TERESA GIUDICE: Tree and Juicy Go To A Gay Bar…

October 21, 2012  1:45 pm

Teresa Giudice had an obligation to fulfill and took Juicy along with her.  Tree killed two birds with one stone and got paid to do it!

The first stone: hosting a party; the second stone: more proof for MissAndy that Juicy is not a homophobe.  What will it take for MissAndy to back off?

Tree hosted Dougie Meyer’s birthday party at Splash last night… you remember Splash, the same nightclub where Tree’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, lip-synched performed her hit song “OnDisplay”?

Tree also tweeted this photo of Juicy’s brother, Pete and BIL, Dumas… they were not at Splash.  There is a brother-like similarity between Juicy and Pete… don’t think they’d pass as twins!

If you haven’t seen MeGo’s “performance” at Splash…