KYLE RICHARDS, KIM RICHARDS: Biatch Stole My Look!!… Kim Wears Kyle’s Old 2011 Cop Costume!

Original post October 2011… RE-POSTED October 30, 2012

Coulda sworn that Kim Richards cop costume was seen elsewhere… and it was!!

Right down to the ruffles around the shorts!!

Poor Kim… had to wear Kyle’s hand-me-down costume from 2011!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards and her husband, Mauricio Umansky, got all dressed up for Halloween party…

                                                                        Good for Kyle!  She’s covered up those “manhands”!!

                                                      YIKES!  Kyle gotz da “manhands”!!!

                                                                         Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards… 

NOTE TO MAURICO:  Throwin’ on a black vest with the letters “SWAT” makes you look like you just didn’t care about dressin’ up as a member of the LA SWAT Team!  You could have at least worn the proper footwear… just like Kyle!!  You two are regular Beverly Hillbillians…

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50 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS, KIM RICHARDS: Biatch Stole My Look!!… Kim Wears Kyle’s Old 2011 Cop Costume!

  1. You know hagface made Kim buy it at the consignment store or Kim paid a rental fee. Hagface ain’t losing a buck for her sister.

  2. I think it looked good on Kyle, but Kim is a disaster. Should have out both hat and covered up thoose white thighs. And btw, me like some recycling

      • ITA Hers! NO way that contraption…tightened & pulled back Kyle’s face THAT much! Look at the 2011 shot compared to the 2012 shot, that Ms SH put up! Kyle was so jealous of Brandy’s looks when Brandy came on the show–that it was written all over Kyle’s face! Looks to me like….Kyle had Brandy in mind…when she did a little recycling herself!!

  3. Just because you can or have $$ to do surgeries dont mean you shouldOne wrong nip or tuck and you are marred for life..

  4. Kim still looks and wears the cop costume better then Kyle! I think Kyle secretly loves being seen as the sister that is, perceived as being, the bigger “star” so to speak….finally, after all these years!
    I’ll bet Kyle made Kim feel miserable growing up. Kyle can spin things any way she wants, but Kyle was never really considered a “child-star.” Sorry Kyle, but the only real “child-star” in the Richards family was your sister Kim!
    I still get a kick out of the comment Andy read at last years rhobh reunion..made by Brandy, something about Brandy being quoted saying ” My parents taught me bullying was wrong..something I guess child-starS aren’t taught.” What made that comment so funny to me was, that Kyle completely over-looked the bully part, but NO doubt, Loved that somebody-heck- Anybody…finally referred to her (Kyle) as a child-star!
    The truth is..Hollywood & the camera’s Loved Kim; it was a battle trying to get Kyle a bit part on, or in anything! Not Kim’s fault! UGH…I can just imagine what life with Kyle must of been like for Kim growing up!? No wonder Kim started to drink…I think Kyle, as a sister, would have driven me to drink too!

      • So true…the funny thing is Kim was in the limelight first, and I think Kyle made Kim feel guilty about that…so Kim, on some sub-conscious level, chose to down play the lime-light…for Kyle. I think it played a part in shattering Kim’s identity…it can’t be easy putting those pieces back together. I think Marta could light up the screen (so-to-speak) if she really wanted to! You’re right Girlfriend joho has that over-bearing sisterly personality just like Kyle, where as Marta is a bit more Kim. Strange dynamic is right.

  5. I really don’t care if Kim is wearing a hand-me-down costume or recycled. Its a COSTUME not a ball gown to wear to the Emmy’s or whatever. Many parents put their kids in hand-me-down costumes. That its BH really doesn’t make a different to me so what if its last year’s costume worn by her sister? In this economy doesn’t it make some sense to reuse something if possible?

    • Yes. I would rather see the BH housewives recycle Halloween costumes than watch the NY housewives recycle pirate gigolos.

    • I don’t mind that Kim is wearing a recycled costume either! What we were drawing attention to…was that Kyle most likely took some sort of “evil” joy in having Kim wear a costume that Kyle wore first! Kim is a little “style” impaired…no big deal, except that IMO Kyle enjoys anything Kim does..that can help make Kyle look better! I myself, dress more like Robin Wright or Katie Holmes…only my clothes aren’t expensive designer $$$!

      • Yeah, no doubt Kyle enjoyed the hand me down costume on Kim and the negative attention Kim got from it. The competition is obvious….from Kyle. But let’s face it, Kim is probably too drunk to know what she’s wearing or care that its last years costume.

        • Well, at least Kim is acknowledging the drinking problem. I just hope she gets better, and that she can find herself comfortable in her own skin…without the help of a little some-thin, some-thin. I guess I’m glad she is addressing the issue and not pretending that it isn’t a problem…like some do..on reality television! it’s a start…right?! I guess I question Kyle’s motives..for talking Kim into doing the the show in the first place? After all, if Kim wasn’t on the first season, what would Kyle’s story-line have been? She’s was always known as that girl…ya know..Kim Richards sister. I just feel like Kyle has used Kim.

          • ITA. Kyle/Vyle/Byle bullied Kim from Season 1/Episode 1. That’s been her storyline. Always lamenting how she has to take care of her poor, incompetent sister, who never fails to make the wrong decision. Even telling us that her mother Big Kathy (a real piece of work) recognized that Kim was a loser and made Vyle promise to take care of her. Never mind that Kim was a true child star and probably supported the entire family for many years. Vyle threw Kim under the bus from day 1, and that’s why I’ve never liked her. She truly is vile.

          • Yes, its no small thing that Kim has admitted and is seeking help for her drinking. She’ll have a lot of support from the viewers if she sticks with it. Interesting point, what is Kyle’s motivation. I wondered that too. Only thing that keeps coming to mind is that Kim and her erratic behavior made Kyle look better. But would a loving sister really want her drunken sister revealed on a reality show? Seems not the best avenue to approach the drinking problem nor is it best for Kim to have her utterly embarrassed on TV.

    • I adore you made! You always make me smile! Your timing on “clips” that you share are always perfect! I loved “Stewart” from Mad T.V…it’s been awhile…thanks mp!

        • Hi mp…I didn’t think you were still logged in. Nice to see you! BTW…I loved the video clip you did the other day, with the “No need to say thank you…I’ve been there too.” I couldn’t stop the tears…tears of gratitude! I forgot what Ms SH called that much needed “break” from the HW…on “Acts of kindness.” Hoped you had gotten my thank you, but it was late, so I wasn’t sure? How is Gabe? Well, I hope!

      • Here is another funny Halloween video

        Took Gabe and Britt to the haunted forest this weekend. Most times the actors will sneak up on you while you are waiting in line to give ya a lil scare. So I was on hyper alert. Turned around and jumped out of my skin at the guy right behind me. Turns out it wasnt an actor, just a mountain grown meth head. I felt like an ass but hopefully he is so drugged up he didnt realize I thought he looked like a zombie for a second.

        • Here’s an oldie from The Onion. How to find a costume for your effeminate son. I hope Miss Andy don’t get his BVDs in a bunch:

          • OMG Anna…That just blew my mind!!! Where in the heck is this from? I’ve never seen this before….this was so over-the-top funny! I would love Mandy to see this! What is The Onion???

            • Thanks Anna! It’s getting you might not get this post. I guess I’ll just key in The Onion then? It’s just on the web right..not T.V…or both? I just can’t get over that I’ve never seen it!

            • Yeah. Just put a dot com after and you got it. I don’t know if it would be okay to post the link so I didn’t. As far as I know, The Onion is only on the web and in print circulation, but isn’t on TV.

            • Yeah, I was almost going to answer that question earlier, but thought the better of it in light of recent events – ha ha.

        • Lol made…that was too funny! I’m telling you…that guy would of scared the sh.. out of me! I can’t watch scary stuff, except maybe Zombieland with Bill Murry, because I knew it was a bizarre/comedic spoof on scary movies. I was just asking you about Gabe…I guess you put this up while I was writing you back! Sorry to hear about the meth head scare..eeeeks! Glad to hear, you Gabe and Britt had fun!

          • Gabe stayed home today with upset stomach. He doesn’t have a fever so I think its his nerves. I was hoping his feeling ok enough to go back tomorrow but he just threw up. Like I said I don’t think he is faking but just more tore up over this whole thing than he lets on. :(

  6. I just can’t imagine Kim giving a real shit about what she wears to a costume party. I’m surprised she didn’t just throw a sheet over her head, cut out some eyes and be done with it. That’s why I like Kim.

    • I agree Slaen…that’s one of the things I like about Kim too. Again, I think it’s Kyle who makes her feel a little uncomfortable about herself. I have a bit of a soft spot for Kim and It’s my hope that she finds balance in her life. It’s not easy for any of us to find balance with mind, body and spirit…and God knows living in B.H…. might make it that much harder!

  7. Oh, poo. Kim doesn’t have a drinking problem and she never did. That’s a cover for her real problem.

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