TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: Tree’s Shore House Hit By Sandy… Melissa Prepared Her Shore House… Kathy Wakile’s Shore House (What Shore House?)

October 31, 2012  

@Teresa_Giudice tweeted that her Jersey Shore house took a hit from Hurricane Sandy…

Tree’s Shore House…


@MelissaGorga  tweeted that she prepared for Hurricane Sandy by putting her Jersey Shore house furniture up… 

… and a tree fell on her house…

… but, JoGo got out his chainsaw…

MeGo’s Shore House:

NOTE:  OK… how the hell did MeGo ‘lift’ all that furniture?  Will be interesting to see any images MeGo tweets of her shore house…


Kathy Wakile didn’t do a damn thing to prepare HER Jersey Shore house… KomaKathy didn’t even bother to see the effects of Hurricane Sandy on her house.  OH… never mind… KomaK’s shore house is a rental!

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564 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: Tree’s Shore House Hit By Sandy… Melissa Prepared Her Shore House… Kathy Wakile’s Shore House (What Shore House?)

  1. Why was Meg Ho’s shore house so over the top.Point is to live a more simple life when away from big house.All for the cameras to impress.Pretending to be dripping $$ at that age and owe everyone in town.Hard to sleep at night and cant pay your bills.

    • Brand new top end apliances. most of that furniture is too big for the rooms, maybe it all “fell off a truck”

      • Now that’s a good one jl! Reminds me of a line from “The first wives club.” Didn’t uncle Carmine say to Bette Midler’s character– The “goods” in “Morty’s” store “fell off from the back of a truck.”

    • I guess the tide has turned against Meho(pun intended). First no power due to non payment, then no power because of Sandy. I guess she copes well during this outage because she’s had so much experience! She should worry more about things like trees falling on her. Wasn’t there a long lost witch- the wicked witch of north jersey? Maybe a mcmansion with no furniture wasn’t enough to get the job done. Just had a visual of Katfish riding by Meho’s window on her bike from season 3! Instead of Toto she has a lapdog named Jogo. I could see Mandy as the wizard pulling the strings behind the curtain innthe land of Bravo.

  2. I couldn’t get more than 1/3 way through that Melissa video. Joe is such a douche. Their furniture and decor is so heavy and ornate for a beach house. Strange. On the West Coast, beach houses are decorated like beach houses — casual, light, bright.

  3. I swear if Mego&lil’Joe are on next season, I will have to fast forward to keep from nodding off. If viewers know they can’t believe a word these two say, why would they be interested enough to watch?

    • All Joe wants to talk about is sex. It gets so boring. Makes you wonder if he’s getting any sex at all, since he’s so fixated on it. Kind of like the way you think about chocolate and chicken wings and mashed potatoes when you’re on a diet.

        • Maybe? Or I’ve also heard it speculated that he’s gay. Who knows, it’s just annoying and juvenile. I’d be humiliated if I were his wife.

          • I just dont think its cute to constantly talk about yoursex life with your WIFE like that. he gets really graphc with it. A few comments here and there okay funny, but he takes it too far and Idont see why people like Kelly Ripa and Mark thinks its sooo cute

            • I totally agree. I think it is very telling that Turdesa is always talking about her sex life; she isn’t getting any! He is too busy with his mistresses. Another one who talks about sex with her husband is Ramona–although with her, I do think they have really kinky sex life, lol!

              • I know. For years we have heard about Teresa and her sex life. Over and over, every year and remember, Teresa was the one hopping onto her husband in the vineyard wanting to have fun when the cameras were here.

              • Remember the scene in the Pool room where Teresa was partically throwing hersekf at Juicy and he was totally ignoring her and went on playing pool. It was pretty pathetic on her part. She was trying to entice him with her new bubbies and he couldnt even be bothered to look.

              • Since day one, Teresa has alway talked about her sex life. I don’t care to hear about it from her or any of the others. Apparently if Joe is out trolling for new, things at home must not be very good.

              • Remember the pool table when he own husband didn’t want to touch her. How about the vineyard infront of everyone, again he walked away? Explaination enough. Joe Giudice doesn’t want to be around her either, he would rather date women in Atlantic City Hotels, coeds and realtors.

            • I think Kelly’s a bit of a space cadet. Can’t stomach her on TV. Always posing for the cameras, so self-conscious. Doesn’t seem very real.

      • LOL! I agree, Hers. I usually give people that talk about sex all the time the side-eye. It’s like they’re trying to prove something.

    • I love the Gorga kids but cringe when Joey and Melissa start in on the sexy. Seriously. A tiny bit goes a very long way and is really unnecessary That being said I am glad they are safe and sound..

      • Have you noticed that the sexy talk changes depending on the audience? It seems that Jogo spins the talk to pander to All sexual identities. He works the straights, lesbians, cougars, and gays. He thinks he’s got every angle covered, even hetero males. That is the sign of a true fame whore- pander to all so EVERYONE ((he thinks) loves you. Just makes me gag.

    • Hard to drown even a wet rat. MeGo is safe and will be standing at the top of the trash when her 15min is over. U can be on that!

  4. I know, it’s so funny to watch people when they truely think they’re fooling someone. I’m sure there are some duller bulbs out there who fall for it, but it shows the stupidity of the fakers that they assume everyone is that dumb. It’s like watching someone trying to run in quicksand , when they’re the ones who tried to set up the very sand box they’re sinking into. & the whole while they believe they have all of us fooled.

  5. I am now thinking that Elvira-The party Planner and Sheilia Giudice will be the New Housewives-maybe???

  6. Of course they were able to put up their furniture…there was nothing to put up because it was probably all rented furniture. Odds are the place was empty at this point since they are not filming.

    • Hmm, maybe they are doing an insurance scam? Perfect opportunity… wouldn’t be surprised if the Gorga’s start tweeting pics of the “devastation” too. Weren’t they tryin’ to unload that shore house a few months back? Ins fraud is a felony.

      • Ok now lets accuse the Gorgas of insurence fraud now we will add that to Drug abuse and child endangerment,

        If the wind can uproot a tree and take the sidewalk with it it can tobble a ref to.

        • Calm down Lisa, it was a hypothetical. Geez, everyone is so sensitive. And for the record I live in Miami and have endured my share of hurricanes first hand (including Andrew) so please if I offended anyone I’m sorry. I know I’ve been busy lately and haven’t had the chance to visit SH as often as I used to but seems the tone around here has changed.

          • It’s about time that we all go back to bit*hing about the housewives and not each other! New Jersey doesn’t bring out the best in people. This wasn’t directed to you but was and explanation for the way things have been going around here lately.

            • I cant answer for anyone else but Myself, I just get touchy when i see the Gorgas (and anyone else) accuse dof some of the stuff they do without proof. Like Child abuse/neglect drug use and being a Pedofile. Its Ok to have a Opinion but some have stated things as fact when there is no proof.

              • Lisa I wasn’t talking about that. I was talking about the baloney that was going on here yesterday.
                I agree with you the Gorga’s are held to a different standard than the Gudice’s. Bullying bothers everyone so except when it comes to them. Jmo

    • forblogs, I grew up on the coast and lived through many hurricanes. Two hurricanes, Carla and Beulah, we had water up to and over the rooftops of houses. It’s horrible!

      Rising water carries tremendous force during a storm surger. I looked carefully at the photo with the refrigerator. Either rushing water toppled it over or they laid it on it’s side to get the water out of it. On the bottom of the refrigerator you can see how wet it is. During hurricanes, I’ve see entire homes washed away by water so a refrigerator falling over isn’t impossible, especially as close to the water as they are.

          • I live right on the edge of one of the most fire prone areas in the world. The last bad fires killed 170 people.

            Its awful that the main reason why Australian fires are so bad got introduced to California, flipping eucalyptus trees!!! They are so dangerous! Either exploding in flames or dropping huge branches.

        • I guess it’s all what you’re used to. As we were preparing to evacuate on Sunday, I told my daughter I wanted to move to California (I had lived there years ago for about 6 months but got homesick and moved back to the east coast). She did bring up a good point in that we at least had plenty of notice to prepare for the devastation to come. I didn’t experience an earthquake in the short time I was in California so I really have no frame of reference. I’ve dealt with hurricanes for 50 years, so by now I pretty much know the drill. It’s scary and horrible, but the most important thing is to heed the evacuation warnings.

    • I live in jersey. Sitting here with power from a generator and trying go keep my composure because this storm was insane and destructive.

      They were flooded out. Notice all the sand. Sand where they weren’t really by the sand area. They were in an inlet.

      The fridge is over bcause it’s probalby floated and was knocked over. It was terrible. Terrible. I wish this on nothing..

  7. LOL at the video of Teresa on her shore house and her daughters singing Melissa’s song “On Display”
    Melissa is so dumb, if she would had really wanted to make peace with Teresa, she would had immensely benefited from the exposure that Teresa would had given to her awful songs.
    Teresa would have had her daugters singing and dancing every one of those songs, helping her promote and tweeting up a storm about them, she really shoot herself on the foot on that one.

    • Isn’t that the truth? I remember watching the video when SH originally put it up earlier in the year and thought it so sweet that Tre was marketing for Melissa.

      • considering Teresa makes fun of Melissa and so do her kids they are prob not marketing Melissa but mocking her. Oh wait I forgot Teresa would never ever do anything like that.

        • Yes I agree, Teresa’s and crew have done nothing but mock Melissa (non) singing and rightfully so. If you don’t like her singing like most people don’t try and pretend like you do. I don’t believe that Teresa would have helped her SIL in the past or present regarding exposure for her “singing career”. I don’t get the impression that Teresa would help out family member even if she liked them. The sad part about all of this is if they could have all gotten along they may have had a family empire similar to the Kardashians. We have seen those girls fight for years but they are smart enough to know that if they stick together as a family unit they will be more successful than if they were apart.

          • I am sorry you feel so deeply about her singing but the only truth is that she is a less than average singer, if she would have been on any singing contest, she wouldn’t have made it past the preliminary round. Melissa is not a talented singer but she is using the RHNJ as her platform for a singing career that so far has eluded her. I think that Teresa , just to be on her brother’s good side, would had promote her singing by allowing her daughters right along with Anrtonia to sing the songs, thus making it more marketable, but thart is just my gut feeling. It is not like Melissa has not make digs and comments about Teresa’s cooking and the fact that she thinks that she is not a cooker and has a ghost writer so I think they are both even there.
            The only difference is that Teresa has sold books enough to make it to the NYBSL three times on a row, while Melissa hasn’t been able to capitalize on her songs at all. It doesn’t matter if she sings along or if she is the back up singer like in the last one, the fact remains that she has invested far more money than she has made and any little would had help, even her nieces dancing and lyp singing would had helped at any point. JMO

            • Most books make it on the NYBSL its not that big of a deal.
              I applaud her efforts to sing, she may not be the next Madonna but its not easy to get up and sing/dance in front of people I give her props for trying.

              • If Teresa didn’t sell books there wouldn’t be any further book deals. Teresa has her 4th book coming out because her books sell. She isn’t at some miserable shitehole shelling 10 dollar a pop cds. Teresa knows how to work hard and market her brand. MeGo learned everything she knows in the parking lot at Lookers.

              • Teresa’s books sell because she is on TV, she is no Bobby flay or giada they are Celeb Chefs and actually invent their own recipes, Teresa recipes are no different then what you can get on Goggle.
                If Teresa wasnt on the show she wouldnt sell a damn thing she would just another person who thinks they can cook. I admire her efforts to make money but she isnt anything special.

              • Lisa most recipes are adapted from old or previously created recipes. The chef just puts their own spin on it.

              • Ok and ? The Italians I know say her recipes are very generic and nothing special. I think its great she is out there making money and taking advanage of her time on the show. But Like Melissa she isnt anything special or Unigue.

              • She never sold them as unique. Her selling point is that they are her families personal recipes. I get that they are unique to her family and not the whole of Italians.

              • Lisa, you know we disagree about Teresa, in general, but I see your point on this. Teresa is capitalizing on her 15 minutes, as do all of the HW with their various products, some of which succeed more than others. Turns out Tre has some sort of “it” factor that draws people in. Glad it’s working out for her, because she’s in a deep financial hole and trying to dig out.

              • If you remember teresa and Joe sold many apartments and other buildings which paid most of that off. And with all the money she has made after this next book I would say she might have it paid off or close to it with Cook Books, Wine, Hair Care, Teeth whitening and NJHW pay. Can not say that for the Chris and Jacquelien. Remember they are currently being sued for 7million but the government just got the computers and are looking into more money that was fraudulently used???

              • Exactly – all of them are trying to do it. Teresa knows this and is capitalizing on it, she is not trying to sell herself as the new Bobby Flay (sp??). Melissa on the other hand, well I think she does think that she is bigger than RHONJ, which if she knew her market and her limitations and who the viewers SUPPORT, she should have went the route of befriending Teresa to have some of the “IT” factor rub of on her.
                If you all recall in Season 3 all of MeGo’s blogs were about how Teresa never brought them up on the show, didn’t bring them around and that Teresa wanted fame all to herself – simply MeGo was JEALOUS of Teresa. For Pete’s sake her first blog started with so I bet you didn’t even know Teresa had a brother, that is because she never talked about us filmed with us etc…. Once viewers came down hard on her, she started spinning a new tale, subdued her blogs and tried to garner the sympathy vote. IMO Melissa’s Jealousy of Teresa is what doomed her!

                As for Teresa in a deep financial hole, that is true and we’ve all had to deal with tough times. She took the right road and is trying to repay everyone and bring in the money. She is honest about her situation, unlike Melissa who I think would die before admitting that she is faux rich or a Have Not!

              • You might want to read her cookbook reviews on Amazon. Bobby’s been at it awhile . Give Teresa time. Ive bought plenty cookbooks but hers are hands down easy to follow and prepare. We are foodies in my family and usually buy Cook’s Illustrated or Cooks Country for great recipes. My D and Hubs are both kitchen testers for America’s Test Kitchen. (not a big deal cuz anyone can) and they are surprisingly very impressed with Teresa’s cookbooks. And dang! They are so picky..but I’m not complaining, I’m the guinea pig.

              • I have a couple Giada cookbooks, and a couple from other food network chefs. For the most part, they are ok, but a lot of the recipes call for ingredients I just can’t find where I live, or they have so many steps I just don’t have time to prepare. I have Teresa’s cookbooks, and the recipes are good, and easy with ingredients I am able to easily get.

              • IMO. I love Skinny Italian.The cookbook has a great section on olive oils, pastas and so forth. Love the various bruschetta (sp?)recipes. I am trying to keep a food diary so any recipe that includes a calorie count is very helpful. Teresa stresses using the best ingredients and I wish more cookbooks emphasized that component of cooking. I’m beginning to believe all the additives and preservatives are adding to our weight and health problems.

              • While you’re applauding Melvin for her efforts, Lisa, you might want to consider that one of the reasons Tre’s books are New York Times bestsellers is because she works so hard doing book tours and signings.

                Tre earned my respect when I saw her driving,at night and in the snow, to a bookstore she wasn’t even sure she could find, shoes slipping on the ice, and sit there for hours despite having no customers, I became a fan.

                If Mel had worked to be a singer — singing in school and/or church choirs, taking years of voice and dance lessons, learning to play an instrument — I would respect her for her commitment If she had a unique talent — like Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and countless others — I would respect her for her talent. Unfortunately, MeHo’s singing “career” is devoid of anything deserving respect; indeed, she’s a modern day Milli Vanilli, synonymous with mediocrity and superficiality.

              • Why do You have such a problem with me disliking Teresa? I applaud anyone who follows heir dreams and tries, Melissa may not be the best singer but she gives it effort a lot more then some people do. Teresa is a success because if the show period She is nothing special or spectacular her recipes are run of the mill Italian recipes , But she is a hard worker.
                and does a good Hustle. You dont like Melisa I get that But I am allowed to like or dislike who I want and for whatever reasons I choose. I dont think Melissa is a bad person or the root of all evil on the show.
                Is she perfect nope none of them are including Teresa. She is has done her share of being a pain in this family drama And I do not buy her im a innocent victim act.

              • I don’t care whether you like Tre or not, Lisa, but you indicated in your post that you admired effort and didn’t seem to understand how much hard WORK is required to bring a book to bestseller status.

                Then I went on to say why ***I*** don’t admire Melissa. That’s all.

              • I never said it was hard work I have said several Times I know she works hard. What I said was being on the NYBSL is no big deal most book make it on there unless you are a really obcure writer. Being on that list has nothing to do with how many books are sold but how many vendors order to sale. That one from RHof BH the one we dont talk about here her book was NYBSL book and it bombed teriibly in sales esp after it was debunked as fake.
                You dont have to admire Melissa but the fact remains she is working hard to,

              • Of course its a good Post anytime Teresa is glorified and Melissa vilified its a good post
                God forbid anyone have a different opinion they are obviously WRONG.

              • That really isn’t fair. Teresa didn’t pay any dues either. She hired a writer and put out several cook books and promotes them. Tree didn’t establish herself as a chef or go to culinary school. Both women used the show as a platform for what they wanted to promote. It is a double standard to say one is better than the other.

              • Teresa busts her hump. She doesn’t expect it to be handed to her on a silver platter. The HW franchise is well known for singling out women not because they have talent but because you are the designated singer. Teresa was smart enough not to go that route even tho she was offered the song first. I can’t name a single HW who has made a successful career as a singer. Kandy does not count of course. Teresa has the it factor that makes folks want to watch her while MeGo is mediocre at best. The publishing world is harsh and Tre would never have published more than a single cookbook if she wasn’t a success. many publish and many fail. Teresa has the work ethic and isn’t afraid to market herself if that’s what it takes. Clearly MeGo isn’t in Teresa’s league.

              • So what both are trying just the same, Its not easy to get out their and sing and dance
                I use to sing solos at a very young age in church I remember being terrified I am still terrified at public speaking but I do try. Melissa ties just as Teresa, but the fact people dont like her she isnt given any probs just ridicule and nastinest.

              • I have friends who have published and never made any bestseller list . They quickly find their future attempts among the efforts of self published on Amazon or a vanity publisher.
                Teresa has 4 cookbooks. If Teresa did not sell books she would never have gotten past book one. Publishers are fickle and they will not offer a multiple book contract unless you can produce. Teresa may have a platform on RHONJ but unless that translates into sales and sales into dollars then a publisher does not care. Teresa found her niche, could be just dumb luck or sheer genius but she was smart enough to hop on board and ride that horse. The fact that she has a PR person clever enough to book Teresa into women’s conferences gives Teresa another market to hustle and make no mistake Teresa hustles.

              • Aint, your comment gave me a true! I got an interview with an agent to pitch a series of essays I had written about teaching middle school, and he said he would only be interested in a book like that if I was famous! He showed me a book he helped get published…a former playboy model shows you how to wash dogs….I’m not kidding.

            • Lexy, do you remember the name Pia Zadora? Sje was married to an older, very wealthy man. His wife wanted a singing career so he bought her one. She had a voice that didn’t make you cringe and a sexy body. He paid the record producers to clean up her voice with studio tricks, and he paid the djs to play her songs. The nation knew her career was fake- AND SO DID SHE! She didn’t care. She wanted to be a famous singer and she was. Sounds like Meho and Jogo to me except Jogo really thinks Meho has talent and will make a fortune and save them. Trouble is, Jogo doesn’t have the money to pull it off and Meho will keep looking to find someone who can. I can only see this singing career turning out sadly for Jogo.

          • Yes, but you have to remember that the only reason Bravo wanted MeHo and Slow Joe was to try to “take Tre down.”

            And since Slow Joe couldn’t even bother to stop by the house to see if Tre and the girls needed anything when Joe was in jail for his DUI, its obviously he has no interest in getting along or helping his family, despite the fact that Tre and Joe helped him get his start in business.

            I admire Tre and I hate to say this because I know it would hurt her, but I have yet to see anything honorable in that Fredo!

            • Fredo is the perfect description for Joe Gorga. I have zero respect for him. He did not defend his parents when Kathy called them names. he and MeGo were not troubled by that in the least. Of course Joe is the “matriarch” of his family. I have no words he acts more like MeGo’s lap dog than a dutiful son. The scene where he and Teresa left the therapist office and he goes from zero to 60 was a glimpse of the Joey that we do not see. I’m very glad his parent’s have Teresa and they are under her wing.

        • Okay let’s say that someone who NEVER watched RHONJ, didn’t know what it was or who any of the people were and they watched Teresa’s tour. What do you think they would think of that bit. I would assume they would think Teresa and her kids like the music. There is nothing MOCKING in that video about MeGo’s music. So are you saying that Teresa made a NICE video about MeGo’s music and that in actuality it’s supposed to be MOCKING her music? Did you even WATCH it?

          • Dont have to, Teresa hates her sister in law and encourages her kids to make fun of her and laugh when they do she even made fun of Melissa singing at the reunion , and you want me to believe she made a video to help Melissa…really?

            • How do you know she encourages her kids to make fun of her? We saw one scene with the girls doing that and Teresa did reprimand them. We know T is the shows villain (RH format of the franchise) so how do we know how this was edited to seem. I haven’t seen any other clips of her kids bashing MeGo – I could be wrong. One thing I do believe based on posts by family members and scenes from the show is that the Gorgas, Marcos and Giudicie’s DID GET ALONG. When MeGo joined the show, right away she and her lap dog started attacking Tre, her posts were filled with jealousy that Tre didn’t include them in Season 1 and 2. I don’t doubt there were family issues, which is why Tre probably didn’t want to include them.

              With that said I think Teresa was TRULY BLINDSIDED by ALL THE LADIES, when they started attacking her! I don’t think she realized how bad the other ladies were out to get her – she said it on the show, in blogs and in rags. The fact that she went crying to Dina after the Jax and Manzo double team gang up – which WASNT aired – is proof that she was sincere in her disbelief. You don’t get that traumatized if you don’t care about the people and think they are your friends.

              IMO she made this before all the crap in Season 4 aired. She truly wanted to support Melissa as a family member. I look at her Twitter and see how she supports her in-law family, her friends and co-workers and gives them praise, which makes me believe she truly does have compassion and wants people to succeed.
              As to the reunion, I don’t think Teresa is very articulate and can’t defend herself. I don’t think this makes what she says right and I think she threw out some low blows. IMO she’s had it with Melissa and her underhanded digs about anything she does and all the accusations she wanted to dish it right back. I also think, that like a lot of viewers, she doesn’t buy into MeGo’s BS that music has been her life’s passion!

              MeGo on the other hand I think is FULL of jealousy and since she didn’t grow up with money, but lied about it, wants it SO BAD in her life she is willing to hurt anyone in the process. I think FAME and MONEY are Melissa’s passion and she will do anything to be part of the elite!

              • No she didnt reprimnad them she SAID she reprimianded them Not the same thing.
                and Sorry this breakdown of this family is not ONE sided Teresa is just as much to blame as Melissa is.
                I guess i must watch a different version of RHoNJ because ther ehave been more then just one scene of Teresa kids making fun of Melissa to include Gia saying she has never like melissa as long as she has known her so gia is 12 12-7 is 5 so at the ripe age of 5 gia hated Melissa. Defend Teresa lal you want but they make fuin of her and bad mouth her all the time and just because Teresa says she reprimands them dosnt mean she does, Teresa is not known for her truthfulness.

              • I’m defending here against the post you made against Teresa. I’ve said this many times, I think Teresa is not perfect and does have her flaws, just like the other ladies. You cannot state opinions as facts. How do you know Gia has hated Melissa her whole life? Can you give me some more examples? I was sincere when I said that was the only scene I recalled, so I may have missed them. Please refresh my memory, so I can understand where your opinion is coming from. If that is the case and she does let her kids bash Melissa without any consequences than I would say she is in the wrong. I haven’t seen that though, so I want to see the examples.

              • Gia said on Camera she hated Melissa all her life thats how I know. In the car Miliania made a crack about melissa’s singing and Tre juicy and Gia all laughed. Gia has mde fun of melissa as well on camera. Teresa says she reprimands them maybe she does but she dosnt on Camera so as far as I am concerned she dosnt. I do not believe Teresa I question everything that comes out of her mouth I think she LIES and Lies a lot It is IMO beyond having flaws IMO she is downright ugly and a dirty dealer just like the rest of them.

              • Since you don’t live in her house and don’t know for a FACT whether she did or did not do any reprimanding in private , to say because “she said” she did is not the same thing as doing so , is an assumption on your part. Since you refer to her as Chewbacca on your twitter TL , it is apparent you just can’t stand her. Resorting to ridiculing her appearance as it seems to offend you so much..uhmmm..I do notice you don’t use that description on this blog…why not if that is what you feel ?

                For the most part the commenters on this site are upfront about how they feel about a housewife, or a situation regarding them. There is no sugar coating it while commenting or debating with others. IMO there is no need to do otherwise. They don’t hold back what they feel on here and then present a different and more revealing view of their opinions eleswhere yet try to appear “balanced” in their view while posting on SH. IMO that is disingenuous . My point here is that this is the best blog about the wacko HW’s. I call BS on anyone who has tried to make me think the reasoning for their opposing view is one thing when in fact they just don’t own up to despising someone . Own it and express it.. it’s more honest.

                I used to think that it was simply her and her husbands handling of their BK which upset you so much as you had gone through one. I had empathy for you and understood your frustration to an extent and felt your comments for the last year reflected that frustration. BK is difficult thing for anyone to go through. My uhmmm.. comes into play when instead of people “supposedly” being pissed off if others are “cheating” the system in their view is wrong ,when we talk about these “housewives” but ignore another housewife who you “like” who does the same but is not a “Chewbacca” it’s okey dokey somehow or it isn’t believed by those who dislike the Guidices.

                Now as the court documents of the profound disregard of the law by Jac and Chris between the combination of their personal and forced business BK by the federal courts are exposed, I don’t see the same outrage, it’s a “well let’s just see what happens” kind of response. Fine and dandy as we are all entitled to our opinions. Any validity to some people’s “outrage” regarding shady BK’s being applicable only to those with a low hairline have now been nullified.

                For the record I’m not a “Tre hugger” and think they are all nutz and have not annointed her sainthood but I have also not been fooled by lame ass editing , ignored the hatefull tweets / diversions or outright lies of the other cast members ,nor think she is the devil incarnate.

              • And You are whom on Twitter? And Are you the Blog police? I dont tweet or comment much on the other HW becaus eI have nothing more to add so why repeat what others have already said its a waste of time Frankly I dont comment much on the Laurita BR because I really dont understand it However i have said that if they are found guilty of what t hey are accused of then they should go to jail and be punished. I comment about the Guidices BR because I have been through personal Bankruptcy and understand it much more.
                I dont call her Chewbacca because someone complained.
                Is the Inquisition over now.

              • And JFTR I rarely tweet about The Guidices maybe once in a awhile. I use twitter mostly for the updates and news stories. I dont get into Twitter wars or anything else.

              • @Lisa — I understand your point. We all tend to comment more on the issues that hit home to us, so I can understand why you would concentrate on the Guidice BK if you’re been through a personal BK, yourself. I’m sure there are others here that have been in the shoes of the Signature Apparel creditors, who are now getting the shaft because the Lauritas looted the company to live a very lavish lifestyle.

              • I totally understand and agree if the Lauritas did what they are accused of they should land in jail and gets whats coming to them I have never defended the Lauritas nor made excuses for them I have seen The Guidices defended and excuses made for them and saying all is ok because she is paying off the debt which she isnt totally but she is trying. It dosnt take away from the fact they lied and cheated in Federal court. I have tried to understand the Lauritas involuntary BK i just don’t have a good business understanding. But I trust the posters here who say its real bad and I agree I hope they get whats coming to them I dont know how much more clearer i can make that.

          • It was a sweet gesture to include it -ITA. Gave MeGo a bit of good PR and added that wholesome family touch. MeGo is not the brightest bulb and clearly incapable of strategic thinking. She most assuredly does not have the ability to carry her own storyline.So rather than being a forward thinker she chose the Option1.take down scenario rather than Option 2 defend my family storyline. MeGo has guaranteed her Bravo exit because time marches onward and viewers interest in let’s bully Tre has waned. MeGo ,IMO, has 1 Season left and it will be bring it or go home. What can she bring? Stripper gate has petered out and was a huge yawn fest. If MeGo had any acting chops she would have chewed that shite up and spit it back out. Jax, Kathy and MeGo waited until the reunion to bust out the faux outrage and anger. Only thing they have their panties in a bunch about is that Teresa once again won the day and left them looking like the wack-pack of idiots they truly are. Of course that is to be expected when you give people with less than half a brain faux power. Shhh…these ladies think they really have “it” . They do not. So MeGo is left with her faux singing career down at the Shady Lane rest home or some sad Flea Market that smells of failure , body odor and day old popcorn. As our little one would say she “made a sad choice” not “a happy choice”.

            • HaHa I laughed so hard at the last part. Can I use that with my 4 year old – sad choices and happy choices – I LIKE it!

              I agree with your post. I sure hope BRAVO gives them the old heave ho. Joe Gorgas story line is very tired also. Come on Joe I GET IT, WE GET, WE ALL GET IT -you want to F@#* your wife! Probably because the kids aren’t yours and you never had sex with her, ever since that day in Cancun you’ve been chasing her.

              • Our little one is four , grandchild and they use the term at school to teach them personal responsibility and consequences. IMO it is genius. I have to say Bravo needs to make a happy choice and give the Josephine Marco the Buh Bye. Josephine can take Stripperella with him. If I want to watch trash I’ll watch Jersey Shore .

              • I love it – I explained it to my daughter and started using it :)!

                LOL – yes BRAVO deff. needs to make some happy choices :)!

      • Why would Melissa need help from Teresa with anything? Teresa’s fans couldn’t stand Melissa when they were talking. Melissa doesn’t need anyones kids advertising ro her. Teresa’s taught her kids to mock Melissa and treat her like crap.

        • Ok let’s all be honest here, Melissa can’t sing. She needs all the help she can get. Actually it might have sold some if she did make a cute kids video with the kids as her backup crew singing and dancing. Just like the while kidz song line.

          • Melissa can’t sing and is definitely challenged when dancing is involved. Let’s face she can’t crawl much lower than a flea market…in Florida. Maybe Lookers will hire MeGo back and she can er-uhm “bartend”. Hundred dollar bills y’all.

              • Please Lisa she is auto tuned to death. Certainly heard worse isn’t a glowing recommendation or anything to base a music career on. Let’s not stretch the bounds of credibility . MeGo can’t sing. The only RH who can sing is Kandi Burrus.

              • Yeah, Britney hasn’t sang a song that isnt autotuned in years. Look, I think she can sing. She doesn’t sound like Teresa with that chalkboard and nails screeching. Did you see the look on everyones face. It was like omg, shut up Teresa, again you have opened your mouth and its another train wreck
                You can always tell when Teresa is lying. She always raises the voice an octive and screeches.

              • What does Melissa not singing well have to do with Teresa? Nothing….gotta always turn it around on tre huh?

              • Sara see that is what frustrates me the most. I get folks have favoriets but I hate that they have to throw someone under the bus in order to discuss something. If they have some info or opinions about something then they should stick to that. I hate when they have to act batshit and start foaming at the mouth and bashing someone with the you’re a tre/meho fan.

              • Oh please. Teresa sang naturally better than MeGo auto tuned. let’s face it, not Teresa’s fault that Melissa can’t sing and that Teresa was offered the song first and the lyrics fit Teresa better. It’s a very sad time for MeGo. Outed as a stripper, a shoplifter and well bless her heart. I hope MeGo finds her talent and it involves more than hundred dollar bills plucked out of her softball bosoms. As it stands now that’s all MeGo has in the plus column.

              • If MeHo was such a talented singer and always wanted it why, didn’t she try to get a voice coach or pursue the whole singing thing sooner.

              • Dream on. Melissa has a college degree, she didn’t get hers online. She flueently speaks the english language with out slaughtering it like Teresa. Teresa speaks like someone who is illiterate and has no knowlegde of the English language. (I am sure those who went to school with her and those who taught her are mortified)l Teresa was never offered anything cause she cant sing. She sounded like nails on a chalk board. Even autotune cant fix stupid. She can’t budget, she can’t pay her bills, she can’t even write a cookbook, Heather had to do it. Ok, let me see, her’s the pictures, here is mommys recipes so it MY cookbook. LMAO. Melissa is prettier, younger and a really good mom. Look at Melissa’s children. Well behaved and very polite. Teresa is only out there busting her butt cause she has to.. Its get up and make money or lose her home. The husband obviously has little or no ambition since he isn’t working. Well I can’t say that because he is pretty good at chasing women. I guess she isn’t even interesting enough to keep him.

              • Laceys, I’ll be the first eggmit Teresa’s not the captain of the debate team, but even you had to eggmit Melissa doesn’t have a strong command of the language, either. In fact, as a second grade teacher, her English should be perfect. Eggmit, saved a wench like me, fermiliar — and those are just three that come to mind off the top of my head. I would almost bet my life savings that Melissa doesn’t know where to put an apostrophe or the difference between there and their, its and it’s. But the bottom line is who cares? Grammar and spelling are not indicative or a person’s character.

              • No that is when she is truly telling the truth her brother does it to. They get so upset that they want to make a point and that is how it comes out. They all ly and to tell the truth most of the lies have been about Teresa and Joe.

              • She’s definitely better than Kim K and Luann, but I hear much better voices from the young people singing in church, for example, every Sunday morning.

              • Hey Lacey, I would just say check your own grammar in your posts before you criticize! I won’t throw the grammar and command of the English language out there, because I’m not perfect, I talk fast and have an accent and well most of all it’s not my first language :) Not trying to be mean, but if you’re going to get nasty make sure you don’t come of as a hypocrite, like all the other ladies on RHONJ do when they bash Teresa!

            • That really is some rough shit to be performing at a flea market. I highly doubt JLo or any number of one hit wonders ever had to do the flea market crawl.

              • I know right ? That’s scraping the bottle of the barrel. Seriously? It’s a Flea market! What’s next selling those crummy cds out of the trunk of the car? Maybe MeGo can don her best corset and ask Lookers for a parking spot in the back next to the dumpster.

              • Lmao girl you always make me laugh my ass off. Real hood rat and ratchet, selling her cd’s out the back of her range rover at the flea market. Can’t you just see her lip synching to her cd with JoGo and BGG as her backup dancers.

              • Candace you and Bizzy are on fire! You’re killing me ! I can so see that. Now appearing at a mall trash dumpster near you ” MeGo and Da’ Pimps!”

              • OMG she did do that! Too Funny!!! There was an innocent Mehoe fan who posted how at the mall MeGo ran out of CD’s and ran out to her car to get her one with her – LMFAO!!!

          • Who would want Teresa involved in anything they do? Melissa has the records and guess what, they have sold. Teresa didn’t even write her own cookbook, Heather Maclean did. Look at Heathers page, it shows her being the writer. Teresa’s cookbooks haven’t really sold that many. She was on the NYT best seller list with the last one for only 1 or 2 weeks. How many fans bought the book, well apparently not enough to keep it on the list for more that 2 weeks. Everyone is distancing themselves away from Teresa. No one will film with her. No one wants to be around her or Joe. She has about killed her 15 mins of fame. Even Trump didn’t want her back. When Trump was on Jimmy Kimmel hte other night, he only talked about NeNe.

            • I understand why he would talk about Nene over Teresa. Nene brought the drama, which is always great for ratings.

            • If you read what I said, you will see no where I mentioned her including Tre. Simply stated the kid angle would have been a good one. Now as for Tre’s book, she is not a writer, so obviously a publisher needs to include a real writer to make the whole process go smoothly. Writing and the whole organization process takes a whole team and that is why there are lots involved. I am sure giada, the barefoot contessa, etc have help. No shame in that. Shit Meho is lip synching to songs written by someone else, the music is cleaned up, auto tuned and then finalized by a whole team. Don’t see you mentioning that. If you look at their contribution to their individual processes Tre has done more and contributed more.

              • Oh, they dont have to edit anyone, Teresa opens her mouth and looks bad. She can’t speak without slaughtering the enlish language. She is a train wreck and everyone watches just to see what she is destroying now.

              • I eggmit that I’ve heard both Caroline and Melissa slaughter the English language on multiple occasions. I know people with graduate degrees from top universities that slaughter the English language on occasion. I’ve heard newscasters on every network say “nucular,” instead of “nuclear.” No biggie. Says absolutely nothing about a person’s character.

              • It just kills the Teresa haters that she is a huge success and carries that franchise on her able shoulders.Keep on doing you Teresa. You know “I Seen” people who criticize others for their command of the language or lack thereof and I have to LMAO. If “I seen” it once “i seen” it a dozen times people in glass houses doncha know?

              • I’m “fermiliar” with all of the RHONJ ‘s little speech idiosyncrasies. I would say that your argument becomes invalid when you examine how many successful people in all walks of life do not speak as we think they should. They succeed in spite of it.

              • Well on the other hand, Melissa is well spoken. I guess thats the difference between a real college education and someone who just attends and doesn’t listen to anyone else. You said earlier she was a hood rat. Well many of us were raised in small rural towns with parents who were not rich. Melissa has always been proud of her parents and the way she was raised. I believe that Teresa was raised in the same type of neighborhood and also didn’t come from a family of money but you never hear her talk of her humble childhood beginnings. . It takes a village to raise a child and like Melissa, I am very proud of my humble childhood and my parents who were not rich but hard working and loving parents. I believe being raised in the small community made Melissa appreciate what she has today.

              • Melissa grew up in the Jersey shore area, or around Bayonne, Elizabeth and Newark, & New York. She was a Benny and didnt come from a rich or wealth family. Teresa was raised in Paterson.

              • NO. Not everyone here is as stupid as Teresa. I am perfectly aware of what a hood rat is. I also know that people raised in cities call rural and lower income familes that too.

              • Uhm Melissa who cannot pronounce admit or familiar? Please Melissa isn’t an intellectual giant by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. Teresa has native intelligence and the ability to take what she has and shape it into an empire, even a small one. MeGo clearly has zero aspirations beyond being a rock star that would be on par with Juicy aspiring to be an being an astronaut And please don’t throw down the humble beginnings card it does not get much more humble than “off the boat immigrant”.

              • My parents immigrated to this country from Italy before me or my siblings were born. I am perfectly aware of what “off the boat” is. My parents were very poor but hard working and they have 4 kids that all have a college education and have never been in trouble. Melissa doesn’t have to work and she has 3 little kids. So she is making some money singing. Who cares. She didn’t get herself into a huge debt by overspending like Teresa did. 4700.00 for clothes for 3 kids in one visit. You do not see Melissa and Joe in bankruptcy court do you. You do not see Melissa and Joe having to recind the bankruptcy because they lied. Teresa and Joe spent themselves into debt. They lived over their income and her husband forged a partners signature and sold a building that wasn’t his to sell. Now more fraud charges. Teresa has to work. She has no choice. She has to pay back that debt. Still today, she isn’t paying the debt. Maybe she needs to live within her means.

              • I was raised in a small, rural town.Both of my parents were the first in their families to graduate from high school. Before I was 8, my first generation high school graduate parents from that small, rural town had taught me how to say “admit” and “familiar”. At the same time, they also taught me when and how to use “it’s, its, their, there and they’re, as well as “too, two and to”. Odd that one can graduate from college with a degree in education and not catch the issue with “eggmit” and “fermiliar”, yet my parents who didn’t have running water in the house until they were adults could manage to teach that to my 8 year old self. I must be a genius.

              • Well i am sure that school taugh you how to formulate a sentence in the English language too. I am sure they taught you what ingredients are and how to say it. I am sure somewhere in that schooling you learned about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Teresa has no idea. Her highschool teachers and the college that she went to or did online are probably rolling on the floor listening to her. What a roll model she is. Each region of our country has a dialect, there are atleast six distinct ones. My speech sounds very strange to someone from the south with their southern drawl. Does it make someone right or wrong, ofcourse not. Each and everyone one of us has dialect. When Teresa did the screw up with the word ingredience, not only did she mispronounce it, it wasn’t even placed in the sentence correctly.

              • Melissa has a BA in elementary education and psychology. My father didn’t have a highschool diploma but worked hard to support our family. He was an immigrant from Italy and supported a wife and 4 kids who all graduated from college.

              • @Laceys — A BA in education and psychology are two reasons Melissa should know better than to speak the way she does (“eggmit” and “fermiliar” come to mind) and to act the way she does to her family. Most people know enough to apply their education to real life.

              • Didn’t Teresa attend college???????? Its alright for her to not correctly speak or format sentences but someone can’t pronounce a “e” sound wrong? Are you kidding me?

              • @Laceys — I wasn’t talking about Teresa; she doesn’t purport to be a teacher. My point was about Melissa. A teacher should speak perfectly and know how to pronounce words. If you can’t do that, they don’t brag about being a teacher, because there’s not one parent who would want you teaching her kid.

              • There are people out there that are doctors who can’t say aluminum or linoleum. I am sure there is people in this room that can’t say both. You can’t be a teacher because you can’t correctly say both of those words?

              • Actually, that is my point. Melissa purports to be a teacher. A person has no business teaching if she can’t even pronounce the words that she has hired to teach her students how to pronounce.

              • My daughter has a teacher who has a lisp. It doesn’t effect how she teaches. She is a fantastic teacher and just because she can’t pronounce a word like we are use to hearing it, she shouldn’t be allowed to teach. Atleast she formats her sentences right.

              • @Laceys – A speech impediment as an able speaking person simply refusing to learn and use proper pronunciation. But, let’s just say you send your kid to the Melissa School, and I’ll send my kid anywhere but.

              • Your choice. But i am not going to trash someone over a pronounciation. Now if they are too dumb to format a sentence, yes I would have a problem. Many people can not pronounce Aluminum and Linoleum and according to your standards, they should tear up those teaching certificates. Doesn’t matter that they have a 4 year degree, doesn’t matter that they might have graduated at the top of their class, if they can’t say the words, they are gone.

              • @Laceys — Sorry, I meant to say a speech impediment isn’t the same as an able speaking person simply refusing to learn and use proper pronunciation. But, let’s just say you send your kid to the Melissa School, and I’ll send my kid anywhere but.

              • Melissa was born with a birth defect. When she was 6, she had open heart sugery. Is it possible that maybe she might have also been born with something going on with her speech. None of us know do we. Like I said, I think its a slur or a dialect possibly said by a family member or maybe thats the way her mom pronounces something.

              • WOW you really need to open your eyes and take those blinders off my dear.

                Number one Melissa is NOT well spoken – re-watch the show and read the above comments. I know that compared to Joe’s grunts and cave man like sounds she may come of as a MENSA member, but the fact is in the general population that advantage would be quickly lost. Whose the poster that keeps using EGGMIT – a perfect example of what you call Melissa’s great command of the English language. BTW EGGMIT poster – I love it!

                Second a college education doesn’t mean anything. I have a very successful career and when I look for candidates, skill sets are a 1,000 times more valuable to me than a piece of paper and to be honest I actually found those that “worked for it” and “wanted it bad” to be a lot more successful than those that spent 4 years at college partying. Melissa can wave a piece of paper around about having a college degree, but that will in no way make me believe that she is any way smarter than someone that doesn’t. She went out of her way to post that ONE degree to show she had a piece of paper. To me what doesn’t jive and most of us know it’s a lie, but need to show facts to those blinded by Melissa’s pity plays (I really think it’s the eye glitter) is that she showed us that ONE degree, yet to be a teacher you need A LOT more than a college degree. So with that said, where is the rest of her proof that she actually was a certified teacher, since she said she was teaching when she met Joe? Teaching people what the proper hand grip is to slide down a stripper pole or how to properly market yourself to perform “side jobs” doesn’t count as a real teaching job. Now to be clear that’s just my opinion, I mean Lacey you can have a different opinion and think that a job at Lookers may be the same as teaching and that’s okay, I’m just sayin’…

                Three – as for your assumption that Teresa just sat in class and didn’t listen in comparison to Melissa’s stellar student behavior, that is just that an assumption, actually more like YOUR opinion. That’s okay, we’re each entitled to one, but for me as I see it, Teresa has been a lot more successful than any of the other ladies on RHONJ in all her product endorsements, book deals and appearances (by the way she gets A LOT more than MeGo does, which is why MeGo has to hawk CD’s out of her trunk :) ). This shows that she is business savvy, whether she hired the right team or made the right moves, it was due to the decisions SHE made. She took advantage of her RHONJ fame and got the biggest piece of that market pie and no one can deny that, since the facts are out there. As for MeHo, well my thought is she is just to blinded by her jealousy forTeresa that until she let’s that go, she will never make the right decisions. Reason being is she will be asking herself the wrong internal questions – instead of “What Would Teresa Do” she should be asking herself “What would a five dollar dancer from Lookers….” oh wait I mean “What would the right decision for Melissa Marco be” – ooh slipped there for a second ;)-

                Fourth as for Melissa and her being proud of growing up poor is a contradiction. She was never PROUD of it before and actually tried to lie about being rich and having all this money. On the show she changed her tune, because she had money temporarily when Joe Gorga flipped a house for a $1M profit, and used it to further her “wah I’m a victim wah, pity me wah…wah..wah…WAH”! Give me a break!

                Fifth – a Hood Rat does not mean your geographical location. It’s more of an indication of your moral character, or lack of and the lows you’ll sink too. I’ll just put it this way, you do not want to be referred to as a hood rat, unless you are one than for some odd reason you take pride in it, sort of like the white trash thing.

                I will give you one thing, it does take a village to raise a Melissa, that village is called Lookers and the community elders are the rich men shoving dolla dolla bills y’all down her butt crack!

              • I don’t have blinders on. She doesn’t come off as illiterate like Teresa does, I don’t care how you twist it, Teresa is a train wreck. She can’t formate a sentence, she can pronounce have the words she supposedly writes and she doesn’t even know Heckle and Jeckle. Teresa is a mess when it comes to English, grammer and spelling. She can’t even speak the English language without slaughtering it. Melissa has a BA in Elementary Education and did her student teaching. Psychology is her minor. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Its even from an accredited college.

              • Its kinda a Moot point Melissa isnt teaching so she can mispronouce words as much as she likes much like Teresa does and she can get a free pass as well just like Teresa does.

            • Oh please many authors have co-writers. It isn’t some huge scandal. If Teresa wasn’t selling cook books the publisher wouldn’t be contracting numbers 3 and 4. Teresa’s a hit!
              Hundreds of books never make it on the list. Teresa brings home the biggest Bravo paycheck of any other RHONJ. She IS the show.

              • Roflmao. Teresa isn’t a hit, she is a train wreck and everyone has to watch. 2 weeks is not a huge success. Trump didn’t want her back. Didn’t even bring her name up on the Kimmel show when they were talking about the housewives. Taylor Armstrong sold more books than Teresa’s last cook book did. Teresa is a joke. Everyone watches to see what words she will use out of context or what sayings she slaughters. Its not cute for a 40 year old mother to be so challenged when it comes to speaking. Maybe she should go back to school. I am sure her highschool and the college she attended (Berkley college) cringe when she opens her mouth.

              • When Trump brought Tre on he was hoping she showed her ass to bring ratings. Unfortunately or fortunately for her, depending on what type if lasting impression you wanted to see, Tre acted like a real mature person and tried to show a better/different side than what was seen on RHoNJ. She came off with a better image but that is not what old Wig wanted. He wanted her to show her ass. He might have some money but he want that show to continue for the $$.

              • Are you referring to NeNe stomping off the show with her panties in a twist? I was really disappointed in NeNe. I eggmit I was pleasantly surprised by Teresa. She was thinking strategically for future promotion and viability. I suppose NeNe played it best for her own image.

              • Moose is a combination of things. She has such a huge ego that she always has to be the center of attention. That coupled with her trying to bring the drama to please trump was a sure guarantee that she was bound to show her ass. moose is not about to take second place to anyone, especially not an educated, wealthy and famous sistah like Star Jones. Moose knows she wanted to be Star.

              • Dang ya’ll should have told me that you needed to be a University Professor and speak like a Harvard Don to appear on RHONJ.! Teresa is a success. I noticed plenty CA alumni were not on the reunion show. How do you know The Donald doesn’t want her on the show? Go ahead and spill you know hime personally right? I mean you all chat on the phone and text back and forth right? Teresa is on the Fame train for the long drive up that hill. Mel doesn’t even have a ticket. And don’t go stretching the truth agin about Traylors book. I haven’t seen it in any store but I have seen Teresa’s!!!

              • Yes, Aint…it’s funny that people expect someone from immigrant parents and lives in Jersey to, um, not sound like they grew up in an immigrant household and lives in Jersey.

                Would they also like to mock Mexican Americans who make mistakes or have an accent? Or any other group?

                Didn’t think so.

              • Hey, ChemGeek. I’m glad I got an LOL from you. Hope you gain nothing but positive energy from this stoopid blogging. Also hope you stay strong & remember not to use your Hood Rat language in front of your students! :)

              • Woo hoo! More old-school RHOA on Bravo today. I try to keep my hood rat language under control in front of the students LOL ;)

              • Check your facts Lacey. Teresa’s last book has sold plenty more. You may have confused rankings. Teresa ranks at 40,000 mark on list not number of books sold .She who shall not be named ranks somewhere around the 300,000 mark in popularity. Teresa’s books have a 4 star Amazon customer review ranking and Traylor has a single star review. Ro-roh???What’s up with that?

              • Yes as my hubs says dazzle em with bullshite…and call them facts. Ive seen a nasty pattern ….

              • I’m not sure where you’re getting your facts, laceys, but you’re dead wrong when you say Taylor Armstrong sold more books than Teresa did with her last cookbook.

                According to, Taylor Armstrong’s Amazon Best Sellers Rank (which is updated hourly to reflect recent and historical sales of every item sold on is #183,290.

                By contrast, Tre’s last cookbook, Fabulicious!: Fast & Fit has an Amazon Best Sellers Rank of 8,459 — and that’s among all books sold on, not just cookbooks.

                P.S. I think Tre-isms are charming!

              • In case you didnt know, Random House, Hatchett and Simon and Schuster (taylors publisher) no longer contribute to Amazon’s sales program since Amazon is working on opening their own publishing company. The three companys only release sales to the authors, not a 3rd party.

              • You can. What I am saying is Amazon can only track the sales from those publishers off its own site. The publishers are no longer telling Amazon how many books are sold to other places other than amazon.

              • Maybe in your eyes she is the show, thousands and thousands out there don’t think so. Everyone is bailing on the Teresa boat. She is a has been dissed by Bravo, the rag mags, the family, the friends, the talk show hosts and even the fans. She had a contract after the 1st book and they were lumped in to so many cookbooks. They aren’t big sellers, just like fabellini.. The patents have been pulled on it.. Who wants that crap. Its a cheap peach flavored champagne Amazon has even refused to sell it now due to the poor reviews. No one wants her stuff. Everyone her buys the hair goop when its on sale, last week it was free and just pay shipping. A true fan would buy it and support her, not bilk her for the free friday and pay shipping only..

              • @laceys: Tre’s hair care line was NEVER free; it’s the other way around—they had free shipping for a period of time. Teresa is successful weather you like her or not, she comes out on top with the stuff she is selling.

              • Money wise I don’t think Teresa is that successful either. She has to pay her 15 percent to Bravo and then the writer and publisher get their share. Her Wine again Bravo gets their cut and so does the winery, the shampoo is really just and endorcement.
                The reason Bethany did will is because she came up with a new product and produced it on her own and Bravo wasn’t part of the deal either. I think Tree makes more money off her appearances than her products.

              • PJ, I happen to be putting off an onerous chore and enjoying looking in at my favorite housewives site.

                Now, if you’ll excuse me for a short while, my dog’s sedative has had 1 hour to kick in and I am off to shave part of his backside. Don’t ask. :)

              • Who said the patent was pulled? Patents tend to have a time limit. I’m not a drinker so I can’t comment on the flavor of her drink. I have to agree with Ain’t on this one, Tre is the show. Whether you like her or not you can’t deny that everyone’s story lines revolve around hers.

              • PJ I feel your pain I gave up soda to about a month and half ago, I have to have maybe one or 2 a week just so My primal brain fuctions still will work,

              • Have you noticed clothes fit looser Lisa? I was amazed at how much of a change cutting out carbonation did. Even diet drinks bloat me. I was a Diet Mt Dew fiend and really did not believe cutting it out would help but it does.

              • I quit to Lisa. I finally gave up the soda but as Made and Hers attest you feel better. You do lose weight. I clung to my diet coke like a fiend. When I gave it up ITA with Made the tummy bloat is gone.It is rough at first but you got this Lisa. Stay strong…

              • When I quit my diet cokes, I lost puffiness right away, but my tongue was coated & I had terrible migraines. My doctor told me I was having withdrawals. I was really addicted. Good for all of you that quit!

              • @Lisa…I’m still drinking about 2 cups of coffee in the morning, and that helps. Then I have hot decaf herbal tea at night and lots of water during the day. I gave up both diet soda and caffine when I was pregnant and boy did I suffer from headaches!

              • If the last two seasons were not proof..please. Who would tune in to see mMiss Misery Guts, the cra-cray backstabber and the shrieker/stripper? No one. It’s like watching a rejected Jerry Springer episode ?

              • Tre’s fans think she is but she is Not. Thousands and thousands of fans like all the other women. Maybe you like Teresa. Good. Happy for you. Several of us here do not. Several of us think she is insignificant. The show would go on with out her. As Jill Zarin as seen, no one is above being replaced. To me, that is happening with Teresa. The talk hosts aren’t team Teresa anymore. No one will film with her. No family wants anything to do with her. The fan base is running away. She hasn’t been selling the hair products. Her cruise didn’t even sell 1/3 of the available cabins. There is no spin off and no cooking show. She isn’t a cook or a chef worthy of that. She has her families recipies. Thats it. The cookbooks are rated by users at 3.5 out of 5. The recipes aren’t that good. Many italian cookbooks and family recipes are much better. Maybe she has forgotten some of the ingredients. Teresa’s little 15 minutes of fame is over.

              • And look at me — highly educated, but just slaughtered the English language by ending a sentence with a preposition!

              • I have faith. Teresa has staying power and knows her market. That’s key. In order to be effective it requires research and marketability. Teresa has it in spades. When all the NJH’s are gone Teresa will be going strong.

              • Well I googled the Peach Bellini factoid but can’t find anything. can someone please point me in the right direction ? Not being facetious am genuinely curious. Thanks in advance..y’all.

              • I’m also curious about this statement: “Amazon has even refused to sell it now due to the poor reviews.”

                I have been doing my own digging and cannot find any evidence to back up the claim that Amazon dropped Fabellini. From my understanding, Amazon only sells Fabellini via 3rd party distributors and Fabellini was never sold through Amazon itself.

                In regards to patents: Patenting is a lengthy process with years worth of a paper trail. I have an invention from nearly 3 years ago (from three separate vaccine trials) and that patent was recently denied because two components of the patent lacked cohesiveness. Seriously, it had nothing to do with our vaccine being “sketchy”. It just has to be rewritten. The Fabellini patent being pulled–if there is even a patent (docket number please?)– is not necessarily a sign of “crap” or a “poor product”.

                I am going to dig into this. I am not trying to be an arse. If someone knows something, please fills us in. Thanks!

              • Rag mags? Oh yes those veritable founts of wisdom and journalistic integrity? Teresa must be crying all the way to the bank. Teresa Guidice mini-mogul, mother and entrepreneur. I bet Teresa stays up all night crying over the loss of stripper and suckuh. Who does that leave. Maybe we should (LIGHTBULB MOMENT) go with the facts . Teresa has her parents and her in-laws plus Juicy’s family who defend her publicly, have her back , attend her public appearances.

              • @lacey, The argan oil was free and I believe there were two of us (that I know of) on this website that took advantage of “free fan friday”. Since one of those people is me, I will respond to you directly:

                It’s not fair to say that a “true fan” would pay full price for the hair care products. If I enjoy the free hair serum, I will allow you to buy it for me for full price. ;) I have cancer and fibromyalgia and I have medical bills coming out of my eyeballs. I can only work part time because of my health and while I enjoy my job, I don’t make an income that is comparable to my education level whatsoever. I pay my bills and whatever I have leftover is due to penny pinching, coupon clipping and jumping on good bargains. You bet I enjoy paying shipping for a paraben-free hair serum (parabens were found in my breast tumor so I’m not a fan). I enjoy a good deal. I enjoy generosity of people recognizing that maybe there are “true fans” that can’t afford the full price due to personal circumstances.

                What I don’t enjoy, however, are blanket statements.

              • Chem Geek, you are so much fun to post with and I enjoy your positive can-do attitude. I am sorry about your health issues and hope you stay strong and heal. I am so impressed with all you do to have a healthy lifestyle. If you mind your pennies the dollars take care of themselves!

              • My pleasure. Just wanted to send you some encouragement. We can all use it at times. Keep fighting. So glad you enjoy my other videos as well. Laughter is good medicine. Music is the universal language.

              • Stay strong, Chem Geek! Sorry to hear you’re dealing with so many challenges.

                I agree that Teresa appears to appreciate her fans. What did you think of the argan oil? I’m very curious about the hair care line.

              • @embee, Thank you for the supportive words.

                I was a huge fan of “Free Fan Friday”. I think it’s a great concept because if I like the serum, I will save some extra money to buy more in the future. I just ordered it Friday so I don’t have it yet, but I’ll post about it somewhere on SH when I try it out.

              • Geez ChemGeek, I’m sorry you’re having these health issues. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.

              • Thank you! I appreciate that. My health is better than it was about 5 months ago so I’m grateful for that.

              • @ChemGeek, Damn! How do you get everything done and still work?!!! You are amazing. I hope you are getting enough rest (but I am sure you are not!).

              • @lacey – And I was the other that stated here how I too took advantage of T’s generous offer on Free Fan Friday. Just like Chem I was very grateful that T thought about those of us that may be unable to afford these little extras right now. In fact, my story is so similar to Chem’s (& I do not feel I could write it any better!) so just replace the cancer & fibro with Lupus & Sjogren’s (which are not as near as serious as your health issues Chem & I will be keeping you in my prayers & sending positive thoughts your way!) then add in the fact that I recently lost my mother to lung cancer & within 2 weeks of her passing my father needed open-heart surgery followed by around the clock care and all the bills that all of that entailed, then everything else that Chem stated – the coupon clipping, unable to work as I used to, the desire for paraben-free products and really not enjoying those blanket statements – and you’ve got my response! Thanks Chem : )

                One more thing while I’m here – if you @lacey (& others) are such a big Melissa fan/supporter/defender why can’t you just be that? Why do you feel the need to make up negative stuff about Teresa &/or list any/all of the bad things you think she’s done? Why not just brag about all the good things Melissa does? Seriously, it’s not healthy to be putting all that negativity out there. I genuinely & humbly suggest you try it for a while – just post good things about whomever you support & see if you don’t start feeling different, better : ) After all, if T is even half the failure you perceive her to be, why even bother? And if Melissa is soooooooo talented & sooooooooo wonderful surely she will rise to the top without any assistance from you – right?!
                Sending hugs to all : )

              • Bless you, Panda, and I will be praying for you, as well. It’s pathetic that you and Chem Geek or anyone else have to justify taking advantage of a free offer.

              • @HokeyPokey, I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues and all of the difficulties that have crossed your path recently :( I will hold you in my thoughts and prayers. I’m also sorry for the loss of your mother and your father’s heart condition. How exhausting it must be to deal with all of that stress in addition to any stress created through financial hardship. Find time to take care of yourself! It can be easy to let that slip during times of high stress.

              • So if you dont like Teresa you must Like Melissa ? Really? and you talk about negativity not being you read the crap posted by the jax,caroline and Melissa haters Why is that OK but no one can say anything negative about Teresa cuz its bad for you

                IT kills me how other who trash the others tell people they shouldn’t trash Teresa Why os she off limits to criticism .

              • @Hokey Pokey, I would definitely not downplay the seriousness of lupus and Sjogren’s syndrome. Either one alone can be devastating! Try to put yourself first when you can.

              • ChemGeek, you’re an inspiration! :) Thank you for your wise comments. After reading all the negative comments this morning, you put everything into perspective as to what’s really important in life…and it’s not the housewives, is it? ;) I salute you and wish you the best. Take gentle care of yourself. ~Lisbeth

              • Where are you getting this stuff, laceys?

                Amazon stopped selling wine in late 2009 after its shipping partner, New Vine Logistics, halted operations. Amazon announced a month ago that it was preparing to launch a third-party Marketplace for wine sellers and treats Fabellini no different from any other wines and spirits, i.e., they’re sold from an external website.

                A patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor, issued by the Patent and Trademark Office. As a result, Fabellini wouldn’t have a patent; it would have a trademark, which is a word, name, symbol or device used in trade with goods to distinguish them from the goods of others. Fabellini has an active trademark owned by Fabelinni Brands, LLC, which is owned by the Giudice’s.

              • I cannot find it anywhere on the net. Where did you find the info. I’m not saying you are not correct or challenging you. I just cannot find the site. TIA Lacey.

              • We cannot find any evidence of your claim. I have asked you repeatedly to post it only because you keep claiming facts. I have also checked Amazon and other sites to verify your fact about the publishers . Amazon from all I can find is still the rankings leader and is sourced worldwide. I have investigated Google., Publisher’s Weekly and the New York Times Booklist and can find no mention of your claims. The books are still on Amazon, rankings still in place. It does not make sense that the Publisher would not contribute. If they stop contributing sales information then their books look like flops. Amazon is the primary bookseller and I am sure they can access their own sales information.

              • Thanks . Aint loves the facts. I can see we have established a pattern here regarding all these facts.

              • @Laceys — I’m a fan of Chik-Fil-A. Are you saying I shouldn’t take advantage of their Customer Appreciation Week, when they give out free food, because as a fan I should be willing to support the company by paying for the food?

              • Fast food is alot different than supporting someone who is depending on an income to survive and pay the bills. What I am saying is that if you are a true fan, you would purchase the product at full price and not just when it was free. Trust me, when the supermarket I shop at does buy one get one free, I am in line.

              • Most shoppers are also dependent on saving money, so they can also survive and pay bills. While fans want to see Teresa succeed, they do not place Teresa’s finances above their own. Tre’s Free Friday offer is a smart move, because it motivates people to try her product and hopefully become repeat customers. She wouldn’t be doing it, if it wasn’t good for business. You’re not screwing a business when you take advantage of a free offer; you’re giving the business a chance to earn your repeat business, which they might not otherwise have had.

              • I agree with that. What I am saying is that I wouldnt just buy the products when offered for free. If I were a true fan, I would purchase the products what ever the pice was

              • I agree with what Hers said below about the free Friday being smart to get repeat customers. It shows she believes in her product and knows that once we try it we will keep buying it. Hair products are notorious for depending on building brand loyalty. Once people find a product they like they tend to stick with it.

            • MeHo does not have a record she has a couple of singles, that she’s only made about $25,000 from total. She said she paid Chris Judd $50,000 to fly out and try to teach her how to dance, so she losing money right there on her so called singing career. And all of Teresa’s fans are buying her books and loving them. No one is distancing themselves from Teresa, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Everyone sees the scum that MeHo is and sees all her lies she’s told. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!

              • $50k for Chris Judd — like any local dance instructor couldn’t have taught her those basic moves! What a dope.

              • A record is a record, be it an album or a single. I think everyone has seen Teresa for what she is. She is a joke. She is a train wreck. She has destroyed her family. She is a liar and she isn’t even interesting enough to keep her husband home.

              • Train wreck? Joke? That’s silly. Teresa as I have pointed out before has an intact family. Teresa does not talk to the crew who promised Bravo that they would take her down. Looks like she is still standing and going strong. Where is Made with an Elton John Vid of ” I’m Still Standing!”. I love a strong woman who doesn’t let a pack of jealous bullies with bloated egos take them down.

              • And Ladies remember IF your husband strays it’s your fault. You are not interesting enough. Sorry but that kind of stone age thinking just makes me cringe. But bless your heart….

              • Funny you mention it because I have read here more then once when Albert allegded Cheating is mentioned Caroline is to blame so why is THAT ok but Juicys Cheating is all his fault and no fault of Teresa?

              • Strange wedding vows some must take: “……to love and to cherish; from this day forward until you stop being interesting.”

              • Aint Pittypat….ROFLMAO @ “Bless your heart.” Love it !!! :) In fact, as a southern woman it’s one of my favorite expressions due to it’s versatility. It can be a sincere wish, or a fill in the blank. . . I’ll just guess which one of the many choices you meant Aint Pittypat. ;)

              • @ Ana -LOL! I have to remember that!
                @ Lisa. Caroline makes it clear her adult children are her priority. She is bitter and clearly unhappy. It takes two in most cases to dissolve a marriage except in cases where the husband or wife cheats. I have never heard of a husband straying because she isn’t interesting enough to hold his attention. I guess every man or woman who cheats now has a new defense. I had a right to cheat you aren’t interesting enough.

              • I do not condome cheating my ex cheated on me but it was his choice, however happy men/women dont cheat I had to take a look at myself and what i was doing wrong that my ex had to find comfort in a another women. The fact is Poeple here think its ok Albert cheats and blames Caroline but godfor bid the perfect Teresa be blamed for anything.

              • Exactly Lisa. My point to a tee. When they have all accused Albert, it was Caroline’s fault. Every comment said that. You can’t have it both ways, one way for Teresa and another way for Caroline. I have no doubt this is plenty of evidence to prove Joe Giudice cheats. (Atlantic City, the realtor in the booth holding hands, the coed and I am sure we will see more and more. I can justifably say that I believe Joe Giudice has a drinking problem. That man got into a vehicle and drove drunk and hit a tree. He plead Guilty. Then we have the dinner party with the broken tooth and the horrified houseguests. Where is Albert’s girlfriend? Do we have a photo of him exiting a hotel with her, do we have a photo of him sitting in a restaurant holding hands?

              • Thanks. Candace. How’s your dog? I noticed your exit comment last nite. I told my D no more sitting the grand dogs until their groomer shaves the rear end. LOL!

              • You are a Teresa fan. You see it that way. Many of us who aren’t Teresa fans see it completely different. We are allowed our opinion. I am not required to see it your way. I like the other women and I am not the only one.

              • Didn’t say you had to. I made an observation on the make up of this site, and noted that the majority of commenters are T fans.

                You seem touchy.

              • Sorry Candace. Sometimes you get put on the defensive by a few. Its like the have to question everything I observe. It gets old constantly having a double standard. When I am wrong, I will admit it, I have no problem doing that. Just like saying that T wasn’t interesting enough to keep Joe home. That was wrong and I apoligized to everyone. It was the wrong thing to say even thou others have said worse about Caroline, Jac, Kathy and Melissa. I will be the bigger person and say I am wrong about that

              • I agree Her. I love the banter of trying to make others see your opinion. There are a few who go alittle farther and believe that no one should have an opinion that doesn’t match theirs but I just laugh. This is a reality tv show and someday it will be gone. We all have a favorite but even with that favorite, we only see minutes of their everyday life.
                If I am wrong, I have no problem admitting it or apoligizing to everyone too

              • I don’t know whats going on with Teresa. She reminds me of someone who doesn’t remember what is a lie and what is the truth. I really think she is so stressed and overloaded she has no idea what she is saying. I do feel sorry for her in the respect that she is shouldering this whole mess because the low life scuz she is married to will not do anything to help pay the debt. Making others look bad doesn’t make you look better.

              • And I will change that and apoligize for saying that she isn’t interesting enough to keep her husband home. That was wrong and I should not have said that. It was completely wrong. Many people have had a cheating spouse and its very hurtful and it is by no means there fault.

              • What ever happened to replying to the comment not the commenter. It’s changing the site and I don’t post very often anymore. I understand people feel passionate but some are so aggressive, it takes away from enjoying the debate. I miss the joking and laughing.

              • original: Seriously! These Housewives are not meant to be given such dedication by anyone and ARE meant for our entertainment. Will be taking a much closer look at comments. TFC!! SH

        • Well apparently MeGo needs plenty of help since her best gig is at a Flea Market. ROFL. Seriously? Just screams Hood Rat Hoochie Mama. Of course this is a woman who blames her husbands nieces for future bullying. that is really reaching…..

          • I had no respect for the whole gang because they all showed their asses on national tv and acted like bratty teens, but I was done with Meho the minute she said thar shit about her nieces. She went too damn far with that, what person in their right mind tries to bring innocent kids into shit and use them as cover for her shitty lies that was falling apart at the seams. Absolutely shameless.

            • Well MeGo does and without an ounce of compunction. You have to be all kinds of low not to mention desperate to blame your move on future bullying. Obviously it is financial but hey let’s blame children. Tells me plenty about the mentality of MeGo.

              • Let’s see if she has to sell the shore house for the same reason. That was a really cruel thing for her to say.

          • Well, you know what they say, Aint Pittypat — you lie down with dogs, you wake up with -

            • ITA Real Mafia G. enjoy your insight BTW. MeGo clearly has no boundaries. Who would blame her if she said we are experiencing financial difficulties? Easier to take a swipe at Teresa’s kids. I bet MeGo is going to need a diamond encrusted flea collar next season. the winds of change are blowing in another direction.

              • So next season when Melissa is the one bullied you will be rallying to her side because you dont like 4 against one or will that bullying be ok? Melissa deserves it kinda thing.

              • I don’t know anyone that deserves to be tortured. I can’t speak for everyone, but I think the only person who would be smiling ear to ear if MeGo was bullied in 4 against 1 fashion would be Miss Andy.

                Bravo has done well. It’s how many weeks post RHONJ and we are still talking about Tree vs MeGo. Bravo will ride that script as long as it can. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just did a flippy floppy script of torture Teresa, now torture Melissa, and so on.

                I have my opinions about Melissa but it makes me feel sick to watch bullying. I am loving the old-school episodes of RHOA because it’s perfect eye-trash and it’s not raising my blood pressure.

        • Why would Melissa need help from Teresa with anything? Well, if it wasn’t for Tre she wouldn’t be on the RHONJ.

          And unfortunately for MeHo, in our society lying, drug-using hos doesn’t get respect.

          • Ecuse me, drug use. I guess there is facts about that. Ofcourse not. Another one of those excuses to use when you cant come up with anything better right. Is there a drug conviction? No Was she ever arrested for drugs? No But its fine for someone her to assume or say its true. Thats ok thou right as long as its not Teresa?

            • Even if Teresa went on camera with a doobie hanging out her mouth her fans would find some excuse to make it ok.

              • Yes I am quite sure Tre fans would try and convince people she has Glaucoma and it was Medical Maujauna
                and a has a Script for it.

              • I know. Its like crazy. Everything they complain about Caroline, Melissa, Kathy and Jac are things Teresa does, has done or Joe the jail bird has done but thats ok.

            • I’m sure you agree that there are people who use mind-altering and/or illegal drugs who are neither caught nor arrested, laceys.

              But the FACT is MeHo does not have a good reputation, largely because of stories put out about her by people who know her and who are making allegations that she has not denied.

              Here is an excerpt from a published interview with John Karagiorgis:

              “Melissa is going to get what is coming to her. She had her make-up artist attack my wife calling her a “coke-whore” and she looks like a “crack-ho.” (For the record Penny has never touched a drug in her life.) Do you really want to go down that road with me? Do you really want to know who the coke whore was? Do you really want to know who it was that sucked guys off to accommodate their habits for free, free nights at shore houses, or for other free shit? I will only warn once and our friends are all ready to come forward when I ask them to.”

              These statements are not being put out there by anonymous viewers who have never met Melissa, laceys. They’re being made publicly, with attribution, by people who know her. And significantly, MeHo has neither denied the allegations or sued Karagiogis for making them.

              Whether the cans of whipped cream that appeared on camera at the pool party hosted by the Gorgas is indicative of the use of whip-its or just a whole lot of dessert is open to interpretation. And MeHo publicly performing oral sex on JoHo is clearly the type of behavior enjoyed by some.

              But, yeah, lying, drug-using ho. And in our society, those characteristics are generally not respected, which explains why some people resist accepting them.

              • You have to admit, if there is no record, it didn’t happen. I don’t care what people who “supposed” know her say. You are positve she has used drugs and you are going to swear to that? You know alot of people out there have mentioned that with Teresa and Joe Giudice too. They said he made money selling drugs and Teresa knew. They have said he was into Mafia type protection or other activities. I don’t believe it Real. Just because some says so doesn’t mean its true. I would never ever say something so damning about someone unless there was proof. Lets be honest her. The majority of our society have at one time experimented with some sort of illegal drug. 49% of all highschool students have tried pot, that increased to over 79% by the time they have reached graduating from college. Then we have actors and actresses who have openly admitted they have used “pot”. Pot is just as illegal as coke in many states. Its a schedule listed drug and its a felony in many states still. To me, if there is not proof, it didn’t happen.

              • Thanks .I love excuses for drug use . As my dear sainted mother would say “would you jump off a cliff because everyone else did?” I mean after all it was just a little ole shore party a table full of Redi Whip cans. Two cans for every person? That’s an awful lot of dessert y’all. i am very glad Mego has 2 nannies. Just wish they put the children to bed at a decent hour so they didn’t have to witness the groping and make out session in the pool. Silly me! I kept my children away from that sort of thing but I’m sure everyone let’s their kids watch a grope fest. Bless their hearts.

              • Or maybe Teresa should limit Joe to not drink in the house where the kids are present since he has to make a jerk out of himself and embarass his children and wife when they have house guests. Remeber too, Teresa has said Gia watches the show. How perfect that his child has to watch on tv as his wife tried to engage him in sex near the pool table and then again in the vineyard. They are all guilty.

              • Its not like unappropriate behavior is limited to just the Gorga household, plenty of stuff has happened in the Guidice home in front of the kids that shouldnt. Little Gia watches the show now wonder what she thinks of her mom Displaying the cockring and talking about her hubby penis size.

              • So you believe the “gossip” put out about Melissa But if anything negative is put out about Dear sweet innocent Teresa is wrong and false and peopLE are just “haterS and jealous.

              • When a person gives a published interview that includes disparaging statements, I do give their statements more credence than mere “gossip” because the individual about whom they are talking can sue if them if what they’ve said is untrue.

                So, yes, I do believe Mr. Karagiorgis.

                But since, to the best of my knowledge, Melissa hasn’t even denied these things, there isn’t even a reason for me not to believe him.

                Maybe the better question is why would you disbelieve his statements about Melissa?

              • You believe him because you want to believe him, he has a major axe to grind with Melissa so his word has zero creditably with me. He is a fame whore, he and his wife both want to be n the show. Why do you think they were all to happy to let their salon be used in the
                set up. I dont believe half the crap that is “leaked” about these people in interviews personally Ill stick to the “leaks” that have proof behind them like the public records.
                Why would she respond its mindless gossip from people who hate her,when i hear stuiff about me thats not true I just ignore it The people who love me know what the truth is What stupid people think and want to spread about me dosnt matter I have better things to do. But if you want to believe the gossip then go ahead.

      • Yes. Teresa is a sweet heart and loyal when her family and friends do not deserve it. Melissa pee’d in her own Post toasties when she stupidly chose the wrong story line. Instead of being her sister in law’s ally and learning at the feet of the master to build a brand. Now she’s a 10 dollar cd shilling wannabe. Sad. Of course it would help if she spent more time on her LOL singing career than trying to look a discount version of JLO.
        Target called and they want their Junior Hooker clothes back.

      • I thought it was sweet that the Guidices were marketing for Melvin, too. Tre always seems to be holding out the olive branch.

        I write off their family feud to the fact that the Gorgas are nothing without their trumped up storyline.

        I know it’s probably difficult for Tre to accept that the brother she loved has changed into a pitiful, pants-dropping lowlife, but I really do think all of the Guidices are better off without the MeHo and Slow Joe Porn Show in their lives.

    • I thought it was very cute and a sweet gesture. Oh my goodness Tre’s girls can dance! I love watching them. The Gorga cousins are equally adorable.I am glad everyone is ok . The devastation on the east coast is terrible. I hope all our fellow citizens are safe and sound. Lives are important, things can be replaced.

      • ITA. They are fantastic dancers! Makes me wish I was a kid again and could do all of those dance crew gigs like Gia does. The Gorga and Guidice kids are adorable. I am grateful for every body that survives the storm.

  8. For all you IDIoTs who think we are not devastated here in New Jersey at the shore … Google the pictures bitches then say we are making it up!

    • Im confused, who said You were making it up all one has to do is turn on the TV and see the devastation.

      • lisa, I wondered the same thing when I saw that comment. WTH??? All the comments here have been very kind and supportive.

    • Wishing you all the best Cyndi. Hope New Jersey and the east coast recovers as quickly as possible. The damage is frightening…….

    • My thoughts and prayers are with the people of NY and NJ. May God give them the strength to get through the clean up and heartbreak and emerge the resilient Americans that I know they are.

        • Thanks Aint. Not feeling too good today but feeling some better now. Footage of that rainbow gave me chills and I wanted to pop on here and share it with yall.

            • Not yet. I have to wait till my husband comes back from a convention in ATL. He has all the info and screen shots on his phone. I wanted to tell him to est that BarONE(Cynthia Bailey and her husband Peter’s place) but I know he is aint about to go HW hunting for me. :) So long as he aint wasting family money on hookers(Chris Laurita style-allegedly) then its all good. :)

              • lol. Just got off the phone with him and reminded him again. no wasty the family money helping hapless stripper get thru med school. He just laughed. Its just jokes of course I usually go with him to conventions but sat this one out because Gabe’s school. You can best believe if I was down there we WOULD be going to Bar One. I want to make sure their HVAC is in order now. :)

              • Well he was in town the morning she first commented so he responded:
                “Ms. *******, You may want to fact check before you comment. I had sent an email to Mr. *******(band director) letting him know Gabe would not be there on Saturday the reason is not your concern nor you sons. the three boys in these post friended gabe saturday night and harassed him fo not being in Cookville this is a fact and the time line shows it. I had no interest in making this ugly till this moment! please do not throw rocks in glass houses. Gabe did not start any of this and if Mr. Carrico didn’t share the facts maybe your comments should be to him. Thanks for your time and have a nice day!”
                “Also I would ask you not reply to Gabe with your coomments. If you feel the need you may contact me.”
                She never responded.
                Then he went to the school to talk to the resource officer but he was not in. By the time he returned call husband had to leave town. He comes back tonight. Its on and poppin tomorrow.

              • Don’t blame ya for blowing a gasket! Arm yourself with the paper trail of harassing tweets etc. and the district policies for Internet use and harassment. Just let them hang themselves. My husband would say to give the school officials the opportunity to do the right thing. Then tell Flag Mom where to put her flagpole. (For some people Cookville is the high point of their entire life. Your son has bigger plans and more important fish to fry)—PJ

              • That’s the plan. I am gonna let hubs do the talkin to school officials because he deals with conflict resolution a lot in his line of work so he is much better at stuff lie that. I have honestly practiced what I would say to her if given the opportunity (yep just like a crazy person) And I cant seem to keep my rage intact. The day will come when I can tell her mother to mother how much damage she did and I just pray for the right words to cross my lips when I do. And thanks so much for Cyn posting the link to the definitions of harassment from the DOE website. Not only has she “substantially interferes with educational opportunities, benefits, or programs of one or more students; substantially affects the ability of a student to participate in or benefit from the school district’s educational programs or activities by placing the student in reasonable fear of physical harm or by causing emotional distress” but she did so to a “protected class” since he is an IEP student.

              • So far so good. Thank you. He still doesn’t want to sign up for marching band next year. And I was scrolling over some pictures taken of the 2012 marching band season. In every one that Gabe is in he looks miserable. I didn’t realize how much crap he was having to take from certain ones. The facebook thing was just the tip of the iceburg. Its a shame. For the band. The boys have apologized though so that’s good. Gearing up for ensemble. Hope its not gonna be more of the same with the powertrippers. Now that the director is aware of it and has told them whats what hopefully Gabe will soften his stance on marching band for next year. I REALLY want him to have 4 years credit but not if he hates it. Not good for him or the band.

              • My daughter gets bugged by the junior trombone player who is all talk and on a power trip. He was section leader and wanted her help. I said don’t help him anymore, because he’ll do whatever it takes to be king of the dirt pile. Concert band is not as bad as marching band because the practices are closed and there is only one concert, not a concert every week. My daughter is thinking of dropping jazz band because of this boy and playing in the community band instead. This boy is not even auditioning for senior clinic (too afraid IMO). My kid loves to march and she gets a varsity letter for it, so that’s why she does marching band.

              • That sucks. I hate that certain ones ruin it for others. So glad your daughter is sticking with it and not letting that guy get her down. On a larger scale these same ones that that try to bring down our kids will just grow up to be office PITA in the workplace. Always bishin and moanin about projects other people are given “its not faiiiiiir!’ Like its dadburn kindygarden. And not understanding the the REAL word operates on a meritocracy and doesn’t settle for mediocrity just so certain ones can FEEL better about themselves. This very thing that these kids are getting away with doing will do them a great disservice in the REAL world. They will be left wanting in one hand and chittin in the other and seeing which one gets filled first. Its a national crisis actually.

              • These PITA people enjoy being big fish in a small puddle. That’s what I meant when I said Gabe has bigger fish to fry. I am happier when I put energy into people who want to live in a bigger world. Those are the folks want to make a difference in others, add beauty with their talents, and enjoy life. I always say the center of the universe is a lonely place. Just sh*tting out turds of wisdom I am!

              • YAY! Pop off! That woman is such a piece of trash for doing that to your son. I want to know what is wrong with her that she has nothing to do but sit on FB and harass a kid. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of that conversation.

              • Made thanks for the update. I will be checking back to see how this plays out. Please keep us informed.

              • Update: Yall remember when I was telling yall that I was praying for God to give me the right words when or if I ever confronted Flaggirl directly? Well God did me one better, He put the right words in the mouths of the two kids that were pickin on Gabe. Today they both came up to him and apologized. Just in the nick of time too. Gabe sent a text to his dad because he knew he was headed to the school today. Gabe just wants the whole thing dropped. So all in all it is a happy ending.

              • @Made — That’s great news. God ALWAYS does us one better — we just don’t always recognize it, like you did today. So glad it worked out for Gabe. Does this mean Flag Girl gets off?

        • I saw your post the other day about the college hook up Aint. I didnt see it til late so I didnt respond but thank you. Would love to hear about it. What cha got in mind?

          • My son-in -law is a music professor. He is hooked up at the University. I thought I would pick his brain next time I see him. Would you mind?

            • Oh would you? Thank you a million times over Aint. I know I push rock-star on here a lot when it comes to Gabe’s talent but the truth is we want him to have a career using his musical abilities. He would be just as happy one day for instance teaching it. The sky is the limit and there is a big wide world open to him in the music field and rock star is not the end-all be-all. Would be nice of course but at the end of the day we are realists. Please ask him his thoughts in term of admittance and scholarships if four year high school marching band is a must. Or would four years ensemble and private lessons suffice?

              • That does look nice. I have their page up now. Thanks PJ. Gabe has his heart set on Belmont but its nice to have stellar options.

              • Hey Made! My son is a successful musician in a band that shall remain nameless :-) . Based on my experience when he was applying to colleges, Gabe’s best bet is to be as involved in any type of musical opportunities that he can, the more experience the better. In terms of scholarships, Universities want to see that the applicant is well rounded – so good grades of course, a high level of skill in playing their instrument and they absolutely want the applicant to have done community service. So if Gabe can maybe do some free shows at the local nursing home, play at church, tutor other kids, that kind of thing – that will really help. He will have to audition of course and most universities will supply a list of songs that they DON’T want to hear, then leave the choice up to the applicant. Best of luck to Gabe, University Music Departments are bombarded with applicants and they are very picky – not to worry though, I’ve heard Gabe play and I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

              • Thank you so much for your advise in this. Will defiantly do some community service work. Perhaps I can ask his private teacher if they can take their Christmas showcase to the nursing home(great suggestion) Also didn’t know he would even be able to pick a song at all. I was thinking they would give him a piece and he had to play it on the spot. So thats good that he will have some choice after they tell him what they DONT want to hear. The well rounded part academically is what had me so upset about that band parent telling Gabe to “take his failing grade and go away” He will continue to make a’s in band regardless of her wishes. Just frustrating that she took it upon herself to insinuate that he was gonna fail. Band director says otherwise and that’s really all that matters but still it was humiliating for him. Some kids might believe what that battleaxe said. ya know? And Gabe has worked very hard to get his A’s and B’s regardless of his ADD. I couldn’t be prouder of his academic accomplishments. He has struggled with grades in the past. Anyway I can’t thank yall enough for all your valuable insight on this. I love all my SH friends.

              • Love you to Made! The advice above is spot on. Gabe will excel I promise. Both my girls took act and sat prep courses. I’m sure you are aware that Gabe can ask for time exemption when he takes either test. It is competitive . If he can create his own volunteer program.(I know it sounds daunting) even something as simple as mentoring at-risk youth or organizing a concert at the homeless shelter along with his peers, that looks great on his resume. He is in effect building his resume right now. belmont sounds like an amazing university.

              • What?! I hope you told that band parent to stick it! Sheesh!! If Gabe has a passion for music, works hard and can develop a thick skin he’ll do alright. My son has been told no just as much as he’s heard yes but you can’t let the “no’s” get you down. He makes a very good living but he’s had to work for it. I do have to say that my son graduated from college 6 years ago and things could have certainly changed, but the universities seemed to like to give the kids some freedom of choice in their audition music -I think this gives them an idea of preference and style as well as skill level. Best of luck to Gabe – I’m rooting for him! He’s lucky to have such a supportive mama.

              • @Made, that old hag parent does not get to say if Gabe succeeds, Gabe gets to decide that. He will have the last laugh all the way to a happy life. I showed my son (17 and musical also, but wants to be a mathematician) one of Gabe’s videos, and he was very impressed. Gabe has true talent.

              • Syd. Your advice is wonderful. Congrats on your talented offspring. Yay I love to see people helping and sharing!

              • I will do. SIL is a sweetheart. He helped my darling daughter find her niche. It’s very, very important that you network and ask questions. Gabe will go very far. I will talk to him asap.

              • Right back atcha Made. I think we are all invested in our Gabe. Does my heart good. people helped me so much when my daughters were coming up. I tell my D never underestimate the power of the Mom Mafia. We have the power and it only works when we share!

    • Cyndi. I am sorry that we are all not more caring and concerned. I am sure its devastating for all those that live there. There are people who have lost everything they own and it breaks our hearts. I could care less who’s home was damaged, Teresa’s, Melissa’s or Kathy’s, no one deserves to lose anything. I am hoping that you were spared or anyone else living in the area received little or no damage.

  9. Mego’s “BRING IT BITCH!” comment was disgusting. This was a dangerous storm which has cost the lives of many. Is she insensitive or just that stupid? Both?

    • It was a shallow comment and very insensitive. I have zero expectations of Melissa so a tacky comment is all I’ve come to expect. I watched a story on CBS News this morning about a NYC hospital that had to be evacuated. 20 preemies had to be carried down 7 flights of stairs slippery and wet from rain and water. A father weighted outside begging to go in and find his 29 week old son. Finally after 2 hours a Dr. went in with him and they found the infant and the father was allowed to help carry him to safety. Wow people amaze me……

      • Horrible comment. She should be put on blast for that considering pain and suffering many are going through up there. Like many, We still cant reach our people and they are in ohio/Ky…not even in direct path.

          • Ive seen better hair on a nylon haired Barbie doll. I wonder if her stylist pushes a button and Kim’s wig grows more extensions.LOL!

            • Has there ever been an explanation for the wigs? I mean we saw that Kim has very nice hair and she looks so much younger and less like a hooker with her own hair. I’m thinking that in the first season Kim hinted something about cancer, and we cancer survivors, chemo survivors, all went “Huh? You get hair loss from chemo and sometimes radiation, but you, Kim, said it was from a cancer scare”. Then I believe she retracted that.

              • I believe the truth eventually came out that it was a thyroid problem that thinned out her hair, so she started wearing wigs. Not sure why she picked wigs of the drag queen variety, though.

          • I’m watching that while I grade assignments. I wonder what my students would think knowing their professor is grading while watching eye-trash like the RHOA LOL ;-)

            Those wigs are terrible. Did she have names for them back then? I can’t remember…

            • Aahhh too funny maybe their watching too! Maybe not. I dont think she named wigs back then as it started wiyh mystery illness but im not 100%.

      • Of course MeHo is tacky and insensitive. She was raised by a ghetto family, making her a hood rat. What could one expect from her?

  10. We called our friends in NJ and in NY as soon as we could after they were hit. Thank God everyone was safe. None of them did the Gorga wine and sex during the storm. Instead, they had volunteered at shelters, some for food, some to do labor in setting up beds and such, and one amazing person who was looking after the animals. Makes me realize how great the people I know are and how little of substance these “housewives” and their families seem to have.

    • Barbara, great comments! Most people who live in hurricane areas know what to do and immediately start helping in whatever way they can. Human beings are at their best when things are at their worst has been my experience.

      There are always exceptions and the Gorgas appear to be one of them. I thought her comments were crude and insensitive in light of the devastation and lost lives this hurricane has caused.

      I’m watching HLN now and they’re finally getting cameras into parts of New Jersey. It’s horrendous seeing the damage this storm did. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved.

    • My Friend in Wayne is 8 months Pregnant i havent heard from her Im just hoping she is ok and is just w/o power and cell service and thats why she cant get in touch.. :(

      • Lisa, I’m so sorry you haven’t heard from your friend. Have you tried contacting the Red Cross? They’re really helpful in locating your friends and loved ones for you. I’d be worried too if my friend was 8 months pregnant and without power and cell service. My thoughts and prayers are with her. Let us know if you hear from her. :(

          • Don’t worry about the fame whorgas. Tarzan and wife got their freak on and say bring it bitch!

            What a lovely couple they are!

            • I worry about them to, I am not going to pick apart what they said we all say stupid stuff in times of stress or facing something stressful.

          • Lisa: Lots of towns here in North Jersey are without power. A friend of mine lives in a town bordering Wayne and she is without power. I am sure your friend is okay. Thinking good thoughts for her and the little one!

            • Hi Lisa, keep us posted on your friends. I hope all is well and you hear from her very soon. I cannot imagine the stress all the people in that region are enduring. Prayers..

    • When Hurricaine Iniki Blew through Hawaii yrs ago people had Hurricaine parties
      I dont see what the big deal is, People should go were they feel its safe if they had a strom like that here I would be in my house surounded by food and maybe some booze and venture out when its safe then help others. But thats just me I guess that makes me selfish.

      • I lived in Fargo, ND in the summer of 2000 when the city flooded. The interstate was covered in water and my car was on an island for days. My roommate walked home miles. We spent the days helping people clean up. Anyone who was still capable of doing so was having a get-together. We had a “flood party”. Basically grouped our loved ones together and did what we could to take our minds off the devastation. I did the same thing when Ames, IA flooded during the summer a few years ago. My side of town was okay but I evacuated the city with my boyfriend and stayed at a friend’s place for nearly a week in order to have clean water and supplies. If people want to drink wine and cuddle up and even party during a storm, I have no problem with that. I think you do what you can to survive, even mentally. If that includes booze and a “party”, then more power to a person/people.

      • Lisa, I grew up in FL and believe me when I tell you that I went to my share of hurricane parties. Not judging the HWs on this alone for sure. It was just the contrast of them and the “real” people I have known for years, what they were all doing.

  11. I fully expected Juicy to pull a disappearing act using Sandy as the cover so he could avoid his criminal record. Disappear to Italy. Pretend to be dead.

    • Funny you mention that, On abother blog someone is speculating that if convicted Juicy will flee the country and go to Italy leaving Tre and the kids behind to fend for themselves. I think its a possibilty and Tre being stupid as she is will just send him money and make excuses for him.

      • IMHO that wouldn’t be such a bad deal for Theresa. She is more than capable of taking care of the girls, financially and otherwise, without him. I think she could do a whole lot better than Joe. If he drops off the face of the earth and starts a new life for himself elsewhere, well, I think Theresa’s life and the girls’ lives will eventually get back to normal and be improved. I’m not a big fan of guys that get drunk in front of their kids, swear at them, ya know, jerks.

        • Teresa and the girls love Juicey Joe and he loves them back. We all make stoopid mistakes. It’s just that our mistakes don’t get played over & over on national TV. I’m willing to bet that Juicey will never again get so stoopid drunk that he flies through the air & lands on his face. Family. good.

    • If Juicy goes to Italy, he better take me with him. I’ve never been to Italy! Juicy, I can fit in the suitcase. I am tiny! PWEEEEEEEEASE :)

        • Italy is beautiful. We went to Italy two years ago. It was a family thing and it was the best trip ever. The food was amazing. I would love to go back and spend 2 months rather than 2 weeks.

  12. I dont see any water type damage above with fridge tipped…Oh Tre dont let juicy talk you into signing that insurance paper honey!!!!

  13. Hope everybody is safe from Sandy. She wasn’t messing around like Irene was.

    Here in Georgia we’ve been feeling the cold sheet from West Virginia and it was very windy and cloudy for the past two days. Today is fresh and sunny but a little windy but I’m okay with it. Hope everybody’s having a good day today. :)

    • Hi Made, Just checking in on SH quick, and I saw you. The show ” Nashville” is on tonight at 10 p.m. east coast time on ABC. I left you a note a week or so ago…thought you might like it. Tonight will be the 3rd episode of it’s first season. It’s a little housewife drama mixed in with a little “Dallas” like drama. The up side.. these are real actors so no one is really getting hurt, but ooohh…the nasty is nasty and the drama is good! Hope you catch it! kt

  14. Those of you claiming that they are trying to scam the insurance company, do you not see the mud and debris all over the floor of the kitchen? If you do a search for the area her house is in, you can see that there was extensive damage. The second picture she posted shows two boats in the backyard.
    Furthermore, NJ has been devastated by Sandy. Irregardless of your feelings for Tre, It’s pretty ridiculous to be accusing them of fraud.

  15. When Tree and her Kids were dancing to MeGos debut song I took that as her trying to be supportive and including her SIL’s new venture in her video was gracious. More gracious than I have ever seen MeGo or Kathy be to Tree. MeGo never pops open a bottle of Faballini for the cameras.

      • Too bad at that very moment MeGo and her fallen angel husband was plotting to “make her fall” Interesting that the lyrics actually say “waiting on me to fall” when that’s exactly what JoGo said Tree needed to do. Yeah that song it TOTALLY about Tree. Everybody knows(Phaedra voice) it.
        p.s.Can yall tell I am getting pumped for RHOA?

        • It looks like the new chick ms usa is hot for apollo on previews. Phaedra will not tske kindly to this development.

          • oooooooo. I hope she puts her in her place. School her on how true southern ladies are supposed to present themselves. Ridiculous the stripper-gate aside, Everybody Knows that married men are no-nos for everyone ‘cept trashboxes. So far I aint seeing any real pageant etiquette outa lil Miss USA. But then again Miss USA is not the Miss America system but still…. rude aint never good. The previews look good.

        • They all laughed when Teresa made that comment but those lyrics certainly applied to her more aptly than Melissa! Watching RHOA Before They Were Stars, Kim is talking about auditioning for “Dumb and Dumber”. No … words…

        • Of course I’m hyped up for this season. Kenya’s gonna troll the hell out of this season. Bring it on!

          • Kenya seems to be a couple sandwiches short of picnic…YAY! Bring on coocoocrazy. P.s. was ready to slam Alex on CT (tivod watching now) for her acting and she told a heartbreaking story about father so she gets pass. Not even a snarky comment, truly my heart went out to her

    • Teresa’s daughters are gorgeous. I have 3 sisters and let me tell you despite my dear sainted mother’s efforts we were all a hot mess. She schooled us on manners and drilled charm into our heads , poor thing. You are spot on Teresa was being genuine and gracious with Melissa’s song . Melissa is hood gracious is not in her repertoire.

  16. I liked Kathy’s house best because it had more of an at the beach feel to it. Tre’s was next since it wasn’t so serious and then Mego’s, as always she tried to hard. A beach house is supposed to be about relaxing and having a good time so Mego you missed the ball on that one. My only complaint … why did Kathy feel the need to show her wrankled (not wrinkled) but wrankled azz? Bleeeh! Bleeeh and double Bleeeh!

  17. Melissa was going on twitter that she had to walk down the street to send a tweet. The tweets that the kids were chilly. With all their money and the midgets big business dealings that they do not have a generator? So while Jogo was out “cutting trees up for the neighbors” and she was walking the streets (for a signal) who was minding the kids? Guess her priorities are straight. I started to watch the video then Joe started about sex and turned it off. I guess all they have is on their knees

    • Oh MeGo. Time to dust off your Girl Scout skills and build a fire in the fireplace. I wish them well bound to be difficult in NJ. Now would be a good time to rag out the sleeping bags too.

  18. Melissa is so full of it, had a friend who checked her place out, there wasn’t furniture in it, RENTED. Anyways, can anyone tell me when people are going to call her out on her lies? They probably cut the tree a particular way to get an insurance pay out. Gorga’s are being sued by everyone, go to public access via state of New Jersey and look, it’s NO SECRET- she doesn’t pay her bills, also why does she call herself Italian when she is listed as HISPANIC?

    • That is interesting. Perhaps one of her parents is 1/2 Hispanic? I eggmit I’ve never looked into that. The lies will come to the forefront soon enough. People like Ms. SH and FRE exposing the truth.

  19. Melvin Marko and MeHOHOHO are idiots for going down there and putting their children in danger unless that’s the only place they have to live in. TR was flooded and still is without power. Hey rich bitches where’s the generator. They are on a lagoon so they got flooded and so did Teresa in Beach Haven West. Friends there lost all their cars 4 ft of water in the garage and 4 ft of water on the first floor of their home. The won’t be living there anytime soon. I hope Teresa used commen sense and stayed away and kept the kids away. No place for kids right now. Hope the MeHOHOHO’s had flood insurance and the premium was paid. You don’t fool with the Federal Government. Good luck to the both of them.

    • Barb, I am praying for everyone. I appreciate your on the spot observer reports. I am very concerned with the power outages, food and gas shortages. Is there anything concrete we can do? I am saying prayers but feel helpless in the face of so much need.
      Keeping you and our other NJ friends in my thoughts and prayers. I am so grateful you are ok and checking in when you can. I am trying to grasp the scope of this ……

      • People have come together, you wouldn’t believe it, we are not like those in Karina who looted and robbed there has been nothing like that here. All the stores were closed for a few days and nothing happened. We delivered goods to the firehouse last night. The shelter is now overloaded with volunteers and they have everything they need. Those poor people IT’S THERE ONLY HOME MOST LIVE HERE ALL YEAR ROUND AND F IT, IF IT’S THERE SUMMER PLACE THEY STILL EFFEN LOST IT AND LOST RELATIVES. How cruel of some people. Those people who were displaced from the island won’t even go back for at least 10 days. It’s a health hazzard. WHERE TERESA LIVES WAS EVACUATED AND THEY ARE ONLY LETTING A FEW PEOPLE BACK AT A TIME IF THEY FEEL THEIR STREET IS SAFE ENOUGH. People I know from inside Beach Haven West lost everything AND THEY LIVE THERE ALL YEAR LONG. WE HAD A SECOND HOME IN LAVALLETTE, DID THAT MAKE US BAD NO. I feel for both Teresa and for Melissa, THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE WHAT THEY HAVE, I just don’t think it was a good idea on Melissa’s part to come down as she has a big home up North. I have video’s look at them….the were in the Asbury Park Press today. :-(

        • Barb, thanks for the link. ITA with your comment. My heart just seizes up when I see all that damage to homes , to the beach, stores, automobiles. I was watching a short clip on the health hazards this am. Really scary. Nature is an equal opportunity destroyer during these disasters. I feel for anyone who lost property. Thanks for sharing, I have been checking in to see if you had posted . We are all citizens of this country and need to help however we can. I am so happy that folks are cooperating and being neighborly.
          Please stay safe and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Sending you a cyber-hug.

  20. ok, shoot me if you want, but, is jogo just a little retarded?
    i know 17 year old boys more mature than him.
    i think he’s missing a few chromosomes,

  21. I actually watched the whole video and it would seem to be that a man like Joe who has keep expressing how wonderful his sex life is means that he more likely is not getting any. I am not saying that I am interested in his intimate time because I have more important things to worry about. It would seem that the shore house that Melissa and Joe are trying to perceive is that we have all this money and look at on wonderful furniture.
    Another thing do you find it strange that her children never seem to make a noise like there is no screaming and shouting between the three throughout the entire two seasons of the show?
    Joe is trying to prove his masculinity to us the viewers through his perceived sexuality and all of a sudden “I am hot for my wife” complex. Melissa on the other hand, totally looks embarrassed at her husband’s sexual remarks. It’s like Melissa is saying

    “Please act like this for the cameras! Use our sexual experience to gain popularity like Teresa! Brag about it Joe! Say it Joe! Now!”

    • Yes, Rushie, it bothers me too that the Gorga children never seem to shine. There was a lot of meaning when their little son whopped his dad Joey up side the head. Like his son was frustrated & wanted to say “shut up and play with me!”

      • maybe the Gorgas dont feel the need to Pimp their kids out to the Cameras Like Teresa does. I Enjoyed Gia lecturing her dad about his Cheating She truly Shined there 11 yr olds should always lecture their dads about their behavior.

    • In my opinion JoGo has a Napolean or “Little Man Complex.” He’s so short that he tries to make up for it by bragging about what a stud he is. I would be horrified if my husband talked about sex publically all the time. JoGo is obsessed with it which probably means he’s not “all that” in the bedroom. What happens in a couple’s bedroom should stay in the bedroom imo. Melissa has to be embarassed by him. I would be. It’s kind of pathetic.

  22. JoGo stood next to the tree hitting it with a plastic toy saw whilst the state emergency service (I’m assuming you have the SES or similar in the USA) people cleaned it up & then gave him a sticker as a reward for his ‘help’.

  23. First of all; So sad to see how Sandy affected all thoose ppl in the US. Strenght to you all.
    Then; I really couldnt watch the Gorgas house. Its all about the sex sex sex. Joe Gorga is just to disgusting to watch. Yuck! And yeah for sure would like to see how MeGo lifted all those furniture up one floor!

    • I just want to yell “Ok ! message received”. There is something going on behind the scenes there and I cannot put my finger on it. The Gorgas are tying to hard to convince us that they are intimate with each other, attracted to each other. Are they beards for each other? That’s cool if that is how they choose to live but drop the vulgarity an innuendo I can happily live my life without hearing.c**kblocker again.

      • Yea I AGREE with you to much sexual innuendo on the show , Ill be happy when I stop hearing whore, bitch and Cunxt tuesday and stop seeing Teresa degrade herself and try and get a uninterested Juicy to have sex with her.

  24. I could care less about people’s friggin’ SECOND homes or VACATION homes being destroyed. they have insurance and they will be fine. My damned neighborhood, where we live in our ONLY homes, looks like major battle was fought.

    • Sandy i was thinking that yesterday. I feel sad for loss but these are second homes. They still have a primary residence they can live in while awaiting check. For people who lost home and /or business its beyond devestating. Prayers are with you and yours.

      • kj,
        You are 1000% correct. Ours is a second home, I do not feel sorry for myself (and we already called in our claim to insurance). My heart breaks for the people with no where to go to. There are many retirees in that area.

  25. At least their homes were on the mainland. My house is on the bay on the barrier Island, and it suffered catastrophic damage. Our boat (39 ft Sea Ray) has a huge hole in it, and is on its side. Very sad. We can’t get down to see it. Our neighbors sent pics. On generator power up north. Everyone say a prayer. People are not as lucky as us. We have 2 homes…. sorry for the story, just really sad in NJ. It’s a war zone.

    • DJ , I am so sorry. I cannot imagine what a difficult time this must be for you and all those devastated by Sandy. I am sure the consequences are worse than we can imagine. Saying lots of prayers for you and all those who suffered loss on such a tragic scale. Please stay safe. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    • So sorry DJ – definitely continuing the prayers for you and everyone suffering from the results of Sandy.

  26. Can someone please answer this for me? I’ve read here that the Gorga’s mcmansion is very sparsely furnished and that they rented some or all of it. Why is that? They lived in another mansion before the “dream” house right? I’m sure they had furniture there. I can understand wanting some some new things but isn’t the furniture for one mansion good enough for another mansion? If they built it to flip wouldn’t it make even more sense to re-use their furniture than buy more and have to store it when you sell? If they are so financially secure couldn’t they use some of the rhonj salary to put some couches in that cavern? Jogo builds a recording studio before making his home more comfortable? Who does that? No furniture AND the power is shut off for non payment- that screams POSER to me. You would think that Carowhine and Jax could see for themselves that Tre has been telling the truth about them. I did see a card table in a photo though. Maybe its a good thing the house is empty. That way Meho can practice singing to an empty audience and won’t get discouraged when it happens at a yard sale or gas station opening. It’s probably nice that the kids can rollerskate and ride their bikes inside if itrains. Do you think they play Marco-Poser(polo) as well? Lol. I love my recliner. I would replace that no matter what.

    visit are they blind? No furniture and the power gets shut off- that screams

    POSERS to me. It would convince me that maybe Tre has been telling it like it really is all along. That big old empty house is pfobably fun.fot

    • Ruth, you are a clever person. Yes they are posers. It was revealed to so many at the Christmas Party with so few presents, scarce ,poorly wrapped and pathetic. If the Gorgas wanted to present an image that matched their alleged lifestyle why not run to Wal-mart and buy enough presents to make certain there was enough to make sure they would have plenty to donate. Yet they still haven’t payed the party planner the 50,000 they owe him. 50,000 dollars would have brought a lot of happy faces on Christmas morning. It wasn’t about the charity it was about the Gorgas lifestyle and as you so cleverly pointed out they are posers.

      • Aintpittypat may ask if there is any unusual meaning behind your name? I asked on an earlier post but I guess you didn’t see it. I’m a southern transplant to Mi. I read your name as Aunt pittypat. If you were here I would call you Ainty. It just makes me smile to think of you as ainty. You remind me of my dear aintys that I miss.

        • Oh Ruth you are so sweet! I would be honored to be your SH ainty. I was aiming for a play on words. Aint , for, aunt , or auntie or aintie and Pittypat for GWTW character. My mom used to tell us to speak out and quit Pittypattin’ around. My grandmother and ainties always admonished us to speak up, Hence the double meaning i’m not Pittypatting around..Aint Pittypat ! Convoluted I am sure but made sense to this southern girl.

          • Pittypat, I love GWTW so much. The book and the movie both! My husband got me the special edition movie for Christmas last year. I was in an old town hall once, and they had a first edition copy molding on a shelf! It was seriously a struggle not to grab it!!!

          • It makes sense to me too. Everyone has sayings or ways of speaking that originate from family and where they’re from. I guess that’s why Teresa’s word goofs don’t bother me. They usually crack me up. To me a doodle isn’t a scribble or drawing- its a baby chicken. One time my uncle asked a MI friend of mine to hand him a fly flap. She had no idea what to do because to her a fly flap was the strip of cloth that covers the zipper on a pair of pants lol.the look on her face was priceless! I just knew you were an ainty!

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