BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi Dating RHOBH Producer…

October 31, 2012

ROL is reporting that Brandi Glanville is dating one of the producers… the only un-gay producer… from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Alex Baskin…

Glanville has been boasting to her friends that she has been secretly hooking up with Alex Baskin, and sources tell RadarOnline exclusively that her fellow co-stars on the Bravo show fear that the hothead beauty will use the relationship to score favors at their expense. “Brandi has been boasting to her friends that she has been hooking up with Alex,” a show insider tells exclusively.

“Brandi says she isn’t serious about the relationship, it’s just a bit of fun, but that Alex has very, very serious feelings for her.

NOTE:  Alex Baskin isn’t just some little producer at the RHOBH… Alex is one of the big-wigs!  According to Variety, Alex Baskin, previously VP of development and new media, was promoted to exec VP of programming and development just three months ago.  AND… this story  from ROL just seems a bit fishy.  Alex doesn’t seem Brandi’s type.  For anyone comparing Brandi to Kandi Burruss… Kandi is engaged to production assistant, Todd Tucker, on the RHOA.

Brandi meeting Yolanda Foster at SUR…

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18 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi Dating RHOBH Producer…

  1. Seems this should be against policy but kandi started dating her bf when he was with Bravo. It sure would add drama or tension within cast IMO as there would be favors (either real or perceived).


  2. This guy is so clearly not her type but Brandy has her own agenda, this is a win-win situation for her.
    She gets the good edit, which can make you or break you.
    She gets to get her nemesis castmates look in the worst light to perpetuate her good image.
    She gets the guy’s connections to the industry, which is what Brandy ultimately seems to dig.
    If it is true that he has strong feelings for her but she doesn’t reciprocate and is just using her only time will tell.
    I think through RHNJ we all have learned the power of editing and the editing producers, no wonder some of this ladies are willing to do anything to get in their good graces, even forge personal relationships and use them to their advantage, best example of this: Melissa Gorga and Cat Rodriguez.
    Melissa used Cat’s crush on her to her advantage ( I really hope it didn’t go further than that) and she even had the blessing of her husband to keep the flirtation going, anything for the good edit.


  3. After a couple of glasses of Brandy, Alex is clearly a good looking guy and is in no way shape or form obese. He hasn’t got man boobs or anything of the sort. From Eddie Cibrian (yes i know cheating but still) to Alex. So clearly Alex’s physique, his Justin Beiber hairstyle is a turn on for Brandi. Not only his smothering good looks is eye capturing, his job as a RHOBH producer just adds bags of intelligence. Now we can see what Brandi has been seeing all this time- fantastico!
    (I feel so mean to pick on looks)


    • He’s actually not bad looking. I’m not sure what you’re talking about (looking at the wrong guy?). Whatever. He’s just a producer.


  4. Brandi will screw anyone.She is so horny and slutty acting.This should be against policy to hookup with anyone on the shows whether cast members or crew.


    • I’m surprised it would be allowed. Maybe AFTER the show’s production, but definitely not during or maybe they take great lengths to make sure there isn’t interference. LOL jk this is America.


  5. He looks like a little boy in his daddy’s suit!! He can’t even afford to have his clothes tailored??? The only reason I could think of her “dating” him would be to further her position on the show. BTW, I could just see the EVIL in these peoples faces. Bleh!!!!!!!!! They should all be ashamed of themselves!


  6. Power in a man is a turn on…
    I googled him and he actually does look like her type, dark hair and attractive but in a pretty and polished way rather than rough or rugged looking.
    He has a douchey facial expression he makes in each picture so I’m not sure whether he’s a nice guy or a douche, if it’s the later he would totally be her type considering Eddie


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