JACQUELINE LAURITA: Parenting Magazine Calls Jax Out For “BADParenting”!!…Will BubbaJax Be Writing For “ParentingMagazine”? … UPDATE: Parenting Magazine Responds… Expects MORE Readers!

October 26, 2012  2:15 pm    5:52 pm

Jacqueline Laurita stated in her BravoBlog that she will be writing for Parenting Magazine beginning in February 2013:

“I will be a contributing editor, starting in February, for Parenting Magazine discussing our journey with Autism.”

After a search of Parenting Magazine’s website, the only item which includes BubbaJax is one which describes “the most notorious parenting moments”…

Mom Breed: The scared-of-discipline mom.
The 411: Jacqueline has pretty much lost control of her 18-year-old daughter, Ashley, who nearly flunked high school, lives with her 23-year-old boyfriend, and mouths off to her mother like the two are bickering sisters (and Jacqueline immaturely bickers right back). Jacqueline tries to be her daughter’s BFF and hasn’t learned how to command any sort of respect from Ashley. Let’s hope she does a better job with younger sons CJ and Nicholas.
Signature Parenting Moment: When it comes to Jacqueline’s parenting, the apple does not far fall from the tree. In a heated argument between Jacqueline and nemesis Danielle, Ashley physically attacked Danielle, pulling out her hair weave. Although Jacqueline told her she shouldn’t have done it and that she had to face the music, she never really punished her.

With Parenting Magazine calling out BubbaJax’ bad parenting, it’s kinda unbelievable that they would invite her to write for their magazine!

Therefore, SH asked ParentingMagazine via Twitter to clarify the BubbaJax situation!

No response yet from @Parenting Magazine…

UPDATE:  Parenting magazine responded via twitter… Parenting expects a “slew” of new readers!

 One reader already expressed their opinion!

BubbaJax chats with Chris Laurita about Asslee Holmes…

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428 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: Parenting Magazine Calls Jax Out For “BADParenting”!!…Will BubbaJax Be Writing For “ParentingMagazine”? … UPDATE: Parenting Magazine Responds… Expects MORE Readers!

  1. Maybe wishful thinking on her part? Probably trying to make it look like she actually has something cooking instead of being a wack a doodle.

    • Parents Magazine ‏@parentsmagazine
      @GraceIn2013 We covered her son’s autism diagnosis, but Jacqueline is not writing for Parents.
      Retweeted by Susan Potts

        • SHE SHOULDN’T BE WRITING FOR ANY OF THEM!!! Just last week I heard that Melissa will be writing for them as well! ARE THE MAGAZINES DESPERATE?! Melissa is even worse than Jacko! That bitch had a makeup artist and wore a cocktail dress WITH HEELS to HER DAUGHTER’S PARTY! WHO DOES THAT?!!! SHE ALWAYS WANTS ATTENTION, BUT STEALING IT FROM YOUR OWN DAUGHTER MAKES HER NOTHING MORE THAN A SELFISH BITCH!

  2. MsSH ALWAYS gets it right! It drove me nuts on Twitter yesterday all these peeps were calling out Parents Magazine instead of Parenting for hiring dumbass Jac.

  3. Yeah scared of disciplining her own daughter but doesn’t shy away from torturing other people’s kids for the sake of the camera. Immature boy howdy.

    • You know that was my biggest problem with the whole GIA situation. Jax has never properly, from what we saw anyways, disciplined Ashley yet she was quick to run her mouth and be oh so condescending to GIA. Someone should have told her that she needed to handle the trash in her own backyard before trying to get into other people’s business. I have no problem with community parenting, I have always raised my children to respect their elders and to consider/call our very close family friends Auntie/Uncle. I could have respected them as adults and honorary Aunties if they had handled the situation better, instead they acted like two grown ass bullies. The way Jax acts I always find myself wanting to tell her to stay out of grown folks business.

      • So true . Maybe if she cornered Ash n read her a book, they could have a conversation that didnt end with an eviction or Jax being called a bitch.

        • That was SO horrible when Jax tried to discipline Gia. Jax should have NEVER read a 5 year old book to 10 year old GIA – that is condescending on all levels, but to a 10 year old the equivalent of being compared to a baby! Also Jax was LAUGHING when she read it!

          On another site, someone said that it was sad that people were boycotting Parenting for having Jax and that she should be able to write about her story. She also said that we were full of self hatred for doing so – what a joke! As I said everyone is entitled to their opinion, as soon as someone decides to go and make their life public in search of fame and being a celebrity, they give up their right to be judged. We learned that in mass media class in school :)! That’s the trade off for being very RICH and famous or in this case a wannabe rich Z list celebrity – you get all the money and glory from it, but you also give up your privacy. So with Jax, yes she can go ahead and have her say and write her blog, just as we who think that she is not a good role model and someone that should be emulated, can voice our opinion to Parenting and boycott the magazine. Sheesh do those fans always have to go and cry when something doesn’t go in favor of their favorite?

  4. What national magazine in their right mind would hire her to write anything? Her writing is long winded, not clear and the style in and of it self BORING! They want to sell magazines not put people to sleep!
    Her parenting skills non existent with her daughter, no teenager is easy, but her style is certainly not one i would want to edify!
    I am also going to tweet and ask!

    • The only reason I think someone would give her a guest or jr. editor status is because they are hoping to raise their circulation. Like it or not RHONJ has some ratings and for every person that dislikes Jax, Caro, Meho, Tre etc. there is someone that likes them.

      • Your post just proved how irrelevant Kathy is!! Whenever her name isn’t mention it makes me feel all happy inside.

        • LMAO…I totally forgot about her. She is kind of like wallpaper, just there in the background and not worth mentioning.

      • I don’t think there’s quite as many people that like Jac, Caro and Missy than there are people who don’t like them. But I agree, remarkably, they do have fans.

  5. OMG all of the tweets from Parenting Magazine to the tweeters are HIL-AR-IOUS!
    thanks for letting us know how you feel. We’ll pass this along to our editors.

    • My dogs are doing the same on Twitter heehee in their Haloween costumes avatar..oh well. It’s the RT. that counts LOL

  6. This contributing editor’s gig must be similar to her multi million dollar endorsement deal she tweeted about last month. LOL

    Those voices in her head are giving her lots of deals.

  7. In my neck of the woods we have small community magazines (for want of a better word “glossies”) that showcase local pediatricians , clothing boutiques, children’s activities and everything child-centric. Is it possible that Jax is writing for one of these?

    • She will be writing for their local penny saver as she tries to sell their household stuff before the bankruptcy court get to auctioning off everything .

      • To right Bizzy. I wonder if Jax comprehends how serious the situation is or is lulled into a false sense of security? Life has been very cushy since she married Chris and it would be hard to return to a leased home or rental property?

        • Hope she kept her license current since I am not sure what else she is qualified to work as. It’s a big fall that she will have to take with that step down from their current life.

        • Aint. I think that she really thinks that everything is fine. She is so delusional, and just like Caro, she makes up her own reality in her head, tells us how it ‘really is’ and we are supposed to eat it up with a spoon. I can’t relate to people like this- they drive me bonkers! Just give me someone I can take at face value. I can’t deal with the “My friend told me but I can’t say who the friend is/ I have a tape recording of her admitting it/ I have a multimillion dollar deal.” You are a liar! Sometimes 2+2 simply equals 4, but rarely in the Laurita family!

          • She makes a good case for delusions of grandeur coupled with a lot of booze and zanax is not the best thing to live off of.

            • If she is drinking that much(can’t say cuz I’m not around her 24/7), then that would explain why she seems like nothing is wrong. She drinks the alcohol to numb the fear & emotions she has going on inside. It’s what all addicts do. Instead of facing the reality, they drink/do drugs/etc… to avoid reality & it, literally, will take them away from whatever they are going through. It’s why addicts become addicts. Because they find something that takes them away from all the pain, whether it be emotional or physical. And when they sober up, those feelings and harsh reality come back, so they do more drugs/drink more alcohol to get the reality to “go away” again.

              • To add to that, it’s a never-ending cycle, until they either A) hit “rock bottom” where they cannot avoid reality any longer, or B) they die.

              • Oh, definitely, CJ! The thing is, if she didn’t have any mental issues BEFORE the addiction, drugs & alcohol can actually cause the addict to become BiPolar, have Depression, & can even end up being ADD/ADHD. It’s crazy the long term effects that drugs/alcohol have, when used over a long period of time! The chemicals in their brains get all out of whack, from depending on the drugs to keep the chemicals balanced!

  8. That’s one cute baby! Anybody else notice when Wacko gains weight the first place it shows is that roll in her neck? Yeah, not nice, I know. Ugly on the inside, fair game on the outside.

    • Nick is super adorable. I can totally see the Laurita in him, especially those beautiful eyes. My prayer is that he will receive the very best of treatment and parenting and that he grows up into a fully functioning adult (and we know not all the adults on this show are full functioning).

      • I was just thinking the same thing when I saw his picture. I hope Jax realizes what is most important and stays away from the drama and craziness and does everything in her power to help that little boy.

      • He is a beautiful baby. My dear friend in high school had a sister who was diagnosed a s autistic. It was obvious she was different. She grew up to be a beautiful woman; a school teacher and great mother and wife. Completely normal.

  9. Well there is one thing about it, she was offered a job to contribute articles to a magazine, and I don’t see any “Parent” magazine offers for Teresa. Ofcourse being married to someone who might be serving 10-15 years soon and have children who are out of control doesn’t help.

    • But then again Parenting magazine didn’t single Tree out as an example of what not to do either. But this thread is about Jax anyways. So be careful not to fall into the trap that Jax does by bringing up Tree every other word. :)

      • How do we know she was offered a job to contribute articles to a magazine? Did Parenting Magazine confirm she was going to be a contributing editor? I’m wondering when Jax is going to announce who her multi-million dollar endorsement is with?

          • Or, BLK taking the country by storm. All of the parts of the country I’ve been to in the last few months are either no longer carrying it or it’s in the 50% off bin.

            • lol. Maybe its just selling like hotcakes over on the west coast? bahahahahahaha. Seriously, they need to take my bottling idea and run with it.

              • it’s not anywhere along this side of LA, Redondo, Long Beach, Palos verdes as far as I know, not that I looked for it.

              • Maybe that’s Jerry Brown’s problem — he’s been drinking the black sludge. Okay, Jerry Brown fans, don’t hate me. I couldn’t resist.

              • Rochester,N.Y. is the hometown of Wegmans and I am sad to say it is here. Coworkers tried it and said it was terrible. I told them whats in it and they were shocked and they are fans of the Manzos and Lauritas.

              • It’s not here in Iowa but that doesn’t surprise me. We’ll probably get it in 5 years. In the meantime, I can make my own with some dirt from outside, humic acid and a little “natural” coloring. Watch out, BLK! BRWN is on the way!

              • LMAO, ChemGeek!!!
                It doesn’t seem to be here in the DFW area of Texas, either….& I think I would notice black water, sitting on the shelves with the other waters!

              • ha ha KS2ID2TX and Chem Geek, where I live if there is a hurricane coming people stock up on water. Sometimes the entire bottled water section clears out completely. I’m pretty sure there are quite a few people that would pass on the black stuff sitting on the shelf when their life may well depend on that bottled water for a few days. I’d think to myself, I better not chance it with that stuff. Brown or black water does make you think survival!

              • Coming to Dollar Store near you very soon. Hollah! It will be a two-fer tho wait and see. Maybe the managers can do a depressing display combining BLK Water and Caroline’s parenting book.

              • I can picture it: Don Caro life-size cut out with a conversation bubble, “Let me tell you somethin’….drink BLK water!”

              • In five years?!?! Now you sound like Jacqueline (omg – just kidding… lol)! But I don’t think it’s going to be ANYWHERE in five years.

              • Saw it in Newport Beach at an upscale grocery/deli. Those kinda folks would probably try anything but the end cap display was fully stocked.

        • tee hee. Yeah. But she can always run ads for her Milania hair care line in the magazine. I heard that the conditioner was an excellent detangler

          • I signed up on the Milania website to get email…cuz I’m cheap and if I decide to order Milania I can get free shipping. Can post the coupon code when I get it if anyone wants it and if SH doesn’t poof me for doing something like that! I can’t bring myself to pay more than a couple of dollars for hair products.

            • You said its the Milania website? I would be interested if ok with SH maybe you could let me know where I could find products . Sometimes my hair could use a little get up and Go….LOL….Oh yeah, no Blk water here in Oregon. Maybe we are not as backwards as some think and drink just any old swill out there….lol…

              • Hi @morninglaurie! You can learn about Milania Hair Care from Teresa’s website which you can access from a link at the bottom of any of her Bravo blogs. You can sign up for emails and sometimes they offer free shipping. I haven’t tried any of the products…waiting to see if she comes out with just a shampoo or conditioner:)

    • A. Teresa’s kids are NOT out of control from what I can tell.
      B. Per SH rules, no derogatory comments about kids.

    • wait, we don’t even know if what she says is true. She has said a lot of things and I can’t remember one thing she said that was true, she is great at misconstruing. My thing is reading the info already printed about her makes me wonder why they would turn to her to be a guest editor.

      First off, I don’t believe her son has autism and if I am wrong my God forgive me. I am with Juicy, they are shady, shady, shady. The news about their company bankruptcy literally describes them as grifters and con artist. They don’t have any credibility at my email address.

    • Raising four young daughters (Tre), all of whom are normal, active, children who feed off each other’ personalities is SO different than raising one child (Jax and Ash) who grew into an undisciplined, disrespectful, substance-using young adult. We’ve already seen the result of Jax first try at motherhood. Hopefully she’ll get it right the second time around with her two young sons. Let’s hope she puts down the twitter and the tv show, and becomes a lot less self-absorbed, or success will NOT be in the cards.

    • Dont exaggerate – the max possible sentence is 10yrs. Bet he gets probation. While youre thowing stones google Signature Apparel.
      Anyway seems Parenting mag editor is just a version of Bravo and A.C. Bravo, anything for ratings – Parenting, anyone for an influx of subscriptions.

      • The plea deal was 5 years in prison. That was rejected. The prosecutor siad 1st degree would be 10-15, 2nd degree would be 10 yrs and 3rd degree would be 5-10 and 4th degree would be 18 months. If he is found guilty of the fraud and impersonating, I see it being about 6 and 1/2 years. I don’t think there will be probation if he is convicted. Remember, he forged his partners name to documents and sold buildings and took the money. He also has a DUI. All that goes against him.

        • l thought what was in front of him now was the fraudulent obtaining of a driver’s lic using his brother’s info. which carries 10yrs, he was offered 5yrplea, rejected and is now headed to trial. Didnt he complete the DUI w/the 10 days in jail? Or do you mean those other things go to character?
          Also I was doing my own exaggerating, I doubt itll be probation myself, just much less than some people are hoping for. Thanks for the break down:)

          • His past Behavior can factor into His sentence Not sure if they can bring it up at trial.
            But past behavior always seems to get thrown out on Law and Order ;)

            • Well he and Teresa talked about the forgery on tv. That was a public forum. I believe that is fair game. It was on a tv show. If not, it can be used in the presentence report and the sentencing.

          • Yes Missha50, thats what meant. When a judge sentences, he goes off prior convictions which include felony and misd. A probation and parole division will do a pre-sentence report and submit it. All aspects of his life are included in the presentence report. Schooling, work, debt, assets, criminal and civil actions. It is also going to depend on what case the prosecutor has.

        • I can just about guarantee he won’t be sentenced to 10-15 years even if he is found guilty and if for some crazy reason he is, with good behavior, he won’t do more than 5, probably less. Jails are crowded and while you may think the offense is horrendous, there are many more that are much more dangerous then copying your brother’s driver’s license so you can drive to work. Not excusing it mind you. It’s a crime period and he should receive some kind of punishment, I’m just being realistic. I know of someone local (I’m in northern NJ) who shot a gun in a school yard and made terroristic threats. He was sentenced to ten years and did 18 months.

          • I think he will do the max, which with good behavior should be about 2/3s of the sentence. I think he will do about 6.5 years. You have to remember, in sentencing all prior bad acts come back to haunt you. We will see. The prosecutor offer 5 yrs on a plea. I have never seen a proscutor offer a plea deal where you would do MORE time than you would if convicted. Why would they Plea?

        • I’m trying to figure out their next Reality TV appearances: JAIL, American Greed:Scams, Lock Up: Hard Time, or City Confidential:Franklin Lakes, NJ…;)

          • I don’t know, LOL I personally think Chris and Jac will walk away unscathed but who knows. Its my opinion Joe will have a harder time in criminal court. That photo says 1000 words. Heck I am the first to say I have made some huge mistakes in my life, but atleast I didnt put a picture on it.

      • From the sound of it, what Chris did is far worse than what JoGu did, legally speaking. If he’s found guilty, and the evidence suggests that’s a good possibility, he WILL do time. Again, how much is anyone’s guess. Do I want either Jac OR Chris to do time? I don’t want to see anyone with children being taken away from them, however, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time and that applies to ALL of them.

        • It’s occurred to me that Jax will argue that she can’t be sent to jail because her special needs child needs her.

  10. I was talking to a good friend today who is an expert in the field of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I wish I had recorded our conversation (with her knowledge, I ain’t no Jill), as it was very enlightening. The symptoms between FAS and Autsim are almost identical. She said it can go mis-diagnosed as it initially relies on the Parent being HONEST! So the child is incorrectly diagnosed with ADHD, Autism etc. What’s even scarier is a survey was carried out among all types of health professionals from Doctors to Care Givers to Psychologists etc, and only 12% diagnosed the symptons correctly ie FAS. All it takes is ONE Drink, and you can damge the child. It literally Pickles in the womb. And all the damage is done in the first 3 months. It just leads me to (IMO) wonder if that is what is wrong with her poor son. Sadly, if a child is diagnosed incorrectly, then they don’t get the proper treatment until it’s too late….some of the stories she told me had me in tears. Of course this is all IN MY OPINION. I’m not finger pointing…just relaying a conversation I had today.

      • I’m not even going to touch that. As much as I don’t care for some of her behavior there is no way I’m going to go there. The child has be diagnosed with autisum and that in it’s self is sad let’s not make a sad situation worse.

          • Hers, I changed my mind about what I said and addressed further down thread. I was really thinking about the baby when I wrote it and beliving that I wouldn’t attach more stigma to a really sad situation by making it someones fault, i.e. Fetal alcohol syndrome. As I read more about it and viewed more comments I realized that it was a fair statement that was not said at all with malace and I learned a lot more about some of these conditions and how making a diagnosis this young is not even practical. The comments made by Antionetta Marie were very educational. My knee jerk reaction was, hey, a Dr. diagnosed this so it must be true, lets not let this family dealing with autisim get accusations of FAS thrown at them which is akin to child abuse if you look at it. I guess it is fair to say that I made that comment in ignorance but have greatfully been educated today. Sorry if I made you mad, I’ll be the first to admit it, I was wrong!

            • No, it’s okay, you didn’t make me mad. I just didn’t think you understood what I was responding to — just the sad facts about FAS — not anything about Jacqueline/Autism, Nicholas. Yes, Antoinette Marie’s comments have been very educational. Have a nice night.

        • Thanks sd. I agree 100 percent with you. I like Jac but I do not agree with all that she does. I think its sad the child has autism.. Autism affects the whole family. I wish for everyone to have healthy and happy children.

    • I’m sorry. I think there’s something amiss w/ Jac but I am sick and tired of people trying to peg a diagnosis on her. Only a doctor should do that. I can’t with these online diagnosis people are spewing. Bi polar, fetal alcohol syndrome, narcissistic personality disorder, etc. Call them crazy, insane or stupid. Hell call her an alcoholic if you want but stop with trying to diagnose it. Its ridiculous.

      • And I know you are just relaying a conversation and I’m totally taking this out on you but it just annoys me to know end. Didn’t mean to sound so dismissive.

        • That’s okay, I’m not offended. In fact I never thought of this housewife while having this conversation with my friend. It only hit me when I came here for my “daily fix”…A sick child is a sick child and needs the best care possible. Plain and simple. But just to clarify one thing, I never called her an alcoholic, bipolar etc…in fact, made it very clear that only ONE drink can cause this….and there you have it. And hey, vent away, I’m cool with that, really!! xox

          • Poodle, yes some of the stories you heard were probably heart wrenching. Keeping in mind that a child is a product of its own environment (that WOULD start in the womb) it makes one sad to think what could have been prevented.

            di: It’s your place to rant because you DO have a valid point. Many people who comment about Jax are frustrated because they’ve experienced, risen to, and mastered challenges in raising their own kids. It’s hard enough to bring your children up in this crazy world and provide them with the tools they need to succeed, let alone with some type of life-altering early childhood setback. People are just trying to figure it out and this is as good a place as any to do so.

      • People here comment on these housewives that we see, hear and read about. I often call some of them narcissistic. That’s what I recognize in their behavior that I see. Am I diagnosing them? NO! That would be like saying we can’t discuss whether we think someone is guilty or innocent, i.e. JoGu, because in the eyes of the law you’re innocent until proved guilty. That is the rule for the juries not for public opinion.

        Good, bad, stupid, obese vs. over-weight, hypocritical, vial, etc. etc. It’s only a way to describe what we see that’s before us. You can show narcissistic behavior without being a narcissist. It’s simply people’s personal opinions.

        • I’ve no issue w/ you or anyone calling them narcissists. They are. I have issues with people pegging them with narcissistic personality disorder (an actual mental incapacity)by what they see on tv and read on twitter and swearing they fit right into the wikipedia description of the symptoms. It’s one thing to have an opinion on their character. Its another entirely different thing to say maybe they have….mental or physical of said poster’s choice.

    • Why are people Trying to turn this autism diagnosis into FAS Seriously is the hate for Jac so strong you want to blame this on JAC and with autism You cant blame her but with FAS you can? I just dont get it This is a child Leave him out of your hate He is innocent.

      • I don’t hate anyone. It’s a wasted emotion…and to suggest I hate a child is nothing short of sad. That is offensive. I don’t follow any of the housewives on Twitter, don’t care about their private lives, but the sharing of knowledge is something I felt like doing tonight. If you chose to twist it, then that of course is your right.

        • Poodle there was absolutely NOTHING hateful about your comment, and i think it was unfair to accuse you of hate <3

        • Poodle your comment was not hateful, nor was it in any way derogatory about any child. Quite the contrary, it was concern for a child.

        • Poodle, you said NOTHING offensive. You spoke the truth and passed on to us knowledge. I have a problem with people who don’t care about this. How can you not care? I care about all children and always will. We have been having an intelligent discussion and that’s all. There is nothing wrong with that.

          • Thank you Lisbeth. I get sad when truth/knowledge shared is seen as hate, but I’m glad you all see where I was coming from. And as you said below, it takes many professionals to diagnose a child correctly, not to blame a parent, but to care for the child in the appropriate manner. Intelligent discussion is how we learn…xox

            • Poodle I applaud your courage and share your concerns. Autism, FAS need to be discussed and brought out of the shadows. It is important for a variety of reasons but most of all because children with autism are not circus freaks but children with differences. many children with autism or children on the autism spectrum have a very good chance of remediation with the proper diagnosis and intervention. Our darling one is on the spectrum and is one of the greatest blessings. I see only possibilities and the unending joy our child brings to all of our lives. You have been respectful and informative and initiated a much needed discussion. IMO.

              • Oh wow, I’ve just seen this post from you, and you have comfirmed everything I felt about you! To see possibilities and endless joy in your child is beautiful. Different is not a circus freak for sure, in fact it’s a blessing from Above. Children with Autism, FAS, ADHD, can be so talented in so many areas of life. Their souls must shine brighter…but then, any child’s soul shines brightly. Give your darling angel a hug from me….and Made…give Gabe a hug from me too…..if that’s not too freaky coming from a stranger!!! xox

              • No appreciate any and all hugs, thank you. Grandchild is very social and outgoing , has a great sens of humor. that is why the diagnosis was so difficult to arrive at. The chief of diagnostic team said our grandchild was one of the most charming little ones he had ever encountered. It’s all down to Nanna (just kidding). My daughter is absolutely devoted to him and so is SIL. We are so lucky God gave him to us. Honestly we have learned more than I ever thought we could and how can you not be changed by a miracle?

              • Nana raised a smart cookie, who is now raising a miracle child. And you all do it as a family…That is Family at it’s best. Miracles are all around us, and they come in all shapes and sizes, but their effects on everyone are always felt and met with Love!

              • The entire family is involved in every way. Our little one is blessed with two sets of committed , involved grandparents as well as adoring parents. I believe as you do that you cannot underestimate the power of love to transform our lives. At the end of the day the love between a mother and child has unique powers and sometimes that includes with God’s grace, the power to heal.

        • I am sorry I took it out on you but Its been suggested here more then once that This is FAS not Autism, It cruel to me what is being said about a innocent child.
          Jax maybe not perfect but i do think she is doing the best she can.

          • Well, I don’t think jax is doing all she can at all. But I do agree with you about the FAS diagnosis. I don’t think that is fair because it blames Jax for Nicholas’ condition. What I fail to understand is why Jacqueline doesn’t get off the show which brings out the worst in her, put the booze and pills down, get off of social media with her idiotic twittering and take care of her son. What, what what could be more important? Is she trying to gain fame by exploiting his diagnosis? A job as an expert? Why is she exploiting this kid? That is what I don’t like. I don’t talk about my kids problems with the whole world out of respect for them. The kid should have a right to privacy and not have his life laid out on twitter ever day. I think that is disgusting.

            • I do agree she needs to get off Twitter and social media
              and She is no expert that is true, she still has so much to learn. I have no problem with her telling her story
              Lots of Celebs (not that she is one) hot the media to spread the word about their child’s condition in order to help spread the word. Jax Seems to go overboard.

              • The biggest problem I have with Jax as a spokesperson at all is her seemingly lack of intelligence in handling the issues outside of her son’s autism diagnoses. She also treats herself with booze and pills instead of dealing with reality itself so therefore she is not a someone who should be followed as a good example. Mean this seriously.

              • Another site has a post about Jac acting all cra cra (serial tweets, obsessive blogs, emotional outbursts) in order to ask for something called “diminished capacity” as a reason for Jac to be dropped as a plaintiff in their case. She has claimed (like Teresa did) that she knew nothing about what was going on. Makes my head spin because Jac is either very smart or very stupid!

              • pj: That theory has been bandied about for quite a while… actually since the bankruptcy info was on SH back in November 2011. Nothing new! However, doubt very much if that “plan” will work… there goes BubbaJax’ new writing gig for Parenting Magazine. AND… if anyone wants to find the original item, just enter “Signature Apparel” in the search bar… TFC!! SH

              • [face palm!] Oh Ms. SH I am just kicking myself because before I commented, I thought I better do an SH search about this, but I was too lazy! Will search or post an SH link to past post next time. Have a great day! –PJ

            • @gessie – “The kid should have a right to privacy and not have his life laid out on twitter ever day. I think that is disgusting” ITA!!!

      • lisa, I don’t think it’s trying place blame but we have several professionals here and parents of children with autism who have experience in these things. I’m one of them. I have only questioned the fact that this child has seen one doctor. It takes a team of professionals to get an accurate diagnosis and it also takes time with a child that age. I think those of us who have commented about it just question whether the diagnosis is correct, not putting blame on anyone.

        It’s very difficult to read and hear about a precious little boy like this and not care after a lifetime’s work of caring and getting the best help possible for children. Nobody is being mean or cruel about it. They just care about him and what Jax has stated herself that has been done so far sounds “off.” His parents may not know yet what’s best for him and need to learn as we did. We’re just discussing it, that’s all. Not placing blame.

        • LIsbeth we waited two and a half years for a proper diagnosis. It is often more difficult to get the correct diagnosis and you have to be careful not to jump to conclusions that result in a label that may not be appropriate. My D still arranged the changes in diet after the allergist diagnosed a vitamin D deficiency and gluten/casein allergy and also OT and speech therapy. Perhaps we have a diagnosis that is mild because of mother’s intuition and early intervention.

            • Thank you Hersandra. I am very proud of her. She is the best mommy and advocate you can imagine. She is very tiny and often mistaken for the nanny but she is one fierce mama bear . All that law school training has definitely paid off and she will not take no for an answer. It has made all the difference in little one’s remediation.

        • To me it is cruel to suggest this is FAS and not autism Nic is just a kid and non of us are privy to his medical records or treatment.

          • lisa: There is nothing “cruel” in discussing any of the theories involved. No one is “attacking” a child. An intelligent discussion can exist based on personal experiences and professionals who deal with the autistic spectrum… no medical records are necessary, just BubbaJax’ words. TFC!! SH

            • lacey, you made a derogatory comment about Tree’s kids in a previous post. That wasn’t mean? (Not to mention that making derogatory statements about underage children is against SH policy)

              • @ Lacey. We have had an incredible enlightening discussion without rancor .and with great insight.
                I am so happy that Ms SH allows us this forum. We come a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, personal and professional. I hope it does not degrade into finger pointing and attempts to demean others. Even tho you are late to the party you might read and learn something.I certainly have.

              • ITA. I have learned a lot and I am still reading as well as learning. It is refreshing to see an intelligent and informative discussion on the topic. At least that is how I took it.

            • No accusations were made! Love the double standards though, you seem to go off on Tre’s kid with abandon!?

              • In my opinion, Teresa and Joe are poor examples of parents. THEY coach children to make nasty comments and then they laugh. THEY do not discipline. THEY are not setting a good example for their kids in being honest, upstanding citizens and THEY are not setting a good example on how to handle a family conflict. There, I have not spoken about the children. I am speaking about the parents.

              • I have seen Teresa discipline her children with time-outs, heart to heart talks and stern warnings. I have never seen coaching . I see Teresa as a very caring mother with 4 rambunctious, out spoken and beautiful daughters. I think Teresa sets a wonderful example by loving them, working hard to build a career and showing them that when you hit a rough patch in life you put on your big girl panties and deal. I loved the scene with Gia and the bra shopping, brings back memories. Everybody handles conflict differently.
                The show wouldn’t be the same without them.

              • I see differently. I see parents who laugh when children have made comments that it was obvious that they were “coached” to say We all have our opinions and I am just calling out what I see. I dont believe they are good examples for parents. I also have 4 girls and love all those special moments with them going up independant, outspoken and boisterous. My daughters have been taught to respect adults and if one of my daughters would have ever said anything about my brothers wife (whether I like her or not) they would have been severly disiplined. A child has no business in an adult confict and any parent who drags them in either through conversations when the child is present or talking to them about it to me is creating a conflict that will now go on for another generation.

              • I asked how you knew, then I saw your long comment about how you really don’t…My daughter says crazy stuff all the time, and I often laugh at first but talk to her later. You don’t severely discipline for that, kids just have no filter and are still learning. I think if Mego’s kids were on camera more, we’d see the same.

              • I suppose Jax method of pulling Ashley’s hair is so much better? Yes we can see how effective it is since Danielle pressed charges and Ashley was arrested. Use your big girl words Ashley and keep your hands off others.

              • Lol Ain’t, maybe Jac will be sharing Autism tips as well as tips on how NOT to raise a daughter…remember it was an “unbeweavable night”!

              • No, you are using the parents as a smokescreen to have a go at their children. But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night!! Also, I believe they do not coach their children, from what I have seen (which is the same as you have seen) the children are independent thinkers, smart cookies, and full of fun and mischief. Normal children, with a normal life issues, it’s just being played out on T.V. Would you be happier to see their parents beat the living daylight out of them? Raise them to live in fear, unable to express themselves? I believe these children will grow up to be happy, well adjusted young ladies.

        • Actually, some are being mean and cruel, and some are giving valuable information about various diagnoses. If a poster wants it to be FAS because it “proves” something about Jacqueline, then that poster is being cruel.

      • Thanks, Lisa. I’ve commented on this a couple of times. It also bothered me a long time ago when there was so much speculation about another HW’s child having FAS. I couldn’t stand the housewife, but the speculation about this diagnosis bothered me. I have commented before, but was not as clear (in my head or in my writing) about why. You clarified it perfectly.

      • What a ridiculous thing to say. Nobody is hating on Nicolas. It just sounded like an observation, nothing more.

          • I’d like to put this to bed with you and say that I am not hating on anyone, including Jac!! I shared a conversation and it then started a wonderful sharing of stories here on SH…Believe it or not, not everything is about the “housewives” all the time. Also not everything is wrapped in Hate…

        • THIS HAS NOTHING to do with Nick, this has to do for me, why a mag would hire such a poor writter, with such dubious televised parenting skills? because she has a fan base? Is that really enough to make her an expert? I am now very dubious of this magazine!

    • Poodle your information is valid. Not that it applies to Jax’ situation. But all women that are of childbearing age need to take heed to this. Before I missed my first period with my son , we went to a UT ballgame and I had some drink. Didn’t get drunk but was buzzing. Then when I found out I was preggers and I did the math I panicked and read up on FAS because I was sure that I had ruined him. And it does make sense that one drink can damage a tiny fetus. He is ADD and had seizure disorder(outgrown thankfully) not saying that one weekend caused it(ADD runs in family) but information is power so the more women are aware of this the better. Again not saying this is the case with Jax.

      • Thank you made, you comments have always been very insightful on this site, and I’m so happy to hear your son have recovered from the worst of his troubles :) And yes, there is little we can do about genetic illness, I suffer from one myself. Information is power. And if one woman reads this and thinks she’s pregnant and decides to have a glass of water rather than wine, them AMEN!! One doesn’t have to be alcoholic to pass on FAS…in fact it can be destroying to the mother when she finds out one or two drinks caused this conditon. That was some of the saddest parts of the conversation we had. But what worried me the most is the apparant lack of knowledge among Care Givers. And again, never stated it was the case with Jax, it just got me thinking is all….My heart goes out to her little boy. Comments on the housewives don’t always have to come from a place of hate…as I stated above in reply to Lisa.

        • I know that I felt such tremendous guilt over those drinks when Gabe was a such a tiny vulnerable embryo. I had never been very good to my body due to my ED but I always took my life giving abilities very seriously so that meant during pregnancy no matter what, no matter how hard it was, no binging, no purging, no starving, no smoking, no drinking…cept that one time and like you said that’s all it takes sometimes. Even worse was back then I rarely drank anyways due to the calories but that one weekend I let er rip. I know you are coming from a good place.

          • I hope you have forgiven yourself now!! We beat ourselves up so much sometimes, don’t we? But Gabe obiviously has a wonderful Mum, and at the end of the day, that’s the main thing. And even more profound, is how you changed being good to your body when you did know you were pregnant, that takes guts! Thank you for understand where I’m coming from…I really am a nice person :) xox

          • I get it Made, but our parents smoked and drank (I’m 55) and none of us have FAS. Also, there was no awareness of autism, now it seems to be rampant. I wonder if it has anything to do with women delaying having children until their thirties and later. I am sure that angle is being looked into. Autism is out of control. Another factor is fertility drugs. I drank before I knew I was pregnant, too.

            • geswtf: It’s frightening how rampant it is! Both of your reasons could be valid (delayed childbirth and fertility drug use). I also speculate about the overabundance of antibiotics used in animals that ultimately end up on the dinner table. It’s just not right.

              • Hormones in the cattle/pig/chicken is being blamed for early puberty in some kids. Its insane. Back in the day drs told women one cocktail wouldn’t hurt them and would help keep them relaxed.

              • I totally believe this! My daughter started her cycle before she hit junior high school and I was like WTF!!!!! In my opinion she was too young! I took her to the doctor and she said exactly what you just did about the hormones in the food that we eat. I just couldn’t believe that my baby was getting her cycle so young, I cried! LOL!!

              • Did you all know many children develop gluten allergies because wheat now contains an extra protein. Our food supply is genetically engineered and wheat with that extra layer of protein is difficult for the stomach to break down and process. Baby formula contains carbs and wheat proteins.So from birth some babies are not getting the nutrition they need.

              • I hope you didnt send her brother (if she has one) on his bike to the 711 and make him ride back with a Huge box of Kotex Then sit me down and tell me the story of the little egg that traveled down the Fallopian tube road Then into the meadow of the Uterus, Like my mom did.

              • @PJ Bottoms. It is quite a daunting task . There are some great new gluten free products. Sprouts, Whole Foods and even Target have many great products. A lot of food products use gluten as a binder and as filler so it can be very difficult. IMO you are going to feel so much better and so much healthier.. Baby Cakes has a great book for baking and Elizabeth hasselback has a cookbook IIRC. Good luck to you and keep me posted .

              • Thank you so much @Aint!<3 Will keep you posted. I am also switching my Basset Hound, Rosie, over to a dog food with no wheat and corn because of her constant ear infections and itchy skin. She is already feeling better:)

              • What about oral birth control? That’s another thing that came later on. I’d be curious to know how many of the mothers with autistic children took the pill or the various other methods provided now-a-days, i.e. the patch.

            • I thought about that too. You would think that it would be the reverse… almost ALL of us baby boomers should have FAS. (I don’t think autism existed, the diagnosis I’m referring to, not the disease.) My mother smoked and drank. She wasn’t a drunk by any means but by this standard, one drink could have done it. I guarantee my mom had waaaay more than one drink. Also, my mom was 36 when she had me btw. My brothers and sister are 9, 11 and 13 years older than me and believe it or not, I’m the only one that was planned.

              • It really makes you wonder. Most of us were raised by parents who had a drink now and then and smoked and nothing, no autism and no FAS or alot of the other problems. I believe growing up I knew of one child who was allergic to wheat and one allergic to peanuts. Now, kids are allergic to alot of things. Those born in the late 50s and 60s are the ones who started getting vaccinated. Our children too have had vaccines and changes in the way our livestock are vaccinated and vegetables fertilized. Maybe what we are doing to prevent one thing is causing problems in another way.

        • I have taken a few classes at the local community college for my job. I learned that during the 17th-19th day of the pregnancy if a women drinks heavily on those 3 days the child can not only be born with FAS but also have the facial featers with the ears, i think they are either lower or higher on the head, and the eyes are spaced farther apart than normal. We looked at pictures, and it was very obvious. I case manage children that experience autism, and there are many different spectrums, asphergers ( not sure on the spelling) but the degree and challenge each child faces, can be very different. This is very hard to get a solid diagnosis, at age 1-4 unless it is the more extreme, where the child does not look you in the eye, respond to their name, or like to be held. Some parents even begin to suspect their child may be deaf, because where they had once responded to your voice when they were an infant they suddenly stop. FAS can also be hard to diagnose early except for the more acute cases where the child is actually born in withdraw or has the facial features. Both diagnosis respond best to early intervention. I case manage 2 moms that have 4 year olds that have a autism diagnosis. Neither of these children speak. Both moms are incredibly busy between speech therapy, physical therapy and several hours a day working with their children. Unless Jax is leaving the work to the nanny, there is no way in the world she would have the time for all the social media. The mothers I know are run ragged between doctor visits, therapies, home visits, dieticians and working with the child, to do much else. Early intervention and hard work from commited parents will get the most results!

          • Oh I forgot my original point, there is something in Jax little boys eyes and the way he carries himself that reminds me very much of the little boys I work with, and let me tell you, they are smart little boys, it’s like they are locked inside their own world, and we need to find the special key to open it. One of the little boys has 1ister and 2 brother ages 6, 7 and 8 the mom married the dad of these children. They all have severe FAS all wear diapers and their own mom died of alcoholism, then they have their own child and he is autistic. This is the women who should be writing for a parents magazine, she is amazing!!!

    • Poodle, great comments! This is why I asked in another thread if Nic has seen the very best doctors and had a second or even third opinion. It’s not a diagnosis that should be made quickly or by an inexperienced medical doctor. I’ve said before that the symptoms are almost always exactly the same and it’s a difficult diagnosis.

      From what we’ve read Jax only took him to one doctor which is concerning. Your friend was correct about parents and all caregivers telling the TRUTH, which seems to be something foreign to Jax. Would she ever admit she took drugs or drank while she was pregnant? I doubt it.

      Yes, as a teacher, I’ve seen and heard some things that gave me nightmares and broke my heart. The things parents do to children are often worse than any horror book you can imagine. Because of where I taught, I had many fetal alcohol and drug babies in my classes as well as autistic children and took many classes to educate myself on it. That’s why I’ve questioned the quick diagnosis and also the lack of appropriate help for that sweet little boy.

      I hope he’s getting the best, most up-to-date treatment available both from professionals and at home by parents who have educated themselves in how to best help him. That’s the least he deserves from his parents.

      • You’ve made a good point Lisbeth, my friend said it can take up to 5 to 6 Specialists to correctly diagnose a child…with any illness that can mimic other symptoms. And then there’s the therapy etc that is then tailored to the child’s needs, allowing them to have the best possible chance at a good life. I applaud you for the work you do!! And yes, every child, healthy or not, deserves nothing but the best from their parents. They are afterall, the future! And just on a personal note…it took 5 Specialists two and a half very long years to diagnose my illness…and I was 19 when the dormant illness made it presence known i.e. I was able to communicate as an adult to these Specialists, but due to the rarity of my condition it took that long….pure Hell, that I would never wish on another human being, especially an innocent little child that has yet to find their voice. Again, keep up the great work you do…

        • Poodle you are right on the money. Your comment is exactly how our dear one was diagnosed. 6 specialists, two day observation.

          • Thank you Aint…I hope your little one is doing well. Love of course, being a great healing tool also, and I believe you have that in spades…I had been “lurking” for a long time, (have made one or two previous comments), but I feel like I know a lot of you from your comments :) I look forward to getting to know you all a lot better…xox

            • Thank you. Our little one is excelling in pre-school. I am shocked at how much he has learned and hwo social he is. We have seen leaps and bounds in his speech of late.

              • YAAAAY!! Oh how you must treasure these moments, and watch them grow into bigger moments. So happy for you all <3

              • Aint Pittypat, thank you for making me smile today! :) This is what happens when parents, family members, physicians, and educational professionals work hand-in-hand to help our precious little ones! What a joy to read your words today!

              • D just called to tell me about the class field trip to the pumpkin patch and how much fun they had. The best part was little one rolling his car window downand yelling “everybody listen! Come to my house for a play date tomorrow”. I would have fainted if anyone told me that could happen even 6 months ago.

              • Ainty, your lovely story just put SO much joy into this old dog’s heart! thank you SO much for sharing it! <3

              • Thanks, I felt kind of silly sharing but I want people to know that the small joys of childhood are possible for every child. Thank you all so very much!

              • That is adorable. I love a heart warming success story! I’m proud of the “community” that has assisted in raising your grandchild and I am incredibly proud of the little one for this victory!

              • Thanks Chem. He is the most joyous child you can imagine. Mischievous, fun loving and the biggest smile.

              • Oh that is wonderful and I am smiling so much for you right now! Another wonderful miracle, and one of many, many more to come no doubt!! :)

        • Poodle: I am so deeply touched by your story. I’m sure you lived through a personal hell as a pre-teen and teenager that was overwhelming, esp. if no one in your family (i.e. support system) understood what was happening. Having been to hell and back with my son I can only imagine your frustration. Yet you have endured and prospered.

          • It was very tough Hohohoboken, still is sometimes! I remember as a kid, around 12 or so, a doctor in Ireland telling my parents, in front of me, that I could win an Oscar! ie I was faking!! Luckily my parents were supportive. But it really knocked me out a few years after we moved to Australia. So many mis-diagnoses, so many brush offs, it was terrible, and I could see in my Siblings eyes the look of doubt…cause I looked healthy on the outside. Thankfully my G.P. believed me, and he never gave up, and in the end it was he who initially diagnosed me, and sent me on to the right Specialist. But even the Specialist was “well, we’ll see…”. He changed his tune after the MRI :) Then when I told him and his intern my symptons for the past 2 years they freaked out and admitted me straight away. More tests, told I’d probably never walk after the surgery, my siblings had to be tested (all clear thank God), in and out of hospital until the right team could be assembled for my surgery, but within 2 months of all this I had my surgery and nine hours later, and 3 surgeons operating on me, I was free of the tumour growning inside of me since puberty. I’ve had 3 more removed since then, and live in Chronic Pain. This isn’t a pity party, this is a story of how no matter how well trained Specialists are, they are not perfect and can take a long time to find what is really wrong medically with a person. While reviewing my medical history, one of the neurosurgeons said it should have been picked up when I was a child, given some of the medical issues I had as a kid…but it has made me stronger, and I hope it also makes your son stronger, and believe me, seeing the pain in my Mum’s eyes when I was at my worst, I can only imagine what you are going through….I hope things are easing up for you. xox

            • Poodle thanks for sharing your story. You are spot on . Specialists do not always have the answers. I wish you all the best and hope that someday you can live pain free. I am so inspired by your story. You have been such a kind and encouraging voice on this thread. Thank You.

              • Thank you Aint…everyone did indeed come together and share some wonderful, uplifting stories. I don’t share my voice online often, but you have all welcomed me so kindly I’ll be around a lot more :) And thank you for your lovely compliment. As for my pain…I too pray that one day I will know a pain free life…at least I have a name for my condition and that is a huge help! To know the name of something gives it less power…I guess that was the point of my Initial Comment…boy, I did not expect such an amazing response!! I feel like I made some new friends in the past 24 hours :) I’ll talk to you all again soon, time for me to hit the hay!! xox

              • Hers, I am a big believer in the Power of Prayer, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for including me in yours! <3

              • And of course it goes without saying I’ll include you too in my nightly prayers. Actually, everyone I’ve talked to here on this Thread will be in my heart and prayers. I’m so happy to have met you all, and shared so much together. A big thanks to MS SH for providing such a lovely Forum for us all to get to know each other! xox

            • Poodle, My heart goes out to you for the pain…both emotional pain and physical pain you had to suffer before your diagnosis. Your Mum must be an amazing woman to never give up on finding answers for you.

              It always amazes me how hard it is to get a diagnosis in this century. iI took 2 years to diagnose my Daddy with ALS…Lou Gehrig’s Disease. If he’d been diagnosed sooner, he could have taken medication to slow the progress and would have lived longer. ALS research isn’t funded as much as other diseases because the patients don’t live long after diagnosis, yet it take a long time to diagnose.

              We’re advocates for research in neuromuscular diseases, especially ALS since it’s genetic and we carry the genes. It’s a horrendous disease. He couldn’t talk, swallow or eat the last 2 years. There is help once you have a diagnosis. I got a small computer that spoke for him and taught him to use a computer so he could email etc. and it became his lifeline to the world.

              (((Poodle))), thank God you got a diagnosis and help.I can’t begin to imagine not knowing for so long. I have chronic pain so I can relate to living with it and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You’re an inspiration and I’m so happy I’ve “met” you, my friend. xoxo

              • Lisbeth, I am so sorry about your father and the ALS. I have heard that it is a very cruel disease. I hope everything turns out well for you. I have enjoyed chatting with you so much. You are such an informed poster and your comments are so thoughtful, well informed and caring.

              • Ain’t Pittypat…thank you for your kind words. Coming from you they mean the world to me. I feel the same way about your comments. It’s so refreshing to have an intelligent conversation without the hate etc. I’ve learned so much from you and am blessed to have “met” you here. :) Have you read basil’s comments? He sums up in very few words everything we’ve been saying. His is a wonderful success story that touched my heart and made me smile. Hope you read them.

              • Basil is so kind to share and brings the unique voice of experience. I love that he posts with us. Ms Sh has the most intelligent posters . I’m glad that intelligence and kindness prevails.

              • Lisbeth, I am so sorry to hear about your Daddy, but now he is at peace and in no more pain. And you must have eased his journey so much by being there for him and teaching him how to communicate through his computer…you are a Hero to me!! Sometimes you just want to scream at the medical system!! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers too, as one Chronic Pain sufferer to another, we can certainly relate to each other. I honestly don’t believe I would be here were it not for my Mum. She was/is my Rock! My parents even had a Flat built for me in our back garden as I can’t live alone, and they understood I needed my “own place”. I’m really happy to have met you too, and wow, I feel such a deep connection to you, and I joyfully call you friend too. I so look forward to many future conversations!! Hope your pain isn’t too bad at the moment, and if it is…I’m sending you a big HUG of Healing and Love….xoxox

      • Her story is very hard to believe. She claims that they waited many months until their insurance kicked in (?). That I don’t believe for a second, because I am sure that it had at least crossed Chris’ mind to rule out a brain tumor, especially if his behavior was radically changing as she claimed. From speech to no speech. I would not wait 8 months for insurance to rule out something more urgent. I don’t believe their timeline. I think they are exploiting the child which is very sad to me.

        • I thought she has said that they “waited 8 months for insurance.” I assumed that she was referring to all of the steps before insurance will pay for the developmental pediatrician. The Speech, Occupational and Early Intervention therapists, Neurology, Audiology, etc. Maybe I interpreted her remarks incorrectly.

      • Perhaps I am not grasping what you are trying to get across but I am not sure who those “second and third” opinions would come from. My grandson is in the diagnosis process, and we belong to a couple of different support groups, as well as having several friends with autistic children. Autism is typically diagnosed by a developmental pediatrician and those are pretty thin on the ground, let me tell you! Usually, one arrives at the developmental pediatrician ONLY through referral from the regular pediatrician. Reports from Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Early Intervention Teachers, Neurologist, Audiologist, extensive parental documentation of behaviors/health history/delays in development, and the child’s regular doctor must be sent ahead and evaluated and only THEN does the developmental pediatrician accept or decline the case. One does not just call up a developmental pediatrician and request an appointment, at least that has not been our family’s experience nor the experience of the 2000-3000 people we are connected with through support groups. What I have described is a pretty common experience as one moves towards a diagnosis. It can definitely take a couple of years, we are at the six month point and although the developmental pediatrician has accepted the case, they want still MORE information before they actually see him!
        Its a serious diagnosis, it takes a long time, and it involves multiple disciplines. Autism is not diagnosed overnight. Like Cerebral Palsy, its symptoms manifest by the failure of milestones to occur at proper times, or the erosion of skills that appeared and then seemed to be lost. It takes time to observe these symptoms, document them, evaluate them, try different treatments and conclude that they have not been effective.
        I have little use for Jacqueline, but if her kid has really been diagnosed at this young age, somebody has been on the ball and working very hard on this kid’s behalf.

        • Thanks Sherry. I agree with you 100 percent. My sister never drank durging pregnancy or even before, she never takes over the counter meds and was never on a fertility drug and has an autistic child. They noticed development differences at 6 months and did not get a clear diagnosis for 2 years. My heart goes out to each and every family that has special needs children. There is so much work involved but so many rewards and love.

        • Our experience was initially with a developmental pediatrician but because our little on is borderline it was difficult to diagnose, D engaged the therapists, specialists and managed his remediation until one could be accurately made. Everyone’s experience is different .and it varies from state to state, even region to region. Eventually D was able to get an appt with a nationally renowned Children’s hospital. The first team (child psychologist, neurologist, developmental psychologist, developmental pedi, psychiatrist, neurologist performed 2 days of testing and observation. All records including an observational diary were submitted before the appt. so that all the pros were in possession of the same info. They could not reach a decision .3 months later an appt was made with their A team, a crack team of specialist including those mentioned. They diagnosed and then outlined a treatment plan. So our loved one has had 2-3 attempts at a diagnosis.
          NJ is actually a state that provides early intervention and treatment and has a hotline for that purpose. Some posted on an earlier thread. The question with Jax was why her GP would diagnose when the intervention program provides that service. As you stated a diagnosis takes time but as your family and mine have clearly learned parents/family do not wait but put intervention and therapies in place. My prayers and best wishes go out to your grandson. These children may have limitations but remediation is always possible. We are so blessed to have them in our lives.

    • Hi! I’ve taught quite a bit of special education (well now down to substitute because I am in graduate school) and especially autistic classrooms. I frequently assist in a Pre-K-3rd grade autistic room. Like a lot of childhood conditions, the symptoms overlap with a lot of others. About half the students diagnosed as autistic (the low functioning autism) overlaps with mental retardation (MR is the actual diagnosis we use in the medical/education field, there is nothing wrong with, it is not offensive; the other terminology is “developmental delays” though it is more accurate for those who are slower learners academically. AnYWAY!) It is very rare for autism to cause regression.

      (The rest is from a previous post I pointed out::)
      While they appear similar in young children, it doesn’t become apparent until 3-5 years old when developmental stages diverge. A lot of people who have children with an MR diagnosis refuse to acknowledge it and cling to autism instead because it is more “acceptable” to them. IN addition, regression in childhood has two other possibilities: Rhett’s Disorder or Heller’s Syndrome, both which see a profound loss of skills in childhood, but look like autism.

      Her doctor could be well in the right, but I’d wait a couple years before trotting out autism and getting a couple confirmations that he really IS autistic because the services and needs and teaching styles are completely different. In my few short years, I’ve seen over three dozen diagnoses change, especially before the age of 6-7 years old, when the differences become more apparent.

      Frankly, she’s benefitting from being the *public face* of autism. She is scooping up interviews and speaking gigs left and right. Awareness does not help children with autism or any disorder, ACTION does. She should be campaigning for services in public schools, highly skilled and well compensated staffs that can provide what these children need. She should really wait to be engaged in all this activism until after the few years have passed where he needs constant attention and services. I’m shocked she would even have a moment available to speak and be out there.

      • Antoinette Marie, excellent post! Thank you for everything you said. I applaud your work with these children and for being in graduate school. From one teacher to another, I know it takes very special teachers to work with these precious children and you’re one of them. In your last paragraph you summed up how I feel about this situation exactly. I, too am shocked she has time for the activism and twitter and other social media when a child like this needs so much individual attention.

        • ITA that’s the problem. The awareness regarding autism is there . The problem is equal access to therapies, educational opportunities, providing parents with resources and ensuring that public schools are well staffed and prepared to give all children an education.

      • I agree, my dad had to fight tooth and nail to make sure I got the services I needed in public school!! It is hard, but that is what really needs to be done. I see alot of autism awareness campaigns but not alot of action concerning the disability.

        • basil, teachers have been fighting for years to get more services for autistic students. We will continue to fight. I agree with you that people are well aware of autism but there has still not been enough action. That’s what we should all be fighting for. Awareness is good but it doesn’t help autistic children receive the services they need in public schools.

          • In only a few schools that I’ve worked in do they have special autistic classrooms. Problem is that it takes quite a bit of money because you needs paras and other specialized interventions. In others, I’ve seen it lumped in with ESL ?:-| and in others, there is no interventions at all, maybe a special ed. teachers comes into the room every once in awhile. Most people don’t understand how intensive the education therapies have to be for students with any sort of learning challenge. And with autism, it isn’t just about learning ABCs, but all sorts of aspects of social interaction. In the middle grade autistic interventions, we go on field trips to practice ordering things off a menu. That isn’t something you really do with your average middle schooler.

            • I have lurked here forever and finally had to jump in and comment. I have learned so much today and am loving the intelligent conversation and concern for not just Nicholas but all kids. My granddaughter who is now 10 started school in pre-k as a “typical” child. She and 3 other “typical” kids were placed in the class with special needs/ autistic kids with varying degrees of disability. They were used as mentors to these kids with the hope that they would go all through school togeher. It was remarkable, not only to the special needs kids but for the ‘typicals” as well. My granddaughter to this day holds such a special place in her heart for those kids, the majority of whom have moved on throughout the grades with her (with paras and special programs). Teachers still ask for her help with some of them because they have developed such a strong bond. I’m sure this isn’t always the case, but many of those kids are now speaking and doing quite well thanks to this wonderful program. God bless the people who choose to take this on as their life work and for the families of these special kids. All of your comments and personal stories here have shown that above all the pettiness of RHONJ, everyone’s main concern is that beautiful little boy.

              • Thankyou for that story. I love that the school used that concept. Its amazing. I have to agree. Nicholas is a beautiful child. Thats what I have been saying all along.

              • hannavas, what a wonderful story! This is a prime example of the old saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” We can learn so much from our children. They are naturally loving, caring and compassionate. Your granddaughter is amazing!

              • Hannavas, it is a touching story. (ALL the stories in this thread have been amazing! There are some truly extraordinary people here.) I think that is a great progam and I’m sure your very special granddaughter grew in quite a remarkable way because of it. It sounds like everyone has been blessed due to the concept of mentors.

              • thank you all for the positive comments. I am very proud of my grandaughter (although she does have her moments, lol). The thing I found the most amazing about this program is that the kids just accept each other as they are. It’s been so many years now that I’ve kind of lost track of their progress until just the other night when my granddaughter started a story with “Ethan said…” Ethan was one of the nonverbal kids; I was shocked and so happy. She then said “yeah, they all talk now”, as if she never had any doubt they would talk in their own time. The paras have worked with this same group of kids for years and they are truly angels sent from above.

              • And so is your wonderful granddaughter. You must be so proud. Thank you for sharing. You lifted me up….

      • Reading this I’m changing my opinion from up thread. I felt like if a diagnosis had been made that is was just throwing gas of fire to say fetal alcohol syndrome. Now it turns out it is to early for a complete diagnosis and it could be many differnt things. Thank YOU,Antoinette, for educating me today. Knowledge is power.

        • No problem. I would add that FAS shouldn’t be ruled out per say, but I should stress it is important for any diagnosis (MR, FAS, autism, otherwise) for parents to be honest with themselves. I understand how difficult it is because I get to be part of that child’s life for a 1/3 of the day, but not being honest will only cause the process to be more difficult.

          Another note about FAS….it {(FAS(} is also a spectrum-based condition, just like autism, so symptoms can be mild to severe. A major concern with FASD is violent and/or abusive behaviors in the home. Yelling and stress is incredibly difficult for child suffering from FASD and they develop emotional disturbances at a much greater rate (most schools with emotionally disturbed children are often suffering from FAS, but will not be openly considered that because the stigma is kind of awful.) Thus, parents undergo specialized parenting interactions therapy. (Children born with FAS do not respond to normal parenting treatments; emotionally their brain just cannot cope or respond the way an average child does.) Again, if a parent isn’t more clear about their behavioral choices when pregnant, then it becomes hard to diagnose. Another major problem with children with FAS is making/keeping friends and general social situations for example, one of the big hallmarks of autism.

          So again, more often than not it comes down to what parents are willing to admit or cope with. Autism is the buzz word now (a few years back it was ADD/ADHD) and much easier to “handle” than a more seriously, emotionally challenging diagnosis like FAS or MR.

          • Some here think that even the suggestion of Nicholas having FAS is just an excuse to condemn Jacqueline. But it was pointed out that even one drink can cause it. She may have had a drink before she realized she was pregnant. So even if a child does have FAS, it’s not an automatic condition of having an alcoholic mother. I think it does a child a disservice not to explore EVERY possible diagnosis so they get the proper medical advice and treatment.

            • Exactly! And if it is FAS, that would be great awareness to show that even best intentions can lead to this, so that is why family planning (you know PLANNING) is essential and we should not assume that FAS is the result of bad parents (which is a horrible, horrible stereotype) and needs more study, plus services in order to accommodate the needs of the child.

      • I admit that I know very little about developmental conditions aside from the care-taking I did for autistic children 10+ years ago. I don’t have the experience to comment either way about what is going on with Nic, but he is adorable and I hope that he is given a proper treatment plan with whatever is going on. I will say that reading all of the information on this thread has been fascinating. I’m grateful for the wisdom on the topic around here! I’m learning so much. :)

      • Ant. Marie: Thank You, thank you for that one word: ACTION. Parents of children who have developmental challenges, no matter what they may be, absolutely MUST get involved and take part in their care on a daily basis. As we are told from a young age: Actions speak louder than words. This is why, IMO, Jax can talk, talk, talk all she wants about her family’s (Nic’s) challenge, but she is not helping the situation. Devoting herself completely to him (by getting rid of all her other distractions) WILL help him.

        • Speaking out helps everyone. Look at Holly Robinson Peete. She has constantly been very outspoken about her childs autism and look at all the money she has raised for that cause. Because so many parents are speaking out, we are all learning more and more about autism. Speaking out helps in networking and finding menus, treatments and eventually causes and cures.

          • When I heard the news of her gig with Parenting, I thought the same thing. Holly would have been the logical choice

            • ITA Holly has genuine credibility and is further along in the process . IMO Jax needs to be concerned with interacting with her son and make him her first priority.

          • The problem is, as someone mentioned above, that at this stage Nicholas is who needs Jacqueline’s full attention.

            • We do not know how much time Jac spends with her child. RHONJ probably films her 15 to 30 mins a week. Holly Robinson Peete is a FULL TIME working parent and so are alot of parents with autistic children. What, they are all suppose to quit working, socializing, interacting with other just to work with their child. Autism is part of your family. Autustic children need time to be a kid too and interact with other kids and family. A mom cannot sit there with them 24/7.

              • 15 to 30 minutes a week ? I doubt it. They film for hours and days. Bravo only uses a part of the footage they shoot. Hours and hours are left on the editing room floor. hair and make-up? Positioning the cameras , setting up the sound equipment, starting and stopping. IMO Jax needs to quit the incessant tweeting (her addiction as she admitted on the reunion show) and focus on working with her son who needs her at this critical stage in his life. Jax does not work. Her focus needs to be her son . Being a parent means sacrifice. It’s not as if Jax has some sparkling career to give up, unless I didn’t get the memo and backstabbing and gossiping are a career. I would think that sacrificing and being unselfish now may have big dividends in the future if Nic re-meditates. It would be worth the risk of discovery.

              • Aint, you are so right. I just looked at her twitter account and she has been at it again all day. They said the ambush on Jax’ deck was filmed for over eight hours.

              • Just how every mother mother of a recently-diagnosed special needs child should be spending her time! Filming an ambush scene on a deck for 8 hours! Could a mother be any more dimwitted than Jacqueline?

              • My sister has an autistic child and has to work full time since she is a single mom of 3. Anyone can twitter and still be a good mom. Its also not good for any child to have a helicopter mom hovering over them 24/7

              • There’s a chasm of difference between a helicopter parent and Jacqueline. I’m guessing that if your sister had a husband to support her and she didn’t have to work, she would probably choose to spend as much time with her kids as possible.

              • My sister was the bread winner of the family, her husband was let go due to the economy and she finally decided it was easier to raise 3 kids on her own rather than 4. He didn’t want to work or help with the kids. She is lucky, She has an amazing support system with family and some really wonderful friends. She is an amazing mom.

              • It sounds as though your sister’s circumstances are different from Jac’s. Working to house and feed 3 children is very different from spewing venom on twitter at all hours of the day and night. I’ve read research that indicates that early, intensive services produce the best outcomes for children with autism, and that parents playing an active role in their child’s services is critical for generalization of skills taught by therapists.

              • ITA . I’m not sure that some grasp that spending time engaging in play, reinforcing the days lessons and therapies is critical to remediation. You cannot park an autistic child in front of a video, tv show a computer and think that you are engaging them. It is the one on one human contact that refusal to let the child withdraw inside themselves , the constant tugging them back into genuine interaction. Helicopter parenting is not allowing your child the freedom to grow and make decisions for themselves. IMO a problem parents of autistic children would relish having. Very insensitive to characterize parents engaged in busting their azz and giving up a personal life as helicopter parents. How shallow. …..

              • Jax dosnt “spew venom all hours of the day and night, I reviewed her tweet sand the last time she said anything Negative about a co star was Oct 14 and it was about the PFC since then its been nothing but Autism events,fun things she is doing with family and friends. Does she need to cut back on Twitter I suppose it cant Hurt. But she is hardly spewing venom all day and night. Parents need outlets and twitter just maybe hers she seems to tweet in spurts maybe she does when Nic is napping or after he is down for the night, I know I see her mostly in the night time hours for me which would be very late at night for her because of the time difference.

              • Hi Lisa, I couldn’t reply to you directly. I agree that Jac has not been on twitter much lately, but over the past year, after her child’s diagnosis, she did spend a lot of time on twitter. I was referring to past behavior, not recent events.

              • Lisa, Jax’ blog was nothing but spewed venom and it came out this week. It takes a lot of time and negative energy to put something like that out.

              • Aint, maybe she’ll find the cure for autism at the bottom of a Bailey’s or wine bottle. That seems to be her other “outlet.”

              • Right Lacey. Lets just park that autistic kid in the corner and let him fend for himself. because OMG we wouldn’t want to miss out on twitter time. Let’s all twitter about autism but heaven forbid we actually put in the hard work. After all it’s about priorities. Has anything earth shattering ever been accomplished on twitter? I suppose twittering about Teresa and sniping at her and her family is just what the Doctor ordered for Nic. After all shudder she might turn into that dreaded stereotype the helicopter mummu. No worries , I think Jax is safe from earning that moniker.

              • Ya’ll wake me up when that paragon of motherly virtue wins the Nobel Prize for twittering…about autism. Or finds a cure for autism on twitter.

              • Looking at Jax tweets she averages about 24 tweets a day That’s hardly being on twitter all day, and its been WEEKS since she even mentioned Teresa in any way shape or form. NEXT,

              • Jax is obsessed with slamming Teresa rather than remediating her child. So it’s been only two weeks since the last slam. When was the season finished filming? Oh yeah a year ago…I’m quite sure that negative energy is so uplifting…..

              • I agree with you Aint about Jac’s tweeting. She has quieted down but was very active prior to the reunion filming.

              • While I agree she did spew crap all over twitter while the show was on, Its over and she has moved on. I wonder if part of her contract while the show is showing is to Tweet and blog “venom” so the feuds keep going and the public stays interested. I say this because once the show is over the :”venom stops ” everyone goes back to family and personal events. Teresa is the only one who dosnt (or isnt required) Frankly as much as I dislike Teresa I think she keeps her “venom ” off camera and off social media so she appears to be a angel Lets not forget these HW all have a role and Teresa is to be the sainted and bullied one (at least the past few seasons) the first 2 season she was the quirky funny one. How long are we gonna persecute Jax for something she no longer does?

              • Since this story is about the possibility of Jacqueline providing a column to Parenting magazine, I’m providing an opinion on that. I’ll stop providing comments about Jacqueline, her drinking, her tweeting and everything else about her when there are no further stories about her on this blog.

              • Lisa, Jax was spewing venom as of Oct. 25, 2012. So, not even a week and you’re ready to canonize her? I don’t think she can keep her nasty mouth shut, er, her fingers quiet for very long. Give it until after Nov. 13 to see what happens.

                I predict she’ll be back at it. You heard it here first. LOL

              • Lisa, how does she have the time and energy to spend late at night on twitter? If she were doing the hard work with Nic she would be exhausted. It is emotionally and physically draining to work with a child with issues. Ask any parent who works with their child. She also has an 8 year old who needs her.She has been off twitter for two weeks and yes even after the diagnosis she was spewing vitriol on twitter. She was on twitter last night showing her play date with the Gorgas. Is that you teach your child to engage and have a genuine approximation of a social experience?

              • If it takes two weeks to write a blog can you imagine how much time it takes to compose 24 tweets? It taint rocket science unless your name is Jax Laurita. NEXT

              • I have no idea how she stays up at night late. I don’t sleep well without help even when I am exhausted maybe she is the same way. I could be so tired i feel dead but still cant sleep.

              • Embee, Comment all you want no one says you cant, But My point being is she dosnt spew venom anymore nor is she on Twitter day and night 24/7. Yes I do firmly believe they are required to blog,tweet and FB venom per their contracts and as long as the show is showing, Once it stops the venom stops. I enjoy reading your Posts BTW
                I do think she needs to step back and focus on Nic more.

              • CJ I do not want to canonize her anymore then You want to Canonize Teresa
                I didn’t see a venom Tweet on 25 OCT if its there I missed it. Ill go back and look next time im on Twitter.

              • @embee. I have a real problem with Jax writing a column about autism. This is a mother who slurs a former friend and maligns her and accuses her of sniffing her brothers G-string. That comment went beyond the pale and shows a gutter mentality that I find disgusting. There are genuine activists in the autism community. Mothers who are attempting to effect genuine change in diagnosis and treatment. I hesitate to put it out there in case Jax needs ideas for her column. jax has always been shallow IMO, intellectually and emotionally she has all the depth of an empty wading pool. Lets keep on rewarding faux celebrities who haven’t demonstrated an ounce of genuine ability. Ya know Teresa and Jax actually filed for bankruptcy not that long ago. Surprisingly Teresa chose to to pull her family back from the financial abyss and work her azz off. Jax chose to pretend that nothing occurred. Jax chose to live in pretend housewife land, twitter, drink and gossip. Tells me all iI ever needed to know. Teresa was bullied by Jax in the very time period that she was so “distraught” . Wow glad she could find the time.

              • Lisa, I enjoy your posts too. You call it as you see it and “stick to your guns” as my mom used to say. No harm, no foul. I agree that the RH probably do have to tweet and fb as part of their contracts. I just think Jacqueline takes it to another level compared to ALL of the other NJ housewives, and I don’t see how she has the time for it. She also seems to be the nastiest on twitter, from the times i’ve read their TLs. Andy even called her out on her tweeting addiction at the reunion. Anyway, here’s wishing you a good night’s sleep!

              • @aint, I am dumbfounded that they chose her as an author when they published an article about her problems with Ashley. Guess they’re cashing in on the RHONJ fanbase, not realizing how many find Jacqueline’s parenting objectionable. They’re finding out today however as many are tweeting their opinions to SH’s contact as the magazine.

      • I agree with you completely. Working towards a diagnosis for my grandson has involved our entire family, I can not fathom where she has all this time to spend on media blitz. Not only do autistic children have multiple appts with therapists, teachers and doctors, those therapies and strategies have to continue at home. Since she has stated many times that she has no household help or nanny, I am at a loss to explain where all this ability to travel and appear on TV shows is found.

    • I have wondered about fetal alchohol syndrome as a possibility, since the reunion when they showed the clip of her at the doctors office and she said she had suffered four miscarriages in a row. I feel mean saying anything about a child but I really do not believe one word that comes out of Jaq or Mego’s mouth.

      • They actually released some findings from a very majorly reputable study:

        “Just two cocktails, beers or glasses of wine a week can increase a woman’s chances of early miscarriage by 66 percent, found a surprising new study that included more than 90,000 women.

        Despite some evidence that light drinking during pregnancy is OK, the new findings offer the strongest evidence yet that playing it safe might be the best strategy for women who are gestating.”

        For many people (myself included) a glass of wine is really like 2 or 3 because of serving size. If she was already having miscarriage problems, drinking is the first thing a doctor would recommend to cut. It’s probably really really hard though in a heavily encouraged drinking culture though.

    • Children born with FAS commonly have facial abnormalities that may include small, narrow eyes, a small head and upper jaw and a thin upper lip. The damage begins in the uterus with poor growth and continues after birth accompanied by poor muscle tone and coordination. Heart defects can present with ventricular or atrial septal defect. These are irreversible birth defects. Delayed development in thinking, speech, movement or social skills. While it is thought possible that autism may have a connection to alcohol consumption during pregnancy, this certainly is not an explanation for every case of autism Autism is a difficult to understand and difficult to diagnose disorder that cannot be traced to alcohol consumption in most cases. It is irresponsible and offensive to the families of many parents of an autistic child to make such comparisons as tho they are facts. Considering the frenzy with the Laurita family and their innocent son, let’s be very careful what experts opinions we quote.

      • To be fair, many low-functioning autistic children’s symptoms overlap with the facial issues. However, not all FAS children I’ve taught or supervised have been **clearly** FAS because it wasn’t as pronounced as the horror cases most people are familiar with. Both autism and FAS are spectrum disorders, so I wouldn’t be all that surprised if one influences or could be co-morbid with the other, but that is a researcher issue.

        I don’t really care to comment on Jaq’s son (I’ve more been informing people about all the different issues surrounding it) , but pointing out that her behavior is surprising (most middle/upper class white women in the suburbs that have children with any disabilities, hell even speech are highly involved in every possible therapy), especially because Jaq doesn’t have like a 9-5 job, yet she sits on twitter all day. Good comment though.

        • IMO, I have learned so much from everyone and it is important to have the discussion.
          Awareness is important . I don’t care to speculate either. I hope Nic has the best possible outcome…….Thanks Gramalot and Antoinette lots of food for thought.

    • oops. I had a couple or so drinks but didn’t know I was pregnant with at least one of my kids. thank God they are all healthy.

      • Research seems to show that drinks in the very beginning (not getting wasted every night) won’t do much harm because the fetus is still more zygote and the major functions aren’t developing at this point. If you are trying to get pregnant or having difficulties with miscarriages, etc, then drinking is not okay. Not everyone responds to drugs and alcohol the same way and it seems those with more difficulties in pregnancy should just halt the alcohol as a precautionary measure.

  11. For 1, Ashlee was18 whn she pulled Danielle’s weave-she’s considered an adult by law-saying that,she def didnt/doesnt act like an adult bt how was Jac2 punish her?Yea,she prob could take her car(if it belonged2 Jac/Chris),turn off her cell phone(if it belonged to J/C or they paid4 it) etc Im not actually4sure if A lived w/her mom@the time-I think she did-Bt its kind of hard4her 2 “punish” A at her age-just depends on the dynamics of who owned wht&who actually knows if J did or didnt punish Ashlee..we dont find out tidbits like that. Now, if I was her mom-She’d have got a good ole’ Tennessee butt whooping!

    • During the “lost footage” episode, they showed a clip of Jacqueline saying “pulling her hair doesn’t work, I tried that”. She was talking about her failure to adequately discipline Ashley. Not a shining moment re her “Parenting” skills. Not making excuses for her behavior, but Ashley sure did model herself after her sweet mom *sarcasm* when she went after Danielle, didn’t she?

        • Thanks, Aint! I was unsympathetic towards Ashley until Jacqueline began to reveal her true nature in S 3 & 4. I am so disappointed in the powers that be at Parenting. I loved that magazine when my son was young. It had more content, higher quality too, than the other magazines about raising children. I am stunned that they have hired Jacqueline. Maybe her articles will fall under the heading of “Parenting Don’ts” ;)

  12. Oh, that is funny, insanely funny!! Obviously Jax doesn’t even read this parenting magazine or any others for that matter.

    I can’t wait for SH to receive a response.

  13. Wow!!! If parenting magazine considers jaq writing for them I would never buy the magazine. Jacqueline needs to focus more on her son who has autism and less on Teresa and the other housewives. She is a bad mother who is to self involved

  14. Yeah, I hate , in a way, that her life turned out the way it has. She seemed funny & sweet & pretty even handed in the first couple of seasons. Not really part of the silly mean girl stuff that the others aimed at Danielle. Now she just seems unhappy & frustrated. Some people wrap themselves up in their problems & ya’ can’t help but laugh. & some of what’s gone on with Jax is funny to me. But she was the one I would have liked to see stay happy & content. I guess maybe the problems with Ashlee were a bigger sign than I thought. ? She & Teresa lost what looked like a pretty good friendship. I guess it wasn’t what it looked like either. At least Tre’s a hit.

  15. Oops! Just saw a tweet from Parenting magazine saying welcome to parenting magazine, how great it is going to be to have her onboard next year. Dear god in Heaven.

  16. You’d think that IF she is going to be a contributing editor to Parenting Magazine she would be following their twitter right? But nope she isn’t BUT she is following Parents Magazine’s twitter account. And get this Ashlee her daughter IS following Parenting Magazine’s Twitter. Why would Ashley follow Parenting Mag Twitter and not her Mom? Ghost writing daughter maybe? Has to look at their site see what it’s about whip out something on Autism email it to her mother, mom pays her rent. JMO

    • I wouldn’t mind it if Ashlee was ghost writing for Jacqueline if it meant that Nicholas was getting the attention he desperately needs at this juncture from her.

  17. Is this the million dollar deal she tweeted Teresa about? No way they’re paying her that much. When will she reveal the other million dollar endorsements?

    • I would venture a guess that it pays very poorly. She is looking for credibility so she can get a book deal.

  18. I have high functioning autism (aspergers syndrome) and I am disgusted with JAx parenting. She is nowhere near being an expert you know who is an expert, my dad, he raised my sister and I as a single parent and while being a doctor. It was difficult and he did get stressed out and did loose his temper sometimes, but he did whatever he could do to make sure I got a great public education and be able to go to college. I am a senior at the U of A and I was able to get to this point because of my dad and teachers. I also put a lot of hard work into overcoming my disability to be where I am today. If jacqueline parents nicholas like ashley that child is in bad hands because you need to be hands on when it comes to autism!!!!

    • basil, your Dad must be an amazing man! You and your sister are so blessed to have him for a Dad. I appreciate your comments about this. Nobody knows better than you do what we’re discussing. Thank you for sharing your experiences and opinion with us. I agree with everything you said.

      Good luck in your senior year at U of A. What’s your major? Your Dad must be so very proud of you!

    • Thanks for sharing Basil. Your story gives me hope for our child. If anybody can speak to this issue it is you and your amazing father. Congratulations on the U of A . You have a great voice and I hope you will continue to share. I predict a bright and wonderful future for you. You have earned your success with hard work and determination. My best wishes to you and your family.

    • I was diagnosed with some of the symptoms of aspergers as a child, but its either developed into as an adult or always was OCD & anxiety.

      IMO if you have anything like that you need strict rules & boundaries. I feel bad saying this, but hopefully Jax can’t handle Nicolas & sends him off to a school which specialises in teaching kids with autism. Otherwise I doubt he will end up like we have.

    • It’s wonderful to “meet” you! I am glad you shared your story. Your dad sounds wonderful. Congratulations on your success and on your upcoming graduation!

    • Good for you AND your dad. You both sound like amazing people. I think someone like you would be much better suited for the position Jacqueline is going to be busy with at the magazine.

  19. Did anyone watch the clip? Did CJ just say that he was gonna be a white-collar criminal when he grows up like his dad?!? lol

  20. Why would a magazine want her input? I would not want advice from Reality TV stars or A-List Celebrities. I would not want advice from someone with a toddler. I would want advice from a true expert, or even someone who raised an Autistic child and had many years of experience.

    You would think Jenny McCarthy was all the bat-shit crazy that the autism community needed, but I guess they need a pair of “celebrity” experts.

  21. Off subject but, LOOK WHAT I FOUND on Jac’s Bravo blog comments! INSIDER

    Tre is so shallow and superficial, I don’t know how you put up with her as long as you did! I know her and she is all about one uping you on EVERYTHING! Her’s is always better and she always knows the better way to make this and to do that, etc. SOOOOOO ANNOYING! If these Tre huggers only new! LOL! She would turn her nose up to them if she saw them on the street before she had “fans”. Now she only talks to them to sell her books. Remember what she said in the RV campsite when M wanted her to visit neighbors? “I don’t even talk to my own neighbors”, remember people? So true! She really thinks she is better than other people. Trust me.

      • Off topic, but a bit related: I thought it was incredibly kind of Tree to offer the “Free Fan Friday” deal on the Milania argan oil hair serum. I ordered it today and I only had to pay for $6.95 shipping. The product was totally free and her hair care products are paraben free (I love that). It’s little things like this that I like about Tree because even if you can’t afford her hair care line, or you can’t travel to see her, she is always finding a way to connect with people. I find it really hard to believe that Tree would turn her nose up to people. I believe her experiences have humbled her. She is by no means perfect but she love her fans because they make her the success that she is. I tell my students that without them I am nothing because if students aren’t enrolling in my class, then I have no job, so I take my roll very seriously and I truly appreciate all of them. They are my “kids”, even though they are mostly 19-30 years old LOL

      • I don’t visit with neighbors either. We are all rushing off to work, to do errands, running kids here and there, etc., that no one “neighbors” any more. There is no time to have a leisurely cup or two of coffee with the other ladies on the block. It’s just the way it is any more.

        • I dont talk to my neighbors either However one of them was concerned enough to call security to check up on me when they saw my door cracked and my newspaper still beside my door. They told building security they knew I lived alone and maybe i fell and was hurt.. Man I guess they see me coming and going alone.

          • Sounds like a catch 22 Lisa, good to know someone was worried about you but also kind of spooky to know they watch you and know you live alone. I am hoping its just a good neighbor who worries about you.

        • Tre actually has always seemed the most approachable and down to earth. IMO she has a lot on her plate and I imagine socializing with purported “neighbors” is probably last on her list. If I had a neighbor like this I would run not walk in the other direction to avoid them. Tre is the only one who has built a successful brand and made a career for herself. If Teresa did not have a devoted fan base and was not popular she would never sell a product.She is definitely doing something right!

    • Honestly this isn’t giving any information that screams insider. It could easily be a fan of one or more of the other ladies pretending to know her. Honestly, I never heard any of the people who know her call her “Tre” like this person did and like fans of the show do. It could be someone that knows and dislikes her but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      • Well she/he(?) also posted this on MeIissa’s blog sooooooo idk. Maybe for real:

        “I know Tre and she is funny at first but after you get to know her she is fake, snooty and quite vapid but I do believe you are cut from the same mold except you are a bit more clever and I also believe what she said and others said about you and I wouldn’t trust you any further than I could throw you.”

  22. So she is going to devote all this time to her special needs child. When? When she is out supporting Belvedere Red (vodka), her tweets, her court time, her now writing for Parenting? When is she going to have time for herself (joke)

  23. For the sake of Nick, please post this as there is so much misinformation being bandied about that if further spread is doing this child great harm. Any speculation in the attempt to disqualify a diagnosis is harmful. Fetal Alcohol syndrome is not remotely the case as there would be facial deformaties and other characteristics, noticed at birth or soon after, that do not exist with Nick.
    Autism is diagnosed at 18 months, and at least before 2 yrs, because that is when the symptoms dramatically occur (such as speaking then going to non-speaking) and diagnostic screening done; since there has been increased awareness by the CDC and the medical profession, diagnosis is done at these early ages and it is recommended. Autism has increased dramatically since the 1980s, but it may be due to increased awareness and early detection and not an actual increase of cases. “The prevalence of autism is about 1–2 per 1,000 people worldwide, and the CDC report 11 per 1,000 children in the United States are diagnosed with ASD as of 2008.” Classic Autism occurs much more in boys – 4 boys to 1 girl. There is a strong genetic basis, although the genetics of Autism Spectrum (it is a spectrum as it has many ranges) are complex. From “Scientific America” regarding one type of genetics in families that have an autistic child: “Autism and the Technical Mind” : “When 2 technical-minded individuals pair up, their children may inherit genes for useful cognitive skills, as well as genes involved in the development of autism. Furthermore, high levels of testosterone in the womb may play a role in the development of both technical and autistic minds” which would also explain the 4 male to 1 female connection in classic autism as a “human male fetus produces at least twice as much testosterone as a female fetus does”.
    The genetics can be handed down from generation to generation, so that a grandparent can have an autistic grandchild while he didn’t have an autistic child. There was a site that gave 7 important facts about Autism. I’ll c and p just #7:

    7. Families Coping with Autism Need Help and Support
    Even “high functioning” autism is challenging for parents. “Low functioning” autism can be overwhelming to the entire family. Families may be under a great deal of stress, and they need all the non-judgemental help they can get from friends, extended family, and service providers. Respite care (someone else taking care of the person with autism while other family members take a break) can be a marriage and/or family-saver!

    • I assume your trying to be helpful but you didn’t read the posts and posted so many things that are stated as fact but do not reflect the actual experiences of educators, professionals and families coping with autism. Did you bother to read the posts or comments? Children can be diagnosed by age 2 . I would hesitate to believe a diagnosis at 18 months unless it was an extreme or severe case. Many children are diagnoses between the ages of 4 yrs to 6 yrs . Spewing a bunch of so called “facts” while invalidating the experiences and information of people who are educated in the field is not adding to the discussion. I’m not sure anyone here thinks FAS, if they do that is their opinion. Most people are keeping an open mind and simply sharing their experiences and information.

    • Dorothycw11:
      I haven’t read any “misinformation” in this thread. All of us have had our own personal experiences and we have shared those experiences. No two children are exactly the same just as no two adults are the same. Each child is an individual and must be treated individually.

      I strongly disagree with this statement:
      “Fetal Alcohol syndrome is not remotely the case as there would be facial deformaties and other characteristics, noticed at birth or soon after, that do not exist with Nick.”

      Not every child with FAS has “facial deformaties and other characteristics noticed at birth.” On the contrary, when I taught first grade, I taught many students who were identified as FAS at the age of 6.(This was when we didn’t have mandatory Kindergarten in public schools so children were not identified as early as they are today in Early Childhood, Pre-K or K.)

      My first experience with FAS/FDS was a handsome little boy and a breathtakingly beautiful little girl. He was raised by his grandmother. Having been around loving adults most of his life, his symptoms didn’t become apparent until he was in a classroom with 20+ other children.She was still living with her drug addicted mother.

      It was his behavior, not his physical appearance that alerted me that he had problems. He was language delayed and seeing the speech therapist, but otherwise appeared to be a happy little boy. He couldn’t relate to other children at all. He liked to be alone and I would often find him under a table, under his desk, in a corner or hiding on the playground. Despite my best attempts to work with him on social skills, he was unable to socialize.

      As the year went on and we were waiting for testing results he began to run away from school and home. The police found him and the little girl at 2 a.m. walking down a major highway with pockets full of money and drugs. The little girl’s mother had been prostituting them both for drug money. His grandma didn’t know. He had been sneaking out of grandma’s house to be with his mother who was a drug addict.(I had both these children removed from their homes but a judge put them right back.) This prostitution added to an already horrible situation for these children and they immediately received intensive counseling, which I insisted on in court,

      These children were unable to rationalize right from wrong. Adults in their lives took advantage of them. It was the saddest day of my teaching career when I heard what these monsterous mothers had been doing to these two 6 year olds.Nothing about their physical appearance would indicate FAS/FDS. The damage done to them made them unable to think, reason, make decisions, show emotions, delayed their speech/language development and affected every part of their little lives. The emotions present in other children were missing in them.Unlike most first graders, who like a hug from their teacher, these two didn’t like to be touched. The little girl would sometimes run up to me for a quick hug but he never did, which is unusual for a first grader.

      Looking into their eyes, I would see no emotion whatsoever. Most children show their emotions in their eyes and I could tell a lot by making eye contact, getting down on my knees at eye level and quietly talking to them, but not with these two. At times, his eyes would glaze over and he seemed to be in another world. Other times he was present and I could communicate with him. He didn’t have the ability to empathize with other children. He would hurt them with a smile on his face or while laughing. He was cruel but didn’t know he was being cruel. One day I saw him laughing and acting strangely. I asked him what was so funny and he began pulling scissors out of all his pockets, from inside his shirt, his backpack and desk. He had been taking scissors to hurt other children and was unaware that this was inappropriate behavior. He didn’t understand the consequences of his actions.

      It took all year but both were tested and identified as drug/fetal alcohol syndrome babies. Observing them from the outside, you would never have known. There were at least a dozen professional people involved in the diagnosis and care of these two children. At first, it was thought he was autistic because many of his symptoms were the same as autism. After the battery of tests were done and he had seen all of the professionals he was diagnosed correctly as a fetal drug/alcohol baby. So was the little girl. She was not as violent as he was but still lacked the ability to show emotions or empathy for others. They got along with one another but not the other children .We think this was because they had grown up in the same neighborhood.

      It’s misinformation to make a blanket statement that all these children are the same. They are not. Not all of them have the physical appearance associated with FAS. The fact that FAS exhibits many of the same symptoms as Autism and other diseases makes a diagnosis even more difficult. That’s why it’s so difficult to identify and diagnose these children. It’s also a very slippery slope to discount and/or make a diagnosis for a child without the help of parents, grandparents, caregivers, trained medical doctors and educational professionals.Taking a child to a GP for a one time diagnosis is NOT a valid diagnosis. Most family doctors aren’t trained to diagnose these complicated problems. The good ones I know refer patients to physicians who are experts and educational professionals.

      From my own experiences, I do agree that we began to see more and more FAS and Autistic children in the 1980′s.Much research has been done as to why this has happened but we still have very few answers. I saw it escalate from the 1980′s at an alarming rate. In our school district we began to educate ourselves and receive training to help all of these children. Our Special Education program grew by leaps and bounds. Our community became involved with at risk mothers from conception to educate them and help them. Many lives were changed with some excellent outreach programs.

      All of these problems our children have are not limited to any race or socio-economic group. I taught children from all walks of life who had Autism and FAS as well as other diseases. We’ve all been touched by this and it does take a village to raise a child. We must all care and become involved to help the children in our country to have the best lives possible.

      • Lisbeth. I am so moved by your insight and experiences. Thanks very much appreciate your sharing.

      • wow, how can anyone doubt angels walk on this earth? God bless you for working so hard for a better life for these kids. Teachers are so overworked these days, this could possibly have been overlooked had they not been blessed with you in their lives.

      • @Dorothy. I have agree 100%. There have been many posters who have out and out said it wasnt autism but FAS and others who have said she drank during pregnancy. None of us know for sure am I am not silly enough to put that out there and accuse anyone of that. I don’t know that Jac drinks any more or less than anyone on this show and I would never claim to know that for a fact.

        • Geez, even if Nicholas DOES have FAS which I’m NOT saying he does in the least, but for argument’s sake if he did, that doesn’t suggest that Jacqueline did anything wrong or questionable. Like someone said, she could have had ONE drink before she knew she was pregnant. Or even one glass of wine later on which some say is not a problem. I don’t know about other blogs, but I didn’t read on this one anyone saying that Nicholas had FAS as a fact.

          • neither did I but the need to be right is very important to some, more important than a discussion the discussion. Blame, fingerpointing works every time. Wimk wink, nudge, nudge.

  24. For all those imagining that Jac drank during her pregnancy (perhaps because she didn’t yet know she was pregnant) – - – weren’t she & her husband filmed visiting a doctor (fertility specialist?) because they were trying to get pregnant and were having problems? Does anyone remember that, or is my memory playing tricks on me? If it’s true, I think it’s unlikely she drank during her pregnancy.
    I don’t think she’s the brightest person out there and shows really poor judgment in tweets, etc. But, I don’t think she’d go to doctors trying to get pregnant, while drinking heavily on the side. Even she doesn’t seem that dense. You would think all the testing they do during fertility treatments would detect alcohol levels.

    • Speaking of the fertility doctor, Jax said he had her on a regime of hormones and aspirin to help her conceive. I asked about this before but I still would like to know if any research has been done on aspirin related to autism? I ask this because the vaccine thing. What if its not the vaccines that lead to this but the aspirin that the doctors tell mothers to give their children if they start a fever after a round of vaccines? Or taking it in high doses to try to conceive? I bring this up again because on this thread we have so very educated and knowledgeable commenters engaging in discussion about the subject.

      • made, that’s a great question. I didn’t realize fertility drs. are giving hormones and aspirin. When my girls were little, our pediatrician would only let me give them Tylenol for fever. I never gave them aspirin. I don’t know if I believe the vaccines cause autism. Since at least the 1950′s children have been receiving them with seemingly no problems. Something happened in the late 1980′s until today to make autism more common. Do pediatricians give aspirin to children now?

        • I wanted to add that it took 7 yrs. for me to get pregnant both times. With my first daughter, we were told by my doctor that we were both healthy and I should be able to get pregnant.He then told me to drink wine in the evenings because he thought I was too nervous and worried about getting pregnant and he wanted me to relax. He also said it was OK to have a glass or two of wine while pregnant as long as I didn’t overdo it. I didn’t drink at all or even take tylenol or anything while pregnant but that was my own decision. How times have changed!

          Also, someone mentioned above that many mothers I know of from 1950-1990′s smoked and drank throughout their pregnancies and we didn’t seem to have as many children born with problems as we do today, which is true. I think it’s due to additives in our food, our water, genetically altered food, antibiotics and other meds given to animals we eat or something in our environment that hasn’t been identified yet. Prenatal care is far better now than it was then and mothers take prenatal vitamins so we should be having healthier children, not children with so many problems. It doesn’t make sense.

          • I agree my mother in law was told to drink a beer every night so that she could gain much needed weight!

            • My mother was encouraged to SMOKE while carrying me! She was tiny and the dr wanted to keep the size of the baby small, so he told her to smoke because that was known to keep the baby’s birth weight down!!

              • It’s a miracle we all survived Sherry. There has to be some major changes in our food supply and environment since those days. I wish we had solutions.

        • Yeah I meant tylonol what ever active ingredient is in that. I cant spell the name of pronounce it so i just end up calling everything aspirin :)

        • Thanks for the link embee. Such a sad and scary thing to realize that for some this all just comes down to money and grants. Shame on him. Like Lisbeth said, I aint too sure about he vaccines causing it either but something HAS to have caused the rise in this.

          • Very welcome Made. I agree that this particular researcher has done the entire field of study a horrible disservice. I believe that a chromosomal abnormality has been associated with autism so at least in part, it’s genetic or the predisposition for developing it is. I’m not a therapist but i do work for an agency that provides therapy to children with autism. Sometimes you notice that some towns and cities have a high incidence of diagnoses. It always makes me wonder if there are environmental factors also, meaning a pollutant of some sort.

            • Embee thanks for the fascinating insight. I do believe there is a genetic component or predisposition. I hope someone explores the impact of environmental factors and pollutants because that would perhaps account for the rise in numbers.

            • Pollutants may be a factor, for sure. I’ve read about a link between autism and living within a certain distance of a highway. I believe the article said the risk is about double.

              • Hers that is really interesting. Probably one factor we don’t think about is pollution. Our environment certainly has changed since the good ole days!

    • She and Chris did visit a fertility specialist in Season 1. Who knows if she drank heavily, but didn’t they show her drinking several times during that season. I also remember a scene in the Laurita kitchen when Chris asked Jacqueline “what happened to that bottle of wine I opened?” She looked sheepish and said that she thew it out. I can’t recall if that scene happened in Season 1 or 2. No one here knows if Nicholas has a diagnosis of FAS or Autism but from the film clip of him counting, he minimally has some speech issues.

      • The laurita’s have said their child is autistic I have never ever seen where they have said that their child has FAS. I have only see Teresa fans suggest that Nicholas was bornwith FAS.

        • I’m not sure that an FAS diagnosis is on the table. However it does discussion as many have pointed out to you that it only takes one drink at a critical stage in embryonic development to harm the fetus. How would Jax know many do not. Yes I am a Teresa fan but that does not necessarily mean that I cannot have intellectual independence. If you will look up thread this discussion was sanctioned by Ms Sh. I’m sad that you cannot join in but always feel the need to fingerpoint.

          • I am not a Teresa fan and I too have the right to my opinion, even thou some here believe that I do not. I do join in and interact with many who I am friends with here and outside of here. I have a die hard Teresa fan here and we love to point out things to each other. I am sorry you do not like me or my posts, I am sorry you have to question everything I have said, I am sorry I am not going to agree to agree. I have never belitttled you for your opinion, each of us has one. I love to listen to the different conversations and I will contribute. If my opinion offends, I am sorry. Most of the people here are delightful, likable, laughable and nice. Some not. I am more than willing to listen and give anyone a chance but you have made it obvious that you will not and thats ok too

        • I mentioned FAS because it has been discussed consistently in this thread. I feel you’ve leapt to a conclusion stating that only Teresa’s fans have suggested FAS.

        • It’s scary how they drink and drink and drink at every possible opportunity, then get in their cars and drive home. It’s amazing more of them haven’t been stopped for DUI.

          • The worst was Jax skyping scene with her ex. I was appalled and not amused. Chugging a bottle of Baileys? All because she couldn’t deal with Ashley. That’s entirely different than drinking at a party ,. Clearly shows she is using alcohol as a coping mechanism.

            • It was in the morning and she started pouring it in her coffee… but by the size of the pour, there wasn’t much coffee in her oversized mug. LOL Did you see the size of that Bailey’s bottle?

              • I know right? It was the jumbo deluxe bottle. If I drank as much as Jax appears to in that scene there would have been nothing left to film. Can we all say passed out on the lawn?
                How can you have an important conference regarding your child and expect any genuine conclusion if you have to drink to medicate yourself.? Remember how her hubs was lurking around all concerned and anxious? I guess Jax needs a minder tho…

  25. Chris Laurita has an annoying habit. He almost continously strokes the lower half of his face. Once you notice it, you will see he does it all the fraking time. It’s very compulsive and annoying.

  26. Jacqueline? Parenting advice? Why not have governor Chris Christie write a column in Men’s Fitness?

    • ROFLMA off @Dennis. . Love, love, love your comment. I suppose Parenting Ragazine does not realize the same ineffectual mother who refused to parent Ashlee is the same person who is raising Nic? Now that’s scary when Parenting uses a person as an example of poor parenting and then act as if she has transformed into an advocate. The same person who made a crude,nasty comment about a sister sniffing her brother’s thong?
      Seriously? Have they watched the show? Jax pulls a Honey Boo-Boo and pretends to fall asleep when facing anger or confrontation. Wow! Really mature Jax . Not surprised that she has so much in common with a child.

  27. Hopefully, the rumors are true and Jax won’t be back on RHONJ next season. She’ll have the time to devote herself to her children and won’t be ( rolling eyes) contractually obligated to spew hate and venom. My guess is she’ll be doing a gig similar to Ms. McCord’s and it will be filled with vitriol towards Teresa.

  28. Anit, I agree with your post, Jax is a poor Candidate to write a column. Frankly none of the housewives would be a good candidate IMO.

        • ITA Lisa. ITA. Have you tried melatonin and valerian root to help your insomnia? D uses it with our little one. Little bitty wasn’t sleeping well and she consulted her pediatrician and he helped her work out the dosage. It is working like a charm.D thinks he wasn’t getting enough REM sleep and we have seen such an improvement that the Pedi is on board.

            • Try it with valerian root and let me know. I cannot function without sleep. I hope you can get a good nights rest.

              • yea it does, but when i take it for a long period of time It messes up my heart beat apparently that’s a side affect of long term use. so I have to take breaks on using it

              • Oh, then it wouldn’t work for me. Sorry you’re having such a hard time sleeping. I went through that a few years back, too. Then I was okay, now I have a hard time sleeping, but it is pain related.

              • I’m so sorry you have insomina. :( Sometimes I have terrible insomnia (fibromyalgia) . In addition to my normal meds, at nighttime I take melatonin, magnesium malate and a product that contains valerian root (and other goodies) called “Revitalizing Sleep Formula”. I have the timing down so I mostly sleep through the night. I also take melatonin breaks. For me, the addition of the valerian root sleep formula and the magnesium malate has made a huge difference in not only getting to sleep but also staying asleep.

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