JACQUELINE LAURITA: Parenting Magazine Calls Jax Out For “BADParenting”!!…Will BubbaJax Be Writing For “ParentingMagazine”? … UPDATE: Parenting Magazine Responds… Expects MORE Readers!

October 26, 2012  2:15 pm    5:52 pm

Jacqueline Laurita stated in her BravoBlog that she will be writing for Parenting Magazine beginning in February 2013:

“I will be a contributing editor, starting in February, for Parenting Magazine discussing our journey with Autism.”

After a search of Parenting Magazine’s website, the only item which includes BubbaJax is one which describes “the most notorious parenting moments”…

Mom Breed: The scared-of-discipline mom.
The 411: Jacqueline has pretty much lost control of her 18-year-old daughter, Ashley, who nearly flunked high school, lives with her 23-year-old boyfriend, and mouths off to her mother like the two are bickering sisters (and Jacqueline immaturely bickers right back). Jacqueline tries to be her daughter’s BFF and hasn’t learned how to command any sort of respect from Ashley. Let’s hope she does a better job with younger sons CJ and Nicholas.
Signature Parenting Moment: When it comes to Jacqueline’s parenting, the apple does not far fall from the tree. In a heated argument between Jacqueline and nemesis Danielle, Ashley physically attacked Danielle, pulling out her hair weave. Although Jacqueline told her she shouldn’t have done it and that she had to face the music, she never really punished her.

With Parenting Magazine calling out BubbaJax’ bad parenting, it’s kinda unbelievable that they would invite her to write for their magazine!

Therefore, SH asked ParentingMagazine via Twitter to clarify the BubbaJax situation!

No response yet from @Parenting Magazine…

UPDATE:  Parenting magazine responded via twitter… Parenting expects a “slew” of new readers!

 One reader already expressed their opinion!

BubbaJax chats with Chris Laurita about Asslee Holmes…

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428 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: Parenting Magazine Calls Jax Out For “BADParenting”!!…Will BubbaJax Be Writing For “ParentingMagazine”? … UPDATE: Parenting Magazine Responds… Expects MORE Readers!

  1. Why would a magazine want her input? I would not want advice from Reality TV stars or A-List Celebrities. I would not want advice from someone with a toddler. I would want advice from a true expert, or even someone who raised an Autistic child and had many years of experience.

    You would think Jenny McCarthy was all the bat-shit crazy that the autism community needed, but I guess they need a pair of “celebrity” experts.

  2. Off subject but, LOOK WHAT I FOUND on Jac’s Bravo blog comments! INSIDER

    Tre is so shallow and superficial, I don’t know how you put up with her as long as you did! I know her and she is all about one uping you on EVERYTHING! Her’s is always better and she always knows the better way to make this and to do that, etc. SOOOOOO ANNOYING! If these Tre huggers only new! LOL! She would turn her nose up to them if she saw them on the street before she had “fans”. Now she only talks to them to sell her books. Remember what she said in the RV campsite when M wanted her to visit neighbors? “I don’t even talk to my own neighbors”, remember people? So true! She really thinks she is better than other people. Trust me.

      • Off topic, but a bit related: I thought it was incredibly kind of Tree to offer the “Free Fan Friday” deal on the Milania argan oil hair serum. I ordered it today and I only had to pay for $6.95 shipping. The product was totally free and her hair care products are paraben free (I love that). It’s little things like this that I like about Tree because even if you can’t afford her hair care line, or you can’t travel to see her, she is always finding a way to connect with people. I find it really hard to believe that Tree would turn her nose up to people. I believe her experiences have humbled her. She is by no means perfect but she love her fans because they make her the success that she is. I tell my students that without them I am nothing because if students aren’t enrolling in my class, then I have no job, so I take my roll very seriously and I truly appreciate all of them. They are my “kids”, even though they are mostly 19-30 years old LOL

      • I don’t visit with neighbors either. We are all rushing off to work, to do errands, running kids here and there, etc., that no one “neighbors” any more. There is no time to have a leisurely cup or two of coffee with the other ladies on the block. It’s just the way it is any more.

        • I dont talk to my neighbors either However one of them was concerned enough to call security to check up on me when they saw my door cracked and my newspaper still beside my door. They told building security they knew I lived alone and maybe i fell and was hurt.. Man I guess they see me coming and going alone.

          • Sounds like a catch 22 Lisa, good to know someone was worried about you but also kind of spooky to know they watch you and know you live alone. I am hoping its just a good neighbor who worries about you.

        • Tre actually has always seemed the most approachable and down to earth. IMO she has a lot on her plate and I imagine socializing with purported “neighbors” is probably last on her list. If I had a neighbor like this I would run not walk in the other direction to avoid them. Tre is the only one who has built a successful brand and made a career for herself. If Teresa did not have a devoted fan base and was not popular she would never sell a product.She is definitely doing something right!

    • Honestly this isn’t giving any information that screams insider. It could easily be a fan of one or more of the other ladies pretending to know her. Honestly, I never heard any of the people who know her call her “Tre” like this person did and like fans of the show do. It could be someone that knows and dislikes her but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      • Well she/he(?) also posted this on MeIissa’s blog sooooooo idk. Maybe for real:

        “I know Tre and she is funny at first but after you get to know her she is fake, snooty and quite vapid but I do believe you are cut from the same mold except you are a bit more clever and I also believe what she said and others said about you and I wouldn’t trust you any further than I could throw you.”

  3. So she is going to devote all this time to her special needs child. When? When she is out supporting Belvedere Red (vodka), her tweets, her court time, her now writing for Parenting? When is she going to have time for herself (joke)

  4. For the sake of Nick, please post this as there is so much misinformation being bandied about that if further spread is doing this child great harm. Any speculation in the attempt to disqualify a diagnosis is harmful. Fetal Alcohol syndrome is not remotely the case as there would be facial deformaties and other characteristics, noticed at birth or soon after, that do not exist with Nick.
    Autism is diagnosed at 18 months, and at least before 2 yrs, because that is when the symptoms dramatically occur (such as speaking then going to non-speaking) and diagnostic screening done; since there has been increased awareness by the CDC and the medical profession, diagnosis is done at these early ages and it is recommended. Autism has increased dramatically since the 1980s, but it may be due to increased awareness and early detection and not an actual increase of cases. “The prevalence of autism is about 1–2 per 1,000 people worldwide, and the CDC report 11 per 1,000 children in the United States are diagnosed with ASD as of 2008.” Classic Autism occurs much more in boys – 4 boys to 1 girl. There is a strong genetic basis, although the genetics of Autism Spectrum (it is a spectrum as it has many ranges) are complex. From “Scientific America” regarding one type of genetics in families that have an autistic child: “Autism and the Technical Mind” : “When 2 technical-minded individuals pair up, their children may inherit genes for useful cognitive skills, as well as genes involved in the development of autism. Furthermore, high levels of testosterone in the womb may play a role in the development of both technical and autistic minds” which would also explain the 4 male to 1 female connection in classic autism as a “human male fetus produces at least twice as much testosterone as a female fetus does”.
    The genetics can be handed down from generation to generation, so that a grandparent can have an autistic grandchild while he didn’t have an autistic child. There was a site that gave 7 important facts about Autism. I’ll c and p just #7:

    7. Families Coping with Autism Need Help and Support
    Even “high functioning” autism is challenging for parents. “Low functioning” autism can be overwhelming to the entire family. Families may be under a great deal of stress, and they need all the non-judgemental help they can get from friends, extended family, and service providers. Respite care (someone else taking care of the person with autism while other family members take a break) can be a marriage and/or family-saver!

    • I assume your trying to be helpful but you didn’t read the posts and posted so many things that are stated as fact but do not reflect the actual experiences of educators, professionals and families coping with autism. Did you bother to read the posts or comments? Children can be diagnosed by age 2 . I would hesitate to believe a diagnosis at 18 months unless it was an extreme or severe case. Many children are diagnoses between the ages of 4 yrs to 6 yrs . Spewing a bunch of so called “facts” while invalidating the experiences and information of people who are educated in the field is not adding to the discussion. I’m not sure anyone here thinks FAS, if they do that is their opinion. Most people are keeping an open mind and simply sharing their experiences and information.

    • Dorothycw11:
      I haven’t read any “misinformation” in this thread. All of us have had our own personal experiences and we have shared those experiences. No two children are exactly the same just as no two adults are the same. Each child is an individual and must be treated individually.

      I strongly disagree with this statement:
      “Fetal Alcohol syndrome is not remotely the case as there would be facial deformaties and other characteristics, noticed at birth or soon after, that do not exist with Nick.”

      Not every child with FAS has “facial deformaties and other characteristics noticed at birth.” On the contrary, when I taught first grade, I taught many students who were identified as FAS at the age of 6.(This was when we didn’t have mandatory Kindergarten in public schools so children were not identified as early as they are today in Early Childhood, Pre-K or K.)

      My first experience with FAS/FDS was a handsome little boy and a breathtakingly beautiful little girl. He was raised by his grandmother. Having been around loving adults most of his life, his symptoms didn’t become apparent until he was in a classroom with 20+ other children.She was still living with her drug addicted mother.

      It was his behavior, not his physical appearance that alerted me that he had problems. He was language delayed and seeing the speech therapist, but otherwise appeared to be a happy little boy. He couldn’t relate to other children at all. He liked to be alone and I would often find him under a table, under his desk, in a corner or hiding on the playground. Despite my best attempts to work with him on social skills, he was unable to socialize.

      As the year went on and we were waiting for testing results he began to run away from school and home. The police found him and the little girl at 2 a.m. walking down a major highway with pockets full of money and drugs. The little girl’s mother had been prostituting them both for drug money. His grandma didn’t know. He had been sneaking out of grandma’s house to be with his mother who was a drug addict.(I had both these children removed from their homes but a judge put them right back.) This prostitution added to an already horrible situation for these children and they immediately received intensive counseling, which I insisted on in court,

      These children were unable to rationalize right from wrong. Adults in their lives took advantage of them. It was the saddest day of my teaching career when I heard what these monsterous mothers had been doing to these two 6 year olds.Nothing about their physical appearance would indicate FAS/FDS. The damage done to them made them unable to think, reason, make decisions, show emotions, delayed their speech/language development and affected every part of their little lives. The emotions present in other children were missing in them.Unlike most first graders, who like a hug from their teacher, these two didn’t like to be touched. The little girl would sometimes run up to me for a quick hug but he never did, which is unusual for a first grader.

      Looking into their eyes, I would see no emotion whatsoever. Most children show their emotions in their eyes and I could tell a lot by making eye contact, getting down on my knees at eye level and quietly talking to them, but not with these two. At times, his eyes would glaze over and he seemed to be in another world. Other times he was present and I could communicate with him. He didn’t have the ability to empathize with other children. He would hurt them with a smile on his face or while laughing. He was cruel but didn’t know he was being cruel. One day I saw him laughing and acting strangely. I asked him what was so funny and he began pulling scissors out of all his pockets, from inside his shirt, his backpack and desk. He had been taking scissors to hurt other children and was unaware that this was inappropriate behavior. He didn’t understand the consequences of his actions.

      It took all year but both were tested and identified as drug/fetal alcohol syndrome babies. Observing them from the outside, you would never have known. There were at least a dozen professional people involved in the diagnosis and care of these two children. At first, it was thought he was autistic because many of his symptoms were the same as autism. After the battery of tests were done and he had seen all of the professionals he was diagnosed correctly as a fetal drug/alcohol baby. So was the little girl. She was not as violent as he was but still lacked the ability to show emotions or empathy for others. They got along with one another but not the other children .We think this was because they had grown up in the same neighborhood.

      It’s misinformation to make a blanket statement that all these children are the same. They are not. Not all of them have the physical appearance associated with FAS. The fact that FAS exhibits many of the same symptoms as Autism and other diseases makes a diagnosis even more difficult. That’s why it’s so difficult to identify and diagnose these children. It’s also a very slippery slope to discount and/or make a diagnosis for a child without the help of parents, grandparents, caregivers, trained medical doctors and educational professionals.Taking a child to a GP for a one time diagnosis is NOT a valid diagnosis. Most family doctors aren’t trained to diagnose these complicated problems. The good ones I know refer patients to physicians who are experts and educational professionals.

      From my own experiences, I do agree that we began to see more and more FAS and Autistic children in the 1980′s.Much research has been done as to why this has happened but we still have very few answers. I saw it escalate from the 1980′s at an alarming rate. In our school district we began to educate ourselves and receive training to help all of these children. Our Special Education program grew by leaps and bounds. Our community became involved with at risk mothers from conception to educate them and help them. Many lives were changed with some excellent outreach programs.

      All of these problems our children have are not limited to any race or socio-economic group. I taught children from all walks of life who had Autism and FAS as well as other diseases. We’ve all been touched by this and it does take a village to raise a child. We must all care and become involved to help the children in our country to have the best lives possible.

      • Lisbeth. I am so moved by your insight and experiences. Thanks very much appreciate your sharing.

      • wow, how can anyone doubt angels walk on this earth? God bless you for working so hard for a better life for these kids. Teachers are so overworked these days, this could possibly have been overlooked had they not been blessed with you in their lives.

      • @Dorothy. I have agree 100%. There have been many posters who have out and out said it wasnt autism but FAS and others who have said she drank during pregnancy. None of us know for sure am I am not silly enough to put that out there and accuse anyone of that. I don’t know that Jac drinks any more or less than anyone on this show and I would never claim to know that for a fact.

        • Geez, even if Nicholas DOES have FAS which I’m NOT saying he does in the least, but for argument’s sake if he did, that doesn’t suggest that Jacqueline did anything wrong or questionable. Like someone said, she could have had ONE drink before she knew she was pregnant. Or even one glass of wine later on which some say is not a problem. I don’t know about other blogs, but I didn’t read on this one anyone saying that Nicholas had FAS as a fact.

          • neither did I but the need to be right is very important to some, more important than a discussion the discussion. Blame, fingerpointing works every time. Wimk wink, nudge, nudge.

  5. For all those imagining that Jac drank during her pregnancy (perhaps because she didn’t yet know she was pregnant) – - – weren’t she & her husband filmed visiting a doctor (fertility specialist?) because they were trying to get pregnant and were having problems? Does anyone remember that, or is my memory playing tricks on me? If it’s true, I think it’s unlikely she drank during her pregnancy.
    I don’t think she’s the brightest person out there and shows really poor judgment in tweets, etc. But, I don’t think she’d go to doctors trying to get pregnant, while drinking heavily on the side. Even she doesn’t seem that dense. You would think all the testing they do during fertility treatments would detect alcohol levels.

    • Speaking of the fertility doctor, Jax said he had her on a regime of hormones and aspirin to help her conceive. I asked about this before but I still would like to know if any research has been done on aspirin related to autism? I ask this because the vaccine thing. What if its not the vaccines that lead to this but the aspirin that the doctors tell mothers to give their children if they start a fever after a round of vaccines? Or taking it in high doses to try to conceive? I bring this up again because on this thread we have so very educated and knowledgeable commenters engaging in discussion about the subject.

      • made, that’s a great question. I didn’t realize fertility drs. are giving hormones and aspirin. When my girls were little, our pediatrician would only let me give them Tylenol for fever. I never gave them aspirin. I don’t know if I believe the vaccines cause autism. Since at least the 1950′s children have been receiving them with seemingly no problems. Something happened in the late 1980′s until today to make autism more common. Do pediatricians give aspirin to children now?

        • I wanted to add that it took 7 yrs. for me to get pregnant both times. With my first daughter, we were told by my doctor that we were both healthy and I should be able to get pregnant.He then told me to drink wine in the evenings because he thought I was too nervous and worried about getting pregnant and he wanted me to relax. He also said it was OK to have a glass or two of wine while pregnant as long as I didn’t overdo it. I didn’t drink at all or even take tylenol or anything while pregnant but that was my own decision. How times have changed!

          Also, someone mentioned above that many mothers I know of from 1950-1990′s smoked and drank throughout their pregnancies and we didn’t seem to have as many children born with problems as we do today, which is true. I think it’s due to additives in our food, our water, genetically altered food, antibiotics and other meds given to animals we eat or something in our environment that hasn’t been identified yet. Prenatal care is far better now than it was then and mothers take prenatal vitamins so we should be having healthier children, not children with so many problems. It doesn’t make sense.

          • I agree my mother in law was told to drink a beer every night so that she could gain much needed weight!

            • My mother was encouraged to SMOKE while carrying me! She was tiny and the dr wanted to keep the size of the baby small, so he told her to smoke because that was known to keep the baby’s birth weight down!!

            • It’s a miracle we all survived Sherry. There has to be some major changes in our food supply and environment since those days. I wish we had solutions.

        • Yeah I meant tylonol what ever active ingredient is in that. I cant spell the name of pronounce it so i just end up calling everything aspirin :)

        • Thanks for the link embee. Such a sad and scary thing to realize that for some this all just comes down to money and grants. Shame on him. Like Lisbeth said, I aint too sure about he vaccines causing it either but something HAS to have caused the rise in this.

          • Very welcome Made. I agree that this particular researcher has done the entire field of study a horrible disservice. I believe that a chromosomal abnormality has been associated with autism so at least in part, it’s genetic or the predisposition for developing it is. I’m not a therapist but i do work for an agency that provides therapy to children with autism. Sometimes you notice that some towns and cities have a high incidence of diagnoses. It always makes me wonder if there are environmental factors also, meaning a pollutant of some sort.

            • Embee thanks for the fascinating insight. I do believe there is a genetic component or predisposition. I hope someone explores the impact of environmental factors and pollutants because that would perhaps account for the rise in numbers.

            • Pollutants may be a factor, for sure. I’ve read about a link between autism and living within a certain distance of a highway. I believe the article said the risk is about double.

            • Hers that is really interesting. Probably one factor we don’t think about is pollution. Our environment certainly has changed since the good ole days!

    • She and Chris did visit a fertility specialist in Season 1. Who knows if she drank heavily, but didn’t they show her drinking several times during that season. I also remember a scene in the Laurita kitchen when Chris asked Jacqueline “what happened to that bottle of wine I opened?” She looked sheepish and said that she thew it out. I can’t recall if that scene happened in Season 1 or 2. No one here knows if Nicholas has a diagnosis of FAS or Autism but from the film clip of him counting, he minimally has some speech issues.

      • The laurita’s have said their child is autistic I have never ever seen where they have said that their child has FAS. I have only see Teresa fans suggest that Nicholas was bornwith FAS.

        • I’m not sure that an FAS diagnosis is on the table. However it does discussion as many have pointed out to you that it only takes one drink at a critical stage in embryonic development to harm the fetus. How would Jax know many do not. Yes I am a Teresa fan but that does not necessarily mean that I cannot have intellectual independence. If you will look up thread this discussion was sanctioned by Ms Sh. I’m sad that you cannot join in but always feel the need to fingerpoint.

          • I am not a Teresa fan and I too have the right to my opinion, even thou some here believe that I do not. I do join in and interact with many who I am friends with here and outside of here. I have a die hard Teresa fan here and we love to point out things to each other. I am sorry you do not like me or my posts, I am sorry you have to question everything I have said, I am sorry I am not going to agree to agree. I have never belitttled you for your opinion, each of us has one. I love to listen to the different conversations and I will contribute. If my opinion offends, I am sorry. Most of the people here are delightful, likable, laughable and nice. Some not. I am more than willing to listen and give anyone a chance but you have made it obvious that you will not and thats ok too

        • I mentioned FAS because it has been discussed consistently in this thread. I feel you’ve leapt to a conclusion stating that only Teresa’s fans have suggested FAS.

        • It’s scary how they drink and drink and drink at every possible opportunity, then get in their cars and drive home. It’s amazing more of them haven’t been stopped for DUI.

          • The worst was Jax skyping scene with her ex. I was appalled and not amused. Chugging a bottle of Baileys? All because she couldn’t deal with Ashley. That’s entirely different than drinking at a party ,. Clearly shows she is using alcohol as a coping mechanism.

            • It was in the morning and she started pouring it in her coffee… but by the size of the pour, there wasn’t much coffee in her oversized mug. LOL Did you see the size of that Bailey’s bottle?

            • I know right? It was the jumbo deluxe bottle. If I drank as much as Jax appears to in that scene there would have been nothing left to film. Can we all say passed out on the lawn?
              How can you have an important conference regarding your child and expect any genuine conclusion if you have to drink to medicate yourself.? Remember how her hubs was lurking around all concerned and anxious? I guess Jax needs a minder tho…

  6. Chris Laurita has an annoying habit. He almost continously strokes the lower half of his face. Once you notice it, you will see he does it all the fraking time. It’s very compulsive and annoying.

  7. Jacqueline? Parenting advice? Why not have governor Chris Christie write a column in Men’s Fitness?

    • ROFLMA off @Dennis. . Love, love, love your comment. I suppose Parenting Ragazine does not realize the same ineffectual mother who refused to parent Ashlee is the same person who is raising Nic? Now that’s scary when Parenting uses a person as an example of poor parenting and then act as if she has transformed into an advocate. The same person who made a crude,nasty comment about a sister sniffing her brother’s thong?
      Seriously? Have they watched the show? Jax pulls a Honey Boo-Boo and pretends to fall asleep when facing anger or confrontation. Wow! Really mature Jax . Not surprised that she has so much in common with a child.

  8. Hopefully, the rumors are true and Jax won’t be back on RHONJ next season. She’ll have the time to devote herself to her children and won’t be ( rolling eyes) contractually obligated to spew hate and venom. My guess is she’ll be doing a gig similar to Ms. McCord’s and it will be filled with vitriol towards Teresa.

  9. Anit, I agree with your post, Jax is a poor Candidate to write a column. Frankly none of the housewives would be a good candidate IMO.

        • ITA Lisa. ITA. Have you tried melatonin and valerian root to help your insomnia? D uses it with our little one. Little bitty wasn’t sleeping well and she consulted her pediatrician and he helped her work out the dosage. It is working like a charm.D thinks he wasn’t getting enough REM sleep and we have seen such an improvement that the Pedi is on board.

            • Try it with valerian root and let me know. I cannot function without sleep. I hope you can get a good nights rest.

            • yea it does, but when i take it for a long period of time It messes up my heart beat apparently that’s a side affect of long term use. so I have to take breaks on using it

            • Oh, then it wouldn’t work for me. Sorry you’re having such a hard time sleeping. I went through that a few years back, too. Then I was okay, now I have a hard time sleeping, but it is pain related.

            • I’m so sorry you have insomina. :( Sometimes I have terrible insomnia (fibromyalgia) . In addition to my normal meds, at nighttime I take melatonin, magnesium malate and a product that contains valerian root (and other goodies) called “Revitalizing Sleep Formula”. I have the timing down so I mostly sleep through the night. I also take melatonin breaks. For me, the addition of the valerian root sleep formula and the magnesium malate has made a huge difference in not only getting to sleep but also staying asleep.

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