VICKI GUNVALSON, BROOKS AYERS: Is The Thrill Gone?… Brooks Fighting BabyMAMA For BabyJoey… Charges of Neglect Against BabyMamaNic…

October 24, 2012  2:22 pm 

Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers have been very quiet since the Real Housewives of Orange County ended.  You can tell a LOT from Vicki and Crooks’ twitter accounts… they have not communicated as they usually did.  Crooks’ twitter photo is that of his alma mater… it used to be a photo of him with Vicki…


@Brooks Ayers now tweets Bible verses and @VGunvalson tweets equally “life affirming” messages, but mostly Vicki tweets about her new grandson, Troy Culberson.  There has been nothing going on between Vicki and Crooks… at least publicly, and certainly nothing via twitter!

So, are Vicki and Crooks done?  It certainly seems that way… and, of course, TamballsBarney said that they’ve parted ways… but, what the hell does Tamballs know?  Tamballs had the burglar balls to go after SH last month!  We laugh at you, Tamballs!  Tamballs knows that SH don’t make nuthin’ up… SH 9.28.12.

Back to Vicki and Crooks…

Could the reason that they are being very quiet publicly have to do with the fact that Brooks is having another battle with BabyMAMA Nic?

                          “Hey… I thought he was a gazillionaire…”

Brooks has told SH that he received a letter from Indiana Child Protective Services re BabyMAMA Nicolette Cantanzarite’s neglect of their little three-year-old Joey.

Am now waiting for response from Brooks to the many questions posed to him re this matter.  Will keep everyone updated as more information becomes available…

Here’s the deal re BabyMama Amie “Nicolette” Cantanzarite… from Brooks/Crooks:

“Nic got pregnant in High School to Timothy Henrickson (he went to med school and became an Anesthiologist)…they married at 18, had the baby, Alexis. They had a second child, Ciara, during the marriage. They divorced due to Amie’s infedility. She got pregnant with her 3rd child, Skylar, with a rich boyfriend. They didn’t marry. She cheated on him with Jeff Gher and got pregnant again…they married. She cheated on him and got two DUI’s insided of two years of their marriage..they divorced. He got custody of Luke (their child), at that time the courts deemed her to be unfit to be a mother…Dr. Henricksen then got full custody of their minor children at the time.

She was left with Skylar when I met her. She tricked me and got pregnant with Joey after three months of dating in a long distance relationship. Once Joey was born, she again cheated on me like she had all of the others.

Nicolette is quite a piece of work. I have proof that I supported Joey until the fall of 2010 (he was 20 months at the time) and that stopped when she began demanding more than our agreement and kept me seeing Joey ever since. We have communicated routinely for the last two years and I have sent money for xmas and birthdays for Joey but refuse to finance her lifestyle. I have given some of this to my atty thus ABC and we are in settlement discussions as they now realize that Nic actually “conned” them…. so sad . I miss Joey, but I will see him soon… take that to the bank. Nic still will not respond …”

NOTE:  ABC issued a statement re their “20/20” story re BabyMama and Crooks on October 9, 2012… ABCNews.