EX-HOUSEWIFE: The TrainWreckEffect… Jillz Still Tryin’ Her Hardest To Get BACK On Bravo!… VIDEO

October 22, 2012  3:00 pm  TheMorningBlend

Jillz just won’t stop.

Jillz has interpreted the ratings jump which resulted in her appearing one-on-one with MissAndy in the BravoClubhouse as an indication of viewers wanting to see her regularly on a Bravo show… preferably back as a Housewife on the RHONY.

This could not be further from the truth.

IMO, the ONLY reason for the ratings “gold” resulting from her appearance on WWHL was, as pointed out by a SH twitter follower, the “train wreck effect”!  You slow down to take a look at the train wreck, but once you’ve seen the train wreck, you keep moving!

Poor Jillz is on her media tour in an attempt to prove to MissAndy and all the higher-ups at Bravo … yes, there are people higher up in the Bravo organizational chart than MissAndy… that people STILL want to see her on a Bravo show!

Jillz is making her case, this time, in Milwaukee… with the very lovely and accommodating hosts of TheMorningBlend

Jillz even points out that everything she does has a charitable aspect… she even works with Eric Trump’s foundation!

NOTE:  Could not finish the video… there is more!!