Could Housewives Products Enter Into The “SharkTank”?… OR… Stand Up To Evaluation?

October 27, 2012  

An NRG drink was recently featured on “SharkTank”…

…and after some deliberation, one of the Sharks, Daymond John, made a deal with the maker of the NRG drink.

Kevin O’Leary said the best line at the end of the deal… “I don’t think anyone understands what it is!”

NOTE:  Would the Sharks make a deal with that black stuff??? 


Cook’s Country did a taste test of the best of the best spaghetti sauces…

NOTE:  The testers mentioned that $6.99 was very expensive for a bottled sauce.

What would they think of paying $33.92 for three or $11.32 for ONE jar of BrownstoneSauce?