REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: Season Four, Episode 24… “Lost Footage”


Season Four, Episode 24… “Lost Footage”

by Sandi Duffy

I can’t believe there is yet ANOTHER episode of this shitstorm.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey is like herpes–it won’t friggin’ go away.

So this is the “Lost Footage” episode.  Bravo really knows how to drag things out.

First, we get to see more of the reunion where Andy AGAIN calls out Joe for his derogatory use of the word gay.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am a full-on gay activist.  I have to say, though, however wrong Joe Guidice’s use of gay and homo is, I do not think,  for one instant,  Joe Guidice is homophobic or anti-gay.  I think he is uneducated and ignorant, but those are much more forgivable traits than homophobic, and Andy really has to stop trying to portray him that way.


The next lost footage is a tank pull for charity.  This is completely stupid.  Teresa and Joe show up with a bunch of juiceheads and it’s pretty funny.  Caroline is all critical about it.  STFU, Caroline and go buy yourself a sense of humor.  Caroline goes and recruits some army guys to try to beat Teresa.  We are really supposed to believe that these guys were just hanging around and happened to be recruited by Caroline–and I just fell off the turnip truck yesterday.

Remember Field Day?  DonCaro was all FEBUS… the same as the tank pull…


Everyone is all critical that Teresa is so competitive.  I don’t know when that became a bad trait?  Caroline’s army team wins.  Teresa is yelling it’s not fair.  Um…Teresa, you brought a bunch of juiceheads.

We get a montage of the kids acting like kids and the adults acting like kids.  You know, I forgot that at one time I actually liked Rosie…you know before she became Andy’s gay pet project.

Milania is hilarious.  Jacqueline had the nerve to criticize Milania and Teresa, saying Milania acts out when she craves attention.  Yeah, Jacqueline, my kids do that, too.  All kids do.  Jacqueline is the last person who should criticize anyone’s parenting.

Teresa goes into a Manhattan book store and sees her book is no where to be found, so in a completely unscripted scene she harasses the 12-year-old working the cash register.  She also pronounces her own last name wrong.

We are back to the In Touch magazine apology.  Jacqueline TTC’s a blown up text message she sent to Teresa.  Jacqueline is nuts.  And she looks like the Bride of Frankenstein when the TTCs.  Jacqueline acts like an 8-year-old.  Teresa calls out Caroline and Lauren for encouraging 24-year-olds to get a lapband and I’m cracking up.


Jacqueline and Chris act like they met in Chicago when they go to Jamie’s wedding.  We all know Chris met her at a strip club in Vegas, so they really need to stop this charade.  It’s just plain embarrassing.

Jacqueline and Chris decide to get a real wedding picture in regular wedding clothes because they got married  in a non-ceremony, probably because Chris’ family hated her and the fact that she was a Vegas stripper with a child and broke up him and his fiance.


We see more of Joe Guidice getting the asshole edit as they show him in bed on Father’s Day, while his family is up and making cards and breakfast for him.  Bravo loves to portray Joe Guidice in bed sleeping.

Kathy drags everyone to the beach to remember all their dads on Father’s Day.  I visit my father’s grave on Father’s Day; I don’t go to the beach.

Teresa gives Joe a new wedding band for Father’s Day.  Joe doesn’t wear a band.  My husband didn’t wear a band either.  It never bothered me.  My husband was NEVER going to cheat.  As he liked to inform me, trying to please one woman was hard enough, why the hell would he want a second one.  I don’t think that was a compliment.

I swear the diarrhea commercial I’m watching right now is more interesting than this “Lost  Footage” episode.

Kim D. calls Joe Gorga “Josephine” and that’s hilarious.  Then she takes shots at his diminutive size.  I take everything back I ever said about Kim D.  I am now officially her biggest fan.

We are back to the Napa trip.  The ladies have a cook-off.  I can’t believe everyone criticizes Teresa for being competitive.  Like the rest of them aren’t.  Ok, well Lauren isn’t.  She’s just lazy.  And Caroline comes across as the most competitive of all.   I do have to admit, these beotches can cook.  Everything looks really good.  I’m hungry now.  What I don’t understand is why the men are standing around doing nothing.  My husband was always my sous chef.  He was also a master on the grill.  Not so much in the actual kitchen, though.

They find two poor bastards in the RV park to taste everything and judge the food.  Teresa  wins and Caroline is pppppppppppppissssssssssssssseeeeeeedddddddddddd.  She lost again to Teresa.

Dina gets dragged back into the drama, despite the fact that she left the show two seasons ago. This show loves to resurrect old housewives (Dina and Danielle).  Jill, Kelly, and Alex were not mentioned once during New York (I don’t even mention Cindy, she never counted).

Caroline is all pissed that Teresa went to her good friend Dina’s house after her and Jacqueline ambushed Teresa.  Caroline and Jacqueline still blame Teresa for Dina not speaking to them.  I am so sick of this.  I don’t believe for one instant that it’s Teresa’s fault Dina isn’t speaking to them.

Is it now FINALLY REALLY over?

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76 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: Season Four, Episode 24… “Lost Footage”

  1. The “Lost Footage ” episode was such a scam. Bravo, call it what it was – ” Season Four Reunion Part FOUR and Yes We’d Happily Do Five, Six and Seven If We Thought There Was Any More Juice To RIng Out Of This Trainwreck.”

  2. How about the little Manzo son reading of Teresa’s InTouch apologies. Do the Manzo children have any real friends? Seriously.

    • Nope. They hang out with their cousins and follow their aging mother and her friends around. You know, just like normal 20 something guys!

      • My Mother has a friend, we’ll call her Maggie. She ended with custody of her Granddaugher, we’ll call her Ann. Ann is now in her early 20′s as is my own daughter. My daughter is living on her own,having her own life and doing what most people that age do. Ann still lives with Maggie and her Grandfather and hangs with Maggie and my Mother. She even calls my Mother like my daughter calls up her girlfriends and chats. I find it really strange, when we have parties during the holidays my Mother always invites Maggie and Ann. My Mother always wants my daughter to hang out with Ann. My daughter says she really hates it becuase Ann is really uncomfortable with her peer group and mostly just stares at her. I have mentioned to my Mother several times that she and Maggie are not doing Ann any favors by being Ann’s home girls. Ann needs friends under the age of 65. When Ann got an opprotunity to do a transfer student program in Canada my Mother encouraged her to go even though Maggie wasn’t sold. Ann went and is finally getting some age appropriate friends. She even called my Mother not to long ago and asked her to ask me for some fashion advice. At least she knocked 20 some odd years off her perfered girlfriend advice so I guess she is getting there. The point of this long story is, it’s not really a good thing to be hanging out with your Mommy or Gran Gran like that. I’m sure if you ask people close to their age about the Manzo kids they get that wierd vibe off of them they way my daughter did with Ann. These kids really need their own life and Caroline should encourage it she has to know that all this fambily closeness is not doing them any favors!

  3. Loved the recap!! Kim D was hilarious backstage but then what happened to her when she was sitting on the couch?? She was trying to appease everyone. ??? She must have dropped her brass-balls on her way out to the stage.

    • I’ll tell u what happened entree, kim was prolly ready to blow the horn on the gorgas. but she got suckered in by slick slojos apology.Thats why he was so desperate to apologize. She prolly changed her tune afterward. Also, considering the buttstone had an event for kim d, they prolly had that deal in the works contingent on if she exposes teresa for having some knowledge on the setup.That makes sense in my head….lol

  4. I felt sorry for those 2 victims, I mean people, who Bravo coerced into judging the cook-off. Guess the pay-off was worth the few minutes of screen time. I bet they hightailed it outta there after they saw Chuckie’s death stare when they said Tre won!

  5. Great Blog. Reading this was so much better than watching it. I can’t understand why Bravo is destroying this show.

      • @ Cherry That remark caught me off guard! LMAO!
        Sabdy: Loved the blog, the way your verbalized your *doneness* is exactly how I feel! Always a great laugh too. I really enjoy when you weave your hubby in to it, sounds like he was an awesome guy…you must miss him…

        Okay. Are there any lunatics out there (besides me) that actually did a count to see if Carowhine’s team did win? I’m telling you, Teresa’s team won by at least 2 seconds, by my estimation. I used the scientific method of one-thousand, one, etc…

        I’m with you, Sandy, I am one of Kim D’s fans now, she’s a thug with a soul. lol! She could have been a female character out of “Guys and Dolls”! I think she looks at Teresa as a babe in the woods. Kim knows how T was raised, good gosh, T stayed home till she got married and had a curfew at 27!!! Kim has made the comment that Teresa is the *real deal*, I think I saw that on twitter,not sure but, I remember her saying it.

  6. 1. WOW Melissa dad is real tall and Not Black,
    2. The Fathers day Breakfast was very cute Loved Adriana stuffing the cupcake in her

  7. Kim D rocks. Bring on Atlanta!!! I am so over New Jersey and I dont watch Miami I just cant get into that one.

      • Cherry, I’m with you. My only Bravo sins are New Jersey and New York. I’ve never been able to watch the others. Can’t relate to any of them.

  8. Okay I have to call Bullsh*t!!! when they shot that scene for Fathers Day with the Wakile’s it wasn’t even Father’s Day, it was the first weekend in June 2011 no one is proud they were there or wanted to film anything with them. Teresa and Joe’s house is further down and shot separately so I can’t say if that was or wasn’t shot on Fathers Day .

    That house they were in was Rented it is a rental and it is up for sale, it is up the Street from my Family’s ….they even lie and participate in the creative editing about Holidays and everything else give it a rest for the cameras.
    No way am I trashing their feelings about their fathers .
    I am trashing the creative f***in editing and scripting ……
    Just gross

    Here is a link for the house;

    • They are all so disgusting that they can’t even take something as sacred as remembering their fathers without turning it into a cluster f’d up mess of bad acting. Joe Gorga NEVER even once mentioned his father on Father’s Day. About Chris & Jackole’s wedding attire and no pics Black shirt and pants on her wedding day? Maybe because you got married in ’02 and your oldest son was born in May of ’02 which you do release his birthdate but you don’t release your wedding day to reporters (interviews) only say “we got married in 2002″. C’mon Bubba ain’t no big thing in these days but the way you try to hide things like that gives credibility to stories of Chris’s infidelity to a fiance because he knocked you up etc etc….if you would have owned it from the start it would have been forgotten shortly after but when you try to hide people sense it and dig harder to find out why.

      Have a look at Richie’s tweet he can’t even spell souls right. What a dimwit. Doesn’t he know that God is ALWAYS capitalized?

      Richard Wakile ‏@richardwakile

      Tonight was I touching episode! We all miss loved ones that we lost god rest there soles! Always thank god for the good times that we had!

      • Did you ever consider Jacqueline and Chris do that for their son’s sake not their own. Most parents are protective about anything that could potentially hurt their children.

          • that’s funny! I had to scroll back up and look, he did spell it that way!!! He better watch out or Lauren” Lapband” Manzo the offical mascot of the grammer police might get after him. I don’t think KatFish is ever going to live that comment about her “lady parts” down. Everytime a fish reference comes up we are all going to go there! lol

      • I knew that I love your site, I found it when all the s**t hit the fan about Traylor Grifter and this was a different house then the one Katfish gave a tour of. It was the fact they were pretending again, it wasn’t Father’s Day, that’s all I was pointing out .I added the house info so you could see the pictures and so you didn’t think I was a loon:-)

  9. I DVR’ed the episode then I woke up this AM and deleted it. Why should I annoy myself when this recap will suffice.

    Why hasn’t Jac’s blog been posted?

    • Here’s what you missed: Teresa’s kids are freakin’ adorable. Jacqueline is a total ditz. The whole show revolves around Teresa. Caroline knows everything. Joe apologized again. Basically the same old same old.

  10. Is it me or didn’t anyone find the part where Melissa was cutting onions and cussing Teresa out to Stumpy a bit real? I think that was the only part that wasn’t fake on the show.

    • ITA! I thought she was “play acting” saying what she really wanted to say under the guise of “getting along”. Total BS!

    • Well, she obviously said it before because JoGo didn’t know if she was joking or not and she said “I told you she was a nasty b!t@h.” and he was just like is she serious??? This is something he had heard before. Oh, and that screaming, screachy tone of voice? That’s the real Melissa. That is what she sounds like when she’s pissed not that victem sad soft voice she always uses on the show.

  11. Why do any of them care why, when or where or how much Theresa got paid for apologizing. The magazine would never have done the story if they had just accepted her apology initially. However, no one accepts because, they in all their wisdom and clairvoiance, maintain that it’s insincere so, sorry, no acceptomundo. The manzo/lauritos keep giving the magazines fodder for their stories. What a bunch of jackholes.
    I took a drink everytime the lauritos mentioned the words “trade show”. Yep, I suffered from alcohol poisoning.

    • So, let’s see: Every time the NJ hoes refuse to accept Teresa’s apologies, Teresa has to accept MORE MONEY from the magazines when they print yet again another apology story.
      It’s totally the NJ hoes’ fault that Tre is making money.

    • This trade show story and all this blah blah blah about Jax being a cosmatologist is all trying to put out the fires of her stripper past. We never ever heard ANY of this in season one, now it’s suddenly important we know. Too Late we know the truth and frankly we don’t give a crap about any of it. We don’t like Jax cause she is a dunk, passive agressive, twitter addictive A-hole not cause she’s a stripper.

  12. So sick and tired of Ms Andy’s gay crap, He makes issues where there isn’t any. I am glad however that the US Army won. But LOVE Tre’s competitive spirit. Richie shame on you for wanting to loose for Wounded Wars! It’s an amazing program!

  13. I am stunned by Jacqueline’s quip about children acting up because they want attention. This woman has no idea about her own behavior. Jacqueline you act up much more than Milania ever has. You are rude, always interrupting and say really ridiculous things. On Milania it is cute and funny, but on you it is just pathetic and annoying.

    • Bizarre for a women with a special needs child who spends all her time tweeting to be telling another mother that she needs to spend more time with her cild.

      • VERY good call. Jac giving parenting advice is like Dina Lohan………hmmmm….giving parenting advice! Not needed, hun. Not needed.

  14. Meh. Put a fork in this stinky Cannoli, it is done! I’m already down at the Winter house in Miami for the season. Will be watching RHOM! ;)

  15. I thought the scene were Teresa tells her kids to tell their daddy that they need him was so sad and pathetic. I really feel bad for Teresa. She is so desperate to keep Juicy Joe. She doesn’t need him; he is a cheater and scum. Those girls are going to grow up with “daddy issues” Teresa really needs to stop using her kids to make him feel guilty.

    • Maybe Juicy has been down in the dumps and feeling worthless. Maybe that is why Tre had the girls tell their daddy how much they appreciate him and need him. Juicy has made some bad decisions (drunk driving and that license issue), and I am sure looking at the possibility of incarceration coupled with their financial mess has a proud man like Juicy depressed. Granted there might have been some of the neediness in her too to keep her marriage together, but I can totally see another side to her telling the girl to say what they appreciate most about their father.

      • During the airing of Season 3, I was concerned that he was seriously depressed (based on what was aired). He seemed better this season, so I had forgotten about my previous concerns. Theresa does seem desperate at times, but I think you may have a point.

    • No Hoosha — Teresa and her kids do need Juicy. He’s her husband and their father. They need to be a healthy family unit. None of us know what’s really going on, but the best thing is for them to work out their problems and remain a family. No brainer.

      • Yea Andy get off juicy joes ass.He has a hard enough time dealing with all this bullshit. It’s plain to see he loves his family. If they can get through all of this bullshit coming at them 24 7 .they will get through anything. I see love in that family and that’s more than I can say for the rest of them. There the only reason I like or watch the show…enjoyed seeing Tre cook and win the cook off. It shouldn’t have been lost footage it should’ve been in the show… You brought the good footage to light only when you saw people come together and stand up for tre in mass numbers.

  16. I laughed so hard when Jacqueline was TTC and she said she didn’t want to get a hemorrhoid from participating in the tank pull. I had just stopped laughing when Teresa slipped up and pronounced her last name the pre-RHONJ celebrity housewife way then corrected herself. OOPSIE!!!!!!

  17. How interesting that they included jacko trying on wedding dressses and renewing her dress, but completely took out trees wedding renewal ceremony. this episode was another tree bash fest. Can bravo paint her in a good light ever? My gosh. Idk maybe this season there wasnt alot of positive moments of her to film. She had been thru alot last season. I hope next season isnt a repeat of this season. I felt sorry for her on fathers day. So what if she is trying to save her marriage and prove that her and the girls need him? Isnt that what a person should do?
    OH! and im glad tree said that she tells her girls not to pay attention to the rag mags and its not true what was written. That spoke volumes as to why on the season she kept denying things about payment and such. She was trying to protect her kids. Granted, she shouldnt have put things in articles that are detrimental and if she didnt give certain interviews she wouldnt have to explain them. I know i know. I think that was also why tree didnt want her family to say joe was in jail or was going to jail…she was trying to protect the kids from that truth. But no one cared..mellisa liked to say jail every chance she got and then at the reunion she was like…who me?? I never said it….bitch it came out of your mouth atthe solstice party a few times. Melissa you have kids… why dont you go explain to them about why your really moving?? Oh thats right, your protecting your kids from the truth….

  18. Can’t believe Jax would seriously try to insult someone else’s parenting. When you try to slam someone because their kids need attention & act out or argue with siblings?? Right & you know what’s really a show of Tre’s bad parenting? Her kids are actually hungry 3 times a day & their teeth aren’t self cleaning. They actually have to BRUSH them, WOW what kind of terrible parent is Tre anyway. LOL!! Hard to believe but when people get desperate to blame the other party or feel really hurt by a split, they’ll look for anything to use as an insult. Jax insults Tre’s parenting…seriously I wonder if Bernie Madoff likes insulting other people’s bank accts :P .

    • Jackass has no business telling someone else how to parent. God knows she needs some parenting classes herself, shit look at Asshat, she sure didn’t do a good job raising her. That whole statement about Melania acting out because she needs her mommy..sounds like a lot of sour grapes that the woman is out earning a living. I don’t see where Juicy or Tre ignore their children. They are normal children. You don’t get all quiet children. I have three and each have their own personalities and quirks. Jackass needs to get off of her soap box and go take care of her child.

    • Considering how much of a failure Asslee turned out to be, Jac should never criticize anyone’s parenting skills ever.

  19. So, so glad this is over (we can only hope) for this season. Thought I was watching the wrong episode in beginning. ther’s Andy once again, gleefully, wringing Joe’s neck for his homophobic comments that he will NeVeR, EvEr stop hounding on about. What he and Bravo don’t realize is how they turn off their audience with their continual Guidice harassment. I’m so sick of it. Would love to see just a bit of Andy bashing Mama Elsa and/or Marisol for their comments to the drama-ridden drag queen Elaine someone on RHOM. The difference to me is that Joe’s a good ‘ol NJ, uneducated, boy probably meaning no real harm, while the Patton’s are very serious.

    Open comment to Teresa: Please from today forward do not reply to any NJ cast member or any media concern and talk to and/or about any of them or any their comments. Just don’t engage them in any manner. YOU refuse to film with them. Who are “they” to put themselves above you and refuse to film with you. They will soon have no one to put down to contibue trying make themselves relevant. Best of luck to you and your family.

  20. Am I the only one who noticed Andy always sits “towards” Tre. You know , in the reunion pics, if she sits to his left & Jax or Caro sit to his right , he will cross his legs so that he’s sitting towards Tre. Maybe the hate thing is an act, something the producers told him to do.? He may speak like he favors Caro & Jax but if you watch him , he looks more comfortabel sitting closer to Tre. ?? Curious.

  21. This my summary of the RHONJ and the feuds:
    Teresa + Caroline = The Cookbook Fiasco
    Teresa + Jacqueline = The Magazine Fiasco
    Teresa + Kathy = The Toast Fiasco
    Teresa + Melissa = The Strippergate Fiasco

  22. I have adult sons. I like to think we are close. That said, they have their friends and I have my friends. If my sons are going out to the bars, or to watch a game with their buddies I am not invited, nor do I expect an invitation. If I am going to meet my girlfriends for a dinner or some event my boys honest would not want to be included. My closest friends are women who lived on the same block as I do. We raised our kids together, so my sons have known these women all their lives. They do not sit around and gossip about my friends and I. They don’t tweet about their comings and goings. They really don’t sit around and discuss what a bunch of 50 somethings do from day to day. My sons actually have livesof their own, they went to school, played in sports, made friends, had girlfriends, got jobs, one is married and now I am a grandmother (best thing ever!!). My point is I really think it is odd that Albie and Christopher are so invested in their mother’s friendships. I think it is odd that Albie’s ex-galfriend, Lyndsay, was at WWHL with Caroline, and when Andy asked if she was still in a relationship with Albie it seemed to me the answer was no they are not together any longer. My younger son was with a girl for about 10 years, I liked her a lot. But when they broke up, I was not palling around with her. She is out of our lives. They broke up … He is my son, there is no contest – she’s out of his life, so she’s certainly out of mine. He is very happy with a lovely woung woman now. And I hope his former girlfriend is happy as well. But to be honest, that is none of my concern. In short I think it is important for families to be close. But I also feel there should be boundries. It seems, to me, the Manzo’s don’t have clear boundries.

  23. My daughter’s friends are also my friends. I think it’s important to know the people your child associates with from an early age. Friends influence our children’s behavior. I always wanted my girls’s friends to be at my home because then I knew what they were doing and who their friends were.

    The difference now between Caroline and me is that my daughter’s adult friends may visit me when my daughter isn’t home but it’s usually to ask for a “mother’s advice” etc., especially since they began having children. I’m honored they respect my opinion.

    I DO NOT “hang out” with my child’s friends, party with them, vacation with them, follow them around etc. There’s a line you just don’t cross as a mother. Caroline doesn’t seem to know about this line. If I stuck my nose in my daughter’s business the way Caroline does, my daughter would not have as close a relationship with me.She would resent it and I would never do it.

    As hard as it is, after a certain age, mothers have to let their children fly and leave the nest. Caroline doesn’t get this at all. IMO her relationship with her children is disturbing. They will never grow up and be independent, self-supporting, successful adults when she hovers over them and makes all their decisions for them. Eventually this will backfire on her and drive her children away from her.

    She really stepped over the line imo with her son’s girlfriend and Lauren’s weight issues. She needs to mind her own business and let those so-called “kids” (who are actually adults) grow up and learn life’s lessons on their own. They have to make mistakes to learn how to exist in the real world and you have to allow them to make mistakes. If you make all their decisions for them how will they ever learn to make decisions by themselves? Caroline is as crazy, if not crazier than Jax when it comes to raising kids imo.She has produced three very unlikeable kids who are unable to work, have normal relationships or function in society without their mother. It’s really sick.

  24. One more thing Any.. At first I thought tre spoiled her kids. But I see her participating and encouraging her children to be what ever they have interest in doing and it shows..even with the busy life she has making a living. That’s more than I can say for the rest of the moms who’s kids are adults and can’t even think or do anything on there own. There all old are they again? There all living off there moms and have no lives. That oldest little girl of tres is a go getter and I have no doubt will be strong and active like her mother when she grows up. Tres girls are cute and I like seeing them more than those lazy disrespectful adult children who think everything should be handed to them.

    • @ Cj I made a point of going back and watching the first 3 seasons and Iey brought a lot of attention can only recall 3 times Teresa shopped. Which we all should. I only ever use a CC if absolutely necessary. Key check cards have made it easier to not need a CC.
      I think they wanted Teresa to pay with cash for more of a *Jersey* feel, at the reunion she almost seemed embarrassed that some people were offended by that for some reason and Teresa said she only wishes she had a money tree. She then stated that they had been affected by the economic slow-down.
      Anywho, I took notice that the first shopping “spree” they film her having is at a little boutique having a seasonal sale with deep discounts. BIG sign on the front window but you don’t see it till-I think- the end of the segment for a flash but it caught my eye so I rewound the DVR. She was shopping for 4 girls and her husband was making a reasonable amount of money but Teresa spent around 1200 dollars and got quite a bit of clothing. She struck me as a good shopper. She was a buyer and she knows how to get the best bargains and I’m sure she probably knows how to work a deal. I think that is why she shops in boutiques, you can’t haggle a discount from the little girl that works for Nordstrom… The shop Teresa got her furniture seemed to be a decorator’s warehouse of sorts. Again, probably another small business. Her daddy was a cobbler! for cryin’ out loud. These people were not rolling in it and that never leaves you… I believe Teresa was hamming it for the show, with encouragement from producers, I don’t see Teresa that way, I think she loves pretty stuff but, what she has/doesn’t have does not define her. Her home I see her fighting for because they but so much into. That home was built for them to LIVE in, not a spec house. Plus, your home is your home, they may have only lived in it a short period before the financial issues were gearing up. Like Juicy said in S2, when he made dinner for Teresa ( and they ate in front of the fire, how sweet is he, he’s a teddy-bear ) it was, at a time. when they seemed to be getting through the worst, even the DUI, they didn’t really fight, they were going to be okay.

      Yep, those biotches were driven insane of Teresa’s life. Teresa really does have a really good life filled with love.

      I’m telling you, go back and re-watch the first three seasons, it will blow your mind how your perspective changes.

      Ps Guess who can’t sleep? Moi! Lmao!!!

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