ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexis’ Rumored Return to the RHOC… An Analysis…

October 25, 2012  10:35 am

The reports of Alexis Bellino being “re-hired” by Bravo for season eight of the Real Housewives of Orange County was puzzling.

Bravo NEVER re-negotiates with a Housewife’ once that Housewife gets da Bravo boot… they’re gone!    Think Sheree Whitfield, who went to New York to appear, along with her RHOA cast mates on the annual Bravo Upfronts.  Sheree went to NY, but instead of being with her fellow ATL Housewives at the Upfronts, MissAndy asked Sheree into his office for a chat… and fired her.  Reportedly, Sheree BEGGED for her job back and Bravo/MissAndy would not budge.   NOTE:  We will miss Sheree…

Alexass announced last month that she would NOT return as an OC Housewife.  However, everyone knew the real deal and that was: she got da Bravo boot.  Alexass told People the factory-made line… which was expected:

“Although Bravo made me a very generous offer and I’m thankful to have had this experience, I will be leaving the show behind to focus on my family and other opportunities.”

Yesterday, reports stated that Alexass “begged” for her job back… and after begging Bravo enough, Alexass prevailed!  Even though Bravo made Alexass “a very generous offer” last month, which she rejected, reportedly Alexass began renegotiations with Bravo… and after accepting a cut in salary, Alexass is rumored to be returning.  This is BS.

This is probably what REALLY happened:

There were two new Housewives lined up to replace Alexass and Vicki Gunvalson… Vicki’s fate is still up in the air and there will be more re Vicki later.

One of the two NEW Housewives has reportedly backed out; however, rarely does a newly-minted Housewife “back out” of the merchandising platform called the “Real Housewives.”  Bravo/EvolutionMedia now takes a closer look at potential Housewives and Bravo/EM must have found something in the background of this Housewife to cut her off from the OC “land of opportunities.”

Filming is starting soon and there is an empty slot for a Housewife… what does Bravo do?  Hmmmm…. they know that Alexass would jump at the offer; they know her; they know her story; they know that Alexass LOVES being a Housewife.  So, Bravo asks Alexass back.  However, Alexass CANNOT say that Bravo approached her and asked her back.

Therefore, rumors began yesterday that, after strong salary talks, Alexass will return, but with a huge cut in her salary.  This may or may not be true, but Bravo and Alexass needed a story for the reason WHY, after announcing her departure, she would be back for season eight… and neither Alexass nor Bravo can say that Alexass was given a reprieve, so the salary story was concocted.

Also in the mix to consider is TalibanJimboBellino.  We all know that Jimbo Bellino was not in favor of his wife’s return… so why would Jimbo give his blessings to Alexass?  One word:  MONEY.   That Bravo paycheck is always worth the degradation… and since Bravo may have approached Alexass, Jimbo may have had a bit of leverage in the negotiations and perhaps gotten something out of the deal, too.

Jimbo very obviously was done with the RHOC and Bravo, as shown on the RHOC finale… the birthday cake scandal at Heather Dull-BRO’s house was the last straw for Jimbo.  Jimbo said that he was ambushed…he ripped off his mic pack and left Heather’s party without Alexass.   Jimbo also made it clear during that party that HE wore the pants in the Bull-eeeno house!  My bet is that Jimbo got something outta the deal with Bravo and that Jimbo will rarely be seen next season…

NOTE:  The canned potential Housewife was reportedly a friend of the “highly educated” Heather Dull-BRO.  The other NEW Housewife is rumored to be the wife of RiveraMagazine owner Chris Gialanella… UPDATE: Wrong magazine! Rumored new RHOC Housewife is “editor” of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, Lydia Stirling McLaughlin.  The other “Housewife”… but more like “Friend” is Kayla Folley McCarthy!

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36 comments on “ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexis’ Rumored Return to the RHOC… An Analysis…

  1. Well I think that this is a first….can’t wait to see/hear what the other cast members have to say. And thanks Ms. SH for that “Mean Girls” picture! Today has been a rough day already but seeing Terry in that pic always makes me laugh/smile.

  2. IMO…. Why would Bravo go through the trouble of firing Alexis to hire her back with a cut in pay.. That theory absoubtly makes noooooo sense to me… Imo the gave Alexis the pay raise she requested… I like Alexis on the show it would not have been the same show without her…

      • I have always thought your site was pretty great and your predicitions and opinions on the mark. But this doesn’t make a lick of sense. They fire her and then offer her less money? Come on now. More realistically I could see if she asked for more money and they declined a substantial raise. They had a back out and then decided to meet Alexis’ needs for a raise and then she rejoins the cast. This is a simple deduction in reasoning. From what I had seen she was not going to be willing to take much more from these women without more pay. Come on now…

    • From what I gathered from this post is that the story is that Bravo is putting the rumors out there that Alexis begged for her job back and took a major pay cut so that Bravo can save face. What actually happened was that Bravo didn’t thoroughly check out the background the of the newly hired housewife well enough, so they were left scrambling at the last minute and asked Alexis back. She is not allowed to comment on the situation or her salary, so Bravo can put out the rumors that Alexis came begging.

        • Uh yes. I think when I referenced “this post”, it was more than a little obvious that I was referring to “this post”. I was trying to spell it out a little clearer for “eat the cake anna mae” since she seemed a little confused. Lighten up.

    • I read (elsewhere) a slightly different version. Alexis requested a pay rise, Bravo declined this, called her bluff, and didn’t renew her contract. Alexis put out the statement that she would not be returning. One of the new HW’s dropped out/was cut before S8 commenced filming, Alexis begged/was approached to rejoin the cast at her previous salary to which she agreed.

    • I agree. Weren’t there a lot of rumors about Camille not returning after the first season of RHOBH, when she was villified unmercifully by those drunks? I personally think they put these stories out there to keep us watching. And if some snob friend of Dubrag’s was going to be on, I would definitely not watch.

  3. I have to wonder if Bravo is having trouble casting anyone as the “foil” to the mean girls. Even though Jersey got ridiculous this season, I have truly NEVER seen the nastiness that Tamballls and Dumbrow dish out. With Vicki possibly leaving, and the wretch teamed up with the mean girls, they really can’t cast anyone else who’s friends with them and you would have to be a complete nut-case to walk into that show knowing what you’d be up against. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of money-hungry crazies out there, but the thought of having to deal with evil Tamballs might make a LOT of people think twice.

    • You just have to know how to deal with the Tams of the world. When she’s unhappy or stressed she’s going to strike out at someone else, nature of ‘da beast. You can’t fix her life & some of these types will see it’s them later after the stress has cleared up. (Remember after her divorce from Simon she was nicer to the others in the sandbox.) Best way to deal with her is just ignore the catty nature & silly comments. Alexis is the type that worries about what others think. Remember when Peggy (thebore) was on the show? Alexis would always try to one up her on anything she said. I like Alexis but she takes things wayyyy to seriously i/m/o. That worry she has regarding others is what Tamara’s meaner side is feeding off of when she’s unhappy. – True Tamara needs to chill, but won’t. Alexis will have to be the cooler head. Good luck with that :D

    • You know what’s strange to me.. Tamra. who is definitely a “she devil”.. besides Mego this woman irritates me to no end.. and she had cancer recently… i guess she beat it and now she’s marrying her man friend. You think after a cancer scare you’d want to become a decent person. Teresa stated recently how big of a mouth she has. In an interview she said that Tamra asked her about her relationship with Jacko.. she tried to explain and like 2 minutes after she gets a call from Jacko yelling about what Tamra told her… TAMRA IS THE TYPE IN HIGH SCHOOL YOU JUST WANTED TO TRIP.. LOL

      • I agree with you 100% about the cancer scare business, but I have personally known at least 3 former co-workers who became even more evil and opportunistic, than they were before they were diagnosed. Two in particular seemed to feel entitled more than grateful for anything. Very odd. I guess you just never know how someone will react.

        • @Debra That is odd….and very sad to hear! Those near & dear to me that have had to face the scare of cancer became even better people then they were before! I guess if you have a good heart to begin with, perhaps you’re more likely to “Open your eyes” so to speak! I will say this…I am not in the least bit surprised to hear that evil-Tamra is the same she-devil she always has been!

          • Let me speak to this, that cancer patients or survivors feel entitled or ungrateful. We feel entitled to life, we are pissed off that it may be taken from us waaayyy too soon, we have the “why me” going on, yes. I don’t know what type Tamra had, if she had cancer as some here are calling it a cancer scare, but from personal experience I can say that I did not feel entitled or ungrateful, nor did any other patient I ever met. If anything, we embraced life more fully and became aware of the petty bullshit being what it was, something that made us not fully appreciate life. Many survivors, including myself, went from full-time working for a living to full-time volunteer work after the experience if we made it out alive. Maybe Tamra is just strange, she wouldn’t be the first HW to break the mold of real women.

  4. I can’t stand Alexis! Her holier-than-thou crap is so out of whack with her ME lifestyle. Jim is obviously a woman-hater who had her under his financial thumb and gets royally pissed off if any woman challenges his authority in the world. Glad to see the back of both of them and I won’t watch if she returns to the show.

    • I completely agree with you. When Jim-Exis are on screen, I channel surf or hit mute. I cannot stand to be in their company (even separated by miles of wires). Their marriage is nothing to envy. He is a self-centered, controlling windbag and She is a moronic twit who doesn’t understand that he degrades her.

  5. I don’t want to hear any bitchin’ and whining from Alexis for being picked on. She was out and CHOSE to return to the lion’s den. Those ‘ladies’ have been pretty brutal in social media since the announcement Alexis would not return. they’re gonna rip her to shreds.

  6. Yeah , I came across that story on the web yesterday & wasn’t sure what to make of it, part true or totally false. Anyway I have nothing against Alexis, she’s not the brightest but unlike some I don’t think she’s the dumbest either. I think her nerves or being too careful about how she comes across may cause her to say stupid things sometimes. Can’t imagine what she sees in Jimbob , uggg.

  7. I admire Alexis for her drive to put out (no pun intended) her “brand” as the cerebral Ms. DuhBrow would say. Alexis is harmless, annoying, and not so bright. She is an easy target. I think Tamballs and Wretched go after her to deflect their own negative press. It was a brilliant PR move for Tamra and Gretchen to become BFFs on camera. If the friendship is real off camera, that’s great too. If Alexis returns, and I hope she has an ally I can clown on next season. I think coming back to the series having been voted off the island is a good idea.

  8. OOooohhhhhh, Nooooo! They’ll be back?? Say it isn’t so. I truly hope this is all a rumor. Alexass and her martinet, Jungle Jim are ridiculous to watch. He sat on his throne, like a Pasha, in his darkened lair, and his servantile puppet meekly approached him to ask his permission to dust. She is SO stupid that her idiocy grated my last nerve. She mangled the English language repeatedly. And His presence was punishment for every woman in the audience. Besides, how can Bravo back pedal Jim’s overt disdain for being on the show? He has hated every second of it. If they return, it makes Bravo look absurd.

  9. I’m still holding out it’s just Alexis’s leaving scenes she is filming and that is all. As I commented last night about this, I was hoping this was just a rumour but a gut feeling is that it’s all true. It’s not been denied by Bravo or Alexis/JIm. Either way, I’ll give her less than 30 seconds before she starts bouncing the “Bullies” word around. Sigh…. she’s just so boring… why…. wwhhhyyy?

  10. While the theory DOES kind of make sense, it also leads me to ask another question: why couldn’t they just hire another HW after one of the two new ones decided to leave? Maybe it was last minute and Bravo just didn’t have enough time to go and find another new HW? I say cut Gretchen and Heather and get two new HWs; while Alexis is an airhead, she isn’t mean like Gretchen and Heather are. I say give OC some new blood, and cut one of the ones that have been there for a while (Although the irony of my statement is that Bravo gets a new HW for OC every season and ends up replacing an oldie every season… but the ones they get rid of tend to be the ones that haven’t been there for too long (ex. Lynne and Peggy), so they should get rid of the ones that have been there FOREVER, like Tamra and Gretchen).

  11. Ugh. The biggest, slowest, wannabe-ist RHoOC is back? Yeesh! :(

    Truth is, there isn’t a single one-of-them left on that OC show…that you’d even wanna have lunch with!! Hard to believe now that it was the original.

    Well, maybe Jeanna?

  12. It doesn’t make sense to take less money for a show you don’t wanna be on. Somethin tells me that despite Jimbo’s dislike of the show, the trampoline park and the daily griftin just ain’t paying the bills…

  13. Alexis, has been my favorite since season 5.Gretchen was picked on for years and Alexis stood by her and slades side.Gretchen just did not want to be the one picked on so she joined.Gretchen might be the bully this season.She has never been my fav. she is just doing whatever to get to the top.Why would Eddie marry Tamra.It must be for show.He should come out already it is 2012.never seen Tamra nice.Each year she chooses a victum.Bravo really lets her call the shots.I hope season 8 is not all about Gretchen and slade. and tamras wedding.i am only watching season 8 because Alexis is back.she did not get fired.They need her.she has alot of us out here rooting for her.Confident,Funny and kind.rock on the Bellinos.

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