SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Heather Thomson Contest… Why AndyCoop Was Cancelled!… Lisa Vanderpump Announces Name of Spin-Off Show “VanderpumpRules”…Melissa Gorga “DudeLooksLikeALady”… Amy Phillips Does BFrankel… SH Poll Results RHOM…Halloween… Changes in the RHOA!

October 30, 2o12

Win a trip to NYC and have lunch with Heather Thomson… at YummieLife:



Lisa Vanderpump announcing her SUR spin-off show… didn’t anyone tell Lisa that DonCaro took that idea already???


WHICH is the REAL Melissa???  Dude DOES look like a lady!!

NOTE:  Many Melissa “fans” were pissed, but MeGo loved it…


@AmyPhillips_ does BFrankel on last night’s WWHL


Whose side were YOU on??   Clearly Adriana de Moura’s!!



Did Fergie and Josh Duhamel dress up for Halloween as Wretched and Jeff?

More Halloween…

From Bravo… How the Atlanta Housewives have changed!

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