EX-HOUSEWIFE: The TrainWreckEffect… Jillz Still Tryin’ Her Hardest To Get BACK On Bravo!… VIDEO

October 22, 2012  3:00 pm  TheMorningBlend

Jillz just won’t stop.

Jillz has interpreted the ratings jump which resulted in her appearing one-on-one with MissAndy in the BravoClubhouse as an indication of viewers wanting to see her regularly on a Bravo show… preferably back as a Housewife on the RHONY.

This could not be further from the truth.

IMO, the ONLY reason for the ratings “gold” resulting from her appearance on WWHL was, as pointed out by a SH twitter follower, the “train wreck effect”!  You slow down to take a look at the train wreck, but once you’ve seen the train wreck, you keep moving!

Poor Jillz is on her media tour in an attempt to prove to MissAndy and all the higher-ups at Bravo … yes, there are people higher up in the Bravo organizational chart than MissAndy… that people STILL want to see her on a Bravo show!

Jillz is making her case, this time, in Milwaukee… with the very lovely and accommodating hosts of TheMorningBlend

Jillz even points out that everything she does has a charitable aspect… she even works with Eric Trump’s foundation!

NOTE:  Could not finish the video… there is more!!  

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53 comments on “EX-HOUSEWIFE: The TrainWreckEffect… Jillz Still Tryin’ Her Hardest To Get BACK On Bravo!… VIDEO

  1. OMG–that photo of her in her bustier and high ponytail is absolutely ridiculous. But it gave me a good chuckle.

    • Totally lmfao…no one showed her a mirror? And the fake pony is icing on the cake.jill pls join a country club or take a class..find a hobby and get off tv

    • I distinctly remember the shock of seeing her in that outfit when she was on WWHL before getting kicked off the show. It was so obvious that this was one of her pathetic attempts to morph into Bethenny. Bethenny had recently been filmed or photographed several times with her hair pulled back into a ponytail and wearing bustier type tops. To see Jill try to imitate her was both hilarious and sad.

  2. You know ex Presidents of the USA make more money after they leave office. Jillz should count her blessings— she’s not obligated to Bravo— and do her thang and as ex housewife! I mean Elizabeth Hasselbeck is an ex Survivor contestant and she was voted off the island as well!

  3. What is wrong with this woman??? She just doesn’t get it or doesn’t want to get it!!! At the end of her WWHL interview she even had the balls to tell Andy that he should have her mother on the show. Is she kidding or what??? Jill, find a job and go away already. Enough!!

  4. Wow… this woman’s ego and chutzpah have no end!!! I am now feeling sorry for her… really JillZ? Ms. Andy called you? She spins these fantasies… to an agreeable audience and really thinks it’s believed by the public? JillZ sure is believing it the more she spins the story. I like how she left herself an out… the family may not want to jump back in the television mode. Like Bawby has a choice….

    I’m not a fan of Bethany, but she was damn lucky to get away from this woman. JillZ wanted to piggy back on Bethany’s fame ride a few years ago IMHO.

  5. My guess is , she doesn’t WANT to get it. Some love the money (who wouldn’t?) & some love the fame. I guess she’s finding it too hard to face the facts & walk away. Of course , if they keep taking her pic everytime she pops up somewhere…

  6. When she admitted she was jealous that Andy preferred Giggy over Ginger you knew you were dealing with desperation. Then she held up the glass with her name on it to the camera. F’ing get over yourself already.

      • She wasn’t kidding. MissAndy wrote about it in his book. Jill was jealous that he put Giggy’s picture in the clubhouse. She sent a painting portrait of Ginger. Ginger would tweet him constantly about not following Ginger but followed Giggy. He never put that stupid painting up. Jill later had someone pick the painting up. She was completely delusional – not kidding. She was jealous of Bethanny being on his show alone, being invited to one of his book launch parties.

        • Wow! If every housewife insisted that their dog had a portrait in the clubhouse, the whole place would look like a kennel! Jill is not on the same level as Bethany and Ginger is not on the same level as Giggy! it was funny as a joke, but seriously…it’s just a smidge pathetic!

  7. I believe the term that describes Jill is “fame whore”, isn’t it? That term may have been coined because of Jill, of that I’m not certain. I AM a Bethany (sp?) fan and I have not forgotten how badly she treated BF. Actually remembering Jill’s mom on one, at least one, episode of HW, it is hard to imagine anyone more artificial and boring than Jill …. except for Jill’s elderly, black-haired, extreme and tight face-lifted, heavily made up mother, droning on in exactly the same way as her daughter does. Andy, if you read these comments, please just say no to Jill Z.

  8. This is even worse than when she used to tweet a celebrity to contact her about dinner or lunch when they were in NYC…….uh, sure Jill….I’m sure you are on the top of their list…..#cringefactor #soembarrssedforyou

    • One million followers ? If anyone bought followers it is her. If she can make up a profile on Amazon to attack reviewers (which she caught doing so) she would no doubt buy followers.

      After watching that above video, I’m refusing too. She’ll go away next week, with all the new Bravo shows starting. She’s a filler now.

  9. What is she even doing in Milwaukee? Is she calling every morning show in the country asking if they want the scoop?

  10. Why anyone gives this idiot a forum to trot out her delusions is beyond me. Except for a big mouth that just won’t quit yapping, she has noting whatsoever to offer.

    And though this pretty much descirbes each and every “desperate housewife” trying to stay relevant, she is about the last person in the world interesting enough to tune into.

    As for Bravo, whatever their intention to have her back on it backfired in their face. She now feels empowered to point to the ratings to bolster her claims.

    She and Kate Gosselin should join up as a combination of those who just cannot let go of the limelight and are willing to entertain any prospect of staying on tv even when the public hates them as much as they do.

    • You nailed it, Pat. Maybe I was mistaken and the term “fame whore” was coined for Kate Gosselin, but she and Jill certainly living up to that, aren’t they? I’m embarassed for both of them.

    • To stay “relevant” as Jill says, Jill should start by doing seminars at the Learning Annex about dragging out the last 15 minutes of reality death and Kate Gosselin can come out with a wooden spoon line with instructions on where is the best place on a child to swat em when they are bad…and oh, they are also good for stirring.

      • Yes – Jill and Kate – both queens of denial and delusion – really should be paired up. It would be so funny to see them compete for who is the biggest victim and who has the most social media fans.

  11. Jill is a wet blanket. She doesn’t drink. Bravo likes women who drink and make asses of themselves. I do too. Go away Jill.

  12. Jillzilla is pathetic. Her “Please Take Me Back” reality tour is sad and yet extremely irritating. She told Andy that she had 2 tv shows in the works. Obviously, that was not true. She really needs to get a hobby or a more fulfilling j-o-b. Obviously, Bawby doesn’t keep her busy enough.

  13. It’s pathetic that a grown woman has this great a need for public admiration and confirmation.
    She keeps embarrasing herself trying to prove that Bravo dumping her didn’t derail how brightly her star is shining. I don’t buy what she says, It all seems overinflated and like she’s trying to get back at an ex boyfriend, AKA Bravo, who dumped her.
    Who cares about all the followers she has on twitter, who ARE these people who allegedly follow this woman..I don’t understand what she has to report through the day that anyone would care to hear.
    I’m Jewish and she’s just about the worst stereotype of a Jewish woman…in Yiddish a ”yenta” as my nana would say. A meddlesome, controlling, gossipy, busybody who does not shut up.

  14. Why would Andy want to hold Ginger, allowing her to lick him after Ginger licked out Jills nose. Blech! That’s the disgusting image I think of every time Ginger comes up.

    No doubt Andy did finally call her after repeated phone calls from Jill and a directive of some kind from his Bravo superiors. Jill’s a stalker, too. She most likely cornered some execs at a function or two.

  15. Jill went on WWHL and admitted that she had no good reason for her fight with B because it was just for drama/ratings. I think that was a really dumb move, because everyone who watched then is now saying, A-Ha, we knew you were just being nasty! She can’t expect anyone to have any sympathy for her after admitting that. We all know a lot of stuff is blown up or induced, but we don’t wanna hear that we wasted our time watching you feud when the entire time you weren’t really at all upset and you were completely faking it. If she came back, everything she did or said would be interpreted as fake.

  16. I don’t think any of the fans watched because they want her back on TV… I think they watched because they wanted to see her make a complete fool of herself!!

  17. Omg please go away Jill. Whf. You have no fashion sense. Your book was a flop. When your mother and your sister were on, it was hard to watch. Aviva listened to you and now she’s out. No one wants you back. And there’s noooo way you can compare yourself to heather. You are so delusional

  18. If she has so much money and such a full and happy life why would she want to be on television anyway? I wouldn’t! Bravo has been airing season one’s of the HW’s and its incredible how average if not dowdy everyone looked the first year. With all of their money they hadn’t learned how to use cosmetics properly at that late age? Everyone sure polished up quickly!

  19. Jill is really pathetic and delusional. Unfortunately, she has not learned that EVERYONE is replacable. That’s a hard lesson to learn. I’m shocked that at her age, nobody has ever rejected her before and she refuses to accept it. She’s making a complete ass of herself now. Go Scratch Jill!!! We don’t care.

    • I agree with you. She thinks she’s irreplaceable because she’s a legend in her own mind. However, Jillzilla has become a RHONY stalker. She’s like a bad penny that keeps turning up.

  20. It’s amazing that some people think something is owed to them. Odd. Maybe it’s that whole false ego trying to hold out for someone to tell her she matters , like she’s can’t find it in her own self worth? Or maybe it’s just the money? Who knows? Watching people like that is funny & sad at the same time.

  21. I think she wanted back on the show just to get the free ads for all her products. Just like many of the housewives, she has businesses and its much cheaper to be on a reality show and plug the products.

  22. Who ARE Jill’s fans – the ones she claims are clamoring to get her back on RHONY? The reason people watched Jill on WWHL is the exact same reason people tuned in to watch Kate Gosselin on the final episodes of her show when she did the RV trip. By then, TLC editors were eager to pull off the veil and show Gosselin for exactly who she is. Talk about a train wreck. Andy Cohen let Jill Zarin make a fool of herself – and we were all eager to see it happen.

    The reality TV faux celebrities who become addicted to what they assume is fame is kind of scary.

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