SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Paul Nassif, Adrienne Maloof… Lisa Hochstein “SpillsIt”… JoAnna Krupa “Topless” Tells Teresa Giudice She’s “ChoosingFame”… Kelly Bensimon “HamptonsHouse”… Vegas High Rollers … Alexis Bellino… And MORE!

October 20, 2012  11:11 am


Now THIS is gonna be a great show!

There have been so many blow ups during the shooting of the new based in Las Vegas Housewives-like show to be aired on TLC, “Vegas High Rollers,” that Doug Ross, the creator of the Real Housewives of Orange County and head of the production company, Evolution Media had to pop into Las Vegas and have a sit down with the “wives”… from the LasVegasJournal:

The production company behind the reality show featuring warring Las Vegas socialites is trying to halt an escalating situation.  Rocked by another blowup, the CEO of the independent production company Evolution Media was in Las Vegas on Friday for truce talks, it was learned.

Douglas Ross, who founded the company that produced “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Real Housewives of Orange County,” met at length individually with the cast members of “Vegas High Rollers” in an attempt to lower the volume.

NOTE:  In a previous article written by @Norm_Clarke for the LasVegasJournal… one of the new Vegas “wives” HighRollers has a medical malady… just like one of Bravo’s Housewives!

“Eyewitnesses said she alternated between screaming in pain and appeared unconscious. Jacobs, who was shooting a scene with Hanley, called 911. A source said Hanley never lost consciousness.

She underwent tests at the hospital and later told friends her attack was caused by irritable bowel syndrome.


KooKooKelly has found a buyer for her Hamptons house… it’s listed as “under contract” on the Prudential site.   The price was dropped from $12 million to $5.5 million… no info on the actual sale price.

Kelly STILL got huge feet… look at those boats!!


RHOM’s Joanna Krupa after dinner in LA.  NOTE:  Joanna could be a contender for a match with HagfaceKyle Richards as the Housewife who most frequently “accidentally” runs into the paps!

Joanna has also latched on to the RHONJ train!

Joanna tells ROL that Teresa Giudice is “terrified of losing her fame.”


MissElaine calls Marysol Patton a liar!


Alexis Bellino’s plastic surgeon sends out a press release about Alexis leaving the RHOC!

“She certainly will be missed on the show,” says Dr. Michael Niccole, founder and Medical Director of CosmetiCare. “She’s one of our favorite Housewives, and we’ve been fortunate to help Ms. Bellino with her cosmetic surgery needs. I’m sure audiences everywhere will hope to see her again on screen someday.”


OK, Lisa Hochstein “SpillsIt” is a bit misleading, as she really doesn’t “spill” anything in this conversation… not even the mysterious “t” attached to “KarenT”!  Lisa popped into the NY offices of HollywoodLife after her appearance in the Clubhouse with MissAndy….when a Housewife appears on WWHL, they make the rounds of New York media.

While in NY, Lisa also chatted with Wendy Williams and this guy… whom Lisa explains her “platform.”  WHY call it a “platform?”  WHY not just call it what it is… taking advantage of being on TV to sell products?

(Thanks to SH reader “CathyFromFtM” “PG” and “JM”!!)

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40 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Paul Nassif, Adrienne Maloof… Lisa Hochstein “SpillsIt”… JoAnna Krupa “Topless” Tells Teresa Giudice She’s “ChoosingFame”… Kelly Bensimon “HamptonsHouse”… Vegas High Rollers … Alexis Bellino… And MORE!

  1. Crappa talks some crap, eh? Pretty good from a chick who finds cheating emails from her BF and then makes him dinner. Not mentioning the blouse. Not gonna do it.


  2. I noticed, and i thought ewe! So many things to respond to! Good thread,! Now going to go drink a coffeeand think about it!


    • Why? Because Joanna needs to strike fast while the iron is hot. She has a bikini perfect body and approaching her mid-thirties so… seems time for her to celebrate her European openness towards nudity and make sure she secures some photo/print opportunities before audiences forget who she is. We forget fast.


        • Of course Krupa is going to try to latch onto Teresa’s popularity. If Tre takes the bait and issues a response then maybe, just maybe a few more people will watch Miami. Wishful thinking cause Miami is sinking fast. Attacking Tre in the article for hurting her family is hysterical since Joanna has publically exposed her own sister as a freeloading sponge. She isn’t bright enough to realize showcasing Marta as a starving actress/parasite isn’t a good thing.


  3. Doesn’t Kathy Wakile tweet adoringly to Krupa after they met at some fundraiser?I bet KATFISH filled her head with nasty fake stories about Tree.


  4. Kelly’s house was pretty enough but it lacked “warmth”. And I noticed that the white beds were placed backwards….the headboard was at the end of the bed….only kelly bensimmoff


    • Seems like celebrity mansions go on the market every day now. So, I’m wondering if this happens constantly + we (civilians) are aware only because the Internet shares every tidbit of famous lives formerly reserved to insiders? Or…are mid-level millionaires downsizing at an alarming rate? Seriously curious having always imagined that once someone achieved that level of real estate luxury a home like that would be a keeper. I wonder if selling generally mean ‘liquidating or if it is a carbon-footprint-reduction/’green’ trend.


      • In her case she probably spent all the money she got in her divorce settlement so now she has to liquidate the house she got, That big of a price drop reeks of desperation. It could have been a pie in the sky asking price, but God isn’t building anymore land in the Hampton’s. That area holds it’s value,


  5. Kelly’s feet are huge because she’s just a giant. I’m glad her house is finally in contract. Good for her! This Joanna chick (never saw RHOM) is a dumbass. I read the ROL link and she’s just speaking about Tree from what teasers she’s heard. Looks like she’s the one trying to be relevant. BTW, she looks a lot like Nicolette Sheridan.


  6. Wow – the jealousy is dripping off each of the comments here re: Joanna’s nipple shot. Haven’t heard too many of the photographers who shoot her regularly complaining about any body imperfections, nor any of the thousands of men who lust after her on the Internet, magazines, calendars, ….yes, she cashes in on her body, but I’m wondering what the women/men, who post the comments about Joanna, look like??? Care to post pics along with your venom?? Let all of us compare, and then judge.


    • R: We’ve been there and done that little “demand for photos”… and done the “let’s compare” and “all you people are jealous” routines quite a while ago. Fortunately ALL the readers and commenters at SH are beautiful, intelligent and witty… proven the FIRST time someone tried this little dance. So, that leaves YOU, “Rebecca”… where’s YOUR picture? Get lost… and stay lost. SH


      • Love it, SH!!! And, Rebecca (is she still here, SH? LOL), I don’t think I mocked her. I think she’s attractive. I know nothing about her though, nor do I care to know. Her big aerolas don’t bother me. And, that’s my pic in my avatar. I’m almost 52. These people put their images and “brand” out there, so it’s free reign to mock them. Sorry!


    • @Rebecca: I must have not made myself clear in my previous comments about said breasts. I am not a woman hater, nor a breast nor nipple hater. I don’t have any venom to drip onto anyone. I don’t have Hollywood Breasts, and am not worthy of a side by side nipple comparison discussion. I am shocked that a woman would wear a shear top on purpose in public. It’s just not so much to my taste.


      • 30 years ago I lived in Manhattan and had a body much like Joanna’s. I was also a clothes horse. Sometimes I would shop at vintage stores and pick up lovely things.Hand beaded items from the 20’s and 30’s were my favorite. Nearly priceless in todays market. I picked up a lovely sheer shirt with silver threading and after reading an article in a fashion mag I realized all I had to do was wear large square bandaids over my nipples. the light in my bedroom showed a beautiful chic young lady. I’m glad I went into my bathroom because even a liberal gal like myself realized that I overstepped. Put on a black bra and looked chic and not offensive to others. Unless she was at a topless beach she was very much in danger of getting arrested. Save it for home darling Joanna, a hint is always better. IMO


  7. Joanna looks great. She’s an attractive woman. Models are known for their bodies and Joanna is no exception. Let her show it off anyway she wants to. If someone who had a more “plus-size” body wore that and also looked great, I would also commend them for being comfortable in their skin in our body obsessed culture.


  8. I wanted 2 like Hoanna ;) but I cant. In the commercials for RHOM, she was slamming Kim Kardashian BAD. Not that that is such a bad thing, but it seemed like she was jealous of KK-Idk why! She said something like “I dont have a famous dad or a sex tape….I support PETA etc” She also took the credit 4 shutting down Dash, Kim, Khloe&Kourtneys store in Calabasas. They moved the store to LA. But Hoanna claimed the store HAD 2 close AFTER her & another model picketed the store because they were selling fur. That def wasnt the reason..But she was just real snarky. I also cant stand 2 watch her eat. Idk if any1 else has thought about that but lordy,the girl acts like a ravished dog ripping into a T-bone. She shoves her mouth full of a huge piece of sushi then talks with her mouth full..IDK, but it just looks horrible. Shes a sloppy drunk,too. She really doesnt act her age…She reminds me of high school-When kids would run back & forth & just like she said..she loves2stir the pot.Oh well..just my opinion.


  9. Joanna Krupa talks about anyone who she thinks is going to gain her more attention. She went bat shit crazy on the Trumps for hunting animals, she made a huge deal about the Kim Kardashian wearing fur, she took a dig at Kim for her sex tape, she’s now mouthing off about Teresa Giudice. Anything that’ll give Joanna media attention, she will do and say.


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