SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Calling All RHOBH “SuperFans”… Heather ‘Yawn’ Dubrow “SeparateBathrooms”… Housewife Run-In… UPDATE: WatchWhatCrappens Podcast!!

October 30, 2012

  “Are those guys talkin’ about me??”

Those three fabulously fun guys, the trifecta of knowledge about the Housewives… Ronnie, Matt and Ben… have delivered another preposterously perfect podcast!

The Real Housewives of Miami had a double episode this week and wow. Those bitches be cray! Drag queen fights, ladies who look like drag queen fights, and even soft core porn producer fights! Plus, for the first time in Housewives history, someone gets punched in the face. And she totally deserved it. Join Matt Whitfield (YahooTV), Ben Mandelker (bsideblog) and Ronnie Karam (TVgasm) for a play by play of the “chaoticness”.

So, get on over to TVGasm and give their podcast a listen!!!



  It COULD be “Ellen”… but it ain’t!

Spoke with the producer of the talk show today re the quest for SUPERFANS of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… they are still looking for viewers/fans of the RHOBH!

If you’re interested, kindly send an email to with “SUPERFANS” in the subject line… you’ll be contacted by the CA-based talk show.

“We are looking for SUPER FANS of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I was just on your site and wanted to see if you know of any super fans who would be interested in coming on our show.  We are looking for a group of friends who have viewing parties and NEVER MISS an episode!”


  “Get outta my bedroom… NOW!”

Heather Dull-BRO chatted with LifeGoesStrong… and basically said nothing, ‘cept that she and GlenQuagmire hubbend, Dr. Terry Dull-BRO have separate bathrooms.  Heather also laid a bombshell re the next season of the RHOC! 

Q: Any marital secrets?

A: “This is sort of a joke, but I mean it:  Separate bathrooms is key! I’m very proud of our relationship. We have ebbs and flows, but what we’re good at is when it’s not working or not ebbing, at least one of us will be cognizant of it and bring it back together. You have to work at marriage. It doesn’t mean you’re not a great couple if you work on it. You can never take anything for granted.”   NOTE:  Have to be in agreeance with Dull-BRO about the bathroom issue… it’s a must-have!

“Who are you, again??  Oh, you’re Terry… meh.”

Q: Finally….any plot secrets for next season?

A: “Bravo has not officially announced the pick up for season 8.”

NOTE:  This is just a reminder that NONE of the Housewives can say one damn thing until it’s OFFICIALLY announced by Bravo… but, we all know what’s goin’ on!!

Note to HeatherD:


This chick goes out to LA seeking celebs and finds Bravo’s Housewives so non-important that she mentions her run-in, but doesn’t bother to mention the Housewife’s name!

Sitting at the table next to us was one of the wives from The Real Housewives of somewhere. I know, I know, it’s pathetic. But it’s all I had.

28 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Calling All RHOBH “SuperFans”… Heather ‘Yawn’ Dubrow “SeparateBathrooms”… Housewife Run-In… UPDATE: WatchWhatCrappens Podcast!!

  1. To each his/her own, but I think having separate bedrooms (especially BATHROOMS) would be really great. I see nothing wrong with it and imagine not having to wake up and actually see your significant other at their worst. Unfortunately, familararity does breed contempt and having separate rooms could help keep the romance alive. Seems very civilized to me.


    • Slaen: The point of Heather Dull-BRO’s post was not that there’s anything wrong with separate bathrooms… ’cause there ain’t… it’s an example of Housewives “interviews” which basically say nothing. TFC!! SH


  2. I think the interview would be better suited in Life Goes Wrong. I don’t have a viewing party…I watch the show as fast as I can to come clown on this site.


    • Me too! I guess we are , meaning the regular gang of commenters, are the group that never misses an episode and talks it over afterwards. The funny thing is none of us actually know each other irl. I would rather come here and chat with all of you about it rather than watch it at home with friends. I guess it’s kind of embarassing how much I know about all these stoopid housewives! I do some around the water cooler talk with some people I work with but mostly I don’t go to deep with them because they just automatically buy the Bravo producer induced senario. Sometimes I will see something on the episode and think to myself “OMG! I know exactly what so and so is going to say about that” lol. I remember on this seasons RHONY when Sonja mentioned PT housewives “run away bride” story. I could not wait to get on here and see what Girlfriend was going to say. I like coming here to discuss things with all of you and a lot of times it will spark conversations about things that are going on and I will get some new insite or learn something. I like that :) I can NOT imagine going on a show to talk about it. No Thanks!


      • SD, I feel the same way! If people don’t check facts they buy into what Andy says as truth! My husband will sometimes watch with me and saw clips of the Jersey HW. He shook his head and said you still believe Teresa? Look at what’s going on! (That was clips before s4 started) I just kept saying Yep. Something just doesn’t feel right with Melissa and Kathy. Then Wacko and Chuckie jump on the bitch blame bandwagon and I knew something was up. The things that other sites rag on Teresa about my husband totally understands. His parents and extended family are “off the boat”-he’s first generation-and a lot of what he sees her getting made fun of (word screw ups and such) are normal to him and his family. He also said that JoGo would not have behaved that way! Such disrespect! T puts a smile on her face and goes forward while JGo puts tooooo much out there for the worl to know. My experience with such a strong prideful Sicilian family is that this is wrong and disrespectful. My husband would never dream of putting any of his family’s laundry out there! I usually only get to talk about the show with him because of his insight with this type of up bringing.


  3. Remember Heather’s first season, she was looking at land to build another house because her child needed their own bedroom? Welp, sounds like they found one to me….Daddy uses that “extra” bedroom. Sounds like it was a story line to get Tamballs and MRS. Dubrow some camera time.


    • I forgot about!!! Wow I guess that was there way of throwing Heather into the mix of this madness!! As usual it looks so fake when a new housewife is introduced it awkward, they lie and say oh she’s my realtor from around the way, or we met at the gym, etc…WTH?????


      • I think so too. Just a way of introduction. Everything in their house has their initials. Not like bath towels but driveway, entry floor tile, doors and sure more we didnt see. I dont buy theres not enough room. I guess they dont sell bunkbeds in OC. or build on ms fancy pants. Hope her storyline has something this year.


  4. Ever notice, she can get the dumbest looks on her face? Maybe she’s doing it to make a point but if I were her , I would try to work on that.


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