16 comments on “ALEXIS BELLINO: Jimbo’s New Role on the Real Housewives of Orange County!

  1. No matter what Jim’s NEW role may be, he slammed the door on his return in the finale with his “ambush” tantrum. To me, his return (in any capacity) makes him look weak and desperate. Since he always must be in control, how will he reconcile a return to a situation that he hated?

    • I respect the guy!! He’s fed up with Bravo just like i am watching their manipulations.. i give him credit…. he reminds me a bit like Juicy Joe.. they don’t GIVE A DAMN! LOL

      • So, If he’s fed up with Bravo, why return to a place he hates? Obviously, his return means he does give a damn or is willing to knuckle back under the Bravo brand.

  2. What happened is that Jimbo thought that he could hustle more money out of Bravo and when it didn’t work he told his wife to run back and beg for her job back. His hustling isn’t working as well as it should and he’s running out of money.

  3. Wait! I thought they weren’t returning. I cannot take another season of dog pile on Alexis. I was hoping bravo would bring someone in that would have the balls to go up against Tamballs. Damn!

  4. Yeah, he’s tries to be in control I think. He’s go so much control of his own life he (or Alexis) had to call Bravo & ask for their job back. After leaving (per Alexis she wanted to leave.) When you have to ask to return instead of them asking you to , that looks pretty bad. I’m sure Alexis knows that & being a “worry wart” about what others think , may really get to her when the show begins this season.

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