October 30, 2012  Bravo…   Brandi is introduced to YoFo at Lisa’s SUR party.  According to Brandi, YoFo’s ex-husband, Mohamed, has slept with every girl in town.  NOTE:  Wonder if that includes one of the Miami Housewives?

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23 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE, LISA VANDERPUMP, YOLANDA FOSTER: Brandi Says Yolanda’s Ex Slept With Everyone… VIDEO

  1. I had a Brandi in my life once. Fun to hang out with, but not a shred of refinement, and I cringed whenever I introduced her to anyone. The friendship didn’t last.

  2. I think people take Brandi to serious. And if Kim still holds Brandi responsable for her….. whatever drug or alcohol addiction is known to the public, she is an idiot!

  3. Of course Muhamnmed slept with everyone, everyone he can BUY that is. Brandi how where you making your money before and after Eddie Cibrian (since we all know Eddie has no money and you aren’t a super model).

  4. In an interview of the BH housewives excluding Adrienne, Kim & Brandi seemed really nice 2 each other…so Im sure they are fine now…maybe anyway. I think Brandi is uncouth. She may says things to shock others but at times, she seems dirty. Wonder if she also meant Mohammed had slept with her, too??? Wouldnt surprise me any…Shes super tight with Lisa & Mohammed is 1 of Lisas bff’s, so Im sure he was around he has tons of $ & I’d say she might LOVE that!

  5. I love Brandi. Minus her DUI-she should know better, but I do the same thing as she does, I say things incomplete, backwards and often come off like Im an ass. When Im nervous that is. The first time I has to get on the overhead at Wal Mart and announce Ketchup and Mustard deals for the Fourth–I said Metchup and Custard. like 10 times. And then I ended it with a real classy, Dont Forkget the plasticware..

  6. I have a feeling that Brandi will be a bit annoying this season. If easy-going Paul could call her a bitch she must have done something questionable… But we will see…

  7. If the wife doesn’t want people to know. Don’t stay with someone like that. She may be a good person in general, but if you decide to stay , no one to blame but yourself. It’s hard to feel sorry for people who step into or stay in (when they realize the truth) a situation like that.

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