TAMRA BARNEY, VICKI GUNVALSON: Tamballs and Vicki’s “WinesByWives”… A Closer Look… NOT Tamballs OR Vicki’s “Idea”… NO Info Re “CharitableContributions”…

October 28, 2012

After the earlier post today on SH mentioning HoneyBooBoo of the OC, TamballsBarney and Vicki Gunvalson’s brainchild, “WinesByWives”… WBW warrants a closer look.

              “Hey… let’s start a club!  Let’s call it “WinesByWives”… and let’s throw the word “charity” in there!  That “charity” word always sucks in the suckers…”

BOTH Vicki and Tamballs claim that they were just sittin’ around one day drinkin’ wine one day and they put their heads together… and BAM!  WinesByWines was born!

Tamballs from March 14, 2012…

Vicki from May 3, 2012

Not so fast, you two entrepreneurial experts!  That’s not the REAL story!  

“WinesByWives” was the brainchild of online entrepreneur Christopher Gravagna!

From PRWeek “Gravagna tapped LAB Media Group to launch his venture, Wines by Wives Charity Wine Club.”

THIS is what LABMediaGroup did for Vicki and Tamballs Mr. Gravagna’s “WinesByWives”…

LAB launched the company and sustained buzz by promoting its celebrity involvement and charity endorsements. Through Wine by Wives, LAB was able “to give fans a product that is curated by these celebs, allowing them to connect with their fans,” says LAB founder Lynn Brodsky.

LAB provided media coaching to Real Housewives of Orange County’s Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Barney throughout the campaign. The agency did outreach and managed charity relations with the brand. The agency worked with the wives pre-launch to strategically tweet during weekly airings of the show and created and managed contests for an evening with the wives.

LAB worked with LA agency Jane Owen PR to organ- ize the March 8 launch party, managing press and celebrity attendance including Ashley Hebert from The Bachelorette and Dana Wilkey from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  The agency worked with celebrity and entertainment magazines to ensure on-target placement, including hosting three New York press dinners.

Within a month, Wine By Wives had more than 8,000 participants and 13,000 Facebook “likes.”

The main hook for “WinesByWives” is the CHARITY aspect.  

After noticing that there is NO specific information on the WBY site re how much of the money raked in goes to charity… the site merely states that Tamballs and Vicki have each agreed to give somma their “proceedings” to charity.

That statement is a HUGE change from the information which was on the WBW site in May 2012!

Back in May, the WBW site stated that the charitable contribution consists of 10% of the PROFIT from the MEMBERSHIP fee!   The membership fee at that time was $34.99… 10% of the membership fee would be $3.49!   After various fees, etc. are subtracted from $3.49, Vicki and Tamra were probably sending less than $1 per each membership to each charity.

NOTE:  WinesByWives has changed that statement!  WinesByWives NOW has NO membership fee; nor does WinesByWives state any details re their “charity” aspect, other than the OC’s HoneyBooBoo and Vicki will give some proceeds to charity!

When asked back in April 2012 if Teresa Giudice’s Fabellini would be included in Mr. Gravagna’s WinesByWivesCHARITYWineClub… Vicki said NO WAY!