ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexass’ “Jumpin’TrampolinePark”… Having Problems???

October 31, 2012

Could da Bellinos be having some problems at their newly-opened Anaheim trampoline park???  Da Bellinos just issued ANOTHER Groupon!  Their first Groupon for their Anaheim location was issued June 11, 2012… they are supposed to be opening additional trampoline parks in CA.

Why would da Bellinos be discounting their trampoline place?

Probably because of this ABCNews report from October 14, 2012…

NOTE:  IF da Bellino’s trampoline park ain’t doin’ all that well, could that have been a reason for Jimbo to give Alexass the go-ahead for ANOTHER season of the RHOC??  Alexass was given da Bravo boot and it was expected that da Bellino’s jumpin’ joint was gonna bring in wild money.  Could it be that da Bellino’s plan ain’t workin’ out?  

If there’s anyone out there that thinks Jimbo ain’t involved in Alexass appearing on the RHOC…


(Thanks to SH reader @imthepain29!!!)

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46 comments on “ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexass’ “Jumpin’TrampolinePark”… Having Problems???

  1. Let me say that if Alexis back on, I won’t be watching…I will also not watch Bev Hills b/c the former Mrs. Eddie Cibrian is on. I cannot bear these two, and I like most of the other women…..Also, just in case Kim’s Ken is on, I will be happy to miss him. He makes my stomach turn…eeewww to Ken.

  2. Ha Ha…the “trampoline industry” says more kids are injured on bicycles and skateboard. Well, duh, there are millions more bikes and skateboards than trampolines in this country.

    Sky Zone Anaheim has very mixed reviews on Yelp. A number of people have complained about arrogant staff…go figure!

  3. These places are just an accident waiting to happen imo. They couldn’t have chose a worse business to go into. I predict with all the lawsuits, these places will close down quickly.

    Did Alexis say “celebral” instead of “cerebral”??? LOL :)

    • Unless they bottle toxic looking blackwater and try to sell it to bottled water consumers (who also tend to be sorta health conscious)… that would have been slightly worse. But yep, this coming from a couple who dumped their kids’ stroller in a pool while they were strapped in is pretty disturbing. No scruples, whatsoever.

  4. i/m/o Alexis needs to learn to think for herself. She seems to rely way to much on ummm, good looking smart guy she’s married to. ;P (yes it was sarcasm but , I’ll bet ya got that.) :D

    • I got it and I got agree with it. Jim makes my skin crawl. Alexis isn’t the brightest bulb in the package, but it is hard to believe that if she just wanted a rich husband she could not have found a less creepy, less misogynistic, bossy guy. Maybe back then her self-esteem was low for some reason and he seemed like (gag me) a catch?

    • These trampoline parks are beyond UNSAFE, they are treacherous places to drop off your kids. I was in gymnastics for 10 years (a long time ago, and a trampoline was never, ever jumped on by more than one person at a time. Our instructors made us “spot” the jumper with three of us lined up side-by-side on all four sides of the tramp. Only tricks that had been previously taught to us could be performed, and if anyone got “fancy” they were made to get off.

      I have a son (now 17) who used to beg us to buy a trampoline every Christmas when he was younger (we live in AZ, so they can be used year-round). “All my friends have one,” he used to say. I would point out the dangers to him, and I didn’t allow him to use the trampoline at his friends’ houses unless parents were supervising. He thought I was the worst parent ever. Then along come these trampoline parks. Omg! What can people be thinking? Out of curiosity (once, when school was a half day) I took him and five friends to the newest trampoline park. Disclaimer paperwork (printed by each child at home and signed by a parent) was mandatory, and I waited inside and watched them for the hour they played. (I told him if he and his buddies “acted up” and didn’t follow the safety rules, I would scream at the top of my lungs and yank them out of there). I found this place to be lacking in adult supervision (all employees were late teens, early 20’s) and the employees were ignorant to many basic trampoline safety rules. This place ended up being the one where that young man died. Needless to say, it was our first and last visit.

      • At least the backyard trampolines are a bit safer now, with those nets & padding. In my day (late 80s) they often didn’t even have padding over the springs. I can still remember the pain of landing on the steel bars & springs.

        A trampoline park sounds like hell!

    • I agree. That news report was sad,interesting, and scary! I know a couple times on tv I’ve seen trampolines in the ground, which I liked a LOT better than the traditional way. Years ago I bought my son a mini trampoline,like they use in Aerobics,and neither me, or my son’s dad and his wife could get it together, so back to ToysRUs it went. I think it was a blessing in disguise that it couldn’t be put together.

  5. I won’t watch RHoBH because of She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named AKA Traylortrash. I’ve also watched my last season of NJ if the stripper is back. Come to think of it the only Bravo TV I watch is Top Chef. Although I must admit I’m painfully addicted to

    • Ghunnie, I agree–I’m addicted to this site, but I don’t think I’ll be tuning in to any of the HW shows anymore. Too painful.

      • the one with the young arrogant men? those guys pretty much annoy me, but I’ll watch a house hunters marathon any day of the week. And, ohhh, don’t get me started on house hunters international! paydirt!

  6. Another dummy HW and her husband who show how ignorant they are by what they choose to invest in. I put this in the same category as Black sludge.
    They have kids for God’s sake, if they thought it out they would foresee all the legal and safety issues that would be inevidable with a trampoline park.
    The little girl who broke her leg is so adorable.. I love the smiley picture of her in the cast.

    • I’m thinking Dat Jimmy Bellino invests money from other people into these things. Then takes his cut off the top, outta da middle, and again at da bottom. Just sayin! ;)

      • I should add that Sky Zone is a franchise. It isn’t like Jimmy dreamed up the idea all by himself when he was sitting at his desk with his baseball cap on.

  7. Trampolines are dangerous. My nephew broke his femur and it ended his sports activities. I cringe whenever I see a trampoline , accident waiting to happen.

  8. I think the park would generate more sales if Alexis was removed from advertisements. She is not really the target market for the trampoline parks–kids are along with mothers that are not quite like Alexis. I find it hard to believe that fundamentalist Christians (ala Eve was made from Adam and Da Chin wears the pants) are prevalent in that area. I know it isn’t in Iowa and we are easily 5-10 years behind the rest of the country ;) LOL

    Alexis and Da Chin provide hours of entertainment for me. I can’t help but laugh at them. It’s like watching a married couple from the stereotypical 1950s decide whether or not it’s okay to open the pocket door to the kitchen and push the twin beds together in the bedroom.

    • Actually, OC is one of the most conservative counties in CA, if not the most. There are surely many families in OC that believe in Creation and that the husband is the head of the home. (Not saying I like that couple. Don’t watch enough to form much of an opinion.)

      • Oh, that’s interesting! Hmmm… well that scratches my theory that Alexis as a cover girl for trampoline parks is the reason for poor sales.

        (BTW: I didn’t mean my comment to sound mean spirited toward any fundamentalists. I have two friends that are fundamentalists and I say whatever you believe, good on you. :))

        • No worries, Chem Geek. I didn’t take it as putting anyone down. I know you’re cool. (But that’s nice of you to speak up.)

        • To be honest, that may NOT scratch your theory. Don’t watch the show a lot, but once saw a snippet of someone complaining that their finances aren’t on the up and up. If that’s true, then they may very well offend people by talking the talk, but not walking the walk, so to speak.

          • Exactly. They seem to pick and choose which teachings they will obey, hmmmmm, makes one wonder. I can’t see real Christian people (those following Christ’s teachings) as shallow and materialistic as these two seem on the show, “through the eye of a needle” and all that. The woman seems to shove herself and her fake breasts into any scene, false eyelashes and all made up. Can’t really remember Christ or the Bible talking much about doing that. Jim seems like a scam artist to me, fingers in many pies, may have been one of those selling stuff in front of the temple when Jesus decided enough was enough and threw all the merchants out. Could it be that this is Jim’s schtick so that he can dominate the women he chooses and can be seen as a “religious person”? I think so. Before anyone yells at me, I was raised in a southern Baptist home and have been around religious people of every faith all my life, those who seemed very sincere and the kind we see on this show. (Of course, nobody knows what is in their hearts, I’m just saying it doesn’t fit).

            • ITA. Despite the way OC is depicted by Bravo/Andy, there are many, many Christians there that are the real deal. Let’s put it this way — if you went into the nicest areas of OC, it would be totally reasonable to ask someone, “So, where do you go to church?” If you asked that question in BH, you’d probably get a blank stare.

  9. When I was in high school, a couple girls with richer parents got the big backyard trampolines. Needles to say, a couple girls spent time on crutches in high school….these things are not meant for casual recreation people!

  10. I believe their 2nd one opened today.
    I love how they ignore all the bad gossip, I always liked them and never bought into the negativity.

  11. When my daughter was 6, she broker her tibia just below the knee while on a trampoline….she was cast for 8 weeks ( the entire summer) with the leg hyper extended. It was a complete nightmare for her and us. We couldnt even get her in the car and she needed a wheelchair. Then it was 4 weeks of physio because of muscle loss…..I just shiver when I see kids jumping on them. Her doctor said trampolines were number 2 for bone injuries / deaths… tobogganing is number 1. Needless to say, she has never been on a tobogin.

  12. What’s the point of the park anyway, every other garden has a trampoline in it these days! I gave my kids 14ft trampoline away a couple of years ago when they had got fed up of it. If anyone could use that trampoline park its Jim the chin himself! That couch pouch and those moobs need a work out!

  13. In a way I would love to see Alexis have a hit on her hands. Just to get Tamara’s goat. I don’t hate Tamara but you can see her envy in her eyes. Funny how when Tam hits a bad spot herself she tries to take it out on someone else. I swear it would be the funniest thing if Tam saw Alexis have a hit with these. Looooove to see the reaction.

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