ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexis’ Rumored Return to the RHOC… An Analysis…

October 25, 2012  10:35 am

The reports of Alexis Bellino being “re-hired” by Bravo for season eight of the Real Housewives of Orange County was puzzling.

Bravo NEVER re-negotiates with a Housewife’ once that Housewife gets da Bravo boot… they’re gone!    Think Sheree Whitfield, who went to New York to appear, along with her RHOA cast mates on the annual Bravo Upfronts.  Sheree went to NY, but instead of being with her fellow ATL Housewives at the Upfronts, MissAndy asked Sheree into his office for a chat… and fired her.  Reportedly, Sheree BEGGED for her job back and Bravo/MissAndy would not budge.   NOTE:  We will miss Sheree…

Alexass announced last month that she would NOT return as an OC Housewife.  However, everyone knew the real deal and that was: she got da Bravo boot.  Alexass told People the factory-made line… which was expected:

“Although Bravo made me a very generous offer and I’m thankful to have had this experience, I will be leaving the show behind to focus on my family and other opportunities.”

Yesterday, reports stated that Alexass “begged” for her job back… and after begging Bravo enough, Alexass prevailed!  Even though Bravo made Alexass “a very generous offer” last month, which she rejected, reportedly Alexass began renegotiations with Bravo… and after accepting a cut in salary, Alexass is rumored to be returning.  This is BS.

This is probably what REALLY happened:

There were two new Housewives lined up to replace Alexass and Vicki Gunvalson… Vicki’s fate is still up in the air and there will be more re Vicki later.

One of the two NEW Housewives has reportedly backed out; however, rarely does a newly-minted Housewife “back out” of the merchandising platform called the “Real Housewives.”  Bravo/EvolutionMedia now takes a closer look at potential Housewives and Bravo/EM must have found something in the background of this Housewife to cut her off from the OC “land of opportunities.”

Filming is starting soon and there is an empty slot for a Housewife… what does Bravo do?  Hmmmm…. they know that Alexass would jump at the offer; they know her; they know her story; they know that Alexass LOVES being a Housewife.  So, Bravo asks Alexass back.  However, Alexass CANNOT say that Bravo approached her and asked her back.

Therefore, rumors began yesterday that, after strong salary talks, Alexass will return, but with a huge cut in her salary.  This may or may not be true, but Bravo and Alexass needed a story for the reason WHY, after announcing her departure, she would be back for season eight… and neither Alexass nor Bravo can say that Alexass was given a reprieve, so the salary story was concocted.

Also in the mix to consider is TalibanJimboBellino.  We all know that Jimbo Bellino was not in favor of his wife’s return… so why would Jimbo give his blessings to Alexass?  One word:  MONEY.   That Bravo paycheck is always worth the degradation… and since Bravo may have approached Alexass, Jimbo may have had a bit of leverage in the negotiations and perhaps gotten something out of the deal, too.

Jimbo very obviously was done with the RHOC and Bravo, as shown on the RHOC finale… the birthday cake scandal at Heather Dull-BRO’s house was the last straw for Jimbo.  Jimbo said that he was ambushed…he ripped off his mic pack and left Heather’s party without Alexass.   Jimbo also made it clear during that party that HE wore the pants in the Bull-eeeno house!  My bet is that Jimbo got something outta the deal with Bravo and that Jimbo will rarely be seen next season…

NOTE:  The canned potential Housewife was reportedly a friend of the “highly educated” Heather Dull-BRO.  The other NEW Housewife is rumored to be the wife of RiveraMagazine owner Chris Gialanella… UPDATE: Wrong magazine! Rumored new RHOC Housewife is “editor” of Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine, Lydia Stirling McLaughlin.  The other “Housewife”… but more like “Friend” is Kayla Folley McCarthy!