TERESA GIUDICE: Tree and Juicy Go To A Gay Bar…

October 21, 2012  1:45 pm

Teresa Giudice had an obligation to fulfill and took Juicy along with her.  Tree killed two birds with one stone and got paid to do it!

The first stone: hosting a party; the second stone: more proof for MissAndy that Juicy is not a homophobe.  What will it take for MissAndy to back off?

Tree hosted Dougie Meyer’s birthday party at Splash last night… you remember Splash, the same nightclub where Tree’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, lip-synched performed her hit song “OnDisplay”?

Tree also tweeted this photo of Juicy’s brother, Pete and BIL, Dumas… they were not at Splash.  There is a brother-like similarity between Juicy and Pete… don’t think they’d pass as twins!

If you haven’t seen MeGo’s “performance” at Splash…

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52 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree and Juicy Go To A Gay Bar…

    • She is a beautiful woman, great figure, just wish she’d lighten up on the spray tan..

  1. I don’t know why Teresa and Joe have to prove anything to Mandy. I am so sick of that turd picking on them and everyone else can get away with whatever they want to do. Teresa you all looked great.

  2. Not like this hasn’t been said before, but it bears repeating……and repeating…

    Melissa is SUCH trash. I’d have a lot more respect for her if she sang ” Im fame whore, fame whore, fame whore, every day, every day, every day!”

  3. I met her last night at Splash. She was so sweet and Joe was so funny. All the guys wanted to pose with him. Even when they were leaving he stuck around and was talking to all of us. Teresa was all smiles. I told her she needs to not mention Melissa’s name in the new season. Melissa and all the other housewives wouldn’t have a story line if she weren’t around.

  4. I remember during the Posche fashion show Caroline said she didn’t know who Pete was. It made me laugh because Pete is Juicy’s doppelganger and she knew that he was Juicy’s bro and they probably meet before (the trip they took to the Catskills in season 3).

    Caroline’s a horrible actress.

    • Yeah, how the hell do you not know who Pete is if you’ve known the family for 13 years? Puhleeze…..also, it was in the news about the drivers license scam….does Caroline do the no see, no hear, no breath evil….notice how Ieft out speak cuz I know she speaks it.

  5. That dude from nj that proho found that I friended on fb that knows Tree claims he has seen her and Juicy at gay clubs before. He told me Juicy is not a homophobe and has always been nice to him. My nj fb friend didn’t answer me the last time I asked him something so I assume he’s onto my shenanigans which is why I’m spillin. He’s nice though. I feel kind of bad, but whatcha gonna do?

  6. Had forgotten how terrible that performance was – YUCKO. I remember that Li’l Stumpy was trying to get white tigers to lead her onstage that night. What a pair of “On Display” con-men these two are. I think she’s a little better obstage now, but just barely.

    Along the mandatory gay them story lines I also recall KatFish Kannoli talking about Mazel Winner sister Rosie’s up-coming drunken bar crawl stating that she’d “never, ever been to a gay bar.” Me thinks she forgot previous episodes. Guess she thinks the cameras lie as well as she does. They always showed her and her yellow-toothed feller at all Melissa’s gay bar performances.

  7. I’m wondering if Andy gets a lot of heat from the gay/Bravo community when Joe forgets to filter his speech.

  8. Mandy has ONE agenda — being gay gay gay. And that’s all his trash book was about: gay me gay me gay me. My daughter gave it to me for Mother’s Day. I returned it to her unfinished, laughing and said I’d rather she’d given me Shades of Grey.

  9. Tre & Juicy really handle their business with such class…..Melissa & the rest of that circus….not so much…wow! where to start….what really bugs me is Joey wearing a cross and acting like a sleaze–it dont mesh…oh and Melissa, you were not a stripper cuz you didnt know how to dance? whatevs….all you gotta do is know how to work it in the bedroom to get your sugar daddys to buy you things and I think you have that down pat, baby doll. Greggy sure is glad he jumped to this ship so he can ride the gravy train, huh….yuck.

  10. Tre and that Juicy Loser will go to the opening of an envelope if it would get her some cash and attention – paying back $11M is going to take a lot of time.

  11. Just because Joe went with Tre to a gay bar doesnt mean he is gay friendly! She prob made him go because the news just got out while she was in Charlotte, NC at a womens convention, Juicy was in Atlantic City getting all cozy with a young women who looked like a hooker/escort-Not my words, but the person who saw Juicy & took pics &sent them 2 a tabloid. Im sure Joe would rather make an appearance at a gay bar (whether he likes gays or not) than have to fork over tons more jewelry because he made another “mistake”. Tre thinks the woman/women he is/has allegedly cheated with would have already came forward…She is in SUPER DENIAL. Its so obvious he hates being on the show, probably because his dirty laundry keeps getting aired out just like the rest of the bunch. Andy will never like Joe, no matter what & I dont believe Joe would go to a gay bar just to get Andys approval. Joe has made it clear he HATES going 2 Ts events. What a supportive husband.

    • See my comment up thread about the guy from Jersey I friended on fb just for scoop. I thought this was obvious from my previous posts about him, but guess not. He’s gay. If anyone had an issue with Juicy’s comments; it would be him. He told me many guys talk like Juicy in Jersey, even he does sometimes. It’s just how it is. He also said Cohen is instigating big time on this because it’s a non issue with him. He was not offended.

  12. Might want to check out Viktor’s comment about how sweet Teresa was and how friendly Juicy was everyone wanted their picture taken with Juicy. Doesn’t exactly jive with Mandy’s constant bashing of Juicy Joe. When are the pics going to be published? I keep hearing this stuff about cheating Juicy but where are the pics. Another poster mentioned seeing Juicy but no pics. H-m-m…

    • Pittypat, the pictures of Juicy in Atlantic City show a woman from behind who could be Teresa. Also, he was in North Carolina with Teresa, so it was not the same night. I think someone checked the dates on the photos from Atlantic City and they were taken during the reunion, not sure about that though. The photos are also so blurry I would never say absolutely that it is Joe in them.

      • Thanks E. So is Jax dipping a toe in the ladyPond? IIRC she was photographed at the Borgata with two women. Oh the scandal. Oh the depravity. Yawn.

  13. BTW I have pictures of Juicy with Big Foot. I can’t imagine why the NE won’t publish.Darn It! Where is Roxy Poxy when you need her?

  14. Ive seen pics of Joe with 2 different women…1 was at a restaurant (they were eating alone &it was verified it wasnt family…There was a story about the girl & her family not liking Joe & that he was married etc) The other pic I saw was him & a younger women (with dark hair) in AC. So there are pics out there…Google it. :) Now whether hes a cheater, I’d take those odds. Ik most ppl who support him & Tre hated hearing his call to “his long time friend” and of course, there was editing (sure)…No1 edited the noises he was making & the question he ask his “friend” He was also trying really hard to sound sexy when he said “Ohhhhh,mmmmm, dont tell me that” Loser. Those kids dont deserve that.

  15. That video of MeGo’s husband rubbing his face in that women’s boobs is enough for the Senior Gorgas to not ever want to speak to them, let alone the house faud, and the things he has said about Tre…calling her garbage at the christening, etc. What parent would ever support their kid – father of their grandchildren, rubbing his face in a woman’s boobs in front of a crowd at a bar!

  16. Melissa reminds me of a Lipstick Lesbian and I believe that they are swingers, hence the reason why Poison can grope a topless woman on stage right before his wifes performance, Just another reason why they are hated by the family. I wonder how Juicy would feel about this? LOL.

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