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October 25, 2012  Bravo...

                                            “ThankYou HousewifeHoe!”

I am answering some of your questions one last time and then Season 4 topics will no longer be open for discussion.  NOTE:  Since when were ANY topics open for discussion with BubbaJax?

I need peace in my life and this nonsense just drains me.    NOTE:  Then WHY are you putting yourself out on the airwaves as a Housewife???  I’m doing this blog for you because some of you still have questions for me, and I think that it is fair for me to answer them, even though I have already moved on from this.   NOTE:  “Doing this blog for you”??… BullSH*T!  BubbaJax is contractually obligated to submit her thoughts re RHONJ episodes to Bravo… if she don’t abide by her Bravo contract, she don’t get paid!

Go back and read my last Bravo Blog  The Grudge and pay close attention to No. 4 and No. 7.

NOTE:  #4 and #7 from TheGrudge:

4. Kim D. will protect her friends publicly, but will usually own up to her own mischievous ways and take accountability for her actions, right or wrong. I respect her for that. Even though she doesn’t always play nice when angered.

7. Why would Teresa suddenly go to new salon to get her make-up and hair done when she has someone who came to her house to do it on a regular basis? Why didn’t Kim just go to Teresa’s house to get ready? Teresa would have NEVER agreed to go to someone else for make-up and hair like that unless she had an ulterior motive. (Which she did.) TERESA KNEW KIM D. WAS MAKING MELISSA THE TARGET THAT DAY! Even if she never knew all of the details of how it would go down, Teresa knew Melissa was the target and she was going to allow Kim to do whatever she wanted to hurt Melissa, while Teresa played innocent and clueless (which isn’t hard for her). I know she knew. I was told the truth by someone involved, who shall remain nameless, that won’t publicly “out” her friend. I’m not friends with Teresa anymore, so I don’t care. I’ll say it.

1. I knew that at one time, Kim was upset with Melissa, but Kim had told me that she called Melissa and smoothed things out with her and all was resolved.

2. Kim D. text me at the fashion show to tell me not to go anywhere because something was going down, but I wasn’t the target. (I still didn’t know what was going on.) I didn’t even know Kim was in on it. I just thought she knew something about something.

3. Kim D. texted me again to tell me that Kim G. might be showing up to the fashion show, so I started to assume that Caroline may be the target and I texted her to warn her.

NOTE:  KimG was ASKED, but refused Bravo’s request…

4. I got another text from a friend, NOT a producer, who still hangs out with Teresa  and shall remain nameless (so they don’t get mad at me), that the bald guy was overheard laughing about Melissa getting set up, that Teresa was in on it, and that she filmed with him earlier that day at a salon.

These are the only details I was told at this point. When I found this out, the bald guy had already approached the table. I still didn’t know what was going on, but this is when I realized Melissa was the target, so I tried to warn everyone, but the guy had already approached the table and Teresa and Melissa had already gone to the bathroom by the time I found this out.   NOTE:   Why should BubbaJax care about ANYONE “getting mad at her” at this point in the game?

5. I didn’t know what happened at the fashion show until Melissa told me outside. That is when it all came together, and I remembered that this is what Teresa wanted me to out Melissa with when she first came on the show.

6. After the fashion show, my mutual friend of Teresa’s told me that Teresa told her two weeks before the fashion show that Melissa was getting set up.   NOTE: Could the “mutual friend” be Delores?  Delores has shown up on the RHONJ as everyone’s ‘friend’!

7. Teresa never warned Melissa of anything, even after she filmed at the salon earlier that day. Instead, she waited and asked Melissa about it on camera later that night at the fashion show.

8. I was upset and disgusted that Teresa tried to put it on me, when I had absolutely no motive for wanting to hurt Melissa and she knew that.  I like Melissa very much, and I would never be involved in a plan to hurt her. I was trying to get through the rest of filming without any more drama. That’s why I chose not to fight any more in California and shut down even after I heard Teresa talking behind my back. Teresa knew I had nothing at all to do with Melissa’s set up but that she and Kim D. both did. That is why Teresa was never upset with Kim about it and still continues a friendship with her.

9. I have proof that Teresa knew about the set up, but I cannot legally share it, so I can no longer reference it. Teresa is aware of this.

10. The bald guy was caught on camera saying that Kim and Teresa BOTH knew. As SOON as I knew, I went to warn everyone. (Even though it had already happened by the time I found out.) Teresa never even tried to warn anybody at any time.

11. Why am I not mad at Kim? I was disappointed, she knows how I feel, but Kim and Melissa’s issues have nothing to do with me. Melissa isn’t my family member and Kim didn’t try to publicly put it on me when she knew I had nothing to do with it (unlike Teresa). I appreciated Kim’s text to let me know that I wasn’t the target and that she was honest with me when I asked her questions about the set up after the fashion show. I also respect the fact that although Kim did something crappy, she took responsibility for it. (All of it.)

12. I shouldn’t have got so involved with Teresa’s family drama at the reunion, but it was frustrating knowing the truth, and I thought it was about time that Teresa was called out and that she owned up to at least one thing she has done and/or said. She didn’t! This kind of B.S. had been going on for over 10 HOURS as well as all season long, and I was tired and aggravated at this point. I’m not proud of losing my cool but it was way over due and I needed to release. It was a long, grueling day. Everybody has their breaking point, and you witnessed mine.

13. I think my husband and I have shown who we are as people and what kind of relationship we have, so I don’t need to sell myself or our relationship. Bottom line is that we are truly happy and proud of one another.   NOTE:  Very smart of BubbaJax to not go into her and husband, Chris Laurita’s business! Let’s see how proud they both are at their upcoming depositions!

I have not written a blog in the last few weeks, because I feel that I pretty much said everything that I wanted to say, to Teresa, at the reunion, and in my blogs ALL season long. Those feelings of animosity toward Teresa are really not healthy for me. The season is over and so is my friendship with Teresa, and I’m at peace and thankful that I don’t have to relive either one of those again. I’ve let it go now.

It is unfortunate that the situation between Teresa and I has become so ugly. It didn’t need to go this far. It makes me a little sad knowing that this is the same girl that I used to know and love. I’m not sure if she changed or if this is who she always was and I had just been ignoring the signs.

Regardless, I am not going to encourage this feud to go any further, because that would be completely pointless and useless in my life. I have much greater things to focus on. The bottom line is that Teresa and I are no longer friends and she is completely out of my life. Whoever Teresa has become, where she’s been, where she is going, or who she is going there with is not a concern of mine.   NOTE:  One sentence re BubbaJax’ relationship with Tree would have been sufficient!  Notice BubbaJax wrote at least THREE paragraphs!

I know I said during the reunion that I wished Joe Giudice would go to jail, but regardless of if I think he deserves it or not, I will not wish anything bad for Teresa or Joe. They have 4 beautiful girls, and if anything unfortunate happens to either one of them, it effects those girls, and as a mother I do not want that.

Whatever Teresa has to say about me, and what others choose to believe or not believe, will NOT change my reality AT ALL, or hers, or anyone else’s.  I know who I am and what I have. This is where I am extremely confident.  I have an extremely strong support system in my life. We are in a very good place. We are in a very happy place with our marriage, our kids, our new businesses, our relationships with other friends and with the majority of our family members. That is not to say that we don’t have challenges and setbacks like everyone else once in a while, but the overall quality of life we have is very, very good and very REAL.

Today and going forward, Chris and I want to keep focusing on our family and our many new exciting business ventures. We also want to help as many families as we can by spreading autism awareness and sharing what we’ve learned with others. We need to use this platform to make a difference and do good things. We appreciate all that has been given to us and we don’t take that for granted. My team and I are working on some exciting new things for me and JL Beauty Enterprises!

I will be a contributing editor, starting in February, for Parenting Magazine discussing our journey with Autism.    NOTE:   OMG!!  ParentingMagazine took the bait!  I hope you will follow our story. Look for updates on my website

I hope next season is a little more upbeat and not as dark. I’m ready for a change. I hope you are too. I feel better already. Thank you all so much for those that have supported me and my family. I appreciate you reaching out to us to uplift our spirits, giving us advice, tips, resources, relating to us, and giving us hope for the recovery of our son. You are good people. We appreciate you very much! We hope we can do the same for you. Many blessings to all of you! XOXO,



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259 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax BravoBlog… FINALLY!…BubbaJax Explains PFS… Would Never Hurt MelissaGorga…

  1. So the world waited for this boring blog with nothing new for like over 2 weeks? Seriously? That’s what we waited for? Honestly, if tre is as dumb as a box of rocks…then so is wacko because she cannot understand the english language! Tre asked wacko about the set up, since wacko “knew so much”, MAYBE Wacko set up Tre to look bad….it had NOTHING to do with Mego (but the gruesome foursome always put their own spin on things)! Somehow Wacko cannot…or will not ever understand that….but the main point is “omg I had to warn them about the set up” where was it? because I surely missed it….he said “hello” and then left….and if Mego was not/is not a stripper…then there is no set-up…in order for a set-up to occur…one person must be outed for something! Once and for all…TRE IS NOT A SAINT NOR IS SHE WITHOUT PROBLEMS, FAULTS, OR ISSUES…..BUT why are the actions of Mego and JoeGo never questioned by those that are anti-tre? When Tre told her brother about the gold-digger thing….she DID NOT say it on camera….NOR did she talk about it or bring it up….JoeGo brought it out on camera….Mego tried to claim on camera that they were not speaking….when you don’t speak to someone…you probably don’t invite them to parties…..I did not witness Tre talk crap about her family on camera…but I did watch her family come on camera to talk crap about her….I confide in my friends about the crap that goes on in my family and with my in-laws….I seriously hope that I never become famous because I would be devastated if my friends decided to go on camera and talk about the “stuff” I said about my family….but I know they won’t do that because they are TRUE friends…and I know stuff about them too….which like Tre, I would not put out into the public…..Tre’s spending like crazy, legal issues, foul-mouthed husband, and temper do NOT cancel out the hideous behaviors of the other castmates to me….So those that are anti-tre…it would be nice if you not only constantly pointed out Tre’s faults…(which I am perfectly aware of) but also acknowledge the bad behavior of the rest of the cast…Thanks!

    • Ill consider your request however Untill then This Non Teresa fan will post on what subjects she wants and how….Thank You.

      • It wasn’t aimed at you…I see you give tre props here and there…..I’m just tired of people not acknowledging that tre has kept her mouth shut most of the time..whereas everyone else jumps on twitter and on camera to spill “the dirt” in tre

    • ITA Sarah. Boggles the mind that loyalty and trust were never addressed. Teresa could have sold them all down the river after Season three but didn’t. She kept all their shady secrets and they tried to destroy her.
      When the other HW kept harping on Teresa’s character, recipe gate, her financials it could have resulted in destroying her budding brand. Teresa works hard something I cannot say about the rest of them and in the end she just kept moving forward and succeeding.

      • She does work hard Ill give her that. I do wonder if she gossips in private while the others gossip for the cameras ,Not accusing her just wondering she seems to have a sneaky streak in her.

        • I don’t get that vibe. Not saying your opinion is not valid . I don’t see that Teresa has a lot of spare time to gossip . Seriously 4 daughters are more than a handful, the girl’s activities, school plus Bravo, cookbooks, personal appearances, charities, building and expanding her product line. I don’t know how she does it. IMO she knows she made many mistakes Season 1 &2. The Danielle fiasco probably gave her a very hard lesson in gossiping and who she could confide in. From what I saw she confided in Juicy and while he listened t her he also advised her not to dwell on it and “move on”. he didn’t indulge her either and allow her to obsess about it. Chris could give Jax a dose of move on.

          • ITA AintP.Joe let her vent, then told her to move on. The same as he dd re:her slo-minded brother. It seemed she had to suffer more humiliation by them all b4 she could. Alhough his tone and choice of words were too harsh, that was the source of his frustration during that car ride.

        • Look, I like Teresa but I’ll give you that she gossips to people. How could she not! I know if that crap was happening to me, I’d be calling my besty Monique ALL the time! I do think she got crapped on this season and I do think she would have come off better if she would have just said something along the lines of , yeah you guys pissed me off of course I got mad and said that. She didn’t though and they used it against her, to bad. The thing is they all did it and it is frusterating to see only one person get slammed for something the all absolutely do. The hypocrsy was so very distateful. Something else that has been bothering me is this, Jax keeps saying , how could I be in on this, I would never hurt Melissa. O.k. if you were in on it, it wouldn’t be to hurt Melissa it would be to hurt Teresa. Saying that Teresa knew, that makes her bad, look at her try to out her SIL. If Jax was involved to would be to put Teresa into a situation where she looked involved. The target was never MeGo, it was Teresa. Teresa was the target. Does that make sense? It’s so coo coo crazy guess we will never truely know!

          • Makes sense, I do think everyone knew something about Strippergate even Tre, BUT i do think some knew more then others and One person knew everything in advance other then Kim D. I do think Melissa was the target But the bonus was making Tre look bad.

            • Yep, I think that is as good a theory as any. We will never truely know. I know this, I am tired to death of Jax screaching about it. What’s done is done. That crew ruined their own franchise, their families, friendships and all that catty stuff just really made women in general look bad. If there is a silver lining here it would be a cautionary tale of what not to do that’s all I can pull out of it.

          • Love your comment . Strippergate seems like a tempest in a teapot. Seriously! Obvious much Bravo? Why didn’t just put up a giant Billboard with flashing lights that said TERESA IS A BAD PERSON. Midway through Season 3 we could all guess that Mean old Teresa was going to do something to MeGo. The problem is by the time we were presented with the denouement NO ONE GAVE A SHITE. Was it clever? NO! Was it original ? NO! Was it entertaining? Yawn..and that’s another no. Ive seen better plots in Little Rascals re-runs. MeGo just wasn’t a sympathetic character. If Andy had the balls to up the ante and exposed MeGo as a hood rat in a truck stop parking lot I might have been amused for like 5 minutes. I so thoroughly disliked the rest of the nasty bitches and their smug superiority when they trashed Teresa, her husband , her kids, her marriage I was kinda hoping Rosie would go postal at Posche .Rosie could have done a John Belushi version of samurai warrior and ripped off the fake scenery and mowed everyone down with Katfishes bicycle. Bravo Andy is just pathetic

            • I love The Little Rasclas! See that is already better. Just thinking about The Little Rascals is better than watching this last season of RHONJ

            • Dang, AintP,again ITA. Your insight is so spot on.Not only was Meho not sympatheic, I feit she looked quite smug. She seemed to be orchastrating the direction of things and feeling sure this whole fiasco would be the dethroning of Tre and her crowning ceremony. NOT!

            • It is a sad comment on womanhood when women like Melissa use that victim card till not only is it worn slick so are we. Remember her screaming ‘I’m The Victim Here!!” ? She thought she could bump Teresa off the Bravo Throne. Didn’t happen. MeGo is so contrived and insecure it literally rolls off her in waves. IMO MeGo has no chemistry with the camera and therefore none with the fewer. Something sort of off about MeGo and the viewer knows it. Mego just has zero likeability. Even when she plays abit with her kids you get the feeling she can’t wait until the cameras are off and she can turn them over to the nannies and wash their fingerprints off.She just looks repulsed by JoGo.

            • The only people that scream “I’m the victim!” are people who genuinely enjoy being a victim. Life isn’t about what happens to you. Life is about what you do with what happens to you. I have cancer (currently “no evidence of disease”) and fibromyalgia and can only work part time due to my medical problems, but I feel richer than MeGo because I am not a victim and “I pay my bills.” LOL ;-)

              People can relate to some element of Tree. She is the most exposed on the show. You see the business woman, the mom, the lover, the family member, the friend, and so on. Love her or hate her, she has a strong work ethic. When times got tough, she didn’t exactly hide it. She went out and pulled herself up by her boot straps. Life is tough on all of us. Strength isn’t pretending to sleep while people are arguing, alcoholic tweeting, getting involved in twitter wars, making passive aggressive comments, making accusations about “set ups”, rambling nonstop about how everything in life is Tree’s fault or speaking in never ending cliches. Moreover, strength definitely isn’t conning people and charities (especially Komen!) out of funds to pay for a faux richy lifestyle.

              Disgusting! I have buried three friends in the past year due to breast cancer. All young women like me–diagnosed under the age of 40. Two of these women were very close to my age (31). It is just so f–in disgusting of those bastages to swindle funds for Jackass’ botox. I can’t stand it.

              I was a caretaker for children with autism while working towards my undergraduate degree. I seriously doubt that Jackass’ inconsistent alcoholic twitter war lifestyle gives this child the consistency that he needs. All of the mothers of the children I cared for did nothing but make spreadsheets and notecards and learning materials.

              Sorry, my rant is long. I had a lot to say. :-)

            • I appreciate your sharing and ITA. I wish you all the best with your diagnosis. I lost my mom and mother-in-law to breast cancer. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate it’s an equal opportunity offender. I believe as you do that it isn’t the challenges you face it is how you deal with them. I am so sorry for the loss of your friends. Life is very precious.

          • I totally agree. Melissa did not look surprised about the bald guy coming to the table and talking to her, who she obviously knew, because she knew his name when Teresa asked her about him. Also, She didn’t seem surprised when Teresa asked her about him. She totally denied the story, but she didn’t seem surprised. And Teresa did NOT ask Melissa if she was a stripper, she just told her what he said. Maybe Teresa knew someone was going to be set up, but she seemed very very nervous and very uncomfortable, like she was maybe just realizing what was going on.

            • Mego wasn’t surprised, in the bathroom she prodded Tre to say it, then instantly her eyes got cold and she got nasty with Tre, and she started texting Joe. She was like, heck ya, it’s on now. She almost seemed to enjoy it. There was no shock, no fear, no tears. I know if I was in that situation and I was innocent and unknowing, I’d be shaking, screeching, or lookin for baldy myself.

  2. I’m a speed reader and I couldn’t get through half that mess. Snooze, lie, boring, boring, snooze, lie, drink, lie…to infinity. Jaqoholic is one bent repetitive twit. Who cares?

    • ITA! Jac thinks she is the official Informer of the group. She gets her jollys from having the most information. She actually keeps track of all this stoopid sh*t as if I am hanging on every word. I was RELIEVED when she said no more talk about season 4. She is not in a better place and she doesn’t know how to move on!

    • Oh Jacks the only line that said it ALL was (“so they don’t get mad at me”) OH GROSS Jacks so its okay 2 have everyone mad @ Teresa & you could give a Flip, HEY SHE MAY NOT BE MAD @ YOU but the entire country thinks your bat ass CRAZY the Season is over & you have a SPECIAL NEEDS CHILD so please STOP & GO AWAY! PS ~ BRAVO fired you so you don’t need 2 do anymore BLOGS ~ More time 2 TWEET….

  3. Jacqueline says she would never want to hurt Melissa, but it is obvious that she would hurt Teresa in a heartbeat, which is enough reason for her to set the entire thing up herself and have all the fault fall on Teresa. Jacqueline thinks because she is stupid, that the rest of us are stupid as well. Not so.

  4. Which child’s life does Bubba Jax swear on in the video above….. I bet it’s Ashley.. I mean Ashlee… Doesn’t she have three kids?!

      • Bubba Jax has to get in, “her autistic child’s life”, not just her children’s lives, but only her AUTISTIC child’s life. Bubba had to repeated get it out there that she has an autistic child – guess the other kid’s lives don’t bring enough sympathy for Bubba.

        • He is a very handy label to Jax. She can tame her critics with it, shame her enemies and possibly the autism diagnosis is her get out of jail free card. Sadly Nic is so much more than that label. He is a beautiful little boy who deserves to be treated with no limitations and no boundaries.

  5. Someone needs to tell Jacqueline that Teresa never accused her of setting up Melissa, but that she was accuses for setting Teresa up. Is Jacqueline REALLY that dense that she can’t comprehend what Teresa was saying? Jacqueline, go back and watch the episode again and pay close attention to Teresa saying “someone’s trying to set ME (as in Teresa) up and maybe you’re involved.”

    • Jax hears what she wants to hear and nothing more. She could be classified as a stalker. If I were Teresa I would get a restraining order against her but I doubt you can when you just keep mentioning a person’s name. She’s dangerous when it comes to Teresa. She is all she has on her mind. She should be minding her children first.

  6. Just played the drinking game with this blog and my water bottle. Tree’s name mentioned over 30 times. I think my eyeballs are floating now.

    • Yet BubbaJax keeps saying she’s done with Teresa. LOL Teresa hadn’t seen Babba in over a year, yet Bubba has been tweeting about Tre during that whole time and every blog was pretty much an attack on Tre. Bubba is cra cra.

        • Made you are genius. New Housewife drinking game for NJ. WE all take drink every time they mention Teresa’s name in their blogs. We will all be passed out before we finish the blog

  7. thats what it sounds like, but ms sh says shes a no go, and i am a happy camper. the next time i want to see her is in about 10 years on teh program where are they now…. i can only imagine where she will be in 10 years. oh sheesh,,,,

  8. 13. I think my husband and I have shown who we are as people……quoted from bubba jax herself.
    your a big asshole. PERIOD.

    • Yeah, JaxASS. Christopher Laurita is a LIAR and a CROOK. He denied that he had possession of any Signature Apparel computer equipment. Jeez. He had the computer and the server (kinda sophisticated, ain’t ya Chris) at YOUR HOUSE. He lied to the court (perjury).
      The embezzlement that both you and Hubby are engaged in will play out in 2013. Your hubby has a good chance of doin’ time. You will use the kid to get out of prison.

  9. Not that I really give a crap but Melvin you should watch your back! Jax seems to turn on all of those so called best friends of hers. She would never treat a friend like what? Tell everyone private conversations that were said in moments of vulnerbility? How about never treating a friends children with verbal attacks when mom is not around. I would say that Jax would not make very good friend material…It seemed to me that this whole thing not only started with Melvin and BlowMeJoe coming on but its like all the rats jumped ship when they thought their friend was going broke and could no longer keep their friendship in the lifestyle they were exspecting. Kind of reminded me of when Victim dumped on jeanna when she was having money trouble. She said was avoiding her because it was embarrassing to her and made her feel bad that she wasnt going to do anything to help her. WoW…Now you have this whole group of rich wanna be’s whose best friend(more like family)was going to be broke as well have legal actions taken against them.Could it be that Melvin coming along made it possible to ride the turn on your best friend and not look like the materialistic,money grubbing,slimmy,two-faced pieces of crap they truely are? Just wondering….That train ride sure has booked up full…

  10. I have proof but I don’t want to upset a mutual friend and I can’t share my tape so you will just have to take my word for it. In other words, I have zero credibility. Zero.

    • It’s always, a friend, an overheard conversation, a tape that can not be legally played or a conversation that SHE says happened but no one else will be able to confirm. It’s all very convient. I’m sick of it, if she won’t pony up and tell then I flat out will not belive her she has been far to shady at this point to get the bennefit of the doubt.

      • The “but, I can’t legally share it” statement was asinine. She has probably been hearing a similar term a lot from their BK attorneys and decided it was an easy out for her and a veiled threat to Tre.

    • The only proof a person could have…is having the actual person (tre) recorded saying she did it….just because a friend might say “oh yeah she told me she did it” that’s still a she said-she said deal….if it’s not from the source, it’s what kids???? “A RUMOR!” That’s right!! oh Wacko…get off social media and TV and take care of your kids…they should be the most important part of your life…not being “famous”

  11. Who cares anymore? RHONJ is like Andy’s private game of eenie-meanie-miney-mo. It is the Season Finale Posche fashion show and someones going down. Remember the grade school books kids used to read where the reader was given a choice of options for the ending? That is RHONJ. Posche Fashion Show. Is it Jill walking down the runway as Carowhine gasps and faints among all the whispers and stares? Is Juicy arrested and hauled off to jail? Or MeGo and JoGo outed for wifeswapping? Is Jax going to be busted and hauled off to The Betty for Re-hab? Or is Kim D going to be busted for crimes against fashion?

  12. So Jax believes the bald guy when he is heard saying that Kim and Teresa wanted to set Missy up. Does Jax believe the bald guy when he was seen (actually seen) telling Tre that Missy used to dance for him?

  13. Ugh! SH is right, three paragraphs on Tre and her name sprinkled throughout the blog. The entire boring mess is about the fashion show and Jax trying to rationalize why it is Tre’s fault. And why do we need the numbers, did she have bullet points made and she had to address them all in order so she won’t get lost? Go away Jax, just go.

  14. This is what I would like to say to Jacqueline Laurita:

    Jacqueline, You are such a LIAR! The proof is in the episodes cray cray! No matter how the producers edited the scenes to try to convey a storyline, the truth is there! You knew that Melissa was just a decoy, but you went along with it with Kim and Caroline because you knew that Teresa was the scapegoat, and you were elated to help getting her set up!!! That is why you didn’t tell Melissa anything and you let everything play out!! Your involvement was never against Melissa, it’s always been about Teresa! Your a nobody without her! Your body is filled with envy and greed in regards to her! Sticking to your fraudulent storyline in order to gain sympathy, Please! No One Believes your delusional story lines! You, Caroline, and Lauren all went along with this to get at Teresa and to hurt her knowing that it would cause conflict with her brother, with disregard of how Melissa would be exposed! You remain friends with Kim D. because you don’t want her to expose all of you!! The fans aren’t easily fooled, Jacko waco! At the reunion, you had one agenda and that was to try to destroy Teresa! You went in with so many lies about her and with no proof! Everything is your word against hers and you knew that legally, you could go at her by stating that she told you this and that as you two were once friends! Teresa is a way better person than you will ever be, she took the high road as much as she could, but for you to sit there and get involved in her families business was so low! You had the audacity to sit in your devil dress and pretend to know what Teresa converses with her mom and dad was the biggest eye opener! You definitely are scum of the earth! But, us loyal fans saw right throw your evilness and your lies!! You and Melissa, spit your venom but Teresa remained unscathed! For the past two seasons Teresa took insults from you, Caroline, Melissa, Kathy, Richie, your husband, Joe Gorga, Lauren, Rosie, Albie, and Chris Manzo, to name a few! Teresa took crap from 11 people in total that spent two seasons attacking her, her husband, their relationship, their daughters, and their business’s. You were not able to run her out! After all your failed attempts, I too would want to forget season 4!! (all smiles)

    Also, You meant what you said about Joe Guidice you evil, vindictive, hateful bully! Hopefully, you and your family go to jail for all the money that all of you allegedly stole from people and business’s that you duped out of their money!

    As for Teresa’s daughters, don’t pretend to care, we all still remember how you tortured Gia!

    As for your sons autism, it’s unfortunate, but even after knowing what your son is going through, you still had to write a hate filled blog about Teresa! Pretty Pathetic and sad! You love to live and breathe Teresa! If it wasn’t for your sons autism, you would have no sympathy from any fans, your true colors were revealed! You can no longer try to pretend that you are this nice, fun, loyal friend/person! Your gig was up, and you no longer can hide against the smokey lenses!! Get out of the limelight, you have no interesting storyline, we are done watching your fake tears!! They are just as fake as your marriage, you know, you married and got pregnant by a man that was already engaged to another woman! Your true colors definitely are shinning through!!

  15. Lol!! You gotta give her credit , she tried. Good effort (well sort of). Isn’t it time for your nap :P

  16. What is this, the long break-up?!?! Earth to Bubba, it’s OVER!!! We’ve moved on! And stop trying to get back with Tree, she doesn’t want you back!!!

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