SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Kyle Richards “MauricoOnHGTV”… Lana Fuchs “LVHighRollers”… Lisa Vanderpump “ChefWar”…Melissa Gorga “WhyShe’sNumberTwo”… RHOM…

October 25, 2012  11:15 am

Kyle Richards’ husband, Maurico Umansky/John Turturro, will be featured on an upcoming episode of HGTV’s “Selling LA”… ‘cept the property is not an LA property, it is a $9 million home in Las Vegas.  John will be representin’ his real estate company, TheAgency

NOTE:  Remember Brandi Glanville’s “mystery date” … the date which was photo’d after she was whining on twitter about being dateless?  Brandi’s date was Jonathan Ruiz… a partner of Maurico/John in TheAgency!

                                                                           “John Turturro’s wife made me go to dinner with her… and dinner wasn’t even good.”


OH!  LasVegasHighRollers should be one fabulous train-wreck-goat-rodeo of a show!  In fact, word is it’s so good that the production company, Evolution Media, has moved the HighRoller premiere from early 2013 to December… probably to compete with Bravo’s RHOBH and RHOA, which will still be airing.

Lana Fuchs is one of the cast members:


  “I’ll get you for this, Vanderpump… now git outta here!”

Lisa Vanderpump stole the “highly-educated” Heather Dull-BRO’s chef!  In Lisa’s latest DivineAddiction, Fabio Viviano’s pumpkin risotto is featured.  It’s a chef war!!


  KimKartrashian beat out MelissaGorga for the #1 spot…


The Real Housewives of Miami is on tonight…

(Thanks to SH readers “forblogs” “AnnA” and “PMG”!!!)

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50 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Kyle Richards “MauricoOnHGTV”… Lana Fuchs “LVHighRollers”… Lisa Vanderpump “ChefWar”…Melissa Gorga “WhyShe’sNumberTwo”… RHOM…

  1. I actually enjoy RHOM. Think its great after the ever boring RHONY and the dark RHONJ. I like their drama, but I cant stand Martha ( so yes, a little contradicted there)

    Love that butt in the pic. Great with curves

    • Me too! Miami cityscape is beautiful and the fashion is very colorful. I like Karent; she is impeccable and meticulous which the other women find prissy- but that’s her way of striving for her own personal perfection. I think she’s polite and articulate. Joanna and Lisa are pretty too but in my opinion they’re crass. Miami looks like the most fun city to live.

    • Love RHOM. It’s got it’s drama but I like all the cool party places and clothes it just something new I guess. I got to say Miami looks fun if you have lots of $$$$$!

      • Miami for the most part is icky- they only show the nice parts on the show. It’s like any other urban city you would find anywhere in the US. If you live on South Beach or one of the exclusive islands (Star Island, Fisher Island, etc.) it’s gorgeous, but these areas are surrounded by a lot of rough neighborhoods, and that’s the truth!

  2. Oh, goodie. I can’t wait to have some new bad plastic surgery to make fun of on LVHR! Lana can barely move her face! She can hardly talk because her face is so tight! Good times!

  3. Is that her b-crack? Really? It’s bad enough she is dressed like a fly girl, but she’s not wearing any panties with a sheer skirt? I think that’s definitely the line, or should I say CRACK, between sexy and skanky!

    • Notice you don’t see her legs like you see her butt. Looks like the fabric is straining so much cover her HUMONGOUS butt that it’s become see-through. Feel really sorry for the girl. She seems like a lost soul.

            • I was chanel surfing the other day and her show was on, she was shopping with her sisters and she had on a cardigin, a cute scarf and jeans. She looked really classic and pretty. I thought, now why did they get rid of all her clothes she looks nice here and lately she always looks terrible. I think she needs to go back to dressing herself. He keeps dressing her as if she is 5’10 and a size 2. She’s not! She looks better in other things. He thinks he knows how to dress a woman but as usual it’s only stuff for model types. Anyone can do that girls like that, they look great in most high end designer stuff! Lucky girls! The really talent is dressing some one with real curves like Kim K. She knows what she looks good in she should take her own style choices back.

    • How quaint I must be to still be wearing panties in this day and age. I even wear slips under dresses and skirts. I think undergarments have become a complete anachronism, like corsets.

        • Ana C. and Meowalert- I so agree with you both. Kim K has a very lush & womanly figure, but this pic really makes her look very low rent! IMO she wears clothes that scream ‘cheap’- not the clothing, HER! She doesn’t need to wear revealing & tight clothing. If she stuck to more modest ensembles and scraped off most of her make up, she would look so much better. It’s everything to the extreme with her: clothing, make up, jewelry, surgical modifications, etc. It’s all over done, thus gaudy & distracting. LADIES wear undergarments! Clearly she’s not wearing any- we can clearly see her… Uh… err.. her ‘equator’! She could do with some foundation pieces. She should invest in various Spanx items.

    • kel, oh my gosh! I was gonna post the same thing! That sure as heck looks like her butt crack is showing through!

    • That woman is NUTS! She’s got about 10 kids and I don’t even know how many times she’s been married. They had dropped out of the pageant scene for a couple of years and just reappeared this year. She has had another baby. And a TON of plastic surgery. I barely recognized her and if it weren’t for the twins’ names I wouldn’t have. I’m also surprised that husband is still alive. I figured she would have taken him broke and she would have needed to avail herself of his life insurance policies.

      • Wow that is interesting.I didnt know she had other kids. I wonder if the twins are products of invitro(sp?) . She seems like that older mommy type. Kinda like a Cindy Barshop. I dont understand why someone would fool with cosmetic surgery if they are gonna sleeve themselves out with tattoos like a common carny. tacky.

        • I can’t stand tattoos. No offense to those who are inked, but I just can’t get past the “common carny” element as you so eloquently put it.

          • I don’t mind a little one in a discrete place … on other people. But not my daughter, she wanted one and I said heck no! She is old enough that she doesn’t need my permission but she knows it would be WWIII up in here if she goes and does it. So for now she will just have to be satisfied with the tattoos God gave her in the form of her birthmarks. :)

            • She might have one in one of those “discrete places” that nobody sees. Like Vito’s bear tattoo. ;-)

      • I have never ever seen Toddlers and Tiaras take footage of the mommas closet. It just screamed of RH audition to me. And lining up all those cars in that tiny driveway. pfffft. People that own cars like that have places to put them.

  4. Yes that’s Kim Kardashian’s humongous butt. She was voted #1 sexiest reality star by some magazine that voted Melissa Gorga as sexy #2…..right BEHIND Kim’s nasty butt.

  5. WOW, That house is soooo 1990′s — Pinks/Blues, Peaches/Teals, pickled wood, brass hardware??? No thanks. Why so much camera time on the furnishings? Are those a part of the sale? I say…UPDATE THAT PLACE!!!

  6. Color me crazy, but Kim K looks like an old Italian grandma in that pic. Sorry, but her butt is HUGE and she’s gained about 25 lbs that don’t look attractive in skin-tight-hooker clothes!

  7. Hersandra, you’re right! I’ve never seen a butt crack THAT LONG! It almost goes up to Kim K’s waist. not that I’ve seen that many, but, yuk.

  8. Your comparison of Mauricio to John Turturro is aMAzing! I hadn’t realized it until you mentioned it. I wonder if Vyle still feels she married a hunk after seeing the 2 pix together.

  9. Holy craps!! (Pun intended) Vegas High Rollers is already sounding like my new favorite show! The Lana Fuchs woman is one scary looking beast! She really can’t move her face, omg! I’ve seen Alicia Jacobs on TV news in the past, she’s HOT & smart, her cast mates are gonna probably hate her! Never heard of the rest of the cast? When does it start airing? Anyone know?

    • DW- interesting comment about Lana Fuchs!! The TLC Network (on which it airs) producers have re-named it “Sin City Rules” as opposed to “Las Vegas High Rollers”. It’s aired 3 episodes thus far. You hit the nail on the head-Lana Fuchs absolutely HATES Alicia Jacobs! She hated her ON SIGHT! Now, she’s looking for reasons to justify her jealously. It’s Lana calling Alicia out for having too much cosmetic surgery. Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. In my eyes, it’s Lana who looks super scary, yet she says Alicia looks like a “lizard with a blond wig”. Can you imagine that ?!?? I think Alicia is lovely, regardless of her age. People often comment, “he/she looks great for their age”. I think Alicia is very attractive- period. Lana is frightening. Her skin has that over chemically peeled look, it waxy looking. Her forehead ends on the top of her head. Her lips look like they’ve been caught in a drain pipe; they look ready to EXPLODE!! She has a huge derrière, not in a cute, attractive way- it’s just super wide. Her breasts a too big for her frame and look positively deformed. She’s a mess! To add insult to all of that, she calls herself “God”! Who does that? She has a strange sense of self. Recently, she stated that she believes she came from a different planet (I tend to agree with her about that!) and that she is somehow a very special person. I really think there may be something dangerously wrong with her. However infuriating she acts, shameful she speaks and nasty she is to Alicia, she is quite a trip to watch. I hope Alicia sets aside her good manners for a moment soon and let Lana know that the way she treats her is just not ok!

      • Santa: Fortunately, SCR has BOMBED. You can stop writing to sites in the hopes of drumming up interest. You can also stop with the history lesson re SCR… we’ve been following the show since April. It’s unfortunate that yet another EvolutionMedia produced-crapfest has failed… where is that sarcasm button?! SH

        • Won’t be long before Amy sends you an email offering a once one a lifetime opportunity to interview her mother, Wendy, but of course the questions must be submitted to PT first and then PT will ask George if PT can tweet Wendy’s answers at the same time she tweets George’s. OOps I just sat on the sarcasm Whoopie Cushion!

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