SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Ramona Singer “PinotONLY!”… Joe Gorga “NeedsDictionary”… Tamra Barney “HoneyBooBoo of the OC”… Sonja Morgan “B’WayAfterDark”… And MORE!

October 28, 2012

Ramona Singer was at a restaurant opening and refused photo ops… Ramoaner ain’t gonna pose with nuthin’ but her own beverage!

“…Pinot grigio-gulping “Real Housewife of New York” Ramona Singer declined to pose near a bottle of vodka, claiming she’s starting her own liquor line.”   NYPost.


Get JoGo a dictionary… NOW!  Apparently, JoGo don’t know the difference between “deployed” and “UNemployed”!!  Poor JoGo!

NOTE:  JoGo better be careful!  The next time he decides to take a wizz, this could be him!


The HoneyBooBoo of the OC, Tamballs Barney, shared all her “wisdom” at the LA Ultimate Women’s Expo this weekend!

You missed the OC’s HoneyBooBoo, but YOU can still attend!  AND… compared to other Housewives events, this one is cheap!

Back to Tamballs wisdom-sharing!  If YOU were lucky enough to listen to her yesterday at 11:00 am, you would have heard her talk about her WBW “CHARITY”!

With Tamra Barney’s experience and successful television career, she discovered the power of television and recently launched a successful online charity—celebrity wine of the month club WineByWives.Com. As President and CEO, her company mission is “Women Giving Back To Woman”.

NOTE:  Included in the FAQ page at WBW, it is VERY unclear what portion of the proceeds are given to charity.


Sonja… with a “J”… Morgan will be co-hosting a REAL charity event tomorrow evening!

“The event, starting at 10:30pm, will consist of musical performances from Broadway’s best talent, sexy burlesque numbers, fierce drag queens, raffles and much more! Cast members from Broadway’s WickedSpider-Man: Turn Off The DarkThe Lion KingHair and many more will turning up the heat. The event is free, but Broadway Sings for Pride will be accepting donations throughout the night!”


If you haven’t had the pleasure of observing ThePolishPrincess, Joanna Krupa’s, PETA campaign…

From @DerekJHair… DerekJ hangin’ with CynthiaBailey and MugshotMarlo…

(Thanks to SH readers “LB” “PMG” “@Imthepain29″ and “PDM”!!!)

33 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Ramona Singer “PinotONLY!”… Joe Gorga “NeedsDictionary”… Tamra Barney “HoneyBooBoo of the OC”… Sonja Morgan “B’WayAfterDark”… And MORE!

  1. Does PETA really think that ‘fur trim’ approach is going to work? It looks ridiculous (and I’m an animal advocate) and I would be more inclined to MOCK that ad campaign rather than respect it and say ‘oh no, they’re right…. I shouldn’t wear fur anymore’.


    • I love that guy pissing and the shark, classic and I bet it was in australia. Another thing, Ramona is a drunk pure and simple. She has to be a drunk in order to delude herself into thinking that her husband isn’t cheating on her.


  2. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for Vicki G(OG housewife) to speak at this expo? Say what you will about Vicki but she has managed to run her business and was one of the fe HW’s not to have financial issues which is very impressive imo


    • To DizzeMe, I totally agree…in fact, I find it offensive as a woman and only a self serving promo shot for Joanna! It is way off track with it’s msg. One word describes it perfectly: Asinine!


  3. I agree about the animal rights ad-too gross, very poor taste and doesnt move me at all toward the help of animals. Just tasteless just wrong.


    • It’s tasteless and it makes women into sex objects. Not that they’re the only ones, but you would think they would have respect for “all” living things. Once they compared the Holocaust to animals being killed for food, I was done with them.


  4. Sadly Tamara doesn’t have enough class to be Honey Boo Boo, even as a Halloween spoof. In her place Mama June could have spoken in Tamball’s spot on the benefits of how not to portray yourself as a classless, cold-hearted and slutty Mother & friend as she so proudly portrayed in the OC.

    Great article, photos and captions.


  5. SonJa is hosting another event? She seems like an odd choice to host anything because she is either preoccupied or a self-centered ditz about such things. I wonder if she’ll miss her mark to remain in the green room to have her snack? And will she remember to put on her knickers?


      • Hi SH: Hmmm. SonJa can be pro gays. So am I. So are many people, btw. However, from what has been shown on housewives, she seemed more interested in titles and tiaras and being the center of attention at such events. (Remember the “marriage equality march” debacle a couple of years ago?)


        • Lynda: Exactly! “From what has been shown on housewives”… In REAL life, Sonja doesn’t just talk about ‘doing’… she does. And, does it without the need for cameras. Unlike some of her NY cast mates! TFC!! SH


    • The dont quit part can be blamed on autocorrect but mistaking deployed for unemployed makes me feel sorry for him just a bit. Its indicative of learning disability his mind doesn’t let him read the entire word so he just picks out parts of it that he has memorized from before in this case ployed.


  6. Tammy fits right in with that list of has-been and never-were “celebrities.”

    Is she going to speak about the joys of part-time parenting?


  7. The Marco Trio needs to keep JoGo off Twitter for his own safety, at the very least someone should do all the tweeting for him.


    • Did you see what Chris Slim Shady Laurita posted that he found on JoHo’s phone when JoHo went to the bathroom the other night when they were all posting pics at the Laurita house? This is JoHo’s response…

      Joe Gorga ‏@joegorga

      Im calling the police u thief RT @chris_laurita: Look what I found on @joegorga phone when he went to the bathroom. Lol

      Here is the link to Chris Slim Shady’s Moby Pic that he put up…you have been warned (contains no nudity just stupity).


  8. If u go back a few weeks on shrimp’s twitter, u’ll see he spells “focus” this way: “Fucos.”

    And Caroline: “the music just envelopes you.” Jac tweets poised ipo POSED. Wakiles also have tweeted incorrect spelling of words.

    I guess someone needs to remind that Teresa’s not the only that messes up every now and then!


  9. I noticed this on the Wines by Wives website:
    “One very important feature is our club’s commitment to “give back” to those in need. Each celebrity will be donating a portion of a member’s initial order to their favorite charity. Currently, Tamra has chosen a Breast Cancer charity and Vicki has selected a Battered Women’s shelter as their recipient organizations.”
    ***Please note in the second sentence that the only donation to charity is a “portion of a member’s INITIAL order.”

    So. . . after the INITIAL order they donate NOTHING to charity!. Sounds like a sneaky little scam going on to me. It’s not even on the first page. I clicked “About Us” to find it. Most people would assume that each order would have a portion donated to charity. I would. Shouldn’t that information be on the first page???

    Shame on you Vicki and Tamra for scamming fans by leading them to believe that
    each time they buy Wines by Wives you donate money to charity!!! :( :( :(


  10. OK now I get it. Vikki and Tamballs are donating a portion of their member’s fees! Wow! Why can’t they just donate a portion of their own profits? Oh that would mean they actually give something to charity. BTW SH these photos keep getting funnier and funnier! LOL!


  11. P.S. :) I was a member a Peta years ago. This kind of stuff is why I’m not. I thought the group was set up to fight animal abuse , with it’s main focus being on domestic animals. I wouldn’t be caught in fur myself but this & the “Fishing is murder” stuff. Total waste of time & resources i/m/o.


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