ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne Puzzled Over Lisa Vanderpump’s Non-Invite… VIDEO

October 30, 2012   Bravo…  Please try to ignore the no-name with Adrienne… BLEEEEEECH!!!

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  1. No Adrienne, you are right it isn’t you, you are much more underhanded and deceptive. Planning secret meetings that exclude Lisa planning to attack her at the reunion are more your style. You went after Lisa all season last year and the viewers didn’t like it.

    You say that Lisa tries to look like a saint but if that is all it is I got a give her credit for her acting skills because darling you sure don’t have any. You come off as jealous and petty and your grievances against Lisa seemed so high school. Grow up!!!!!


  2. and here we go again! Fishlips cant wait to start the shit flying! WTF is Adrienne doing hanging with scales anyway. Oh, thats right, she is helping her to drive Paul to the grave with her fake abuse photos! Fishlips probably took them


  3. Wow!! This clip makes this season look VERY boring!!!!!!!! Notice the background music is louder (not enough talking in the clips??). It’s almost like a bad porn flick. Downright embarassing now, and I won’t regret skipping out on the show!


    • Yeah, me neither. It’s just the Bravo gears of manipulation at work again.

      Bravo’s reasoning as to who should be the villain this year;

      Lisa: “No! We have a spin-off coming along! Don’t mess with her!”

      Kyle: “No! Everyone LOVES Kyle!” (I’m Being Sarcastic)

      Shana: “No! No one wants to see a widow become villainized on entertainment. BAD!”

      Brandi: “No. She’s good friends with LVP.”

      Yolanda: “No. She’s good friends with LVP.”

      Kim: “Nah! She’s too naive, and she never even shows up to film.”

      Adrienne: “Sure. Call production and notify them.”


      • haha. Every franchise has to have a villian. Adriene a la Jill..

        Anyway, was watching ROBH reunion – Miss Andy glee over the fact that a trashy show RHOBH got more viewers than Kelsey Grammar’s new show Boss on Starz.
        Of course RHOBH will get more viewers- it is trashy. Bravo is a trashy channel.
        Starz is a premium channel, Boss is great drama. Seriously comparing trash tv with excellent tv really?
        Delusional Miss Andy!


  4. I love how trout pout doesn’t wanna be the bearer of bad neeeeews, then she continues to rub it in. “I just thought cause you had been friends for so long…” I got news for ya trout pout, as soon as it suits RHOBH, your “friends” are gone.


  5. I’m sorry girls, but , I love Adrienne maloof. She needs a stylist but I would love to be her girlfriend. She chose a good husband that I would want to steal. Lol.


  6. ugh why is adrienne the traylor of this season? S2 E1 kyle and traylor went to a shop on robertson and taylor was like waaahh why is lisa leaving me out? fu!


  7. Talk about dramatizing a situation, so you weren’t invited to a party, so what, get over it. These women go to parties every night so it’s no big deal.


  8. I really don’t get all the Lisa love from people. I mean, I like Lisa, but she comes off as phony and calculating. I think Kyle’s assessment of Lisa being calculating is dead on. It’s funny how Brandi and Adrienne were friends, but as soon as Lisa became friends with Brandi, Brandi couldn’t wait to throw Adrienne under the bus and act as Lisa’s mouthpiece.

    Lisa always uses the fact that she’s British to hide behind her insults. Any time she’s called out on anything, she claims it’s just her “British humor” and that people who are offended don’t get her humor. Lisa was also the one who stirred the pot in season 1! She was the one who brought up the Taylor/Kim/Kyle/Camille drama and told Taylor that she needed to confront Kim about it. At Taylor’s party (with the limo fight) it was Lisa who basically pushed Taylor to talk to Kim about the Camille/Kyle/insecure/insignificant drama. When Kyle said Lisa likes to prey on the weak, I totally agree. Lisa picked on Kim in season 1 and picked on Taylor in season 2, the two weakest ones of the group.


    • Much of British humour is very dry and often delivered in one liners. My American fiance still takes some joke comments I make seriously after 6 years together and living in England for 20+ years. That said, there has been several occasions where I have thought to myself “you wasn’t joking there though Lisa”. I still like Lisa and prefer her to Adrienne and Kyle who’s attempts at covering up their bitching and backstabbing was as successful as hiding a double decker bus behind a lamp-post.


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