TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: RHONJ Producer Explains Bathroom Scene… “Cut For Time”… VIDEO

October 30, 2012   Bravo

Think you saw the entire bathroom scene on RHONJ?  As usual, the scene was cut to fit in with the producer’s scenario…

“We had to cut this down for time, but Teresa was telling Melissa repeatedly that her heart was beating quite hard, and you could really tell how nervous she was. Melissa was getting anxious to find out what was going on.”

The RHONJ producer explains Tree’s lip-biting:  “This is a nervous tick that Teresa has, she tends to bite her lip when she gets nervous, which we all learned from watching her really closely all season.”


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332 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE, MELISSA GORGA: RHONJ Producer Explains Bathroom Scene… “Cut For Time”… VIDEO

  1. Turdesa was nervous because she was guilty of setting melissa up. I also thought it was very telling when Turdesa tells Melissa and Melissa doesn’t make a big deal out of it; it was Turdesa who insisted in making a big deal out of what Angelo said.

    • You can’t underestimate a sociopath’s ability to lie, Hoosha. Melvin has been caught in so much outright lies — even about things that she didn’t have to lie about — that it’s breathtaking.

      Tweets and interviews of Johnny the Greek state that the place was PACKED with people from Melvin’s past — and apparently her plan was to lie and pretend not to remember any of them!

      A sociopath is so successful in their lies — there are always gullible people who fall for them! — that they truly come to think that they can get away with anything. I’ve had some experience with a person like Melvin and I’ve got to tell you, they are S-C-A-R-Y sick and dangerous.

      • Regardless of Melissa’s past and her mental state as a sociopath, Turdesa did set her up and still denies it. That is her MO, deny deny deny. Just own it!

        • Hi Hoosha!! I have a question for you (if you don’t mind). After all of the posts from Ms SH, FW, etc. saying that the fashion show was a set-up but not by Teresa, do you still really think that Teresa is to blame for this?

          • Yes, because as her SIL she should have warned her. Instead, she played along, which is fine, but now she is facing the consequences.

            • Yes… she should have warned Melissa because Melissa is such an outstanding SIL herself (sarcasm). If Melissa has nothing to hide, as she has stated, there is no “setup”. The only setup being swept under the rug is the one by Melissa with what she wanted to do with Danielle against Teresa.

            • Difference is that Melissa didn’t deny it. She admitted to it and said that she hated Turdesa at the time. It is a set-up, whether she was a stripper or not. I would be very angry if my SIL questioned if I was a stripper. Turdesa has hated Melissa since day 1; all of the problems started with Turdesa.

            • Oh please, this is a TV show, the producers wanted to have a big drama at the end, Teresa may have known but she couldn’t say anything cause otherwise they couldnt have that big drama at the end as Kim D said they all knew but nobody said anything because they couldn’t and the producer who was texting Jac was fired

            • Hoosha, you are wrong. Melissa denied contacting Danielle numerous times but then admitted it at her party and brushed it under the rug. Teresa forgave her even though she had lied previously.

            • That’s how I saw it too MsCynlynn. I would have pissed if my SIL did that to me and then acted so flip about it when she finally had to eggmitt it. I dont believe for one minute that Tree set MeGo up but I would have and then I would have denied it with a smile on my face. One of them “hows it feel ho?” smiles.

            • Oh, I get it. When Turdesa does something bad, like not tell her SIL of the set-up, it is because it is a TV show and the producers have a lot to do with it. But when the other housewives do something, it’s because they are crazy mean jealous women. Ya, ok.

            • I just don’t get where the “set up” of Melissa even is, Hoosha.

              MeHo says she was a bartender and, according to Johnny the Greek, there were tons of people at the fashion show who knew Melvin from back in her Lookers days and who could presumably then back that up.

              I know Melvin wants to make it clear that SHE’S THE VICTIM — but the victim of what? Having it revealed to the world that she was a BARTENDING at night while working as a second-grade schoolteacher during the day!?! Wow, I would really consider it being “set up” to have people know that about me!

              Melvin and Wacko have tried to rationalize their unjustified attack on Tre at the fashion show — which, to be honest, was probably just them doing what Bravo producers told them to do — by saying ooooh, Tre didn’t tell Melvin she was getting “set up.” And some viewers don’t think any farther than that and just buy it. But if people think LOGICALLY, it’s clear that there was no “set up” because there was nothing to be “set up” for!

              If Melvin is to be believed and she was just a bartender and not a dancer, it’s obvious she manufactured all of the Posche Fashion Show drama out of thin air, presumably because of her pitiful desperation for attention. (Luckily, she took time in the bathroom to fix her makeup. “All right, Mr. DeMille. I’m ready for my closeup!”)

              And if MeHo WAS a dancer, why blame Tre for believing the story she and Slow Joe have been telling the Gorgas for the past eight years, i.e., that MeHo was a second-grade schoolteacher who held three jobs just to make ends meet, including working for a couple of weeks as a bartender at a gentlemen’s club?

              I’m so sick of MeHo. If she’s going to lie, she should at least be consistent and not try to place the blame on others when she gets caught in them! If I wanted to watch childish behavior, I’d watch Milania!

        • There was no “set up” if Mel really wasn’t a stripper, which is what Mel keeps saying. And if Mel really WASN’T a stripper, then what was the point of lying that she knew Angelo? Besides, the look of shock on Teresa’s face says it all; she was shocked that Angelo was there. Besides, Teresa isn’t smart enough to “set up” anybody.

          • Whether she was or wasn’t a stripper, the set up makes her feel bad. I don’t think anyone likes being called a stripper, even Dainelle Staub! (she was a burlesque dance, lol).

          • Hahaha, all the housewives have faults, but really Teresa doesn’t think logically and strategically. She might be unaware enough to go along with something, but being manipulative? No. I think that’s why she was so quiet on Celebrity Apprentice- everyone on that show is posturing and manipulating to get the jobs they want or portray themselves in a certain light and I really don’t think Teresa knew what to do or how to act in that situation. People who overly conniving are usually extroverts and can insert themselves well into those types of situations (see: Lisa L. on that show).

            MeGo reminds me of the teenagers I work with who plan and strategize how to “get someone back” or find a reason for someone to hurt/hate me so that I can be victim and people will come defend me. It is so classic, I have to turn off the channel from second hand embarrassment.

            • I felt really sorry for Danielle the last season she was on. I understood that she was being bullied. I didn’t like Teresa that season at all; I thought she behaved like real beast at the PFS. I’ve only come to root for Tre mostly in the last season. But I’ve always loved her kids.

            • Hers, exactly how I have felt and feel about Teresa. I felt so bad for Danielle, but she scared the heck out of me if her “bodyguards” really had guns.

    • Let’s first consider the “bad acting”.

      Then throw in how so many people were crammed into that one bathroom alone: Teresa, Melissa, the sound man, the camera man, the director, and the lighting man not counting the make up artist and hair stylist there for “brush ups” as they all took turns trying to wiggle into space designed for possibly no more than a few persons at a time.

      Reality? Bad editing? More like a case of claustophobia. And what did they do with all those other women in attendance who needed to use the facilities at that time?

      Scripted. Contrived. Worked out ahead of time for who stands where as the cameras roll to capture this “spontaneous” dialogue for posterity.

      • MeGo cannot act to save her life and Teresa isn’t much better. The stilted dialogue. the heinous attempt at scripted confrontation. Ive seen better elementary school playacting.

    • Look Hoosha, the show was proof enough that Melissa was set up. Teresa got caught and it made her look terrible. There is always an excuse for everything Teresa does wrong. The bathroom was explaination enough. Teresa brings it up, Melissa doesn’t react, Teresa brings it up again, Melissa doesn’t react. Teresa again brings it up and now Melissa has decided to get Joey involved. Oh now Teresa freaks out and now wants to find Angelo. Why was she wanting to find Angelo? Well she knew her brother was on the way and maybe, just maybe she wanted to make sure Angelo was long gone before Joey got there. We wouldn’t want everyone to know that Teresa was in on the set up right? Teresa didn’t know that Bravo mic-packed Angelo and everyone heard him say it was Kim’s and Teresa’s idea. It wasn’t anyones fault but Teresa’s.

      • Sure. Mego neede a story and she worked that stripper right down to the finish line. It’s just a crying shame that MeGo can’t act her way out of a paper bag and looks as wooden as a ventriloquist’s dummy. MeGo wasn’t surprised cuz she and her kitty cat executed the entire plan.

      • Maybe, just maybe she didn’t want to see her hot headed brother in trouble for fighting with Angelo. Teresa asked Mego not to call her brother but she replied maybe he wanted to come, but when he got there she (Mego) said she told him not to come. Sounds like high school to me – getting her husband involved because someone said something nasty about her…why did she call him to come if not but to fight? Silly Wench…

        • She could have cared less about her brother fighting. She wanted Angelo out of there so she wouldn’t be connected with the set up. It back fired and the whole world knew and then her brother knew.

          • There’s no evidence, laceys, as to how Tre felt about her brother fighting.

            Since Melvin was the one who called him, however, it does suggests that MELVIN didn’t care what happened to Slow Joe. And that’s consistent with the disparaging statements Melvin has made about Joe — and the Gorgas — through her TTCs as well as her reactions during the reunion when she ignored Joe when he was upset and Caroline moved to calm him down.

            Since Angelo posted that it was a PRODUCER who told him to leave because Slow Joe was coming and they were fearful of a violent confrontation, I guess in truth it was indirectly MELVIN who, by calling Slow Joe, ultimately took Angelo out of the scene.

            Melvin then jumped to the conclusion that Tre was involved in “setting her up” but, again, “set her up” how since there were undoubtedly hundreds of people who knew she worked at Lookers, many of whom were right there at the fashion show and could have readily supported Melvin’s account and clarified the true nature of her employment?

            Gullible or dimwitted people like Slow Joe are, sadly, vulnerable to Melvin’s manipulations presumably because looking through the inconsistencies in her statements would actually require one to THINK. A perfect example of this occurred when Tre told her she must have learned something working at that strip club and Melvin boldly mischaracterized that and encouraged others to jump to the same conclusion, i.e., that it was evidence that Tre was saying she was a stripper, when, of course, there clearly are other jobs at strip clubs — bartending, for example.

            I think most people just recognize by now that Melvin is/was a pretty dirty ho and that while some RHONJ fans embrace the lifestyle others don’t. If Melvin stays on, though, she going to need a storyline because she’s pretty played out.

            • I like Melissa. I think Teresa got caught. She looked like a fool. She didn’t want her brother to know she was in on the setup. If she wasn’t in on the set up, she would have called Melissa when she left the hair and makeup session, but she didn’t It speaks volumes. What Teresa and Angelo said totally proved Teresa knew. Teresa’s jealousy cost her alot. She now has a brother that will not speak to her. She was made a fool of on national tv. Teresa is the one who’s tv days are about done. She is not intellectual enough to have a cooking show, besides she is not a chef. She has her “family” recipes and Heather Maclean to write her books for her. Heck maybe Heather is writing the bravo blog too.

            • So if you believe Angelo that Teresa was in on the “setup” then it must also be true that Melissa was a stripper? If it’s the truth then there’s no setup. Bottom line this has all been played out to the extreme, enough already. At the end of the day no one cared that she was a stripper… or whatever it was that she did.

            • Melissa wasn’t a stripper. Besides who cares. I have to laugh when everyone brought up strippergate. In Nevada there are cat houses. There were women from New York, New Jersey, Penn and even Vermont who worked in those houses all summer and went back to their regular jobs in September. Do you know the profession that was most likely to work there? Teachers. I worked with a lady who did that for 11 years. She was a teacher in New Jersey for 15 years until she went back to school. Who care about being a stripper. I think I would be more critical of one who goes out on their spouse.

            • What seems to be left out of the “Why didn’t Teresa tell Melissa” equation is the fact that Teresa was already getting a tremendous amount flack from everyone for telling her brother that she “heard things” about Melissa. That would make most people hesitate doing it again. You can’t have it both ways. Joey told Teresa not to talk about those things, so Teresa kept it to herself. NOW they want her to do it after giving her holy hell about doing it OFF CAMERA and in PRIVATE the last time.

              Give me a break!

      • Thank you Laceys. What you said: “The bathroom was explaination enough. Teresa brings it up, Melissa doesn’t react, Teresa brings it up again, Melissa doesn’t react” is the reason why it is clear that Turdesa was in on it.

        • And Melissa has a stupid grin on her face and Teresa looks upset….body language tells a lot about a situation.

    • I think Teresa was upset/nervous because she knew what Melissa would play it off as a victim. I actually felt sick for her.
      I’ve been where you are wanting,praying, & trying so hard and you still get crap in the face.
      Who cares who’s good , right whatever? Fact is MeGo & JoHo have caused outrageous stress and hurt at Teresa’s expense!
      Who cares if she didn’t sing everyday to the world she loves her brother? But she also did not sing to the world why she didn’t like them! They are the guilty party!! As Pappy also said, guilty “ALWAYS SINGS FIRST! “

  2. I feel so sorry for Tre! You just know she sensed that she was getting set up, but she didn’t fully understand what was going on or how to protect herself from it.

    If everything was supposed to be fine between them, I don’t understand why Wacky Jackie didn’t text her along with everybody else. According to Bonnie Grippe, the production staff had approached Wacko earlier with a plan that she refused because it would make Tre look bad. Why didn’t Jac tell Tre in advance that Tre was being targeted?

    Andy Cohen has said that Tre is a strong woman who can take take the bullying, but it’s still SO hard on the person. I am mindful of Ashlee’s statement that her mother likes inserting herself in other people’s lives, it just seems so breathtakingly cruel of Jac.

    And frankly, I think being an a$$hole to her friend of 10 years took a terrible personal toll on Jac as well. She’s so full of hate and is so incredibly defensive about her own actions that she not only looks ridiculous but as if she’s become somewhat unhinged — the result of shame, guilt and self-loathing.

    • Great comment Real. I do think it has taken a toll on Caroline and Jax both. They are supposed to scream, yell, threaten to bring the drama and get that Bravo paycheck. Andy loves manipulating the HW until they all look like shrieking balls of insanity. Yet at the end of the day they have to look at the fool in the mirror. Not making excuses as they could have refused and played the storyline to a different conclusion.

      • Ditto. Great comment, Real. I think Jacqueline is failing her guard her own heart, as she continues to participate in all this. She’s digging a hole, but she’s the one that will eventually fall in.

      • “Andy loves manipulating the HW until they all look like shrieking balls of insanity” — TRUE THAT!

        Andy seems like a very personable person, but I have honestly wondered if there was some sort of broad-based hate or disdain for women — or a desire to promote unattractive misperceptions and stereotypical views about them — underlying the entire Real Housewives franchise.

        Is Andy Cohen an undercover operative or just an unwitting accomplice in the War on Women? (***twinkle***)

    • How was Turdesa set up? She was the one who set up Melissa with Kim. She could have called Melissa, tell her in person, etc. Instead, she lets Angelo tell Kim all of info while the cameras are rolling, then she doesn’t tell Melissa, then she looks very nervous making a big deal out of what Angelo said.

        • are you kidding me have you seen some of the things Melissa and the others are icalled
          Why is The Sainted one off limits.

            • I don’t think Katfish is a nasty nickname. Her husband told us she tastes like fish. I can’t speak to the others. I’ve never used those.

            • i call them the tuesday girls, as in see you next tuesday, is that nasty?????
              and they are turds, their behavior is appalling. the “let me tell you something” attitude is unreal. they just prove how stupid they are.
              and most of my child hood issues are resolved. hehe

      • Exactly Hoosha. I agree 100%. After she left the “hair and makeup” session she could have called Melissa, but guess what, she didn’t because she was in on the set up.
        Everytime something does go Teresa’s way, everyone blames Bravo first and then Andy. You don’t see those words uttered by Teresa thou, do you. It that would true, Teresa would be standing on a roof top screaming that but she isn’t is she.

    • RealMafiaGrandmother -
      That part about Bravo asking Jax to go after Tre & Jax refusing to do it……I’ve gone over that part, numerous times. I kept reading it to make sure I was understanding it correctly! Lol! The producer said that everything they had wanted to do to Teresa, would have painted Teresa as the VICTIM! Meaning in each scenario, Teresa would’ve come out on top! Which makes me understand, even more, why Jax wouldn’t do it! She didn’t want Teresa to look like the victim! She wanted to take Tre down!

      • Jax absolutely wanted to take Teresa down and was mad as heck when all her last minute texting didn’t achieve the desired affect. I’m curious who the idiot producer was that allowed all that lap texting . Totally ruined the scene and since Teresa was obviously out of the loop on the big reveal then it they all looked guilty as hell. Also clear they were all in the set-up except Teresa. Kim D and Jax talk everyday on the phone for 90 minutes or so tells me all I need to know. Angelo came along and Teresa knew which way the cookie was going to crumble. I loved it when Teresa said “you tried to set me up Jacqueline”! Huge fail ….huge yawn if Melissa could only have played the victim car with some authenticity…..Nope. Poorly played. Smarter would have been if MeGo table flipped the coven.

  3. Reality TV History? Give me a break. It was a huge yawn fest. The bald guy looked really “fermiliar” yes “fermiliar” to our second grade teacher. Well you have to give MeGo some credit she figured out first day those second graders wouldn’t be shoving hundred dollar bills down her bra when it came time to collect the milk money.

    • After reading your post I went back and listened very closely to that video and OMG she does say “fermiliar”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This producer is not Kat Rodriguez, and is giving an opinion of what he is watching? Teresa was set up by the original producer Kat Rodriguez, Teresa is clearly nervous because Melissa was going to be put on blast about her stripper days, and she probably didn’t know how to say it. It must suck to be in a position where your like, should I say something or not! If Teresa had not said anything, Melissa would be complaining that she should have and would have made drama about not having an opportunity to confront Angelo! Bravo and the original producers knew exactly what they were doing! No matter what Andy Cohen says, they were all in on setting Teresa up! When they realized that Teresa could sue, they started back pedaling. All of these people are in it for the money, but still, the only thing really sad is how Melissa and Kathy went on the show to take down Teresa!! That is truly the saddest part of all to watch!

    • kathy and MeGo both proved that “family loyalty” is not in their lexicon. They were both seething with jealousy and resentment. IMO you could always sense the underlying tension and bitterness when they filmed together. The scenes always looked so forced and uncomfortable with an element of tension even in happy scenes.

      • “Kathy and MeGo both proved that “family loyalty” is not in their lexicon” — you are on FIRE today, Aint!

        You are just NAILING it with every post!

    • teresa brought this up on camera. TERESA broached the subject on camera. This is like some kid getting busted for doing something then claiming it was ‘peer pressure’ when really it was their choice to participate in the behavior. When the choice one makes blows up in your face, that isn’t victimhood, it’s karma.

      • It’s not karma silly it’s Bravo. The set up was engineered by Kim D and Bravo. Johnny the Greek and his gang were looking for their 15 seconds and provided a willing assist.
        Teresa doesn’t want these embarrassing revelations about the MeGo from Lookers, she was the only one without a dog in this fight.

      • I agree. Teresa did it to herself. So if Teresa was set up by Bravo, why doesn’t she come out and say that they did it???? Because they didn’t. It is karma. Karma did come back to get her You lie and you get caught.

        • One word….contract. It has been admitted and revealed by many that this was a set-up by production. And now that I think about it Teresa did say something about her being “set-up” at the fashion show in her text messages with Jax.

          • Teresa confronted Jax about setting her up. Kim D was the bullet, Jax, MeGo were the guns by Bravo. IMO MeGo realized that she wasn’t a hit with the audience and all her attempts to bring it had the opposite affect of only building Teresa’s popularity. Jax was in the same leaky Bravo boat as MeGo and they weren’t ready to bail. Reality was dawning that their attempted coup de ta with Kitty Cat failed as well. So the entire yawn fest called the strippergate limped on to it’s tepid and disappointing conclusion. The coven hoped to take down Teresa but she’s still standing.

            • Agreed! Jac and Meho are so obsessed with Tree and are SO bummed that they have not been successful in taking her down. As you stated, it has had the opposite effect on her popularity. The twitter picture of the two of them “playing” together at the Laurita house was so highschool. Hahahahah! I wonder if they know how foolish they look? I wonder if they sit around and discuss their financial messes- and if they do, how do they manage to blame it on Tree?

            • @Richmond. It just confirms who is behind the setup. Jax is shady and so is Mego. Two ex-strippers probably have a lot in common. At the end of the day who’s zoomin’ who? They are both trying to remain relevant but all they know is high school.

            • Speaking of high school, the high school bully aka Caro posted on her twitter a few hours back: “2 those who woke up and continue to spew hateful garbage grow the hell up and realize what’s important in life” My, my, my Caro! I doubt the publishers of her book would like to see that! That woman has been spewing nothing but venom for two seasons and can’t take the backlash like a woman! This coming from a woman who joined in with her DAUGHTER to mock the intelligence of another woman, demanding her to “Spell napalm, spell napalm!” She gets to tell honest viewers to grow the hell up. Laughable!!

            • Did Caroline Manzo tweet it in the third person.? LOL. If she only had as much control as she thinks she does over all these people that she does not know, will never meet. Could spmeone please advise Chux she is not the thought police.

            • Teresa did say she was set up numerous times.She called out Jacqueline after the fashion show and at the reunion.

            • She can’t say it because of her Bravo contract…..but hey at the end of the day viewers will either believe what Bravo wants them to or the truth behind the scenes that bloggers like SH and others work hard to find. Like the cliche that I’m so tired of hearing, “It is what it is”. LOL!

            • Sure she can tell everyone Bravo set her up….if she wants to be sued by Bravo for being in violation of her contract! Why can’t Caroline say that she’s pissed at Teresa for the Punta Cana incident? Answer: CONTRACT!

            • If you watch the PFS episode closely, you’ll see Teresa shift her eyes a bit and nod her head, saying “OK” as she follows Melissa to the bathroom. IMO she was being instructed by Bravo producers to follow Melissa to the ladies room and raise the issue with her there. Bravo set up!

            • Me personally, I think she wanted the cameras in there when she told Melissa. She wanted to make sure it was being filmed. I don’t believe she was set up by anyone. She did the setting up and it back fired. All she would have had to do was call Melissa and tell her what was said at Kim D’s makeup gathering but she didn’t. That speaks volumes.

            • You are right! In one of the articles it said that the producers told Teresa to tell Melissa what Angelo said. They said that she didn’t want to but after they urged her to do it and MeGo insisted she tell her, Teresa gave in!

            • Bravo at it’s finest. Producers were clearly desperate to pull the past two seasons out of the Bravo toilet but could not. Strippergate ended with a whimper not a bang.Danielle love her or hate her could really bring on the drama. Teresa and Danielle were a combustible combination. MeGo doesn’t have the charisma or appeal. I mean does anyone really care. Most people were like Melissa’s a stripper and why is that news?

        • Total Karma! She was a bully to Danielle in season 1 and 2. She bullied her SIL Melissa and now she is paying for it.

          • And next season Melissa will all of a sudden be the pariah. I can’t believe you’re falling for this crap. Relax. It’s just a tv show. I’m not the biggest Teresa fan myself, but you’re just EXTRA. Did she do something to you personally? If not, she shouldn’t affect you.

            • How am I EXTRA? Hmmm, because I don’t believe that Turdesa is an innocent victim? All I did was post that I think Turdesa was in on it because she looked really nervous and made a big deal out of it when Melissa didn’t seem to care at first. God bless.

            • Cool your jets. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. You just come off like you have a personal gripe with Teresa. Half the time, I actually AGREE with you. (Side note: I cracked up laughing at the “Turdesa” thing. Every other cast member has a silly nickname.)

            • Did Jax,caroline and Melissa do anything to you or the Other posters here? If not they shouldn’t effect you niether

        • Would it have done any good or even been aired if Teresa had said so ? NO! Exactly!
          Action scream loudest and past actions prove Teresa didn’t bad mouth anyone until after 2 years of constant slander

          • I thnk Teresa is her own worst enemy. If Teresa would have called Melissa and told her what Kim was up to, there would have been no big blow up. But Teresa didn’t because she was in on it. Thats what I believe.

          • Teresa didn’t bring up her brothers finances and the “real” reason Melissa and Joe are moving. Melissa was blaming her nieces for the move and Teresa still let it go and didn’t reveal why they have to move. She never brought up Jac’s finances either, and as far as the comments about Teresa being jealous of Melissa, there is a blog, I was came across while googling something about the RHONJ and it caught my eye. I believe its called Uncommon ground? anyhow it dates back to 2008, when RHONJ was beginning, it’s pretty revealing the posting from “a family member” (Melissa) bad mouthing the show and this person’s family member on the show (Teresa). It shows who was really the jealous one, and it wasn’t Teresa. This is before the show even aired, its very sad that Melissa has found sympathy for her actions against her SIL. She had been wanting a piece of Teresa’s limelight for a very long time, she found a way to get it and to destroy Teresa in the process. Melissa is a user, what is very sad is no one would even know who Melissa is if it wasn’t for Teresa. Teresa is the reason she is on the show, they wanted Teresa back in 2008, not Melissa. In 2011 if Teresa wasn’t on the show neither would Melissa be on the show its that simple. Every magazine cover, every singing gig, every TV show, every blog her name comes up on is because of the person she wants to destroy. If she Teresa was so terrible to her why would she want to go on a show where she has to interact with her almost daily? It doesn’t add up. When I had issues with my SIL, I turned down any family gatherings to not be near my SIL or my brother. It was to toxic for a time, so I felt I needed some peace. I didn’t want the drama so I stayed away, but Melissa signed up for it and planted seeds in every conversation she had with the other cast members, Teresa’s name was a staple in her conversations. We on the other hand for the first 2 seasons never heard Melissa’s name, Teresa didn’t need to use Melissa’s name to stay relevant on the show.

  5. Melissa’s mannerisms look quite “fermiliar” to me. Looks like she’s trying to be Cher with the hairstyle, the hair flip over the shoulder, and the tongue over the front teeth.

      • Gorgeous? Rode hard and out away wet. You can take the girl out of lookers but you can’t take the Lookers out that girl.

        • I think Melissa is very pretty and has a Nice Figure. She dresses no different then The Sainted one. Its funny were are suppose to forget Teresa mistakes in her past her lying to the court, and her treatment of Danielle yet Melissa who hasnt danced in 7 yts will be a Stripper forever not worthy of redemtion ever. Man I wish my mistakes in life could be so easly forgiven/forgotten as Teresa are even though she hasnt changed IMO.

          • I think she’s nice looking, too, and they are probably more similar than they are different. Personally, I think they’re both jealous of each other.

            • Well I will ignore the blatant exaggeration and say that Teresa has been bullied in this very manner for two years. All her financial problems , personal issues have been speculated on gossiped about. Her cast mates relished making her the scapegoat. The only discussion of the Lauritas bankruptcy, The Wakilies and Gorgas finacial shenanigans have occurred at the reunion. So sweeping it under the rug is not valid.We are all fully aware of Teresa’s problems. IMo they should all be held to the same standard .

          • Then MeGo needs to put away the partying. The adult party at the beach with kids in tow wasthisclose to a drunken disaster. Whippits, drunken groping, drunks shoving each other in the pool. Beyond gross and irresponsible to subject children to that.

            • and Teresa nor Juicy have ever done Inapproproprate things in fro t of ther kids like Cuss,be drunk and dicuss Juicys various afaairs.

            • Lisa ,IMO, drugs are out of bounds. They all drink on the show but when children are in danger I call foul.

            • Aint, MeGo also needs to stop going to the middle of a dance floor (surrounded by people) , dropping to her knees and simulating a blow job on her half naked husband. That is a great photo for the family album.

            • Ive had enough of poison , c**kblocker, buttbuddies. IMO I think the Jersey shore angle backfired . MeGo and JoGo attempted to make it their storyline and it was ho-hum. Another boring fail from the twins of nasty.

          • Lisa, I’ve noticed that on a number of occasions you have posted with regard to “sainting” Tre.

            As you may know, the word “saint” is closely associated with Christian tradition and the Catholic faith, and I feel compelled to say that using it in the context of the RHONJ — or any of the RH franchise shows — really offends me deeply. While I certainly respect your opinions and your right to post them, there are times I have been so upset by the use of that word that I’ve had to stop posting and actually walk away from the computer!

            There are certain words that civilized people agree to refrain from using — words that have a history of disparaging individuals with special needs, for example, or words historically associated with the disparagement of persons of color.

            With this in mind, then, may I respectfully request that we agree to refrain from using the word “saints” and the various iterations of it here? I would be very grateful!

            • Real, please do not get upset and stop commenting! Mostly, because I love your posts. But, also, because the anti-Teresa fans want us to stop commenting. I want to hear your opinion!

            • Who has told Tre fans to not comment? I havent heard not one person tell anyone to not comment.
              Im sorry after all the digusting words and vile name calling i hear on here toward the Other ladies and no one says a word I get chastised for calling SAINT really?

            • I am kind of amazed too. Its alright to call Jac, Caroline, Melissa and Kathy all kind of filthy names but please don’t call Teresa any names that are not glowing. So I guess everyone will be practicing the nice name posting right. I have never ask anyone not to post unlike some have told me. I was even called some pretty vile names for just talking against Teresa. I can be a fan of who I like. So can everyone here.

            • When were you called vile names Lisa? I can recall you telling people they were helicopter parents . I was offended when you referred to your healthy children and said it was to bad others were not as blessed . the discussion was about autism and we were all relaying experiences with their children. Frankly I thought it was a smug comment and offensive but I considered the course. I have never read a comment calling you vile names.

            • I have a copy of what I was called by adios, if you need to see it. I also have the copy of the message from one that said it was all my fault she was made to leave the site. I am sure thats not true either. I can say what I like about Teresa and I feel that she is not a good parent or role model for any child, and thats my opinion. Seems you are offended by my presence. I am sorry for that but I think I like it here and plan on contributing Wink wink nudge nudge. Did you also read the rest of my post about blessed to have children who are not born healthy. I have a nephew who is autistic. He was born with sever autism and is not high functioning like some here. I am blessed every day to have him in our lives. If you were offended I am sorry It wasn’t meant that way. If you don’t like hearing my opinions or posts, please scroll over them and don’t read them.

            • That was she Schatting part. Your last name aint Schatting that was just the way you had to post your SCREEN NAME. It was not a direct attack on you or your thoughts. I do remember you did that to a couple of posters though calling them hateful.

            • If you can have personal opinions about the hearts of posters then she can post a definition making a joke. No way was that a personal attack on you or your character no more than someone poking fun of my screen name would be …remember these are screen names. Try not to take it so serious. :) Calling someone hateful does walk right up to the line of breaking a SH rule No attacking posters for their opinions. If someone is of the opinion that Jax is making up the whole thing and LOVING all the publicity then that’s their opinion they are free to post it and you can disagree and state the reason why without calling the person hateful. The FAS discussion ended up being very informative.

            • I agree the fas discussion ended up being informative. Just like Real took the named added to Teresa personal, what was said to me was personal. It wasn’t you that was called those names, it was me. Maybe it didn’t offend you but I was offended. What she said had nothing to do with my name.

            • I read it. It was a play on your chosen screen name nothing. Your last name aint schatting. Your screen name was Laceyschatting. Because word press wont allow for apostrophes. Its apples and oranges to compare.

            • And just to elaborate , until Adios posted that definition I had no idea there was an actual name for it. My husband does dome of his best work on his laptop while on the crapper. Most people, if they are honest Have indeed composed emails, twittered, facebooked or texted while taking a poo or in the case of females doing a tinkle. It aint no thang but a chiken wang(love that)

            • I want to make it clear that I most certainly did NOT intend to “chastise” you, Lisa!

              Indeed, I want it known to all that I recognized that what I was asking was a FAVOR from Lisa — that she CHOOSE not use a word/phrase THAT SHE IS ENTITLED TO USE — because it bothers me so much so that I get really upset.

              I knew that Lisa had no idea that that particular phraseology was really bothering me, and if I had had the ability to approach her in private I would have done so.

              It was my intention, moreover, to make my request respectfully, and I hope I did.

              It is to Lisa’s credit that, despite the fact that we disagree on some things (***twinkle***) I felt comfortable enough to make the request, because I knew she had no way of knowing how much that particular phrase, used in that particular way, bothered me.

              And, laceys, with respect to your remark below, it was NOT calling “Teresa any names that are not glowing” that was the issue. Certainly, we all call all of these ladies names all the time! It is simply the use of the word “saint” that I have respectfully requested that we chose to avoid because to me — and possibly others here — it has religious significance and connotes HOLINESS. If I did not explain that adequately previously, I sincerely apologize.

              Thank you all again for considering my REQUEST.

            • I do not believe in God dispite growing up in a relisuis household to me the word is just another adjetive to discribe someone who is always without blame.
              Sometimes when we use words liike that we need to see how the intent was whjen the word is used. I wanst using it reference to religion I was using it as a adjective nothing more. And Yes FAT PIG and other refernces to Lauren(or any other overweight person) do offend me however i dont stiffle other people Freedom of speech it something I feel strongly about. Only time I have ever said anythin gin reference to Lauren being calle dthose names is when she gets called them when she has obvuisly lost all the weight.
              However I do respect people I will try and find a new word to discibe teresa blamelessness (did i just invent a new word) Like all sinners I may fail from time to time.

            • I am a Teresa Fan and think you make some valid points, however, I think this request is quite ridiculous! With the topics and name calling being discussed on here daily, to get upset about this just doesnt make any sense and posters should not have to worry about offending other posters over something so impersonal (as name calling a celebrity). Its up to you if you chose t be offended.

            • Whether the name-calling on here is worse or not, Lisa…..RealMafiaGrandmother has not used those words towards anyone, and her RESPECTFULLY asking you to refrain from using a word she takes great offense to, and you say No?? I just don’t understand??! Why not lead by example?? Maybe if one person respects the request of another, more people will be willing to do it. If they don’t, well then at least you rose above it. And I really don’t believe that Mafia was “chastising” you. She respectfully asked you to refrain from using a word that she values greatly, & gave you an explanation as to why it bothered her. But, because other people use words you don’t agree with, you will keep using words that offend people, because “they do it, too”????

            • Totally agree. The hypocrisy in here is so off-putting. Melissa gets called a whore (Meho) daily in here. There is no proof of her being promiscuous or any proof that she cheats on her husband. No proof that she uses drugs. Melissa has been accused of all of these things. There are negative facts regarding Melissa. She worked at a strip club, she shoplifted and she can’t sing. Everything else about her is just harmful gossip from the Teresa fans.

            • cns, I was right there with you until you said “Everything else about her is just harmful gossip from the Teresa fans.”

              The things you cite — promiscuous behavior, drug use, cheating on her husband — are being stated by people WHO KNOW MELISSA. But I think it’s significant to note that those people are not necessarily fans of Tre.

              It appears that Melissa has a large and surprisingly well-organized group of former friends and acquaintances who openly claim to have known her for years and who have publicly said some very disparaging things about her. She has not disputed these things and unfortunately they are not inconsistent with some of this couple’s filmed behavior.

            • Some people dont feel the need to address mindless gossip. If I hear gosdsip about me I roll my eyes and walk away. But its funny how these people sit and listen woth open ears and practicually drooling while listening to the nasty stories and the ones telling them look almost ogasmic while spreading hte nastiness I hope they confess there sins next time they are in church praising the lord.

            • Just wondering who are “these people” you’re referring to, Lisa who are drooling while listening to the nasty stories and looking orgasmic while spreading nastiness?

            • Oh! Are you talking about Slow Joe? While I might not use them myself, the words mindless, drooling and orgasmic do kind of bring him to mind.

            • Anyone out there can claim to know Melissa. Anyone can claim that someone is promiscuous, uses drugs, cheats on her spouse but if its not proven, its not true. Joe Giudici was caught in a booth with a lady holding her hand, he was on the phone with someone calling his wife a few filthy names and everyone said it was his girlfriend. He was caught exiting a room in Atlantic City with another woman. Do I think Joe Giudice has cheated on his wife, oh yeah. There is pictures of him holding thoses womans hands.. Do I think that Melissa is promiscuous, uses drugs or cheats, absolutely not. There is no proof but someone standing on a soap box accusing her of it cause they can. Teresa came into a bookstore where I was there. Do I know her, No.

            • Lisa, I never said anyone has said that other people cannot comment. When someone says something you do not agree with you do not need to join the conversation. I was commenting to real mafia grandmother not you. Nothing I typed had anything to do with you.

            • Oh isee now I cannot comment on a post thats posted on a public forum, Let me jot that down on my list of CANNOT DO.

            • I get your frustration, Real, but you need to realize that according to the PC Police, there are certain groups that it’s okay to offend nowadays. Urinate on a crucifix? Great! Call someone “trailer trash”? Fine! Take the Lord’s name in vain? More power to ya! But use the “F” word or draw a cartoon about someone’s religious figure and POW, you’re toast! Lisa — I’m not responding to you. I like you and I know you are not intending to do anything close to what I’ve cited above. I’m just commenting on the bigger picture of where our society has gone.

            • So lets see so far I cannot say Christ,jesus or any reference to a diety, I now cannot say Saint..FIne I dont want to hear lauren called fat pig or any other derogatory references to her weight That as a Fat person myself offends me. I dont want to hea rthe words, whore or slut or Bitch in reference to the ladies because as a women that offends me.

              so I am glad we have adopted this no offending words polocy now.

            • Apprently there is from the posts the past few weeks telling me what words I can say and not say. Maybe its just a policy for me.

            • Lisa, as I stated, my comment was not meant for you, as I stated. I agree that we shouldn’t be calling people out for their weight, either, and I never have. I comment on the words and actions of people here, not their appearance. I have not called Lauren fat. I stated she has a beautiful face and looks great. (Okay, so I admit I called Richie Liver Lips, but his words and actions so repulsed me I couldn’t resist.)

            • Sorry if I offended you by answering the question posed to another person. I knew what OP was talking about, so I chimed in with the answer. If you are implying that “Hers” and I are the same person, then you are wrong.

            • I know what I said. Why did Ana answer me and not you. I asked you. “Ana” had nothing to do with this. Interesting

            • actually it was his freedom of speech and expression at work. While I disagree with the the “art” I am glad I live in a country where its citzens can speak their minds and express themselves through art. If

            • I am all for the First Amendment. This artist is entitled to be an offensive creep, if he wants to be. What I have an objection to is the government subsidizing this so-called “art” with tax dollars. The First Amendment guarantees one’s right to say what you want, it doesn’t mean that others should be compelled to pay for it with their tax dollars.

              Interestingly, in the wake of that movie which offended another religion, we had government officials talking about prosecuting the maker of that film. What, no NEA grants for Nakoula Basseley Nakoula?

            • Sorry if I offended you by answering the question posed to another person. I knew what OP was talking about, so I chimed in with the answer.

            • Hers, you and I seem to see eye to eye on a lot of issues. I guess I can see why someone might think we are the same person. But, I don’t have multiple user names. That’s not my style. If I have something to say I will take credit (or blame) for it under this user name and no other.

            • Ok I confess I am the Ham that gets slammed into the wall when the Manzoes play the ham game.

            • Sowwy. I am much older than you Dearest made. I am used to the old school Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes version of this song.

            • I love that song. The originals are always better I haven’t checked out the Howard Melvin version but I will. thanks

            • PBS usually runs a special during their fundraising and you can watch all the oldies but goodies groups. The Bluenotes all look pretty old but Man! they have some smoothe moves. They do all the perfectly choreographed dips and slides complete with hand gestures. Kinda cool.

            • Love ya Made. Love, love, love Simply Red. I love this song. I have never heard this version but it is my new favorite. OT. I may have a hook up for ya when Gabe goes off to Uni. Serious. He may not want to go very far away from home tho.

  6. What you see on the tv every week is no longer the reality show. The REAL reality show is the weekly exposure on the blogs of Bravo and Andy Cohen, and the Producers’ behind-the-scenes shenanigans and manipulation of the Housewives to progress a fake storyline. THAT’s where the action is for true reality fans. Cohen better figure it out. We can watch the networks for lame scripted television. Fans of the reality genre will get their reality one way or another… and the biggest fakers have the hardest fall in the end.

    • Well put, Galloway! I LOVE when these kind of stories come up! Just shows more viewers that you can’t believe everything you see on TV! Although I don’t know why people started believing anything on TV is truth, anyway! Just because there is a “Real” in the name(IE: REAL World, REAL Housewives, etc….)!

  7. Melissa Gorga lies non-stop. Would not surprise me if she set herself up. The way she went on her media tour after was proof enough she thought it was her Kardashian sex tape or perhaps Trump card. If you look at Melissa from season 3 compared to season 4 her voice, face, mannerism, fakeness, everything is different. Melissa is a chameleon. when trying to be teresa still didn’t make us like her she decided it was time to clone JLO. Sad grown woman, mother of three children. I’ve never met a more beautiful woman that’s evil, slimey, gross insides make her even uglier on the outside. GO AWAY Melissa. Victim lol Even Andy laughed at that one.

  8. Why do people ignore Melvins lying, manipulations, nastiness towards her husband’s family? I guess so people think it is okay to get what you want at any means necessary. What kind of woman marries into a family and then sets about trying to destroy a cherished member of the family. That Melvin is the worst kind of person, she is so jealous and envious, is that what her precious Jesus what her to act like? She is calling Jesus’ name at the same time she is twisting a knife in her SILs back. How can anyone condone that kind of behavior. How can you look at yourself in the mirror and find Melvin’s behavior acceptable? I am not going to run a list of Teresa’s accomplishments–but not everyone makes it to the NYT bestseller’s list but most people hate her for that, oh no, she stole the recipes from Kathy’s mom, silly me I forgot. Most women don’t even know their husbands are cheating on them, the one doing the most talking needs to hire a PI to find out what her husband is doing.

    • MeGo is a Judas to the entire Gorga family. She didn’t move a muscle when Krapfish insulted the elder Guidices and later tried to play it like “oh we have dinner once a week with Joey’s parents”.! The elder Gorga was in the hospital and MegO didn’t even visit. Notice Teresa didn’t put her on blast for that or anything else. Yet MeGo and her sisters blast Teresa constantly. MeGo loyal? She blamed Teresa’s kids for moving out her dream home. Please biotch..We pay our bills? Are you kidding me.That is pretty low considering they can’t.

      • I have developed a disgust with our society. Nobody really seems to be interested in the truth, and that is the plain old simple truth. I keep asking myself what kind of person would support or condone Kathy, Caroline, or Melissa’s behavior. Who would emulate their behavior. Are there that many people that are that twisted that they are intentionally setting out to destroy another person just for their simple pleasure. When I don’t like a person for whatever reason, I don’t talk about them, I don’t wonder about them, I don’t have to see them. I have a life and I think it is good so whatever everyone else is doing I am only thankful for what I am doing.

        • I’m right there with you, RahRah. It really is a shame….and it makes me sad that my son is growing up in a world where that kind of behavior is starting to become the norm. =(

          • take care because these kids today only think of themselves, my daughter is a college freshman now and we raised her with biblical principles and Robert Fulghums, Everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten. she really is a thoughtful and considerate kids, and understands the world does not revolve around her, she has to find her place.

            • I teach my son the same values, RahRah. He is only 8 years old, so I still have time! Lol! Ever since he could talk, strangers would compliment him, and me, on how well-mannered he is. He has ALWAYS said “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me”, etc. He is very caring(& very protective of his Mama)!
              My hope is that he will turn out just like your daughter, when he is older. I feel SO bad for him when he has to deal with other kids that are not as courteous & caring as he is! It’s hard to teach him to respect other people, but to also stand up for himself, at the same time.(Not sure if that makes sense! Lol!)

            • but when you meet their mommas you will see why the kids are such daughter told me about her roommate when she came home this weekend (1st time) and I was literally shocked. I raised a pretty special kid, she stays away from drama, thinks for herself, doesn’t like to see people mistreated, is mannerable to point of being super refined for her age, I tell her everyday how proud I am of her because I am not going through what some other mothers are with their daughters. I taught my daughter to listen for the truth, because everyone is going to be lying to you.

            • Exactly, Rah! I look at the parents and just smh. It’s a shame that while we’re trying to teach our kids to respect one another, there are other parents, out there, teaching their kids to hate! One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when a child/young adult disrespects an adult(that doesn’t deserve it)! It’s like nails on a chalkboard! Needless to say, respect was the FIRST thing I taught my son! Lol!

            • My parents at a very young age taught me how to be around adults, My dad being a preacher i was exposed at a young age to be around adults and interact with them. No way would I have gotten away with some of the things I have seen kids do. I work in a clinical set up and some parents just let their kids run up and down the hallway screaming at the top of there lungs. anyways I also deal with young adults and its always telling on how they speak to me, I can tell if they were raised with morals and respect or if they were raised by animals. It always warms my heart when i get called maam even by young men and women. I can tell its not just the Military that teaches them that its their parents, you just can just tell when its parental influnce.

    • Teresa lies to everyone too. She lied to the court, she lied to her fans when she said that the business partner was paid in full. Per MS SH, he hasn’t been paid a dime. Everyone here says, Oh poor Susan Komen Foundation, but what about the lady who was injured in the stairs that broke in the apartment building that Teresa and Joe owned. She sued them and won 137,000.00 and she hasn’t seen a dime either. Teresa needs to quit lying, pay the people she owes and quit living like a diva. She said Joe had to buy her diamonds to make up for calling her a B and C on tv. Sorry. Most of us would never tolerate being made a fool of on a tv show Most of us would never lower ourselves to take diamonds as a payment for what was said. Most of us would have said, you have money to buy diamonds, maybe you need to pay your business partner who you forged his signature, sold his property and took the money.

      • @Laceys, if that plaintiff got a judgment against Tre and Juicy, she should be able to collect at some point. There are many ways to collect on a judgment over the years. You have to admit that Tre is out there hustling to earn money and pay her debts, unlike that botox freak Jacqueline, who sits on her butt tweeting all day while she owes much more.

        • Teresa lied in court and has to pay everyone back, it wasn’t her choice. Let me see, Jail or pay everyone back. Teresa seems to be tweeting more than everyone. So earn your money and pay your bills, don’t spend it. I am sure each one of those who haven’t been paid are collecting a huge amount of interest too, I think on judgements in New Jersey the rate is about 9%. Am I missing something, last I heard the SA Bankruptcy hasn’t been closed, correct?

          • I never said Tre was perfect, that she didn’t lie, or that it wasn’t her choice to either withdraw the BK or face fraud charges. The point, again, is that she is now out there hustling to earn money and repay the debts. And I respect her for that. Not sure what there is to argue about.

            • please reconsider, I love Joe Guidice too, I mean when I saw him flipping pizzas I knew this man would do whatever, legally he had to do to finance his family’s lifestyle. Now my ex, I asked him to get a part-time job, he is an attorney, because our daughter would be entering college in 9 months and I didn’t want all the financial responsibilities to fall on me. He acted like he was too good to work for the child he supposedly lives for, oh by the way she doesn’t have a car because he didn’t get her one. My Dad told me to wait awhile before buying her a car so I’ve picked up several new clients.

            • that is the seem reason I respect her, hell I admire her gumption, she likes nice things and she is willing to work for them. unlike some women who have the luxury to have a husband who can give them every material thing they want. I am not against this woman either because if I had the time I can think of alot of things to do to help my society, especially children living in poverty.

      • how come she is not in jail? personally, I don’t have any intimate knowledge just what the bloggers post and they appear to post only the facts. I mean the fact that she is not in jail has to be solid proof she was not stupid and told a lie that could be dissected in 3 minutes.

        • Rather than face felony fraud charges for not disclosing all her assets and incomes, Teresa and Joe Giudice recinded the bankruptcy for over 11 million dollars and chose to pay each and every creditor.

          • I find that more honorable than using the court system to clear your debt so you can start all over again. I am one of those persons who doesn’t like to owe anybody anything and especially do not like to have to finance a car. I would suffer before I borrowed money. Someone very dear to me was in the real estate market and then one of their older buildings flooded, they spent their savings helping their displaced tenants and eventually allowed the building to be foreclosed. This sent my dear, dear friend to therapy, she felt like such a failure and they were embarrassed by the foreclosure. I don’t my girl is going to ever get over it.

            • Lisa, you sound like a very honorable person. Don’t beat yourself up over it. I’m sure you did the best you could.

            • I know you of all people are not agreeing with something I posted. I would feel better if you didn’t, I know you post here like I do but I don’t want any of the Kathy, Melissa or Caroline’s fans agreeing with anything I post. Don’t trust them!!

            • Where did i ever say I was a Kathy,Melissa or Caroline fan. or do you assume all Non tre fans Love them?
              Fact is I am a fan of none of them but judge them on a case by case basis in fact I have defend Teresa a number of times.

            • You’re right, Lisa. You are equal-opportunity with your disgust, lol. I’m the same way. All those broads on the show are NUTS! Keep doing you. I enjoy reading your comments.

            • She didn’t do it to be honorable, she did it to say out of jail. It wasn’t a choice. Both her and her delightfully honest husband were facing felony fraud charges and perjury charges. Rahrah, I agree. I didn’t believe in the bankruptcy court idea until someone here enlighted me. Alot of people lost jobs and lost not only incomes but health care. There is a reason for bankruptcy courts. I have always been able to pay my bills and when I was in a tough spot, I got a second job but thats not always available to everyone and in this economy, 1 job is sometimes impossible. Right now, there are alot of victims out there. There was alot of people ripped off by lousy mortgage companies who wanted them to fail. Our economy is in dire straights People would take any job in someplaces. Adults are taking jobs at McDonalds to survive. I am sorry for your friend.

            • Oh, but it is honorable, because she could have kept the bankruptcy in place and followed through and been much richer. Her financial tide turned with show, I don’t think T has had an income since maybe getting married or the first child, that is my impression. You should look at some bankruptcy filings and really fraudulent bankruptcy financial activities leading up to the filing. The new bankruptcy laws enacted, what 7, 8 years ago really did not to a great degree change the behavior of those filing bankruptcy, now when you have to file you do have to take a budget/financial management class. Where the economy effects an entire industry, ex. real estate, your bankruptcy is likely to be approved by the court. If you can payback your creditors, but are asking your creditors to only take the principal and no interest, there’s a bankruptcy filing for that too.

              I do want to point out that the bloggers do a fantastic job, some are even better researchers and journalist than Rahrah. I have never found a post that was inaccurate and research takes time but even when the facts are presented straight-forward, people seem to read something different.

            • Rah-rah. I have former friend s who knew they were facing foreclosure and bankruptcy.
              I always kept my mouth shut and never commented as it was none of my business. Even when my (former friend) ragged at me for not paying for my daughter’s wedding. I explained that each child had the same amount of money set aside and if they wanted to spend more or less that was their choice. She told me I should just put it on a credit card. No way. They inherited enough money not to file but quickly filed and dragged out settling the estate so they could keep their inheritance. So I admire Teresa and Jo for paying it off no matter how they arrived at that decision. They learned a lesson maybe?
              My friends had filed before so I suppose that is their solution. I think they are not the norm however and most people are doing what they have to do.

          • Rationally at 8-11 million or so how fast do you expect that to happen Lacey? Realistically how fast can we expect Teresa to pay it all back? I do not think with Real Estate values sinking and foreclosures continuing how that is going to happen.

            • ITA cns and then without using a dime of her earnings to live on. I’m sure it’s a case of feeding the hungriest most demanding alligators snapping at your heels. I wouldn’t want to walk in her shoes . I admire Teresa because IMO she went to work and started building a brand. No tears. No whining. She didn’t take it out on others but moved forward and tried to stay positive.

            • Well there is a saying “everything become easier when you have no other choice” The Guidices had no choice but to stop the Bankruptcy it had little chance of going through they could have insisted I suppose but that would have opened them up to a Federal investigation. Now we come to paying the bills I suppose they didnt have to but then their debtors would have dragged them from one end of civil court to the other and they would have lost everything including that Tomb they live in so again They really had no choice. Yes Teresa works hard to pay back what she owes even in part. But she really didnt have much of a choice if she wanted to come out with her flashy dresses on her back.

            • LOL at the tomb they live in. Someone else on another cite referred it to a huge funeral parlor, but I like both descriptions. The banks know that they could never find a qualified buyer with that tacky esthetic so I am glad they are allowed to pay back the money they own. But who would want to live in someone else’s home? Isn’t that gross? Funny right? I don’t really find it at all honorable that they are forced, yes forced to pay their debts. If they were looking at jail time that usually means that they did something illegal. If they weren’t on TV they may have gotten away with it all.

            • The funny thing is if they hadn’t done all the lying and cheating no one including me wouldn’t have had a problem with them. stuff happens but telling the truth is always the honorable thing to do.

      • are you speaking factually? I am confused, how do you know these details or is this just supposition on your part. How can you present these items as facts? Where is your proof?

        You mention a slip and fall, a slip and fall is the number one lawsuit filed in this country and very few of these slip and fall cases are won, you’d have to a very negligent building owner to be found guilty. Jurors think you should look where you are walking and won’t trust you because they think you’re just after easy money.

        First, the complainant would be represented by a lawyer who will surely get his legal fees if contingent on the case, a judgement in favor of the complainant–the lawyer is going to pursue that and there are several ways he can collect, 1) placing a lien on there private property, 2) the building has to have insurance for such accidents so the insurance pays, or 3) get a court order seizing their assets-cars, homes, anything they have of value to satisfy the judgement. However, if all this had happened the bloggers haven’t found it, you know how everyone is just waiting to rip Teresa and Joe a new ass hole anyway. You’re just spreading more smut to make them look bad, if not come witht the proof if you want to be believed.

        • Teresa and Juicy dirty dealings have been reported in the Legit Press and Juicy exploits in his Building like not paying the electric bill on a building and the Elec being shut off is well known and his respnse in the middle of winter was not to pay the bill but to bring Generators in to warm and light the building are all in the NJ papers. So no one is making anything up or assumning anything and yes bloggers have found it I believe even some of it is on SH.

  9. I don’t understand how this somehow changes anything? We all know Bravo edits everything for a lot of reasons.

    Teresa prides herself on being a big, bad, tough girl. Her heart pounding “acting” was totally obvious and ridiculous.

    She knew what was going down and she was doing a very bad acting job trying to make herself look innocent.

  10. re: misplaced loyalty and believing b.s.

    I do expect older women to set an example for younger women.

    What would happen to the Melissa believers if they took off their rose colored glasses and saw her for the vindictive, evil witch she really is?

    Melissa talks under her breath, says ugly things when it comes to her SIL, sides with her SIL enemies. Okay I get it she doesn’t like her SIL but why go way out of her way to hurt her SIL? That will only comeback to hurt her, do you people not understand that?

    Melissa has said, “we pay our bills.” I guess Joe Guidice during the reunion outing Joe Gorga (because people will talk, for whatever reason) for borrowing money from everybody every week to pay his bills is irrelevant.

    Melissa says, ‘they’re moving because she has already judged, convicted and sentenced her husbands so called precious nieces by predicting they will attack her child, their cousin. I guess she doesn’t see them a relatives but as a bunch hoodlums ready rob a bank.

    Meanwhile, blog owners are posting all these court documents detailing the financial state of the Gorgas but they still refuse to believe. I defend honor, justice, and fairness. PLEASE DON’T TELL ME HOW I SHOULD THINK OR FEEL–EXPRESSING MY INDIVIDUALITY.

    There really needs to be some kind of test for Gorga loyalty, can one of the Gorga fans open a paypal account so the Gorga fans can donate to their opulent lifestyle and help them pay their electric bills on time? I am interested in seeing in dollars how committed their fans are to their privileged lifestyle. The proof is in the money.

    • Probaly the same thing would happen if Tre fans took off their rose colored glasses and saw what she is really like.

      • okay, Dragon, I want you to know I have never gone out my way to make a person feel bad or treat them like shit. I am not a mission to destroy anyone or bring anyone down. Whatever Teresa does is magnified. And remember, the people we are discussing were her friends and family. I get it, you play dirty like them, and there is no room for decency and respect. I guess you the paypal volunteer. You need to help out your the Gorgas. At last weeks football game I showed up with 12 bottles of Fabellini. I put my money behind what I like and you won’t read about me downloading any auto-tuned itunes either.

        • Pardon me? Oh wait i forgot its ok to trash everyone but Teresa.
          You dont know me but assume i play dirty …hmm ok.

          • I never saw Teresa do anything but flip a table. Her enemies said she did this and she did that, I am not going on their word, never ever.

            • well I feel dofferent and see way more then a table flip
              I would never call any other poster her a dirty player or any name for believing what they believe.

            • I saw her chase Danielle through a country club … to find out from her who was feeding her information. Turns out it was her sweet songbird of a SIL Melissa.

        • Why can’t some of us just support Teresa without having to list all the faults we find in her, too? I don’t think RahRah has ever said Teresa is perfect, and there are enough people listing her faults over & over(namely the other NJHW’s). Why do we have to be accused of thinking Teresa is a saint? Just because we don’t list all the things we find wrong with her, doesn’t mean we think she’s perfect. Some of us just think her faults don’t amount to the backlash she has received, & that’s why we support her. Not to mention the fact that the other housewives aren’t having all their “faults” put out there like the Giudices are, & that is EXTREMELY frustrating!

            • Lisa, I posted that comment before the offense of “saint” was brought up, & I was using it in the context of other people saying it…..not coming from my own mouth(or laptop). =)

          • thank you because I would never, never, never uphold Teresa if I thought she did something wrong. I’ll tell you this, if I had to choose one to be my friend for a day, I would choose Teresa. I think I am more intune with Teresa, we seem to like the same things, cooking, raising our children, shopping, socializing. I don’t have strategy meetings to determine how to t ake someone down–my time is valuable and nor do I care to hurt anyone. I understand why they hate Teresa it is pure and simple and old as the Bible–envy and jealousy. If Teresa were down on her luck, didn’t have three best selling books on the NYT list, a great cocktail drink, and now what is looking like she’ll be poised to sell her shampoo to an international company and who will buy her image along with formula. You think Teresa has already hit the big time, just wait.

            I am still affected by Joe Gorga calling his sister garbage, it was like it came from out of nowhere. Has anyone noticed that we have never seen Teresa do any of the things they have accused her of doing. Oh, I think I would have beat Jacass into a pulp if she had said to my daughter what she said Gia. Thankfully, I do not have any bitter, unhappy, miserable friends like Kathy, Caroline or Jacass, and the women I now would never allow a tart like Melissa around our circle, no hussies allowed.

          • I agree with your post so strongly. Why is it not OK to like Teresa’s “gumption” for lack of a better term. I thought she was frivolous in S1, really didn’t care for her in S2, but she has ALL my sympathy in S3 and 4 because of the way she’s been treated. I don’t believe she’ll be canonized anytime soon, but I do feel she presented herself in a MUCH better light that all of the other women. They were cruel, heartless and it really appeared they were jealous of her, hard as it is for some commenters to believe.

  11. Dragon, I agree with you, I do not think that Tre is capable of letting anyone call her out on anything she has said or done. None of these ladies are saints (yes I said that and was raised catholic) They all are caught up in the kool-aid but Tre is definitely delusional when it comes to her husband and the fact that she cannot admit to any wrong doing. Ever! I noticed her side lip licking a long time ago and it is definitely a “tell”. I wish just once she would fess up to contributing to the general mayhem. Her husband is a pore excuse for a husband, man, human being. Simply by the fact that he doesn’t give a sh&& about anyone or his situation with the law. The only people that I feel sorry for in any of these shows are the children.

  12. OH please. Melissa knew everything that was going on because she made up the storyline to get sympathy and more screen time. And she could blame Teresa for the whole thing while she was at it. Brilliant!

    • You know, your summation really says it all. Straight and to the point.

      I am more frightened by the people so willing to throw her under the bus like it is nothing.

      • The difference between Tre fans and the ones that oppose her are, Tre fans just post their opinion (me included) and the opposers spend their energy trying to change the minds of Tre fans like they are vested in her demise. If you don’t believe me just scroll down this blog and look at the comments posted by just a few people… On every topic they have something to say and will stop at nothing to humiliate Tre fans as If that would change the minds of her supporters… They have cried foul, have tantrums and accused others of being brainwashed but what’s really interesting they’ve posted almost everyday on everything Tre…

        • Your Interupatation is intersting because It seems to me Tre fans are always trying make me “see the light”. I have been humilated and apprently even my morals called into question by Tre fans. so while what you say maybe true its not inclusive of just tre “haters” its both sides as well.

          • I swear some days discussing RH shows is worse than attempting to discuss politics. I love your posts Lisa and respect your opinion. I don’t always agree with you, but like reading your viewpoint and you have always been very respectful to me.

          • Okay Lisa I see your point! But mines still stand… All you have to do is check the previous post. Every time someone mention anything positive about Tre they are questioned by a Tre hater with a negative comment. Check for yourself and come to your own conclusion, I did…

  13. I’m not a huge fan of any of the hw’s but I didn’t like the way Teresa was being bullied at all. That’s when I began to defend her and grew to dislike the other women. I don’t support bullying! Andy, MeGo, Jax, Caroline and Kathy ganged up on Teresa to the point that it was gruesome to watch. Sorry, but I can’t condone anyone doing this. I have to question anyone who thinks that bullying behavior is acceptable. We discourage it with our children so why is it OK to do it to Teresa or any person for that matter???

    I’ve seen Teresa complain about her heart racing before and I wondered if she doesn’t have high blood pressure. I have uncontrollable high blood pressure which makes my heart race. It almost killed me before I got help. She needs to get that checked out. She’s certainly been under enough stress with those women and their husbands to cause high blood pressure, that’s for sure.

    • That is exactly how I found out too Lisbeth. Heart racing madly and then exhausted afterwards. ITA on the bullying. Teresa is always supposed to apologize and crawl on bended knee for forgiveness. I became a fan because I was sick of the nasty campaign of hate waged against one woman. Is Teresa perfect? No! But why is she held to a higher standard. At a time when she need her friends most they turned on her. When she needed her family the most they turned on her. It sickened me. I don’t know anything more than I read about their bankruptcy but apparently they are to be punished forever and 11 million dollars coughed up asap. Uhm if they had it don’t you think they would have simply payed their bills in the first place? Isn’t that what we all want to do?

      • About T’s bankruptcy… after they withdrew the bankruptcy, I doubt they were allowed to just walk away without any direction for supervision for paying back their debts. I’ve known people who had accountants, mediators etc. assigned to them who handled the actual payments of the debts. In other words, a neutral person would set up a payment schedule, Joe and Teresa would have to send so much money to this person monthly and this person would pay the bills. This would all have to be very tightly supervised to avoid lawsuits etc. It takes time to pay back that much money. If any money was owed to the government, I’m sure they got their money first before anyone else was paid. There’s no way they could come up with a lump sum to pay it all off at once. Teresa and Joe may not have anything to say about who gets paid when because it’s been taken over for them to make sure it’s paid back. They couldn’t possibly just ignore the people they owe and go on with their lives

        • after they withdrew the Courts have no further say on how and if the debts are paid.
          and they are ignoring at least one of their debtors.

          • That’s not really true. The Bankruptcy court doesn’t… but if they have judgments against them, and I’m sure most of who they owe do, there most certainly are payment schedules arranged unless they want to lose their assets.

        • I thought the bulk of their debt was created by real estate purchases that Joe had made. After the market dropped he couldn’t move them, and some of those properties had been reclaimed by the banks, resolving a good portion of the debt. Perhaps my memory is flawed on this.

    • Sadly, the bullies on the show, Andy and the Teresa haters would probably be happy if she fell over from a heart attack. I agree with you. With all of the pressure she’s been under it wouldn’t be a surprise if she had high blood pressure.

      I hope the Teresa haters here can at least wish her good health. If for no other reason than her four young children.

      • awwe As queen of the Haters I would not want her to die,be hurt or be sick….well maybe a stubbed toe but nothing more.

      • I was 44 when I was diagnosed. Mine was from stress. I was 10 pounds overweight. Teresa reminds me of NJ version of a southern girl. We can juggle like mad, keep all the balls in the air while running top speed on a tread mill. We look like we just stepped out of a Band Box, our kids look the same. We say “bless your heart” when we really want to say something not very nice. We aren’t afraid of hard work. We are loyal to the bitter end and discreet. We keep your secrets and we dry your tears. We can rock babies and put dinner on the table with the good china, the silver and the crystal and never blink an eyelash. It takes a toll……I see that toll in Teresa and I hope someone cherishes her….she deserves it.

        • Aint Pittypat, I had a feeling you’re a steel magnolia too. ;) I agree with everything you said. It does take a toll. It manifested with me in high blood pressure. just like you at about the same age. That’s when my doctor said, “make a list of the top 10 things in your life that are stressing you out and get rid of them or you’re going to die.” My bp was 235/120…stroke level. It woke me up in a hurry!

          • Peoples Hearts race during fear,guilt.lying and excitement , In lying situations that is how Lie dectetors work they measure your heart rate when you Lie it tends to speed up. Not accusing Teresa of lying just making a comment. What I think helps Teresas in her stressful moments is Denial she seems to have that down to a Art form kinda liK E a modern day Scarlett O hara I can just picture her on the staircase of her Tombhouse and say ‘ TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY” and thinking if she dosnt reconize the problem it dosnt exist

            • Whereas, MeGo and Chuckie actually thrive on mayhem and lying while Jax simply pops her xanax and slugs a bottle down.

            • I appreciate your point of view Lisa. I think Teresa is the only realist in the bunch. She doesn’t sit around with a bottle of Baileys drowning her sorrows. She isn’t a miserable unhappy housewife like Don Caro who is the epitome of bitter and master of the frowning resentment. As for MeGo? She and reality are strangers with the J Lo wannabe singing career, the mega mansion underwater and blaming it all on the Guidices. Teresa walks the walk one step at a time. IMO of course. When the water gets high you either drown or you swim like hell for the shore. Teresa’s swimming and I hope she doesn’t look back at her catsmates drowning in debt they can’t or won’t even in acknowledge.

          • Wow Lisbeth very lucky you didn’t stoke out mine was 195 over 125 and I was miserable. I gave up all my volunteer work and tried to stop saving the world. I started walking every day and although I’m still fighting the weight my BP is under control. We Steel Magnolias
            have to stick together Lisbeth and I know you are one.

            • I am glad both of you ladies are ok. I have had HBP since i wa sin my 20s drs refused to give me meds because htey said I was just nervous and to young for HBP (thank military doctors) even had preecampsia still just my nerves. it wasnt untill i was 30 that a dr took my pulse and it was 130. Finally got on meds. When I hear people tell me Doctors tell them they are to young for this or that and refuse to listen to patients aliments I tell them to see another DR and keep seeing one until you get listen to and get the proper testing. I am glad all my SH sisters are well and healthy, who would I disagree ;)

            • Thanks Lisa. Glad you are ok. I have an aversion to military Doctors. HBP isn’t something you fool around with.

            • I work with great ones, 20 something yrs things were different I think these days the care much more personal and caring I think the war changed the way we treat our patients. It isnt perfect but it is much much better dependingof course where you are.

            • My treatment was almost 35 years ago and it was atrocious .I never went back after an ob-gyn procedure and started paying out of pocket to see a private female OB-Gyn. It was that bad. I literally had to see her 3 times before I would let her perform an exam. After that she wrote a letter to the base commander and the Commander at the hospital and complained. I am so glad things have improved and there is compassion.

        • Well said Aint. It takes that type of woman to recognize that type of woman. Tre may have faults, but I recognize real qualities in her that are lacking in the others.

      • I’m not a fan of Teresa’s from day 1 but I would not find pleasure in her having any health or medical problems. With that said most of the pressure that Teresa is under is from legal and financial issues that have nothing to do with Bravo, Andy or the other HW’s. I feel bad about all of the cheating allegations regarding her husband but everything else she brought on herself.

        • Right… because having your family and friends gang up on you, ESPECIALLY your own little brother who you were always very close to, and pick apart every little thing you do while doing the same things themselves isn’t stressful at all for someone.

  14. I don’t recall anyone being accused of having multiple user names. I was offended by the crucifix comment and asked for clarification from the person that made it. A different person that didn’t make the comment answered me. That’s what I thought was interesting. Nothing more.

    • I truly apologize for misinterpreting your meaning. I didn’t think it would be a big deal to answer the question posed to someone else. Sometimes folks don’t come back to check responses to their postings, so I thought it would be easier to just answer it myself. I was familiar with the urine crucifix “artist” the OP referenced in her post, so I went for it. Sorry for any confusion or hurt feelings my misinterpretation may have caused.

    • @romoshedint — When I saw that Ana had answered the question you posed to me exactly as I would have answered it, I did not see the need to elaborate further. Not sure why you were so upset with me, but no hard feelings on my end.

      • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a poster answering for someone else. Happens all the time. In this case I was offended and asked you to clarify what you meant by a comment you made. I didn’t know about that artist doing that, clearly. In that situation I feel it’s the decent thing to do to explain your own comment when it’s obvious someone is upset. If you disagree, I respect that. That’s just why I was upset.

  15. I really doubt Teresa is the type to set up a “Gotch” moment on her own. Which of course is all this was intended to be, for drama’s sake. If she knew you can be the producers were behind it. She may dislike Melissa (of course) but it’s a different type of person who sits around & plots , spends time trying to “spose” (Caroline talk for expose”) & really tries to rally others to hate someone. I just don’t see that in Teresa. She may talk about disliking the girl but all the wrapping your ego up in hating someone??? I just don’t see it in T. We’ve all seen that type. They want you to think they have normal self esteem but they can’t get the other person out of their head. Like what Dina said about Danielle. “While we’re all at home petting our cats & watching t.v. she sits around coming up with plots…”. Plus , if you’re going to call someone else names (MissMego) you have to expect to get called names back. It’s funny how she doesn’t seem to get that. She always wants to say thing like, “I’m hurt.” “Can’t believe Teresa would do (or say) something like this.” On what planet do you call someone else names & not expect it to come back around?? Oh, on the planet of Victimhood I guess ? Whatevvvvver!

  16. Aint Pittypat- I’m a southern girl transplanted to Michigan. Aint is how we pronounce Aunt. I read your name as Aunt Pittypat. If you were in front of me I would call you Ainty(auntie). Had many amusing vocab misunderstandings when I first arrived, and to this day actually lol. Went to the store and asked for a bag of ice. Got the strangest look from the cashier as he thought I was asking for “eyes”. Love the name- whatever the meaning.

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