PROJECT RUNWAY REDUB: Another “flipit/Ronnie” Video!!

We lovez our “flipit/Ronnie” from TVGasm!   We don’t care what show Ronnie wants to ReDub… it’s all funny!  This time, Ronnie does ProjectRunway!


10 comments on “PROJECT RUNWAY REDUB: Another “flipit/Ronnie” Video!!

  1. I hope Uli is no longer living in Miami because I really don’t want to hear her say 10,000 times that she is from Miami.


  2. Project Runway jumped the shark when Gretchen won with her Chico’s-type clothes. I barely watch anymore, so boring. Wendy should spice things up a bit.


    • I am STILL waiting for Nina to come marching out in a granny panty dress designed by Wretchen. And then the following season we had Anya who marched basically the same outfit down the runway. I’m glad Mondo won All Stars 1 and I’m glad Dmitry won the most recent season.


  3. “Watch it while you iron things”

    is it sad that I actually DO watch PR when I iron.

    And that last line – fabulous. I just call the network Wifetime.


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