October 22, 2012   From @Closet__Freak… if you missed CF’s previous reviews, take a look at her YouTubeChannel!

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33 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: From Friendly “ClosetFreak”!!… VIDEO

  1. Watched the bloopers episode from last night on my DVR. My two cents worth: Teresa’s kids are so cute, I could watch a whole show with just them, and Jacqueline isn’t playing with a full deck.

  2. Love Closet Freak. Love her hair. The wallpaper scares me but the pics of her and Jeff Goldbomb suckn’ face scare me more. And I think Lauren is a just a bitch. I mean really. Just….there are no words. There are words but I just can’t.

    • She nails it! “Crack” outta the park! :)

      3 reunions + Lost Footage = Insanity. 4 extra shows after a season that was already stretched & teased B4 an anti-climactic final bomb drop is just silly. :(

      Note: Did not bother with much of the reunion nor any of the Lost Footage due to Gorga/Manzo/Wakile fatigue. *cough*

    • Speaking of Juicy, I have to say — I was just watching a few minutes of Will & Grace. Karen introduced Will and Jack to someone as “homo.” No one cared, no one got offended. If Will & Grace use that word, then how is Juicy, of all people, supposed to know that it’s off-limits?!

  3. Love Closet Freak. I’m glad she’s recapping BH. What a closet! I hope she tells us how many pairs of sunglasses she has!

  4. OMG–“If I dont know them and I haven’t F**&D them—” I had to replay it three times to get past that because I kept breaking out in hooting, gasping, tears running down the face laughter!

  5. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about BH….I think she’s gonna have a lot of cuss words for those broads.

  6. I love love love Closet_Freak dis bitch is funny as hell and just as crazy rotflmao!!! She kills me with her funny comentary about the housewives lol I wonder if T has ever seen her videos I think her and Juicy Joe would laugh like hell!! Cant wait for her recap on atlanta that’s gonna be off the chain rotf.

  7. Love this girl….so glad she’s doing Atlanta and BH…can’ wait to see her again. Great job, you make a great start to my day, so

  8. Don’t you know that’s got to annoy Jax & Carowhine. As hard as they’ve tried to blame their unhappiness on her, she’s still seems happy , is making a much better living with her books than either of them with their stuff & she’s got these cute little girls that try as they might Jax & Caro can’t control anymore than they could control Tre. Blahahha , it’s too funny to watch & think about how badly that’s got to burn the others. heheheheh ;P

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