JOANNA KRUPA: Joanna’s BravoBlog… Uses Sandy As Excuse For NOT Writing Blog… AND… Karent Sierra’s BravoBlog “Waiting With Joanna In NYC”

October 30, 2012   Bravo

As I sit here in my New York City hotel room stuck due to cancelled flights, watching this terrifying and devastating Hurricane Sandy on the news, my thoughts and prayers go to the families affected by this catastrophe

At this point, my initial post about the nasty scumbag whose name I will never mention again and Adriana’s brutal physical attack on me that was caught on film for the entire world to see becomes irrelevant.  NOTE:  As the entire world can CLEARLY see, Joanna ran after Adriana and grabbed Adriana’s arm!

There are millions of people directly affected by this storm, not to mention family and friends all the world over who are worried about their loved ones in Sandy’s path. This storm is truly having a global impact, and this is where our thoughts and energies are needed now.

It also gives me great satisfaction to see on the news reports that some good was learned from Katrina and provisions have been made at many shelters to accommodate pets. I pray that Sandy passes quickly and that people pay attention to the officials’ warnings, take shelter, and stay out of harm’s way…

I won’t lie I am scared like a little 5-year-old child, because I have never experienced a hurricane.   NOTE:  What a buncha BULLSH*T!  Joanna pulls the “Ima little girl, sitting in the middle of Hurricane Sandy (in a well-prepared HOTEL room), who can’t write more about the “SLAP” episode” ’cause I’m scared.  Ain’t buyin’ it, Jo!   Joanna musta chatted with DonCaro about how to submit crap BravoBlogs!

God bless,


NOTE:  Let’s not interpret this as SH “taking sides” with any of the Housewives… as some have done via comments.  Let’s just put out the facts of the matter:  Joanna interrupted the conversation between Karent and Adriana; Adriana left the conversation; Joanna went after Adriana.  



Karent Sierra’s BravoBlog… the whole thing!

I am writing the blog from New York, as I sit here with Joanna  seeing the wind and rain blowing from our window. Poor Joanna is freaking out because she has never been through a hurricane, and she is like a scared 2-year-old. This is why we are such great friends, we complement each other perfectly. She is strong when it comes to personal attacks and attacks on people she loves, but then I am the strong one comforting her and letting her know everything will be alright during this hurricane.



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74 comments on “JOANNA KRUPA: Joanna’s BravoBlog… Uses Sandy As Excuse For NOT Writing Blog… AND… Karent Sierra’s BravoBlog “Waiting With Joanna In NYC”

  1. Lol IF she did get coached by DonC, the next blog will read as follows;

    “What can I say boys and girls? Stay tuned and see for yourself…”

      • Lol, SH how can a person be a victim and punch another woman in the face? Albeit a woman who instigated ok but……… Adriana is not innocent here

          • I know, adriana turned away, but with equal nastiness as Joanna, and made lowbrow polish comments. I never saw Joanna touch her , only walk after her with a finger pointing at adriann, of course not civilized. They were both aggressive, fact remains Adrianna punched her. Adrianna is an angry woman and has it out for Joanna, and Joanna is a monster as well. Neither was a victim , sorryi have to disagree with you miss SH, I don’t like either woman. Adrianna is always dramatic and angry, she was itchin for a fight. Adrianna could have handled it differently if she were actually above Joanna, now theyre at the same low level. I say this from experience when I was being hounded, harassed, etc……I didn’t hit the idiots and trust me I saw RED and they deserved to be burned alive, Joanna just a clown compared to what I’m talking about.

            • agree 100%
              I can’t understand how can anyone compare punching someone and grabbing arm
              come on!
              just because Joanna went after her u can’t justify punching someone
              plus – I can’t see grabbing Adrianna’s arm
              just because Adrianna said it it doesn;t mean we have to believe her

            • Its called Flight or Fight response. Adriana removed herself from the situtation but Joanna put her back into it and got physical. By this point I’m sure Adriana was steaming and not too much in control. Joanna was an idiot to go after. I don’t know where Joanna gets off being so high and mighty. I can’t for the life of me understand what her boyfriend sees in her. She is embarrassing.

            • Adrianna removed herself with a huff nnd a puff, and a big PUSS on her face, hardly rational. And psycho stoopidly went after her, because Adrianna didn’t handle it properly either.

            • Exactly lobstah Adrianna was outta control too, not a victim……puhleaze, and with her article in hand, LMAO!

            • good point
              poor innocent Adriana decided to talk to Karent just few minutes after Lisa said no more fights or leave the house
              and what’s more hilarious – Adriana had article printed
              and this was charity party
              come on give me a break

            • No doubt production printed it out for her and goaded her into it. Did anyone notice Marisol twirling her fur wrap in the air there in the kitchen.? I thought THAT was gonna get a reaction outa JoHo. But no, JoHo was too focused on gettin all up in Adriana biznuss. She already said her PETA bit outside behind Marisol’s back so I reckon that was her limit for the day in that regard.

            • Joanna was itching to get in it with Adrianna since the night that Roman said Adrianna flirted with him. Joanna is a selfish, self centered baby who does nothing for anyone but herself. If anyone thinks she did that to stick up for her friend I’m sorry to say you are naive. That was just a perfect opprotunity for some payback.

  2. I have noticed Jonna tilts her head to the right in most of her pics – i think it’s because her left cheekbone is larger than the other one. During WWHL i thought she had a cheek implant but now it looks like her face is just naturally loop-sided. Ha!
    Anyone else notice?

  3. I love me some JoAnna but this fight was totally her fault. I think Adrianna is just as coo coo for coacoa puffs, but Joanna started this one. BTW, is anyone else enjoying this series as much as me? I really don’t care if these peeps rip each others’ hair out, as long as families aren’t being destroyed, it’s funny as hell to me.

  4. What a bunch of baloney! Joho is professional victim. She chased Adriana down and grabbed her arm then acts surprised when she is met with a slap? I cannot stand anyone who puts their hands on someone aggressively and then plays victim when called on it. Kim Taylor and others have also done same. I do not believe in solving differences with violence however if you are attcked it is the fight or flight scenario. I think we all react differently but chasing one down the hall yelling n grabbing A’s arm she didnt think this may happen? I dont buy it. I think she counted on it so she could be victim. Joho you are trashy predictable and at 14 min of your 15!!!

  5. JoAnna wasn’t worried about those effected by Sandy when she told Adrianna to get on her boat and go die in the storm on WWHL. Grosses me out when people use tragedies and disasters at their convenience.

        • Yes joho should have butt off, she started it, but Adriana could have kept her cool, she acted as low as Joanna did. She should have said to kearaint well talk later and walked away. Instead she engaged a trashy maniacal drunk. There is nothing refined,polished or elegant about Adriana , she’s just as cheap as joho but manifests it differently

          • I agree. This was Adriana’s table flip moment. Remember the same production that does NJ does Miami. I kept this in mind so when JoHo and Marta were having their “you will lose a sister” conversation I cringed. Would really loooooove to know what sort of psychological demons this production company is fighting with that they think this is normal or “real” Would love to now how many of them no longer speak to family members and therefore just LOOOOOVE to see the destruction of other peoples family bonds.

            • Production really are sht starters it seems. Miami/Jersey same i see it. Can u picture the poor hotel staff with these two in NYC. bless their heart

  6. And according to jofro he dated marta directly after joho and joho was furious ever since says he loves marta sweet girl but joho psycho. I wouldnt normally be quick to take his word as law but i find myself leaning towards believing the little pervert here as it plays out.

  7. What I find interesting about Joanna is that she and everyone keeps referring to her as a supermodel. I don’t know, but to me a supermodel is someone like Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, etc. Those models are in fashion magazines, they are signed as the face of several designer campaigns, they are not posing on Playboy, Maxim, and FHM which are the only credits Joanna has. She is not on any supermodel level, she more on the kind of Tia Tequila level appearing only in skanky magz. Does anyone else think the same thing?

        • JoHo Tequila and Kar-ain’t! Kar-ain’s was the crux of the major problems at the event aside from JoHo rant about wearing fur; I agree Kar-ain’t smile is getting annoying!

    • Anita you are correct.Joanna is short for super model standards.She is a blonde like all maxim girls look like.She is forgetable.Also she does this thing for Peta just to be famous.Has nothing to do for the love of animals,or her purses should be fake then.She is so sickening,she thinks her shit don’t stink.As far a Aadriana goes i say YOU GO GIRL,she deserved that slap.Who cares about class if you’re going to be on these shows.If Adrianna did not hit her then someone else eventually would have.If she (joanna in her mind is so hot ,then why does she chase Roman.GIVE ME A BREAK she is a loser

      • Oh I totally agree with your comment that she is in PETA just to be on the campaigns and be famous. I have never seen her protest against puppy mills, dog fighting, etc. SHe is very ignorant to say that she wears leather because it is a by-product from the cow’s human consumption, so I take it she hasn’t bothered to google and see the treatment of the cattle and how most are still alive when they are also skinned. Stupid blonde bimbo. Isn’t it funny how they all say, why would Romain cheat on her she is so beautiful? Because beauty can’t carry a conversation or hold her liquor!

  8. JoAnna makes it sound like she doesn’t even know what a hurricane is. How long has she lived in Miami? I’m not surprised she’s making it all about HER. Karent is with JoAnna riding out Sandy, so J has an unpaid aide to do everything.

    I don’t care for either of those ladies. The drama they create is entertaining, though.

    • good point! We’ve only had 3 or 4 storms just this season that we’ve been watching. It’s not like it would not have been on her radar. Knowing how bad a storm it was didn’t stop her from jumping at an opprotunity to appear on t.v., guess that kind of shows how scared she was.

  9. MAYBE….just maybe…..the reason Hohanna is “afraid like a 5 yr old child” is because she acts like 1 & thats her mentality! :D BUT…I still dont see the arm grab. IMO, an arm grab is totally different than slapping/punching some1 & IF she did grab Adriana’s arm, that definitely didnt warrant a slap or punch!! Yea, Hohanna butted in on Karent & Adriana’s 1 sided discussion & alot of ppl are saying JK should have stayed out of it…BUT when Alexia butted into Adriana & Karents talk & she absolutely acted classless towards Karent & her behavior was ridiculous was out of left field-no1 really said anything about it. Now Adriana knows what it feels like 4 a crazed HW to butt in & go the freak off on her. Adriana IS NOT a victim! I dont like either A or JK but Im just calling it like I see it! I hope how soon Karent gets rid of JK (as a friend)! JK is classless, obnoxious & downright crazy!! If Romaine is smart, he’ll run, run & run because JK WILL NEVER change!! Same goes4Adrianas fiance!!

    • JoHo must have grabbed Adriana’s arm quite aggressively because she had scratches on her. She showed people at the party right after and they reacted to how bad the scratches were. Also my opinion on why Alexia stepped in on Adriana and KarenT’s convo is it was getting heated and initially I think she was trying to settle them down because she didn’t want that at her party. Especially since KarenT wasn’t even invited. Then it got out of hand…

      • Ok if you’re grabbed by a psycho and you yourself are as ghetto as Adrianna you PUNCH, if you have a morsel of dignity you get stern, raise your voice and tell joho to Let go,or pull your arm out, not until you are truly attacked do you become VIOLENT

          • Yes and I say that from experience, Joanna grabbed her arm, she didn’t beat her, nothing justified a PUNCH with the ugliest hate face on Adrianna. Adrianna wanted to punch her from the first time they met. That said Joanna is a POS

            • Girlfriend, you’re much cooler than I ever could be. Of course you are right that would be the correct thing to do but I have to be honest, if she grabbed me like that I would have slapped the snot of of her.

            • SD, Trust me, I would have thought about slapping, of course I wouldn’t.
              I am known for my restraint…… a fault, it can be perceived as weakness.

  10. I decided not to vote in the poll (the one about who was right Joanna or Adriana) since I don’t like either of them and find them both to be equal amounts of b!tch and sh!t stirrer. Joanna deserved what she got and Adriana deserved what low brow Joanna gave her on WWHL…. Nasty ladies indeed.

  11. Joanna doesn’t look like she is stuck in a NYC hotel room. Those pics Karent posted look like someone’s apt and I highly doubt that Joanna left there after the lights went out and in the middle of the storm etc to go to her hotel since she was so scared of a hurricane after all she lives in Miami and has never seen or lived through one.What a friggen liar she is.

  12. Karent the starf-cking carrier pigeon must be LOOOOOOVING all the one-on-one Joanna attention. SHADY LADY!

  13. @romoshedint I doubt Adriana had scratches-IMO…thats just her “excuse”…She knew this was gonna be a big deal so IF she had scratches,she’d have taken pics&tweeted’em LOL. Still, an arm grab doesnt warrant an all out attack with a punch/slap!Thats nuts! I think they are both Fruit Loops! Adriana was nowhere close to being a victim in this case. Ok, the excuse for Alexia butting in very aggressively was because she saw a heated argument&was trying2stop it..thats not what was on the show..Adriana was the overbearing, aggressive, loud, headbobbing lunatic..Karent tried2reply when she could..then Alexia butted in&acted worse than Adriana.I’m sure Hohanna saw crazy Adriana pushing the newspaper article at K&being loud so she butted in2defend K (which she shouldnt-Just like Alexia shouldnt have)Alexia was basically wanting2get at K cause their was no ruckus.If ppl rem,Alexia didnt like K but JK actually liked Adriana til A got an attitude. Im also sure Karent was invited…maybe as a plus1 but still.

  14. Joanna was being aggressively loud and obnoxious but Adriana was also gagging for a fight and is clearly jealous of Joanna. They are really both as bad as each other. Joanna’s drunk reaction was more aligned to the kind of cray-cray you get from drunk individuals who want to fight. There was tension there for a while…

    When Joanna said that “go back on your $2 dollar boat back to the slums of Rio” on WWHL she was referring to the shocking comments made by Adriana herself when she went to check the houseboat her husband bought. For Adriana to call Joanna a “polish immigrant” who is looking for a plate of food was pretty disgusting and if i was Joanna and had heard that i would gone mental.

    JOANNA NEEDS TO NOT DRINK! Be kinder to her sister and simmer the hell down…

    and have we forgotten that Adriana walked into a party with a copy of a blog for proof for her confrontation and that she has caused the most pathetic fight of all TWITTERPOSTGATE? I mean come on? LOL

    Both women are shocking but on last years reunion when Adriana was going crazy it appeared so desperate to me that i never forgot it. It was like she was making a last ditch attempt to cause as much drama as possible to show the potential for drama on a potential season two for RHOM.

  15. I am a huge fan of the Housewives franchise. Bravo’s producers do an amazing job of building a story line and staging events for the camera in order to prevent “reality”. I love it. I watch it for this very reason, and I watch it for the personalities they cast to let loose with the set up. What I am starting not to love is when women who clearly have substance abuse issues are taken advantage of for the sake of good TV.

  16. I assume that bulldog is Joanna’s? I wonder if he is a rescue or from a breeder? And how is he or she able to fly? Bulldogs have found themselves banned from lots of airlines because there is a high rate of death because of their breathing issues; they often overheat and die even in climate controlled “pet-friendly” cargo areas. And he is too big for the cabin if they are flying commercial. I am totally rambling but as soon as I saw Joanna I thought to myself that i hope she isnt dumb enough to put that dog in the cargo area since she is allegedly such an animal lover. Of course I am one of those neurotic dog mamas who had her Boston Terrier driven from NC to CA when I moved to avoid the risk of flying…. Interesting article here about pets who fly on private pet only flights.

    • I thought about that too. I think it is not her bulldog, the joker-face tweeted they were at her friend Domingo’s house, so I am guessing it was his. She is too into herself to have a dog, look at how she treats her sister, imagine a puppy peeing on her shoes!

  17. Dear Ladies, I am a long time lurker, first time poster.
    I’d like to clear up some animals rights stuff here. My immediate and extended family have farms and butcheries in northern Europe (Denmark mainly). We have been in the business for over 3 decades and employ 85 people from local villages, including entire families. We have different kind of butcheries, mainly cows, but also rabbits for example.
    Our cows come from local farmers in a 350km radius, they are all healthy, vetted (we have our own vets) and happy; we kill them by quick electrocution which lasts about 1.7 seconds – they die immediately and don’t feel any distress. The by-products of a cow are: leather for fashion export, bones for glue and meat for non human consumption which gets made into dog/cat food.
    Now, I don’t know about China-produced fur, I’m sure it’s gruesome and vile, but in Europe you have to adhere to certain standards, and we regularly export rabbit fur to Italian and French fashion houses (expensive ones, I think it’s the cheap furs that come from China).
    Our rabbits are also killed for meat (in Europe rabbit consumption is vast and normal) also via quick electrocution – there is not such thing as skinning animals alive in Europe, and to my industry knowledge, not even in Russia!!
    Rabbits are bred exclusively for meat and fur as a by-product and I don’t see anything wrong with it.
    We also have very strict fox culling laws all across northern Europe, since foxes destroy chicken farms, carry rabies, cause mayhem in populated areas and breed very numerously. Fox hunters have a window of hunting in most European countries and are free to sell on the fox fur to fur producing middle men.
    It makes me very angry when these Peta types impose their views onto others – where would that stop? Today some washed up airhead self-important model is telling me I should not wear fur because she says so, and tomorrow some vegetarian will forbid me to eat meat, next thing you know we lose our businesses, have to let people go and the country side is invaded by rabbits and foxes???
    Peta is a violent organisation that borders on terrorist tactics. A few years ago in England a recently deceased Chinchilla breeder’s body was excavated form her grave and held ransom by Peta – her family was distraught and obviously Police interfered. They found the Peta culprits and fortunately they were all arrested. ANybody thinks that is acceptable, noble behaviour??
    I like living in a free society where I can eat and wear whatever I please, it’s nobodies business and I shall continue to do so.

    Ok rant over (sorry).
    P.s. Adriana should have not hit Joanna, her polish comments were unacceptable, but Joanna is a nasty trash bag in my view. As beautiful as she is on the outside, she’s as ugly and repulsive on the inside.

    • Thank you for the clarification on the fur issue. I am in agreement with you, no one should tell me what I should or should not do with my life, eat, wear, etc. Only one person can judge is, and he is looking our way! Unfortunately, with the cattle, there are some slaughter houses in the US that still use the clubbing method, rendering some of the cows still alive, and that I know first hand. USDA does not have strong laws on anything. Our meats have amonia, puppy mills have almost no restrictions, rabbit farms where rabbits are forced to breed. It is insane. I would never tell anyone what to eat, drink or wear like Joanna does.

    • Welcome GV, and thank you for your input, I worked for a company that to this day point the finger at PETA for contaminating our system and crashing 1000 lap tops through out the United States. I think it ‘s hard to say/claim you’re animal free. The food, the items around you everyday, clothing and let’s open that door on medical and pharma research. Many countries follow the rules and farm animals for speciifics and create a minimal amount of any pain. Yes, there are other countries that don’t follow the rules and those are the ones we should be educated about. There still is a healthy need for Fur Coats and in NY in the winter I have seen many in furs and must say beautiful coats. There are herds of deer and elk and rams that die each year from exposure and health issues, this is nature weeding out and there are highly regulated companies that farm for various reasons. In life nature will always balance things out.

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