JOANNA KRUPA: Joe Francis Says Joanna Crazy, Marta “SweetGirl”… Takes Credit For Miami Ratings Increase…UPDATE: Joanna’s Warning!

October 27, 2012 4:45 pm   UPDATE  7:40 pm

Joanna Krupa has issued a warning to Joe!  Set your DVRs!  Joanna will be getting her revenge on tomorrow night’s WWHL!


GirlsGoneWild creator and friend of the Real Housewives of Miami’s Lea Black, Joe Francis, has taken to twitter to back up his claims that Joanna Krupa “dated” him when she first landed in the US…


“This whole thing is a result of Joanna finding out that I was sleeping with her sister Marta right after I dated her and she’s mad about it.  Marta pursued me while I was dating Joanna and I really like Marta because she’s a very sweet girl unlike her crazy sister. Joanna should talk to her sister Marta about these issues and leave me and everyone else out of it so she doesn’t end up getting slapped in the face again like she did that night by Adriana de Moura.”

NOTE:  According to Joe, HE’S the only reason for the slight increase in ratings for Miami:

While interesting and very coincidental that Miami ratings got an small increase, there are more likely reasons for the ratings bump than that of a Joe Francis appearance!

  • The Real Housewives of New Jersey is no longer airing
  • The Real Housewives of New York is no longer airing
  • Lea Black made her first “appearance”… chatting with our fabulous friends at TVGasm’s “WatchWhatCrappens,” which led to more people tuning into Miami!

While the info re Joanna and Marta Krupa may be of interest… here’s what we think of the rest of JoeFrancis’ claims:

(Thanks to SH readers “Romo” and “PDM”!!!)

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64 comments on “JOANNA KRUPA: Joe Francis Says Joanna Crazy, Marta “SweetGirl”… Takes Credit For Miami Ratings Increase…UPDATE: Joanna’s Warning!

  1. Nope. Don’t care. Nothing could get me to tune in to the Miami show. But the Joanna chick is hot.

  2. No one tuned in because of Joe. I thought JoHo was going to get slapped by Adriana in this ep. Of course they’re making us wait until next week. Sorry Joe, thanks for the random, gossip but we aren’t watching for you.

    • I thought Joho was getting slapped too. I am not a joe francis fan however i was secretly routin for ‘em in this case. Joho is craycray

      • Yea me too. By no means a fan of joe Francis, but I do not like joho, and I have no doubt that she slept w him.. I’ve also lost all respect for roman after last weeks episode, he was such a wimp, and he’s a hoe and so is his girl.

        • Me too. Thought Roman was great till he stood tjere while jofro argued w / Joho. Now lost respect. Whether dhe did or didnt (and she did) he shouldve said SOMETHING while jofro yelled u gave me a bj!! In a movie theater!!

        • Omg Gf, how many guys you know would stand by like Romain did and watch as their fiancé got put on blast? Joe wouldn’t have even got my name out of his mouth if my hubs was around. Wth on Romain and where are his balls?!

          • I agree. More disgusting than joe f shouting that was the boyfriend standing there sipping his drink. They all deserve each other.

          • I think that these scenes of Joanna are something that are all to common to Romain. Wasn’t his advise to her was to just let it go. It didn’t bother him because he believed her and that she needed to get use to the fact that people were going to throw BS out there.

            • Roman is an a** and a douche, and he likes hoes, even if he doesn’t respect or truly care about joho/hoanna, he should have stepped in. Bad bad bad.

  3. Clearly I need to pay more attn around here b/c I always thought “Watch WHat Crappens” was just a cute name for WWHL. I’m listening to the podcast now with Lea

  4. UGH I hate Joe Francis! Such a freaking pervert douche. What TV show did he ever put Joanna on? This guy preys on reality stars and B-listers to get in with them, and they just use him for his Mexican beach house ie the Kardashians/Disicks/Mario Lopez. He’s a habitual liar and ex-con. Even if he did mess around with the sister/s, he has no class to air that dirty laundry in public. They were young and impressionable, even if they were social climbers. Not cool.

  5. ITA with romoshedint! I thought Hohanna was getting punched/slapped & I def wanted 2 see that. I absolutely believe J slept with Joe Francis & I believe Lea purposely invited him for a blowup & she got it. Joe needs 2 get on back to the Kardashian’s…the just love them some Joe! They love his beach house in Mexico, too!

  6. What is a 13% increase in their ratings equate to, one viewer?

    This Joe Francis comes off as an effeminate self-loathing, woman hating repressed homosexual. Andy will probably give him his own show.

    • I couldn’t have put it so well! You nailed exactly what I was trying to find a way to articulate. I’ve heard of him but never seen him. Seems very effeminite for a guy who so vigorously defends having had sex with women. To quote Joanna; “Who does that?”
      She’s gross, though. Most of them are just plain tacky; embarrassing.

  7. And they also love his fancy private jet that they all use at their discretion. So,will Lea get crucified like Tre for the setup? Mmmmm…..I think not! And she probably is still laughing about it! Tre should learn from watching Lea. Just laugh!

  8. I thought Joanna said they came to the USA when she was 10 or Marta was. Here mother worked all the time so she watched her Sister. So Joe is saying he slept with a child?

  9. Roman forgot his balls at home, he didn’t have much to say when Joe Francis was confronted by Joanna but spoke up when it came to the Adriana telling Joanna to butt off. Roman was telling Adriana to show some respect to Joanna as she’s pointing and yelling at Adriana.

  10. ugh What a creep!!!

    Who cares if Joanna was a ho or is crazy or has two heads. Jo Francis is a creep, he proved that when he strung Paris Hilton along & then sold the sex tape with her.

    Girls from places like Poland & Thailand sometimes end up working as prostitutes in the wealthiest western nations. Its not something that should be flung around as an insult on a reality TV show. Great job yet again Bravo!

  11. I remember Joanna saying she was in her early 20s when she moved to Cali. Marta is like seven or eight years younger. It wouldnt surprise me if Joe slept with marta when she was underage. At this point Joanna should just admit that she made a poor judgement call dealing with him years ago.

  12. Agreed. If she wouldve just copped to it, rolled her eyes and made a snarky comment about his lack of technique or something it wouldve prob just been forgotten.

  13. Even tho Joe Francis is a sleeze bag, I sooo hope Andy’s minions have contacted JF & he’ll just so happen 2 get thru on the phone lines tonight on WWHL. Hohanna thinks she wont be confronted 2nite& she can basically say whatever she wants & he cant call her out BUT if he calls in then maybe we’ll see more fireworks…Andy loves that kind of stuff so Im sure something will happen! I think Ill try&try&try 2 get thru, too LOL! I’d like 2ask her a question or 2-maybe about the Kardashians :) Im sure I’d be hung up on!

  14. Snoozers! This will be the first Sunday night that I will not go to bed with a headache/stomachache/high blood pressure in about 3 months since the gorefest called RHONJ is finally over!

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