From The SH Archives November 2011, Jacqueline Laurita: Jax and Chris Laurita In More Bankruptcy Trouble… AND Possibly the REAL Reason Jax Was A NO-SHOW At The RHONJ Reunion Shows



For SH readers asking about Jacqueline Laurita’s financial position… 

From November 2011…

Hmmm… I just don’t know where the money came from to buy Ashley all those new cars…

 What is the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline Laurita’s involvement in her husband, Chris Laurita’s, bankruptcy???

Jacqueline Laurita… hopin’ that the black water biz will help pay off the $8 million the Bankruptcy Court is lookin’ for…

For those of you who wanna get straight info from the court documents…

Translation: Chris and Joe Laurita drained Signature Apparel as much as they possibly could and then transferred ownership to a new owner in exchange for a % of future sales.

Translation:  They were ALL havin’ a ton ‘o fun with the money comin’ in… and they KNEW they weren’t supposed to! 

Translation:  Joe and Chris Laurita (and spouses) are still livin’ the life and the Federal Bankruptcy Trustee for this case is going after them for their personal assets… “piercing the corporate veil”… to satisfy any judgment (monies owed).

             Chris and Jax Laurita… 

Could this be THE REAL reason why Jax excused herself from the RHONJ Reunion Show? Miss Andy was havin’ a field day grillin’ Tree with questions re Tree’s bankruptcy.  Jax knew that either Tree or Miss Andy would have gone after her (possibly…) when the bankruptcy issue was being “discussed” with Tree…

NOTE:  I don’t believe for one second the lame excuse that Don Caro gave for Jax not participating in the NJ reunion show… “Jax was too mentally and physically exhausted.” However, many, many viewers were NOT aware of Chris and Jax’ money problems… unless you read Chris Laurita’s page on SH (here)… and there was the very good chance that Jax’ financial info was going to be mentioned on the Reunion Show.  Don Caro probably pulled one of those “big Manzo/Laurita meetings” and it was decided that the wrath of Miss Andy and possible lawsuits brought against Jax for not showing up per her Bravo contract were worth the risk.  Don Caro does not like to be seen in an ugly light and Jax/Chris Laurita’s being sued by the Bankruptcy Trustee would reflect on Don Caro.

Don Caro got lots of stuff she’s trying to shove down people’s throats via her website… to buy (her Brown sauce), to ask (her advice!), to recommend (Lauren as a…cough, cough…makeup expert) and reference (her recipes).  Oh, and let’s not forget her “BOYZ” black water crap!

So, the chance that Jax’ bankruptcy issue coming up and being broadcast to a national audience was not a chance they were willing to take.  Unfortunately, Don Caro’s trying to cover up a little too late… like Danny Provenzano said when he escorted Danielle to the Brownstone, “A punk is a punk…. and da Manzo’s are punks.” Little did we know that he may have been on to something!

(Thanks to SH readers “TC” “Chameleon” and “DebWeb”!!)

NOTE:  This item has just now been picked up by several sites.  Would suggest to all SH readers that you visit the site which has dug much deeper into the BubbaJax/ChrisLaurita SignatureApparel bankruptcy for the updated, detailed information… FauxReality.  

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50 comments on “From The SH Archives November 2011, Jacqueline Laurita: Jax and Chris Laurita In More Bankruptcy Trouble… AND Possibly the REAL Reason Jax Was A NO-SHOW At The RHONJ Reunion Shows

    • gd122: Hmmmm… perhaps those “cast members” need to be reminded that they put their lives out there in exchange for that Bravo paycheck. And, perhaps ALL need to be reminded that SH is not a “hate” site; nor is SH a “hater”… the information came from court documents. Maybe you would be better off chatting with the ShadyLauritas about their involvement in the case! SH

    • Since when is revealing the truth via court documents an attack? I think you just revealed who the hater is with your comment.

      • “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell

    • HahahaHA, gd122. You are very funny. Would you happen to be one of the persons involved in this fiasco?

    • How can the truth be an “attack?” Do you know the Lauritas screwed Susan B. Komen out of $18,000? Disgusting! Are you going to comment how horrible that is?

  1. Those laurita/manzo are acting real shady. Why would you attack the guidice about their financial problem, when they knew they were struggling as well. God dont like ugly. To me, the all of the rhonj need to be honest about their finances. Dont fake it like they are balling when they are bumming. Depending on bravo to make you look like a big shot.

  2. IMO it was very disingenuous of the other cast members to make cutting remarks regarding the Guidices when their finances were in the same sad shape. Chris Laurita acted like Daddy BigBucks , the soul of compassion, offering to buy the Guidices personal items and furniture at the auction and return it to them. Now when I read about the Lauritas I am appalled that he would make those statements on camera. It is shocking to see the lavish spending , the luxury cars and Mcmansions
    and understand that it is all smoke and mirrors.

    • We can be as shocked as we want , personal integrity is just that personal. If someone doesn’t have it , or has very little (compared to another person) not only is that not going to change, it isn’t something the person lacking integrity wants to change. I think a person that has integrity is going to be surprised but really we shouldn’t be. Every person whose ever acted let’s say, with out integrity , was ok with it & will stay ok with it. That’s just the nature of some folks. You don’t have to be a psychopath to lack integrity. Most people behind bars aren’t. They just don’t see things from any point of view but what they want. Money, or lies or breaking vows or being weird with little ones, no matter how messed up the person is, they can excuse it in their own minds. Ever watched the shows where they interview prisoners? Very few really , really belong there – at least in their own minds.

      • I understand your comment and ITA. JMO I could never enjoy pretending to be someone other than who I am. I love my life because I earned it and have fought to keep it . I suppose it does come down to integrity but I would be hard pressed to enjoy the luxury lifestyle if I knew that fraud had purchased it all and that it could disappear in a heartbeat. Perhaps designer bags and luxury cars can assuage one’s conscience but at some point wouldn’t you feel that everything in your life was a facade and nothing was real?

        • Exactly. Its got to stressful constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop so to speak. Knowing the house of cards can blow at any moment. No wonder Jax acts batty. Her “thinking she did pretty well” is horse pucky. She knows that in the rich hubben game of roulette she lost.

          • I was a Jax fan until I watched her throw Ashlee to the wolves. I was very suspicious of Ashlee’s engaging in adult contretemps and everyone seemingly condoning it until it blew up. Jax turned on Tre and divulged private confidences, private conversations. There isn’t any justification that explains that away. Teresa continued to keep everyone’s secrets even after 2 seasons of betrayal. We are thick as thieves? Ya got the thieves part right Chuckie but actually petty high school mean girls is a more accurate decision.
            I’m not quite grasping how having a child with issues is a reason or excuse to treat others with disrespect. I would hope becoming more compassionate would be a more sensible outcome.

  3. Lol!! So the fact that you don’t care for a hater makes you a hater :D who knew ?? Okeeedoak. Anywayzzzz, that quote regarding Jax & why she didn’t show , she may be feeling a little tired, but I’m not sure the fights with Tre are the reason. & you know that’s what she meant. Viewers were supposed to read it as such: “Poor lil’ Jax she’s being picked on. Look what a bad person Tre is…” As I recall it, the problems between Jax/Carowhine & Tre started when they jumped into the middle of her relationship w/ Mego. How does that make it Tre’s fault that Jax is worn out? I won’t even argue that she didn’t feel that way , she may have after all the energy she spent towards Teresa. But did the legal matters prevent her showing up? Wouldn’t be surprised at that either.

    • Well, the problems between Jac/Caroline is after Turdesa wrote nasty things about Caroline in her book. After she talked to Tamra about Jac. After she made fun of Caroline’s parenting. Turdesa is the source of all the fights.

      • Why wouldn’t she make fun of Caroline’s parenting? Caroline bullied a 10 year old, who wasn’t even her own kid. Her own kids are lazy slugs.

        • she made fun of her before that; it was in season 3 when Caroline and Jac were Turdesa’s only friends and family.

      • I have to agree Hoosha. Teresa is nasty. Its my opinion that she and her and her jail bird husband are lousy parents. They coach their children into demeaning family members on a tv show. It appears they are not “in to” supervising their children or making them mind. Teresa needs to take a month off from peddling the goup, books and alcohol and maybe be a parent. Teresa can’t get along with NO ONE. She has no cast members who want to be with in 10 foot of her. It obvious that Bravo can’t stand her (thats what her fans tell us) and you can see who wasn’t ask back for Allstar CA. If there is anyone with a massive drinking problem, its jailbird Joe. He is drunk all the time.

        • I wish bravo would just cancel RHONJ…this past season was so hatefull and disgusting(the Gorgas)….Caroline was mean..yea Teresa is a ding bat….Kathy is a snake….and let’s face it Jax is a lush

    • The problems between Jax and Caro go way back…there’s always been a struggle, Caro needs to be dominate at all times. They are happy when they have a common enemy to focus on.

  4. Best line of the day!!!!!: “like Danny Provenzano said when he escorted Danielle to the Brownstone, “A punk is a punk…. and da Manzo’s are punks.”

  5. These hypocrits are unbelievable! What kind of audacity does it take to say in national TV basically, “nana nana boo boo My bankruptcy is NOT as bad as your bankruptcy” like a moron when the Laurita’s are in far more trouble with their bankruptcy than the Guidices. The Feds don’t play games. These people are in deep shit and they know it. I would be shaking in my boots and scared to death if I was them. They ARE going to be prosecuted and found guilty without a doubt.

    This is what makes me sick…the way all of them have criticized Teresa and Joe for their financial problems yet think they are on a pedestal, above the Guidices. Excuse me but it sounds like Chris and Jax have a far better chance of going to jail than Juicy Joe does and for a a far worse offense.

    These despicable people scammed millions of dollars from hard working people who want and need their money back. It wasn’t their money to steal, borrow, use or whatever. People who made the clothing, distributed it, supplied the fabrics, supplies…those are the people they have stolen from if I understand the documents correctly. These are people who probably make minimum wage and work very hard to live paycheck to paycheck.

    On top of that they stole $18,000.00 from Susan B. Komen which is unforgivable and appalling! Really Chris and Jacqueline??? You need money so much you steal from a charity for breast cancer patients? That’s the lowest of the low imo.

    Yep, these are definitely upstanding citizens who have every right to attack Teresa and Joe for their PERSONAL bankruptcy and financial problems to anyone who will listen. *rolleyes* Andy should be ashamed for protecting the Lauritas/Manzos while ripping the Guidices apart ad nauseum. I’d like to slap all of them for what they’ve done to those people in a public forum.

    Yet we are being called haters?? Give me an effin break! :(

    • Lisbeth- ITA and I can’t believe the audacity of the Lauritas. All of this Tre hate has been simply a diversion/deflection from the Lauritas massive financial criminal acts. It makes sense now that Wacko had to sign for AssLEE’s new car and why Chris was always around, lurking and most definitely shady! He has to be the biggest dumbass to publicly announce the desire to purchase the Giudices personal belongings. I really didn’t think that was a convincing statement from Chris and knew something was off about attempting to play hero. Now that I know the reason, I just can’t get over it! Baffling.

      • Its laughable too that he was disgusted that Joe Guidice had told people Chris was a shady business man…….uh, Chris you are a shady business man…..people can say what they want about Joe Guidice but his statement of “it is what is is” applies spot on here.

        • Duffy- I think I like Juicy more by the day. He really does call as it fits. Now, I don’t like the way he talks to his wife but hey when it comes to calling out other people’s BS, he hasn’t been wrong.

        • I have a really hard time with Joe Giudice. His being grossly intoxicated infront of his kids at a dinner party held at his home with guests was a train wreck. He made a total fool out of himself and chipped his tooth. He has driving drunk and wrecked his car. What happens if that would have been a family in a vehicle rather than a tree. He called his wife a B and a C on tv while talking to his “pizza cook” haha. In season 1, you will remember the Giudices were constantly carrying thousands and thousands of dollars around and paying cash for everything (sign that the finanaces were head south at that time) and where does someone get thousands and thousands of dollars in cash in this day and age? Oh yeah, the feds have the little rule that they need to be informed of any transaction over $10,000.00 right. Kind of makes me wonder why he would need a drivers license with his brothers name on it. Maybe there was alot more going on than just “driving”.

          • Did you see where the Gorga’s party where they were all drunk and groping each other. Jogo pushed Goldberg wannabe into the pool almost on top of jogo’s daughter?

  6. From what I’m reading on several sites and in several documents, my personal opinion is that in the Manzo/Laurita/Guidice/Gorga world the end justifies the means. They seem to have this practice in both their business dealings and in their personal lives. I hope that these people putting their made-up pusses on TV, mags, wine bottles and whatever else they’re hawking, does cause their “corporate bubbles” to burst big-time. You know what, they will all play the poor-me card. Bravo will have been the bully, exposing all the secrets, and if not for Bravo they could’ve moved money from one to another for eternity and really not given a single damn about SusanGK or any other entity that they harmed. I suspect there are all kinds of secrets that are going to come flying out of that Pandora’s box, don’t you? I can just see Caroline arching a brow and saying “Integrity? Yeah, with integrity and a dollar you can get a coffee at Starbuck’s”.

  7. I have always wondered about when Chris wanted to get Ashley her “last” car before they kicked her out. Where he said he would pay the first 6 months and then she would have to take over the car payments that were $500+ a month. Chris told Jac that she had to sign the papers for the car when the 1st time he bought her a car he got it for her w/o Jac knowing about it and afterwards Jac said they gave it to a family member when they took it away from Ashley not sold it but gave it away. Why did Jac have to sign this time was this when all the crap was hitting the fan with his business and he was trying to hide stuff and go through Jac? Always wondered why when I saw that air the first time thought it was weird Jac just said why do I have to sign and laughed it off.

  8. The ugliest thing I have ever heard any Ho on any of the franchises mutter was when Jax yelled to Joe Gi “I hope you go to jail”! What a piece of garbage. She deserves everything that is coming to her. The Hater is Jax Laurita.

  9. I tried a Don Caro pizza receipe and it came out horrible. It could be my cooking but I think I will try Tre’s receipe and see if I do any better.

  10. This whole thing is sad. To pretend that you are better than someone who overspent and got hit by the economy, (like millions of other people), when you are facing federal charges for purposeful fraud? Really? I would be much more embarrased to have a crook for a hubby than to have a dopey drinker who overspends. Joe and Tre may not have been wise, but they weren’t defrauding charities and funneling money into different business entities to grift their way into a lavish lifestyle. Joe has a trade, he isn’t a “businessman” like Jim Bellino and Chris Laurita…

  11. As ive said before these people get paid money in addition to hockin their waters wines cookbooks etc. (Other businesses pay big$$ to reach that many pple) So to cry foul over viewers opinions or label haters is nuts. Dont put dirty laundry out there

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