Could Housewives Products Enter Into The “SharkTank”?… OR… Stand Up To Evaluation?

October 27, 2012  

An NRG drink was recently featured on “SharkTank”…

…and after some deliberation, one of the Sharks, Daymond John, made a deal with the maker of the NRG drink.

Kevin O’Leary said the best line at the end of the deal… “I don’t think anyone understands what it is!”

NOTE:  Would the Sharks make a deal with that black stuff??? 


Cook’s Country did a taste test of the best of the best spaghetti sauces…

NOTE:  The testers mentioned that $6.99 was very expensive for a bottled sauce.

What would they think of paying $33.92 for three or $11.32 for ONE jar of BrownstoneSauce?

15 comments on “Could Housewives Products Enter Into The “SharkTank”?… OR… Stand Up To Evaluation?

  1. Good Lord! I can buy a nice plate of Spaghetti and a Caesar salad for $33.92. The Manzo’s are punks! -Danny Provenzano


  2. oh , i’m sure don caro’s is the best, u musn’t question the don, you will make her mad. and you don’t wanna see her mad. god help us all.

    as for blk, i used to be totally retarded, now i’m just a little bit retarded, i think.
    must be the blk.


  3. I will make a pot of gravy meatballs, sausage, etc. throw in a loaf of bread, bowl of penne pasta all for under $20.00 bucks and have it for 2 meals for 5. Stupid asses…. the sharks would eat them up and spit them out. I watch that show every week and see what they do to some of the people. Gurgle gurgle I’m still above water…. LOL :-)


    • Celebrity must have gone to their heads if the Manzos (who are indeed punks) think anyone would pay that much for jarred tomato sauce.


        • Spaghetti sauce is really not hard to make. No reason to pay a lot for any brand. Particularly since most people are going to put more money in the sauce in form of sausages, hamburger, ribs, etc. The sauce itself should be the cheapest part.


          • ITA. My brother’s friend is married to an Italian and she makes her own “sugo” and throws in meatballs and steak. Sometimes she throws in ribs. When I visit their home, she hands sugo to everyone as they walk out the door.

            I would definitely buy a sauce that Teresa or the Guidice’s marketed. I’d love for Juicy to have a family sauce. Juicy had Don Caro shaking in her boots on the reunion show. He’s the alpha IMO. I really want him to to do something with his wee bit of “fame” even if its simply his mother putting out a sauce with Tree. Of course, maybe he doesn’t care about that. Also, I’m sure if Teresa did put out a sauce, da Don and Jackhole would be all over it because “Sauce is our family’s thing…” and uhhhh…whatever her name is… Katfish would say, “Oh, my mother and I invented sugo” in a passive aggressive tone.

            Watching the cooking challenge in Napa was fun! MeGo and Tree were getting along and while I have my opinions about MeGo, I think it’s sweet of her to learn the family recipes for her husband. Whatever MeGo and Tree cooked up–I want some of that!


        • Love it Ana. Just the image of Tre and the daughters making sauce with the grandparents makes me smile. If Teresa could capture that genuine Italian essence in a jar I would buy it as well.


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