VICKI GUNVALSON, BROOKS AYERS: Is The Thrill Gone?… Brooks Fighting BabyMAMA For BabyJoey… Charges of Neglect Against BabyMamaNic…

October 24, 2012  2:22 pm 

Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers have been very quiet since the Real Housewives of Orange County ended.  You can tell a LOT from Vicki and Crooks’ twitter accounts… they have not communicated as they usually did.  Crooks’ twitter photo is that of his alma mater… it used to be a photo of him with Vicki…


@Brooks Ayers now tweets Bible verses and @VGunvalson tweets equally “life affirming” messages, but mostly Vicki tweets about her new grandson, Troy Culberson.  There has been nothing going on between Vicki and Crooks… at least publicly, and certainly nothing via twitter!

So, are Vicki and Crooks done?  It certainly seems that way… and, of course, TamballsBarney said that they’ve parted ways… but, what the hell does Tamballs know?  Tamballs had the burglar balls to go after SH last month!  We laugh at you, Tamballs!  Tamballs knows that SH don’t make nuthin’ up… SH 9.28.12.

Back to Vicki and Crooks…

Could the reason that they are being very quiet publicly have to do with the fact that Brooks is having another battle with BabyMAMA Nic?

                          “Hey… I thought he was a gazillionaire…”

Brooks has told SH that he received a letter from Indiana Child Protective Services re BabyMAMA Nicolette Cantanzarite’s neglect of their little three-year-old Joey.

Am now waiting for response from Brooks to the many questions posed to him re this matter.  Will keep everyone updated as more information becomes available…

Here’s the deal re BabyMama Amie “Nicolette” Cantanzarite… from Brooks/Crooks:

“Nic got pregnant in High School to Timothy Henrickson (he went to med school and became an Anesthiologist)…they married at 18, had the baby, Alexis. They had a second child, Ciara, during the marriage. They divorced due to Amie’s infedility. She got pregnant with her 3rd child, Skylar, with a rich boyfriend. They didn’t marry. She cheated on him with Jeff Gher and got pregnant again…they married. She cheated on him and got two DUI’s insided of two years of their marriage..they divorced. He got custody of Luke (their child), at that time the courts deemed her to be unfit to be a mother…Dr. Henricksen then got full custody of their minor children at the time.

She was left with Skylar when I met her. She tricked me and got pregnant with Joey after three months of dating in a long distance relationship. Once Joey was born, she again cheated on me like she had all of the others.

Nicolette is quite a piece of work. I have proof that I supported Joey until the fall of 2010 (he was 20 months at the time) and that stopped when she began demanding more than our agreement and kept me seeing Joey ever since. We have communicated routinely for the last two years and I have sent money for xmas and birthdays for Joey but refuse to finance her lifestyle. I have given some of this to my atty thus ABC and we are in settlement discussions as they now realize that Nic actually “conned” them…. so sad . I miss Joey, but I will see him soon… take that to the bank. Nic still will not respond …”

NOTE:  ABC issued a statement re their “20/20″ story re BabyMama and Crooks on October 9, 2012… ABCNews.

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87 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON, BROOKS AYERS: Is The Thrill Gone?… Brooks Fighting BabyMAMA For BabyJoey… Charges of Neglect Against BabyMamaNic…

  1. Even if she’s the type that had kids with him trying to convince him to marry, sad as that is, it doesn’t excuse him from paying his support. I hope Vicki’s come to her senses & walked away. I know she claims to want to be remarried at some point but, she may have been in a place where all she wanted was a ,let’s say, mature relationship. None of the stress & stuff she went thru with Don. One thing I don’t get, she was upset during the divorce even before, but, she said later that she knew he had a 2 yr. relationship in the past with someone during their marriage. ?? Why not leave then? Why renew the vows? I admire her work ethic but I don’t get how she thinks.

    • Yes he should have just continued to pay the agreed upon amount. Or file for sole custody. It odd to me that he highlights what a piss-poor momma she is but leaves his offspring in her care? what does that make him?
      Like I said before this should be a lesson to all men out there, women will try to turn your sperm into a paycheck. Those women do exists. Crooksy is stoopid. Wear comdoms cause people lie.

  2. Seems to me Crooksey and her are a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, Baby Joey is the real victim of both of them.

    • Hello everyone,
      This is Joey’s Mother (baby mama, Nicolette, Aimee) yes I have nicknames, does any of that really matter? NO!
      I recently saw the Brooks Ayers mini Novel regarding my life my children and the so called (infidelity) on everyone…….shocking to me that he would even mention my ex husbands name, and my other children’s names or their fathers, even more shocking he thinks he can get away with it. Those children and my ex’s are no part of any of this, however because Brooks went…… balls to the walls……. with lies and involved them and mentioned their names, he now has bigger problems! Everything he stated was false excluding everyone’s name. The rest and he knows it is outlandish lies!
      I would never mention his children’s names things about his marriage (still married) its not fair to the kids!
      My son Joey is being used for his fame and fortune not mine, I never got a dime from ABC, didnt care dont get support, dont really care, happy he isnt around. If he wanted to be a part of his life he would have been long before hollywood came about.
      All of this is a stunt on him becoming more and more notorious, famous for being a deadbeat dad and going to all extremes to hurt anyone and everyone including Joey for his own self rightciousness (I am sure I spelled that wrong) but you get my point.
      I am sick of his threats, sick of his lies, I am trying to take the high road here and not retalliate, (trust me when I say……..I could spill a mouthfull) that only I know…….he would be ruined forever! Now he’s a preecher talking about quotes from the bible??? Really, SAVE JOEY………NEGLECT? sounds pretty obvious where is is trying to go with this! Wonder where he got that from?
      Joey is AWESOME AND AT THIS HOUSE THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS NEGLECT with any of the children. Another attempt to set me up, hurt Joey, my family and gain credibility. I know this is long but i wanted to speak it today, so I hope no one is irritated my the lengthy message……No one needs to feel sorry for baby Joey…….he has quite the life, a great mother a great family and is definately going to be a “linebacker for the colts” almost 4 and more adorable than ever, he is blessed with happiness and love from us. He tells everyone he is 17, cause he is so tall he actually believes he is way older than the kids in his class…….so cute but when his birthday rolls around there will only be 4 candles on his cake so I wonder what he willl think about that. : )
      That’s all I wanted to say, hope everyone is doing well, and about that Lunesta thing…….comment……..actually I never heard about it, but I researched it and because I cant seem to ever sleep I tried it, unfortunately is still gave me no sleep……… : (
      I am having major back, neck and hand surgury in two weeks, and will be put on medicine to sleep and alleviate the pain, ( I already told my Doc, dont give me that Lunesta stuff)…….so he said Ambien? Despite what you read, hear or think about me, know in your heart of hearts that my son is great, and NO harm will come his way! I actually do pray and believe in God and his powers, and I pray this nonsense away, and for a positive outcome from my operation.
      Nicolette : )

          • The whole thing is bullcrap. If she didn’t want child support then why contact ABC? She gots problems with the truth. Clearly. Was she really gonna try to imply that the DUI was a lie? Surely she knows better right?

        • damn, i never knew how pathetic you really were till now, talk shit, walk shit, be ready to be shit…….as if you arent already……….but dont for one second think you can act like a credible intelligent person who is obviously some inside whore on lunesta who wishes she had a real life and a great family instead of judging others talking smack about their life, girl friend you dont know shit, and I doubt you are even 18 years old, and if you are older than 30 than GD, you are IMMATURE as shit………have a baby get a job, get paid, get laid, get a husband, a life, and for GOD”S sake love someone else besides yourself, it only proves that inside you are embarressed to be you………… say your done but be done, strongly suggested………..obviously you have no idea…………
          maybe your mamma should have told your daddy to wear a condom…….how about that…….if you wanna dish it than you should take it right up and down…… the same way you deliver it!

            • Lmao Made. Doesn’t it feel almost like shootin fish in a barrel? And you really don’t look older than 18! How nice of her…

            • lol. Thats prolly just her pain meds talkin. She did tell us she was gonna have surgery already anticipating the meds…. in her earlier post … the one where she talks about believing in God and praying for people .. not to be confused with this latest one where she uses the Lord’s name in vain ya see.

      • Nicolette: I do not understand your motivation for posting on a blog about your personal life. You words can be twisted by people who actually do not have your best interests at heart. Most of the people who post here are just having fun and expressing their opinions. You do nor need to explain anything to me. IMO Brooks will self destruct in the media just by being himself.

      • I saw your post this morning or rant against MP. I thought I’d pass down some wisdom. Fighting with a poster isn’t going to change your situation, your past or your reputation. Your words are going to be on the internet far longer than you can imagine and may come back to haunt you. Hire a good Lawyer and deal with your problems in his office or the courts, or talk to your ex. None of what has transpired on here is good for you or your family.

        • Cyn, I hope she takes your advise. I got my lil heart broke over her rant putting me right in my place. Odd that she thinks I am embarrassed to be me and her advice was to have a baby!?!?!? Get a husband?!!? yeah… Hows that workin out for her? Gaggle of kids and has custody of one? hummmmmm I think I will just stick to staying my same ole “immature” self with my clean criminal record and all dat “pathetic” stuff.

          • See what happens when you hang out here instead of cruising
            You got stuck with your wonderful hubby and 2 beautiful kids. That will teach you cause you could have lucked out and had her life. LOL!

            • Well I knowd my momma was on the right track when she told my 19 year old bf(future husband) that “we dont shack up in this family” right there in the middle of the Piccadilly. ;)

  3. Two DUIs? unfit mother? But knew nothing of Lunesta.
    Bahahahahahahaha freakin HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    Co-parent my butt.

  4. I wondered whatever happened to Brokes and his financier (er, GF, Vicki). Thanks for reading my mind and providing this timely update. From Brokes’ comments, the upshot is: he gave money to the babyMama for their child for xmas and a birthday. That’s because he doesn’t want to finance HER lifestyle. What about HIS son’s lifestyle? Doesn’t Brokes have to pay some support to HIS son? (2 holiday payments a year does not a meaningful life make). Meanwhile, the Vickster has been financing HIS lifestyle. That’s quite a double standard (“do as I do; not as I preach”). I like when Brokes complained that he was “tricked” into getting the babyMama pregnant. Did she drug him and make him forget to put a condom on? His excuses and quasi explanations are laughable. He’s just a poor, toothless hillbilly; scamming everyone he meets and tweets.

  5. You know Tamara , it’s us not her ;P lol!! Love that she saw some of what was said. I’m not a viewer that hates her, but, she needs to look at how she came to a good place after her divorce (after going after Gretchen so many times) & see that , yeah Alexis isn’t the brightest bulb but , who is she to judge? Always remember that one finger pointing back at you, telling you sumpin’. Alexis has her flaws, but I don’t know that she ever went after Tamara. Have to say , though , I totally agree with her on Crooks.

  6. Soo instead of continuing to pay the agreed upon child support, he just stopped paying all together? I’m sorry but regardless of the type of person this woman is, he’s still equally garbage.

  7. Men (and women) state to the masses the others faults but dont get the baby away from neglectful parent? Only makes you look worse crooksy.

  8. Who cares about these awful selfish adults?? It’s the child that matters. Perhaps somewhere in this jungle of human trash there is a loving responsible family member that little Joey can live with and learn morality.

  9. He should have just continued to pay the agreed upon amout through a cashiers check or money order stating it was for child support so that if she tried to lie he would at least have proof. There both sad parents.

      • doing as you suggest cns would mean crooksy has a brain and integrity… clearly not the case. vicki has zero credibility too with this relationship. she may have business smarts and a get up and go for it attitude but she settles for the bottom of the barrel in love.

    • I’m not sure I believe anything Crooks-the-Conman says. For all we know, he’s talking smack about the babyMama to throw the guilt off of himself. If he was that concerned, why didn’t he report her to child services? There’s something fishy about his fish story.

  10. Look at Crooks, smarmmmmy looking . Some women would do better by letting a monkey throw darts at a board to see who they go out with. Better odds than this I’m guessing.

  11. If that’s the case why did Crooks upsticks and move to another state to have Icky pay for everything. Surely a man with such horrific regard as to the welfare of any of his children would have stayed in the same State and fought hammer, tooth and nail for custody of his kid until the end of time!?! Nope, sorry, still got HUGE alarm bells ringing when it comes to Crooks.

    I saw another twitter member pull Vicki up about the “Life has no remote” quote, apparently the same quote was posted by someone else earlier on Twitter who posted:

    “Hey @vgunvalson stop stealing my tweets ”

    It made me giggle anyway :D

        • Doing well, thanks. It has been a busy year over there with the Queen’s Jubilee and Olympics… time to get back to the important things, the HW’s. LOL Stay warm and be well.

          • lol, we’ll I’m 3.5 hours away from London so never got caught up in all that, but watched on TV with everyone else :D I only watch RHOC & RHOBH now, can’t watch RHONJ as it’s impossible to ‘Happy Slap’ the TV when DonCaro is on ;) Hehe, thanks hun, hope it’s much warmer for you over the pond, take care.

  12. Off Topic: Also read today that Alexis is back for good for season 8 as Alison Edmonds (wife of Jim Edmonds a previous Major League Baseball centre fielder) Alexis’s replacement had to decline filming at the last moment, so Alexis is back for season 8……….. *runs off screaming noooooooooo whilst pulling lumps of hair out*……………………..

      • Hi MP <3 Not sure if the Ohwooc asked for Alexis to return, she's the only alliance she has left in the group, but rumour has it, Alexis is back. I've never wanted to be so wrong about something in my life, but from where I read the info, I've not been let down before :( I think a few will be fit to be tied lol, myself included haha

        • When you think about it its a pretty good production technique , making all the cast think she been fired and then BAM last minute, she back. Rattle ‘em right before filming. Kinda hoping they do that on NJ with Danielle.

          • Now that might drag me back to RHONJ if they brought Danielle back (armed with the mute button for DonCaro of course), that would be the ultimate twist in HW history! Bravo is a factory for spuring out adversity and controversy, you’ve hit the nail on the head with that one.

            • I wonder if Tamballs is going to have to invite Alexis to her wedding? Since Bravo is paying for the production, they probably get to do the guest list.

            • In that case hide the cake, Sarah Winchester might get an invite too LOL. I keep hoping for once where I read this info they have got it all so very wrong. OC needs new HW’s imo, it had become as stagnant as pond life.

  13. I understand how someone can “date” long distance, but getting preggers, too? In that case, I’d say size really DOES matter.

  14. She has failed big time here.

    If you want to have babies for money you have to actually look after them. Otherwise you just end up with stretch marks & a bad reputation. Thereby limiting your chances of giving birth to another human pot of gold.

  15. It does not surprise me brooks is into prosperity gospel. I have a problem with multi-million dollar churches and millions more put into their television “ministry” I don’t recall Jesus living this way, in fact he preached to the masses and directly preached to help and love your neighbor, the sick, the poor, the old. If he were here he would probably be an outcast for being a carpenter and helping people. He would not be on TV promising wealth. Brooks, probably wishes he could be in a position where people would send him the money. Thank you Jesus!

  16. I thought SH had a post about Vicki taking a break from Crooks & it was due 2 the fact, Brianna & Ryan didnt want Troy around him…maybe I saw that somewhere else. Anyway, I dont BELIEVE ANYTHING comes out of that pathological liars mouth! Hes a snake in the grass, looking for a sugar momma & he had 1-Vicki! Im glad she has split with Crooks…Hes so slimey! Plus he outed her own daughters pregnancy & wedding!! Loser! BTW, Ms SH, I LOVED the pic of Crooks&his son that he PHOTOSHOPPED & he was called out on it! BUSTED! I hope his baby mama reads SH & sees what hes alledging about her & sues the pants off him4slander (cause we know thats the only thing he has!). Maybe if we are lucky, he’ll crawl back under the rock he came out from under!

  17. Yes Crooks seems the type to say whatever he thinks the listener wants to hear to get the reaction he wants (in his case I’m guessing fame & a mealticket). Like I say , Vicki may have been looking for a mature relationship with no real strings. But if that’s not the case why even give Crooks the time of day? I think what made Brianna & Tam so angry wasn’t just how bad it looked for her to slam Slade for his child support problems & then date Crooks (bad as that is). It was watching someone you think of as a smart woman (may not be your cup of tea , but Vicki isn’t sutpid) being played (at least seemingly) by a guy after her money or t.v. time. I get that because that’s one of my pet peeves is seeing what I consider a smart woman acting really stupid or gullible. We pretty much know who the ummmm… not so bright are & nobody cares what they fall for , it’s the ones who should be smarter that make us cringe when we see them being so gullible (again seemingly) But maybe Vicki knew what she wanted all along & Brianna & Tam assumed too much. ?

    • Vicki claimed to have known Brokes for years via her industry. (They met at an insurance convention.) Brokes admitted that when Vicki and Donn split, that’s when he made his move. Unfortunately, Vicki was extremely vulnerable and therefore, an easy mark. Brokes showered her with adoration, complements and his preachy blather. She fell for it. The old adage applies, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  18. Yes, you know I forgot in a past season she said something like – when her father passed away she lost the only person who always told her she was loved. First off, of course most of us know our parents love us , why would she assume otherwise.? But I wonder if she was wise enough to know not to jump into a serious relationship (expecting it to last in other words) right after a divorce (or during as the case may be.) She should have known most males don’t bum off females & I just wonder if she handed over her credit cards to him? I had a friend who gave me a pre-paid card a while back & I refused to take it (I left the room & found it stuffed in with some of my other stuff the next day.) If Crooks accepted money from a woman he was seeing??? I just can’t believe Vicki would be so stupid. I mean you don’t get to where she has in business being an air head.

  19. Oh no she didn’t! Tamballs called this site lame? How lame will it be when me and my friends go sign up for her stoopid studio and cancel within 24 hours….or make appointments and no show. Stoopid mistake Tamballs. Not a smart business owner move. Fail.

  20. “They divorced due to Amie’s infedility.”
    “She cheated on him and got two DUI’s insided of two years of their marriage.”
    Hey, Brooks…Mississippi State called — they want their diploma back.

  21. I think Brianna told the Vickster in no uncertain terms that Crooks was to be nowhere near her baby. You know Crooks would try to take cell phone photos to sell. Maybe Vicky is finally coming to her senses.

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