MELISSA GORGA: “OnDisplay”… Could This Possibly Be True???

October 30, 2012   

Was “OnDisplay” written for ANY of the Housewives?  The song lyrics could certainly apply to any of them!

“…the REAL story that in fact “ON DISPLAY” was originally written for ANY (of course the most visible)of the real Housewives and yes at the time right before Melissa snagged it, this ANTONY (not Anthony, and sorry no last name YET) approached Tre who did not want to venture singing and at the time other Housewives from other cities didnt rush for it, but Missy and I guess Bravo thought that this would add to Melissas storyline since the only other thing she had gone for her and Joe was to fight with Tre….

So in fact, Nobody went looking for Melissa the song was written and up for grabs for a price for any housewife who wanted it!!”

NOTE:  “ANTONY” is Antony Bitar… who wrote the song and appeared briefly with MeGo before the Soul Diggaz took over.  Antony Bitar has been contacted… will wait for his response, if there is one!  Wonder how much da Gorga’s forked over for the tune??

From July 12, 2012… What a buncha bullcrap!


RHONJ Reunion…


(Thanks to SH reader “Sue”!!!)

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60 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: “OnDisplay”… Could This Possibly Be True???

    • OMG isitmeoraretheycrazy ~ LMFAO Teresa was right as my Daddy told me “you can’t hide CRAZY 4 long” & they are crazy liners & willingly broke-up a family… Who does that? What kind of Brother treats his only sister this way? Oh it speaks volumes as 2 who they are as humans ~ I’m just going 2 pop some corn & watch this mess unfold & If my inside source is correct MISSY is going 2 get a whole different edit next season & that is not good ~ Can MISSY go the distance @ 34 & 3 kids oh & the 2 sisters will make a fuss I’m sure it kinda makes me sick so I’m not going 2 judge I’m going to sit back & see where this goes? Plus I love me some BAD HOUSEWIFE EDITING….

  1. This is so funny!!! Mewhore acted like she wrote this song. I can see why T said the songs about her because I’m sure that’s what the guy who wrote it told her. Ya know what’s even funnier, I bet mewhore and jogo paid more for the song then she has made off of it. Lmfao

    • Well this makes sense. It never made sense that she would have a song about the paparazzi following her when, at that point, no one even knew who she was.

      • Exactly! No one even knew who she was (not that they do now…as we saw from the paparazzi askin who she was) so why a song about that…oh maybe it was suppose to be part of her dreams and her “story” for Behind the Music.

  2. AMAZING INVESTIGATION!!!! It looks like Antony Bitar created the song for any of the Housewenches…not just “a wench like Me”-lissa…lol

  3. So he wrote the song for any of the random housewives and Teresa and Melissa thought the song written especially for them. LOL.

  4. Here’s MeGo tweeting Antony’s new song and still claiming she co-wrote On Display…
    @melissagorga: Hey guys! Check out @antonybitar new song “Turn Around” we wrote #ondisplay together. I love it!

    Then Antony replies. This was a week ago. She never answered him…
    @antonybitar: @melissagorga Glad you like it! When are we writing our next one ? 😊

    • so he’s not contradicting her, or am I the only one who noticed that?
      He probably had a frame up and they changed some things and he gave her songwriting credits. Happens all the time…in fact, more often than not. I am starting to think every poster on this site is Teresa Guidice using spellcheck to make it not so obvious.

      • He’s not going to front her out because he got paid and he clearly states he wants the opportunity to work with her again. Whereas she claimed on the show that she sent him millions of texts with lyrics for the song. Really? Didn’t happen. He came over, told her how to sing the song. Gave her the song in exchange for $$. End of story. Btw, I’m not Teresa. Sorry

      • No Elora, we have all noticed. She was given credit for co writing but Some around here do not want Melissa to do anything right. Some want her to fail at everything just because they are Teresa fans. Some of us are not Teresa fans. Bravo contacted her and Kathy and ask them to be part of the show. Bravo, Melissa and Kathy have all confirmed that but some think there is a conspiracy to Take down Teresa, lmao. Whatever. Some have made everything a conspiracy. Just post your feelings and what you think. Several of us do and then get ridiculed with gnudge gnudge wink wink. I am not a Teresa fan and will never be.

        • Hey Lacey & Elora…y’all’s comments actually balance the others out, although it still seems a bit lopsided doesn’t it?

          • I just say what I believe. There are some who dont agree and thats perfectly allright. Its not a contest on who has more followers. This site might have more Teresa fans today but tomorrow might be different. There are other sites that have more Melissa followers and Jac followers and thats ok too.

            • I actually remember not too long ago where this site (well the contributers, not necessarily SH)was more against Teresa. Everyone has their own opinion, and sometimes things change our opinions. This site welcomes all as Ms. SH states on a regular basis.

            • I love to here everyones opinions, who knows, tomorrow I might change my mind with a compelling argument. I was a Teresa fan for years. I just decided I couldn’t accept the lies anymore. Thats why I changed. I would never want everyone to not be a Teresa fan. Each person has to express their own likes and dislikes.

        • I dont think she should even be given credit for Co-writing the song, its my understanding that the song was “tweaked” along by Corte Ellis (I think thats how you spell his name)

          • I have no idea who wrote the song. There has been a bunch of people who have alleged that she didn’t write or co write it. Her name is on it as a co writer. Proof enough for me. Why would anyone put someones name on there if they didn’t contribute? I wouldn’t. I don’t know of any writer out there who would randomly throw someones name on there and have to split the royalties.

            • I asked my friend who works in the LA song-writing business and here’s what she said. A lot of writers will split royalties because sometimes that’s the only way to sell the piece. Why would someone put their name on there? It’s a bit like ghostwriting. Ghostwriters write books for politicians, celebrities, and even established authors. Their name isn’t on the book, but they will ultimately get a higher royalty. Often times it says “BY CELEBRITY NAME and in tiny letters “as told to mrs. ghostwriter”, but in songwriting, the credits don’t work that way; you can’t put BY MEGO and in tiny letters as told to by mrs. song ghostwriter, though damn do so many songwriters wish it were the case. To ultimately know, you’d have to see the contracts, which aren’t released for a number of reasons.

              That’s quite common because it is producers who get more money, so a writer for hire might also be a producer/engineer for hire, thus getting more money. S/he can also charge for a flat fee too. The writer’s cut for a really really popular song is only 2-5 cents (max) then split, if you share it (which can be split 80/20, 50/50, and so forth.) If a few words are changed/added then the performer usually gets a song writing credit as well. It is not unusual. Even Adele, an incredibly gifted vocalist and lyricist, shares co-writing credits. Because she did more of the writing, her credit is usually bigger (meaning first), but this is not a method that everyone uses.

              My friend says that there is nothing wrong with not writing your own music (she’d be out of a job), but that taking credit as a songwriter and musician when you are primarily a vocalist is what really irks her. Food for thought.

            • Antoinette Marie, thank you for your comments. My daughter majored in music and has had several jobs in the music business. True, pure music people have little or NO respect for vocalists who do not write/co-write their own music.

              A vocalist sings. Period. A true musician/artist writes and performs their music. There are also artists like Kris Kristoferson who is a brilliant songwriter but not such a great vocalist. He’s made more money writing songs than performing them.

              Several times now, as in the video above, Melissa has called herself and “artist” and “musician.” I call BS on that. She’s a vocalist and a very mediocre one at that. Maybe she changed a line in that song to get co-writer credit but I doubt even that. My guess is her husband paid big bucks for the song just like he did the recording studio.

              She insults true artists, musicians and songwriters with her claims imo. She got lucky and a song fell into her lap. She happened to have a husband who is dumb enough to spend the big bucks because he’s as delusional as she is and thinks she can actually sing and compete with real artists.

            • I agree with that but to me, if I didn’t contribute on the writing processs, who would add me and give me money that was rightfully theirs. She was getting money for the vocals anyway. It seems to me that somewhere in the process she must of helped. None of us know what the cut is but she is listed as a co writer of the song.

            • It’s the business. Why do ghostwriters write the entire book when the celebrity just tells them stories? Because it’s just the way the business goes.

              If it’s one of those pay-to-be-an-artist things (like Rebecca Black’s song), you can get that part of your package. It’s messed up, but welcome to the world of ripping off entitled rich people.

          • I have been scratching my head on were i have heard the name CORTE’ duh he was On Ice T last CD. I bet it was tweeked a bit when melissa recorded it.

      • No don’t think so.. I’m not Tre, that is what is so great about our rights, we r entitled to our own opinions:). Some like the lying, POS, fraud, delusional girl named Mego, that’s fine. Just makes me wonder about their morals? Tre is not perfect but she is also not a HUGE FRAUD with every word out of her mouth being a LIE! That’s all! People who like Melissa scare me..

      • He isn’t contradicting her but I took his tweet as a rhetorical question, more like really we wrote on display together?? as in you were not involved in writing on display. I thought her not replying to his tweet was because she understood what he was implying and knew she misspoke.

    • She may have been reasonable for the concept of the lyrics. Who else but delusional MeGo would think that paparazzi watching her on display applied to her but Me Go-supposedly before the cameras ever rolled on her wicked witch butt. But as far as writing it that’s laughable. I bet she don’t know the first thing about music. I bet she cant read sheet music at all. I can totally see her saying “hey write me song about how hard this fame(that I don’t even have) is on me and how I am gonna rise above it” Now it that is considered co-writing then thats crazy.

      • The vast majority of song writers and performers don’t read or write sheet music. That’s very old fashioned. Most songs are composed (recorded, produced and mixed) on computers. That’s how it’s been done for decades. So it’s hardly a valid criticism.

        • I know you are right Butch but maybe that’s why some of the new stuff sounds so much like crap these days. The old fashion way of writing songs is better by people that can actually play and read music JMO. ‘sides I aint giving MeGo credit for wiping her nose so you know how I do… she gets nada from me. :)

  5. This is cracking me up :-D
    @melissagorga: Love it! RT @Assadie: @melissagorga I’m a huge fan I dressed up as you for a halloween party :) huge success :)
    @Assadie: @CiociR @melissagorga I did I lip sang “Rockstar” it was a lot of fun :)
    @evrli2: @melissagorga: thats a dude melissa…

  6. The Hoe is a fraud! The more attention she gets, the more people keep her relevant! I’m glad the truth about her lies are being exposed though! Furthermore, If Antony did write this song for any of the housewives and Teresa was offered the song first, then she clearly was stating the truth that the song was about her!! Melissa is disturbing in so many levels! The lengths that she will go to to discredit her only sister in law is sickening! She needs to apologize to Teresa for so many things! Nevertheless, Melissa still can’t sing for Sh**! and she will never be Jennifer Lopez! Her jealous ass needs to leave the show!!!

  7. She keeps trying to put herself in the same bracket with real stars, like Fergie, Beyonce, Mary J, and Britney Spears. What a joke!! “I like to touch people’s lives.” Oh yeah, what an inspiration. Puke.

  8. I don’t remember if I imagined it or not, but wasn’t the story that Kathy knew Antony from her church and hooked him up with Melissa to write a song? I would have to watch the episode again, and I refuse to, but I think that was the story. Correct me if I am wrong?

      • I have this memory where Kathy or Melissa said that he went to Kathy’s church and that he was a young kid trying to get into the business, so she thought it would be great to introduce him to Melissa to help her with her music career. If anyone has S3, maybe they can confirm it.

  9. I remember well, the first time we watched the episode with Antony & MeHo-Ho, at the piano. Back then, i was still giving MeGo the benefit of a doubt, but as soon as I heard the lyrics that Antony wrote…I immediately had the gut-feeling…it was written about Teresa! It never made ANY sense that the song would be about MeHo!! I also agree with Made…the thought of MeHo knowing squat about lyrics and writing music, is beyond comical!
    My friend’s and I both began to wonder if MeGo wanted to change some of the wording, like “everybody is waiting on me to crawl, everybody is waiting on me to fall…they keep waiting on me….” to…” In her OWN head…”everybody is waiting om YOU to crawl, everybody is waiting on YOU to fall…I keep waiting on it….”…being, of course…her feelings A.K.A. jealousy about Teresa’s fame! Bottom line…only a fool would believe “On display” was ever intended for MeGo… The only way paparazzi was following her around….was in her own mind!. Her & Jacko have So…much in common….

    • You really don’t have to read it. You are reading the comments on a voluntary basis, don’t click and move on.

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