YOLANDA FOSTER: Keeping An Eye On YoFo… Who’s Friends With Whom on the RHOBH!

October 28, 2012   @YolandaHFoster

SH has been keeping up with new Beverly Hills Housewife, Yolanda Foster since YoFo started her pre-RHOBHPremiere PR campaign.

As you well know, each of the Housewives starts activity at least six weeks before the next season premieres.  YoFo created her twitter account on July 31.

Just based on YoFo’s twitter interactions, it is clear to see where allegiances with fellow Beverly Hills cast mates have been made!  YoFo chats via twitter to @KyleRichards18, @LisaVanderpump, @KimRichards11, @BrandiGlanville and Brandi’s friend, @JenniferGimenez.

That leaves @AdrienneMaloof out of YoFo’s sphere of twitter pals.   It is clear that Adrienne is this season’s villain.  NOTE:  Adrienne’s tweets consist mainly of promoting her vodka, shoes, jewelry and cell phone cases.  

@TheRealCammileG, @MarisaZanuck and SHAFT will all be lesser players in season three of the RHOBH.

One little interesting tidbit: a twitter friend of YoFo’s is New York Housewife, Carole Radziwill.  Carole’s boyfriend is musician Russ Irwin… YoFo’s husband is David Foster.  Connect the dots!

                            As mentioned above, Yolanda’s site will go live on November 5…

NOTE:   Yolanda, from all sources thus far, has presented herself as an intelligent, sophisticated, a legitimately well-connected Housewife, who has experience in the “reality” show world … and she has a passport!  We like YoFo… however, that assessment could change after a few episodes!  We’ll see!!

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20 comments on “YOLANDA FOSTER: Keeping An Eye On YoFo… Who’s Friends With Whom on the RHOBH!

    • I was just about to comment saying the wallpaper of Brandy looks fantastic, and you beat me to it, Barb. I agree that she and Brandy are the prettiest on BH. Looking at her mouth though, she’s starting to have that Joker look. Has she already had a facelift at her young age?

        • Don’t yah hate moments like that!! xo I love Lisa too, she’s so classy and elegant, just like me…hehehehe I’m looking forward to getting to know Yolanda, she seems “real”..I watched some of her reality show on YouTube…her daughters are beautiful.

            • Guess what!! It’s airing here in Australia 24 hours after U.S.A. That means I’ll be able to talk to you about the women in real time!! I’m super excited. We’ll be able to gauge Yolanda at the same time…This will be the first time EVER I’ll be uptodate without scouring YouTube. That’s why I love SH, she gave me snippits of the show to watch, so I at least I had an idea of what was going on. Oh, and WWHL doesn’t air here…TG! I can’t see Aussies liking his “interview” style at all….

            • Put another shrimp on the barbie!! :) I’ve just gone on a Twitter follow fest…Yolanda, Lisa & her hubby, Brandi, and Giggy!! And now I’m off the bed…Catch you later, mate!

            • Hey Poodle, I didn’t know you were in Austraila. I like knowing where everyone is from it’s fun. I can’t wait for YoFo to make her debut either. I watched her other show when it was on and she seems like a very normal practical person and is well liked in The Netherlands. You never know though how she will interact with the Beverly Hills crowd and what they will bring out in her. I am very curious about her relationship with Lisa considering that she used to married to Mohamed Hadid and he and Lisa are still very close.

  1. I like Brandi, but she’s starting to get that “Joker” mouth. I don’t know why they can’t leave their faces alone.

  2. YoFo is presenting herself in the best possible light right now leading up to the premiere…have a feeling we haven’t seen the real deal yet.

  3. Poor Adrienne. She doesn’t deserve to get singled out and bullied by these women. Like Teresa, it seems like Adrienne is going to get ganged up on. This sounds like it’s gonna be RHONJ all over again.

    • Yeah, it seems like the “Big Dogs” (HFK, LVP, BG, SWSNBN) always swarm around the ‘weaker’ personalities of the show; Kim, MaloofHoof, Chamomile; probably because they don’t kiss up to Bravo Corp. & it’s crew.

      • But they, especially Adrienne, had no problem ganging up on Lisa at last season’s reunion….Karma courtesy of Bravo!?

  4. LMAO! SH – I think you forgot one houswife….she doesn’t seem to associate with Taylor A. either! Not sure if that was intentional on your part…..being that no one wants Taylor to be a housewife. Just thought it was funny that she wasn’t mentioned!

  5. Just saw Yolanda on a RHWOBH commercial saying there’s nothing uglier than a drunk, out of control woman. I think I’m going to like this one.

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