ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexass’ “Jumpin’TrampolinePark”… Having Problems???

October 31, 2012

Could da Bellinos be having some problems at their newly-opened Anaheim trampoline park???  Da Bellinos just issued ANOTHER Groupon!  Their first Groupon for their Anaheim location was issued June 11, 2012… they are supposed to be opening additional trampoline parks in CA.

Why would da Bellinos be discounting their trampoline place?

Probably because of this ABCNews report from October 14, 2012…

NOTE:  IF da Bellino’s trampoline park ain’t doin’ all that well, could that have been a reason for Jimbo to give Alexass the go-ahead for ANOTHER season of the RHOC??  Alexass was given da Bravo boot and it was expected that da Bellino’s jumpin’ joint was gonna bring in wild money.  Could it be that da Bellino’s plan ain’t workin’ out?  

If there’s anyone out there that thinks Jimbo ain’t involved in Alexass appearing on the RHOC…


(Thanks to SH reader @imthepain29!!!)