Like Teresa does. I Enjoyed Gia lecturing her dad about his Cheating She truly Shined there 11 yr olds should always lecture their dads about their behavior.

    • In my opinion JoGo has a Napolean or “Little Man Complex.” He’s so short that he tries to make up for it by bragging about what a stud he is. I would be horrified if my husband talked about sex publically all the time. JoGo is obsessed with it which probably means he’s not “all that” in the bedroom. What happens in a couple’s bedroom should stay in the bedroom imo. Melissa has to be embarassed by him. I would be. It’s kind of pathetic.

  3. JoGo stood next to the tree hitting it with a plastic toy saw whilst the state emergency service (I’m assuming you have the SES or similar in the USA) people cleaned it up & then gave him a sticker as a reward for his ‘help’.

  4. First of all; So sad to see how Sandy affected all thoose ppl in the US. Strenght to you all.
    Then; I really couldnt watch the Gorgas house. Its all about the sex sex sex. Joe Gorga is just to disgusting to watch. Yuck! And yeah for sure would like to see how MeGo lifted all those furniture up one floor!

    • I just want to yell “Ok ! message received”. There is something going on behind the scenes there and I cannot put my finger on it. The Gorgas are tying to hard to convince us that they are intimate with each other, attracted to each other. Are they beards for each other? That’s cool if that is how they choose to live but drop the vulgarity an innuendo I can happily live my life without hearing.c**kblocker again.

      • Yea I AGREE with you to much sexual innuendo on the show , Ill be happy when I stop hearing whore, bitch and Cunxt tuesday and stop seeing Teresa degrade herself and try and get a uninterested Juicy to have sex with her.

  5. I could care less about people’s friggin’ SECOND homes or VACATION homes being destroyed. they have insurance and they will be fine. My damned neighborhood, where we live in our ONLY homes, looks like major battle was fought.

    • Sandy i was thinking that yesterday. I feel sad for loss but these are second homes. They still have a primary residence they can live in while awaiting check. For people who lost home and /or business its beyond devestating. Prayers are with you and yours.

      • kj,
        You are 1000% correct. Ours is a second home, I do not feel sorry for myself (and we already called in our claim to insurance). My heart breaks for the people with no where to go to. There are many retirees in that area.

  6. At least their homes were on the mainland. My house is on the bay on the barrier Island, and it suffered catastrophic damage. Our boat (39 ft Sea Ray) has a huge hole in it, and is on its side. Very sad. We can’t get down to see it. Our neighbors sent pics. On generator power up north. Everyone say a prayer. People are not as lucky as us. We have 2 homes…. sorry for the story, just really sad in NJ. It’s a war zone.

    • DJ , I am so sorry. I cannot imagine what a difficult time this must be for you and all those devastated by Sandy. I am sure the consequences are worse than we can imagine. Saying lots of prayers for you and all those who suffered loss on such a tragic scale. Please stay safe. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    • So sorry DJ – definitely continuing the prayers for you and everyone suffering from the results of Sandy.

  7. Can someone please answer this for me? I’ve read here that the Gorga’s mcmansion is very sparsely furnished and that they rented some or all of it. Why is that? They lived in another mansion before the “dream” house right? I’m sure they had furniture there. I can understand wanting some some new things but isn’t the furniture for one mansion good enough for another mansion? If they built it to flip wouldn’t it make even more sense to re-use their furniture than buy more and have to store it when you sell? If they are so financially secure couldn’t they use some of the rhonj salary to put some couches in that cavern? Jogo builds a recording studio before making his home more comfortable? Who does that? No furniture AND the power is shut off for non payment- that screams POSER to me. You would think that Carowhine and Jax could see for themselves that Tre has been telling the truth about them. I did see a card table in a photo though. Maybe its a good thing the house is empty. That way Meho can practice singing to an empty audience and won’t get discouraged when it happens at a yard sale or gas station opening. It’s probably nice that the kids can rollerskate and ride their bikes inside if itrains. Do you think they play Marco-Poser(polo) as well? Lol. I love my recliner. I would replace that no matter what.

    visit are they blind? No furniture and the power gets shut off- that screams

    POSERS to me. It would convince me that maybe Tre has been telling it like it really is all along. That big old empty house is pfobably fun.fot

    • Ruth, you are a clever person. Yes they are posers. It was revealed to so many at the Christmas Party with so few presents, scarce ,poorly wrapped and pathetic. If the Gorgas wanted to present an image that matched their alleged lifestyle why not run to Wal-mart and buy enough presents to make certain there was enough to make sure they would have plenty to donate. Yet they still haven’t payed the party planner the 50,000 they owe him. 50,000 dollars would have brought a lot of happy faces on Christmas morning. It wasn’t about the charity it was about the Gorgas lifestyle and as you so cleverly pointed out they are posers.

      • Aintpittypat may ask if there is any unusual meaning behind your name? I asked on an earlier post but I guess you didn’t see it. I’m a southern transplant to Mi. I read your name as Aunt pittypat. If you were here I would call you Ainty. It just makes me smile to think of you as ainty. You remind me of my dear aintys that I miss.

        • Oh Ruth you are so sweet! I would be honored to be your SH ainty. I was aiming for a play on words. Aint , for, aunt , or auntie or aintie and Pittypat for GWTW character. My mom used to tell us to speak out and quit Pittypattin’ around. My grandmother and ainties always admonished us to speak up, Hence the double meaning i’m not Pittypatting around..Aint Pittypat ! Convoluted I am sure but made sense to this southern girl.

          • Pittypat, I love GWTW so much. The book and the movie both! My husband got me the special edition movie for Christmas last year. I was in an old town hall once, and they had a first edition copy molding on a shelf! It was seriously a struggle not to grab it!!!

          • It makes sense to me too. Everyone has sayings or ways of speaking that originate from family and where they’re from. I guess that’s why Teresa’s word goofs don’t bother me. They usually crack me up. To me a doodle isn’t a scribble or drawing- its a baby chicken. One time my uncle asked a MI friend of mine to hand him a fly flap. She had no idea what to do because to her a fly flap was the strip of cloth that covers the zipper on a pair of pants lol.the look on her face was priceless! I just knew you were an ainty!

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