KARENT SIERRA, JOANNA KRUPA: Karent and Joanna on WWHL After Show… Still Talkin’ About Joe!… VIDEO

In BOTH Parts I and II of the WWHL After Show, Joanna repeats the JoeFrancis story…. and why her BFF, Karent, is NOT to blame.  Joanna says that Karent was just being a “good friend.”   NOTE:  Joanna comes off as a real big-mouth moron… someone needs to slap her!

Part I:

Part II:


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23 comments on “KARENT SIERRA, JOANNA KRUPA: Karent and Joanna on WWHL After Show… Still Talkin’ About Joe!… VIDEO

  1. O/T …… Good thoughts out to all in the path of Sandy. Full moon makes higher than normal storm surge. Other weather system from the west causing the storm to stall.

    Nothing you can do but LEAVE. Don’t mess around trying to outguess Sandy. STAY SAFE.

  2. How would Karent & Hohanna pay the callers? Anyway, JK really has no manners & shes giving the sleeze bag Joe Francis more air time by just talking & talking about him…Let it go! Theres some truth in the whole story! I actually believe JF & when JK was questioning Marta about sleeping with him..over & over-then Marta bowed her sloshed head & said she didnt want 2 talk about it, the look on Hohannas face said it all. Most sisters dont sleep with the same slimeball & I think thats why JK was soooo shocked! Not that she couldnt believe MK had slept with JF but that now she knew after her & Joe broke up, her lil sister slept with him, too! Her behavior (and eating habits) are atrocious! So are Adrianas! These are a bunch of catty women! I do think Karent should have told JK about JF bt not like she did & now we know they had actually spoke about him prior 2the party so I understand Karents actions. I like Karent & Lisa…the rest of them-Not so much! Looks like Joe is gonna get more air time next week! UGH!

    • Well this is the type of person Joe Francis is I remember this and also saw video from inside the club. He beat up a women. I wouldnt believe one word he has to say. I’m not a fan of Joanna’s at all I think she gets drunk and acts foolish, but what type of gentleman goes around telling people who he sleeps with and then says oh yeah I slept with her sister also. He is the worst type of pig. I mean girls gone wild some of those girls were underage, didnt he go to jail for that.

      • He is a pig, but lots a girls slept with him, and I don’t believe Joanna, even if he isn’t credible.

        • Joho and marta fit the unfortunate stereotype of the sort of girls that sleep with joe Francis types. I mean no offense but romain owns a night club……l…

  3. It was such a good episode!!!!! WWHL is never this good. I like Karent because she is a shit starter, but I can see why all the other women hate her. She is too easy to hate, but I imagine this season would suck without all the drama she creates, lol. I want to like Joanna, but she comes off as too CRAZY!!! If only her attitude matched her physical beauty, she would be a perfect human. I thought it was crazy when Joe Francis said he met Marta when she was 16, then he said 17!!! I immediatly thought of statutory rape! Then Joanna goes on the show and cofirms it. Its going to be crazy!

  4. Another scream fest and Andy sat on his simple ass and watched in glee silently telling the “voting audience” vote for ((ME)) Best Late Show TalkShow Host. Sure Mandy, I’ll get right on that after I learn to decipher phone call dialogue with a Screeching, live, over-hyped guest. Bravo needs to post a Transcript of this conversation for their viewing public.

  5. Actually, Hohanna said Marta was 13 when JF slept with her. Im a lil confused on that! They keep changing how old MK was when he met/slept with Marta. I bet Marta is kicking herself HARD right now! She was so wasted at that party, she didnt know if she was coming or going-She actually looked like some1 who was wasted on more than just booze! Hohanna needs to cut the imaginative umbilical cord! Shes in Martas business way 2 much! I really dont think JK “raised” MK…maybe she looked after her at times but being only 6 yrs older, nah..that doesnt make 2 much sense. I also wonder what in the world she meant when she kept telling Marta she would regret it….Over & over & over! Its a wonder, Marta didnt sucker punch Hohanna!

  6. Am I the only one who noticed Karent and Rodolfo are no longer? Turns out the long distant relationship doomed it from the start.

      • Not that it aint purdy. Its just sorta outdated is all. I wish it would come back. I got hairpieces that aint getting no use right now from back in the early part of this century :)

  7. I noticed in last nights episode, Marta put her hands on JoHo’s face ala RONJ style. Purveyors of Pop must have blocked that scene.

  8. Jo francis is a scumbag! He uses young girls to make money. I am so disgusted that he has come on the housewives. Ugh.

    • He’s still better than shaft and PT, and a lot of the other junk we call HWS.
      He truly is entertaining, and owns who he is. I dont support his line of work, bu He didn’t turn the girls into sluts, they were damaged sluts to begin with and joe Francis filmed, he didn’t force anyone to do it.

  9. I thought JoHo’s comments lastnight were really offensive on so many levels. I wanted to like her, but it’s not happening.

  10. Hey there, first time commenter here… I agree that Joanna’s comments and behavior are inappropriate, but I think that’s just her personality and she isn’t afraid to be herself. I may be one of the few Karent fans… I think she is actually lovely and seems the most level headed of the group!

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