SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: RHOM MamaElsa… Jax Laurita “HobbyTime!”… Vegas High Rollers… Amy Phillips… UPDATE: Nene Leakes Punched Out By Kenya Moore…

October 21, 2012  11:51 am   4:oo pm

                                                                                                         “No one puts their hands on me… ‘cept for ratings…”

According to MTO, new ATL Housewife, Kenya Moore, punched Nene Leakes… right in the face!   And Nene is begging producers to edit the footage…

According to our snitch Kenya hauled off . . . and PUNCHED NENE IN HER EYE. The insider tells us that after NeNe got POPPED, she turned and walked away . . . like a PUNK.

We’re also told that NeNe is trying to convince the producers to EDIT the footage, so that she doesn’t look quite AS BAD as she did.

NOTE:  Hmmm…. wasn’t this already done by the RHOM?  Every HW franchise has to out-do the others.  What’s next… the first Bravo-induced Housewife in a coma? 


Cannot understand the fascination with Elsa Patton.  Could not understand it during Miami’s first season… and STILL cannot understand WHY anyone is enthralled with this muppet-like character.   Hmmmm…. maybe muppets should not be compared with Elsa.  Muppets can speak clearly!

  The airplanes are equally terrified of Elsa!

AndyCoop brings up the RHOM and MamaElsa’s plastic surgery.   Hasn’t anyone told AndyCoop about silicone injections?  Long before there was Botox, it was all silicone.  But, what can anyone expect from AndyCoop… member of MissAndy’s NYMediaMafia and expert “journalist” on par with his “journalist colleagues,” MissAndy and Carole Radziwill”…

Then Elsa made it on TheSoup!


  “Uh… what else do I like to do?  UH… besides tweeting?  UH, UH, UH….”

Hard to believe… but, if BubbaJax says it, it must be true!  According to BubbaJax’ BravoBio, Jax is a scrapbook enthusiast!   How the hell does she find the time?


Since reporting the casting call which went out for “Vegas High Rollers” on April 1, 2012… have been watching for any news re this new Housewives-drone show being produced by EvolutionMedia which will be airing on TLC.   The best source for “VegasHighRollers” is @Norm_Clarke who writes for the LasVegasJournal.  Norm says to watch out for Lana Fuchs!

Addicted to reality TV villains? Odds are good you’ll love or loathe Russian diva Lana Fuchs of TLC’s “Vegas High Rollers.”  She’s clearly running out of friends after storming out of a cocktail reception during a weekend film shoot.

Just three weeks into a three-month shoot with the local socialites, the fireworks erupted Friday when the fashion designer’s cast mates, concerned about her bad-mouthing, confronted her to clear the air.

NOTE:  Too bad Bravo didn’t pick up VHR… instead Bravo picked up the ridiculous and uninteresting Shahs of Sunset again.  OH… SOS is a RyanSeacrest Production.  Never mind!


We love Amy Phillips at SH… not as much as we love our “flipit/Ronnie” from TVGasm… but we do love Amy!  OK… we LIKE Amy very much!  Don’t want any wrath from my future hubbend, “flipit/Ronnie“!!!

  There is Amy Phillips’ photo as Ramona Singer… sitting right behind Jillz!

Just came across this video of Amy’s … a screentest for the Wizard of Oz!  Amy is so talented!