MELISSA GORGA: “OnDisplay”… Could This Possibly Be True???

October 30, 2012   

Was “OnDisplay” written for ANY of the Housewives?  The song lyrics could certainly apply to any of them!

“…the REAL story that in fact “ON DISPLAY” was originally written for ANY (of course the most visible)of the real Housewives and yes at the time right before Melissa snagged it, this ANTONY (not Anthony, and sorry no last name YET) approached Tre who did not want to venture singing and at the time other Housewives from other cities didnt rush for it, but Missy and I guess Bravo thought that this would add to Melissas storyline since the only other thing she had gone for her and Joe was to fight with Tre….

So in fact, Nobody went looking for Melissa the song was written and up for grabs for a price for any housewife who wanted it!!”

NOTE:  “ANTONY” is Antony Bitar… who wrote the song and appeared briefly with MeGo before the Soul Diggaz took over.  Antony Bitar has been contacted… will wait for his response, if there is one!  Wonder how much da Gorga’s forked over for the tune??

From July 12, 2012… What a buncha bullcrap!


RHONJ Reunion…


(Thanks to SH reader “Sue”!!!)