From the SH Archives…KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle Chats About The RHOBH…Kyle Was In “Halloween” When She Was 9!… Says She Was Never Scared, But Slept With Her Mother Until She Was 15!

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Kyle-ee mentions her “starring role” in “HALLOWEEN” when she was nine-years-old… she wasn’t scared!  Hmmmmm….

(Thanks to SH reader “Chameleon69″ for the reminder!!!)

GOOD GRIEF!!!  Kyle-ee is STILL tryin’ to push her book…

This interviewer had no idea that Kyle-ee was on “Little House on the Prairie”…  

                               C. Thomas Howell and Kyle Richards…

…HOWEVER, they DID know all about Kyle-ee dating C. Thomas Howell!


BUT… did they know that Kyle is married to John Turturro… and that Kyle is ADOPTED????   

… AND, Kyle said that she slept with her mother until she was 15 (HERE) because of her nightmares when and after making the movie “Halloween”…

…BUT, Kyle-ee tells this interviewer that she was never scared…  Hmmmmm…

WCT: I wanted to tell you that I spent New Year’s with [Beverly Hills Housewives] Taylor [Armstrong].KR: You did? She’s sweet.WCT: She told me she is very close to you.KR: Yes. I get so mad when I look at Twitter and some of the comments people make sometimes. I think, “If they only knew how sweet she is and how much those comments hurt!”WCT: I noticed on the reunion show how everyone was upset about what other people say, not what is said to each other. It is just hard.KR: Exactly. It is very difficult. Going into the reunion, none of us want to talk about things that we have already fixed but that is what we are there for to be honest. It is very hard. People even ask, “Why did we bring that up?” Are we supposed to say everyone just looks lovely? No, we are there to be honest. That is what makes it very difficult, especially when many of us are very sensitive.

WCT: I liked the part in the book where it says, “Don’t star in a horror film; your parents won’t let you watch it.”
KR: Oh, my God! I definitely have anxiety disorder and I think that contributed to it no doubt. [Laughs]
WCT: Someone told me that the guy that played Michael Myers would just walk around set and creep people out.
KR: I don’t remember that. For me, we were playing cards on the set and it was normal. I was never scared making that movie. That was just what I did, and I was used to acting. I had done a lot of scary movies. But when I saw myself in the movie that was what was horrifying. Thanks, mom!

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  1. LOL!!! I saw Halloween again the other day. Starring role, my foot. Kyle had a bit part, and she wasn’t in any scary scenes. Anything for attention, I guess. But if it’s true that she was scared from just being on set, then what kind of a mom puts a child in a position to be so scared that she must sleep in a parent’s bed for 6 years until age 15?!! Kyle grew up in one twisted family, from what I’ve read.


  2. I saw C Thomas howell in a repeat of Criminal Minds I couldnt believe it was him he has not aged very well at least IMO.


  3. Yeah, yeah Kyle, we know you had a bit part here and there, and yes you were a “child actor” along with 1/2 of the Rest of the kids from Los Angeles…We’re just reminding you…You were NOT a child “Star.” Geeezzz…you would think considering some of the heart break in Kim’s life, along with the fact that she DID…. bring home the bacon, you could at least give credit..where credit is do! Just once…I think I would like to see Kim tell Kyle to “go Fu.. herself!” I’ll never forget that limo scene where Kyle totally ENJOYED “outing” Kim about her alcohol addiction..ugh, that was so frustrating to watch. Enough people already knew about Kim’s struggles, and yes addiction is a Mess, but watching Kyle– loving exploiting it, especially On camera.. was just sad.


    • You’re right about the limo scene. That was horrible. And Kyle’s gig on Halloween took all the acting skills of a paper towel. Her sister is the true talent in the family.


  4. Kyle played Lindsay, a kid that Jamie Lee Curtis’s friend babysat. I think her only line was, “I believe you Kevin.” Her character sat and watched TV during the whole movie. It was supposed to be a scary TV movie, so maybe that’s what horrified her.


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