October 31, 2012  Bravo On the next Real Housewives of Miami… per the norm, one of the Housewives wasn’t present at the event.  Adriana fills in Alexia about what happened…


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27 comments on “ADRIANA DE MOURA, ALEXIA ECHEVARRIA: Adriana Tells Alexia Everything… VIDEO

  1. I crack up at how these women absolutely refuse to hook their hair behind their ears when it’s hanging in their faces.

      • I saw Khloe Kardashian once hook her hair behind her ear, then she immediately took it out. I could almost see the thought bubble over her head: “Darn! Not supposed to do that. Need to look sexy.” These broads are all smoke and mirrors.

  2. I’m just sorry Adriana didn’t hit Joanna harder and more than once. And about the hair – I do that too! LOL

  3. That Joanna is a real piece of work. She seems to think she’s really famous, but I don’t watch tickle fetish videos or Dancin’ with the Stars, so I had no idea who the hell she was. She sure is a shrill buttinski and it does seem as if Adriana was trying to walk (make that run) away from her and she wouldn’t let her. If Joanna did grab her….ahem…the punch or slap might not be entirely construed as an assault. It might be considered self defense? Why didn’t Joanna file assault charges when it happened? Another example of the ugly on the inside negating the pretty on the outside. Who knew one party would provide such fantastic buffoonery?

      • After New Jersey, this show hits the spot, buffoonery is the ticket….feuding drag queens, screaming Polish princesses, Joe Francis….just a little surreal….blurred out nipples, what a party! Drunken Mama Elsa dancing with herself, just in time for Halloween!

      • ITA. She thinks because she “came from nothing” and has “passion” that she is entitled to act however she wants. Excuses, excuses, excuses…

  4. Did any of these ladies realize their nipples were hangin out and had to be pixelled out the entire episode? Lols! What class! What sophistication!


    • Oh yeah! Apparently my eyesight is failing because I completely missed this comment and commented on it below…

      The cast would have been better off wearing pasties. At least their nipples would have been covered. Jeez…

  5. What did Adriana say about her own outfit….she wanted to be sexy but not too sexy or sexy but still classy? Something like that. Hmmmm. Makes me wonder what unclassy would look like to her?

    • HAHA! I thought my eyesight was failing with all the blurring on the episode. Nope, just nipples playing a nasty trick on me :D

  6. ooooh, Romain was a big, protective guy when he was defending Joanna against the diminutive, benippled, pugilist (Adriana) but appeared less of a champion in the Joe Francis debacle.

  7. I have to say I’m on Adriana’s side in this. While I don’t like when people get physical, if someone rushed up behind me and grabbed my shoulder, I’d have probably slapped her too. It wasn’t like Adriana just clocked her outta nowhere, she was fleeing the situation and got grabbed back by psycho slut.

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