SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: RHOM MamaElsa… Jax Laurita “HobbyTime!”… Vegas High Rollers… Amy Phillips… UPDATE: Nene Leakes Punched Out By Kenya Moore…

October 21, 2012  11:51 am   4:oo pm

                                                                                                         “No one puts their hands on me… ‘cept for ratings…”

According to MTO, new ATL Housewife, Kenya Moore, punched Nene Leakes… right in the face!   And Nene is begging producers to edit the footage…

According to our snitch Kenya hauled off . . . and PUNCHED NENE IN HER EYE. The insider tells us that after NeNe got POPPED, she turned and walked away . . . like a PUNK.

We’re also told that NeNe is trying to convince the producers to EDIT the footage, so that she doesn’t look quite AS BAD as she did.

NOTE:  Hmmm…. wasn’t this already done by the RHOM?  Every HW franchise has to out-do the others.  What’s next… the first Bravo-induced Housewife in a coma? 


Cannot understand the fascination with Elsa Patton.  Could not understand it during Miami’s first season… and STILL cannot understand WHY anyone is enthralled with this muppet-like character.   Hmmmm…. maybe muppets should not be compared with Elsa.  Muppets can speak clearly!

  The airplanes are equally terrified of Elsa!

AndyCoop brings up the RHOM and MamaElsa’s plastic surgery.   Hasn’t anyone told AndyCoop about silicone injections?  Long before there was Botox, it was all silicone.  But, what can anyone expect from AndyCoop… member of MissAndy’s NYMediaMafia and expert “journalist” on par with his “journalist colleagues,” MissAndy and Carole Radziwill”…

Then Elsa made it on TheSoup!


  “Uh… what else do I like to do?  UH… besides tweeting?  UH, UH, UH….”

Hard to believe… but, if BubbaJax says it, it must be true!  According to BubbaJax’ BravoBio, Jax is a scrapbook enthusiast!   How the hell does she find the time?


Since reporting the casting call which went out for “Vegas High Rollers” on April 1, 2012… have been watching for any news re this new Housewives-drone show being produced by EvolutionMedia which will be airing on TLC.   The best source for “VegasHighRollers” is @Norm_Clarke who writes for the LasVegasJournal.  Norm says to watch out for Lana Fuchs!

Addicted to reality TV villains? Odds are good you’ll love or loathe Russian diva Lana Fuchs of TLC’s “Vegas High Rollers.”  She’s clearly running out of friends after storming out of a cocktail reception during a weekend film shoot.

Just three weeks into a three-month shoot with the local socialites, the fireworks erupted Friday when the fashion designer’s cast mates, concerned about her bad-mouthing, confronted her to clear the air.

NOTE:  Too bad Bravo didn’t pick up VHR… instead Bravo picked up the ridiculous and uninteresting Shahs of Sunset again.  OH… SOS is a RyanSeacrest Production.  Never mind!


We love Amy Phillips at SH… not as much as we love our “flipit/Ronnie” from TVGasm… but we do love Amy!  OK… we LIKE Amy very much!  Don’t want any wrath from my future hubbend, “flipit/Ronnie“!!!

  There is Amy Phillips’ photo as Ramona Singer… sitting right behind Jillz!

Just came across this video of Amy’s … a screentest for the Wizard of Oz!  Amy is so talented!

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  1. It’s been a week now and Bravo still hasn’t posted Jac’s final blog. This was her tweet from October 14th. Odd that she would say not sure when it will post. Hmmm…
    Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita
    I wrote a blog. Not sure when it will post and then no more mention of this season. It’s done now & so is my friendship with Teresa#Thankful


    • It was probably SO FULL of crazy the editors of the blogs did not know whether to cut the whole thing out, or send it to the psychiatric ward for evaluation!


  2. I wondered if any1 else felt the same way I do about Mama Elsa & there it is! SH said exactly what I was thinking. We all know Andy LOVES Elsa but 2 me, she is hard 2 understand & she loves2 give her opinion whether u want it or not. I cant remember where she is originally from but I have seen old pics of her & wow! She did get some BAD plastic surgery or silicone..whatever…It kind of reminds me of the socialite in NY who looks like a lion-Also, Priscilla Presley. Either way…Shes an odd woman, witch, whatever & not just because of the bad face work. Now about RHOBH-The previews make it look like all have lost their minds…I wonder what this new housewife will bring to the mix. @bergencounty-Thats a good question! Makes me wonder what the deal is, too. Bravo’s prob cutting it to shreds bt then again theres no telling with them.


    • Mama Elsa totally wigs me out. She’s just plain weird to me (shugs shoulders). She talks like she has a mouth full of marbles and she’s just kinda hard to watch. I don’t mean to be mean either, but I don’t see any reason whatsoever to have her on the show. Maybe she really is a witch and cast a spell on MizzAndy :)


      • OMG.. i love Elsa.. lol… i find her to be the most entertaining!! Seriously i look forward to all the scenes with her.. she’s like 80 years old.. so God Bless her!


  3. Can’t stomach looking or listening to Elsa. She is a freak. I do have my standards. lol

    Don’t know much about Yolanda H Foster, but by her “looks” it seems like she will be a wonderful additon to HWoBH. She reminds me of Grace Kelly, and I am sure Kyle will be very very jelly.

    Can’t say that I miss Jax blog one iota. Toodles loser.


    • Comparing Grace Kelly and Yolanda is such an insult to Grace Kelly! And I’m pretty sure that Kyle and Yolanda are friends, so I doubt Kyle will be jelly.


  4. david foster likes/attracts the crazies. we’ll see if his taste as changed over the years.

    bubba jax, good grief, nough said.


  5. Bravo booted Jacko’s Bloggo! Ha ha ha h ah a (breathe) Ha ha ha it must of been bad. Incoherent. Or worse. :)

    Love Mama Elsa! It can be refreshing to see people form all generations on the shows IMO. If you have ever grown up around ‘great’ great grandparents (who likely hailed from other countries) then you have a better chance of understanding the charm me thinks. Growing up in Miami there were lots of these elders around and interacting with the family. Maybe that’s why it seems so normal to see. Props for Mama for having the gumption to get out once in a while.

    As far as what part of RHOM makes it onto the aired show…that’s all on Bravo IMHO. They always have some questionable editing lately. Why would Miami be any different? At least this year it isn’t an afterthought cooking show. ;)


    • Does anyone know when Bravo will announce who’s coming back on new jersey housewives?? i HOPE TO GOD THEY GOT RID OF JACKO!!! Andy mentioned in the interview with Jill Zarin that they listened to the viewers and it had become toooo toxic.. well NJ IS THE MOST TOXIC.. so i have to believe they will get rid of some of these people.. hopefully never Teresa!!


  6. I’m a mama elsa lover. She just is a character in a good way. Not an evil or toxic as some of the stoopid housewives are. She’s an elder housewife.


  7. I equate scrapbooking to collecting stickers – which is cool IF YOU ARE 10 YEARS OLD!!
    But we are talkin’ about Jax – the woman with the child-like mind. Makes total sense.


  8. Can’t wait to see nene take a punch to the face. Now I’m looking forward to Atlanta’s return.

    Love my Miami housewives but I do struggle when mama Elsa appears.


    • Nene used to be my favorite but the past 2 years.. NO esp. after the things that came out of her mouth toward Kim when they went to Miami…. after that.. i was soooo over her.. so i too.. sadly.. would like to see someone have the guts to have a smack down.. since she’s ALWAYS talking trash….


      • totally agree with you… ever since her and kim fought, i have disliked nene. She is the REAL definition of bully. I wont even give ‘the new normal’ a shot, simply because shes in it. It is not correct to reward her behavior, she will never stop. This is also why i liked sheree- she would go toe to toe with nene.


  9. Remember, SH that this is Media(fakeout). But Kenya’s from Detroit and those D girls don’t play around so we’ll have to see….

    [Edit:] I don’t believe it because they would show it in the promo and I hope not because i love Kenya and my Neigh Neigh. :(


  10. I hope they don’t edit NeNe getting her punch in the face. I used to like NeNe a lot, but over time she became a little more diva-ish than is warranted. She also talks the big talk. I think it would be refreshing to see her cut down to size a little, although it’s sad that pysical violence may be the tool that does it. Still, she’s been fairly threatening many times, and it sounds like Kenya upped her one. I totally want to see NeNe’s reaction.


  11. Dang! I was just reading this article again & for some reason, the 1st part didnt show up the 1st time but Im glad it did now! I sooooo hope its true about Kenya…Neigh Neigh ;) has been on her high horse for way 2 long! Not that I promote violence but if its already happened, I wanna see it, for sure! I dont understand alot of ppl’s fascination with the giant…shes rude, arrogant & has let her fame go 2 her head, not 2mention, she’s Rich….Bitch! With some of the jobs shes got in the past-Glee & the new 1 thats out now-makes me wonder how in the world she got so lucky…These ppl apparently havent watched the REAL Nene on RHOA & especially some of the reunion shows. To each their own…But if Kenya DID punch her, thats karma for ya! She always THREATENED Kim & allegedly did choke her or whatever…so it looks like maybe she gotta taste of her own medicine. Cant wait 2 see it!


  12. I’ve been waiting three years to see NeNe get punched out. I can’t believe she walked away. Classic. And I can’t wait to see Mama Elsa’s ass get yelled at during the dinner party. Just because you’re old, unintelligible, and freakish looking, doesn’t mean you can be a mega B to everyone.


  13. Nene said on twitter that on the new rhoa season, if bravo doesnt tell the truth..she will… so you know if they edit it out of the show, MS SH will have a nice story on it :)


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