MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY!!… RHOC “TrampolineTerrors”… Tamra Barney “SonOfferToAndy”… Courtney Stodden’s “RealMother”… Teresa Giudice “FL Signing”… Danielle Staub “PollResults”…

October 20, 2012   5:55 pm

Has anyone EVER seen Courtney Stodden’s mother??  

Courtney’s mother’s identity has been a super-secret… until NOW!

Courtney Stodden’s mother is… TAN MOM!!

        “Courtney, honey… get yourself in that tanning booth!”


Ain’t one of the Orange County Housewives… an EX-Housewife… involved in this enterprise?  Here comes trampoline terrors!!


Tamballs Barney’s son makes an offer to MissAndy!!


Lea Black’s good friend, Joe Francis (GirlsGoneWild), claims in the next Real Housewives of Miami that he was much more than friends with the KrupaSisters!

“How funny is it? I put Joanna on television for the first time… [When] she moved from Chicago with her sister Marta… I met her through a mutual friend like her first week in L.A.,” 39-year-old Joe says in the clip.

Actually I dated both sisters too – Marta and Joanna,” he says. When asked if he slept with them, Joe says: “Yes…Go ask Marta. It’s true.”   Check out the video at Bravo!


If you’re in the Jacksonville, FL area... you may want to spend $10 ($8 according to their website…) to see Tree Joodice…

SOUTHERN WOMENS SHOW: The shows returns to Jacksonville for it’s 25th year, bringing cool jewelry, handbags, makeup tips and tricks, gourmet treats and more! It’s all this weekend at the Prime Osborn Convention Center. Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for kids 6 to 12 and children under 6 are free.

On Sunday, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice will be there dishing out behind the scenes gossip from The Real Housewives of New Jersey & the most recent season of The Celebrity Apprentice.


Poll results!  It looks like the majority of SH readers would like to see Danielle Staub BACK on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  IMO, viewers would get tired of Danielle very quickly!  Would rather see Danielle do a sit-down with the cast of the RHONJ to clear the air and spill it…


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    • I totally believe Joe Francis, I even thought that Joanna’s sister may have gotten some extra money by doing what she did but not with an agency but via coat tailing her sister to rich men. I’ll post a link that will show that Joanna used to UTR escort, just go down until you see the images in the forum and click them on to enlarge and you will see her along with models and actresses and pornstars. The reason I believe that she did this is because she happens to be on the same VIP escort site with Tera Patrick who said she never escorted and hated even answering that question and Jesse Jane who has been asked but never answered the question.

      What are the odds that Joanna Krupa would be on the same site with other models who either said no or wouldn’t answer the question. She escorted and I bet even got her sister to get into the action after she hooked up with a rich client, by saying they can have twice the fun with a little more money and an exclusivity thing with her and her private phone number.


  1. I kinda wished she would show up at the reunion duct taped everyone’s mouth shut and duct tape them to her chairs,keep the husbands and various family members off stage by gun point, . then expose their secrets one by one by one. Not that I have put much thought into it of course.

    I know I am going to hell.


  2. I would actually pay to see all of the housewives at a trampoline marathon where they would have to keep bouncing and bouncing on trampolines enclosed by an electric fence until there was only one housewife (or Andy) left. Use your imagination and think of PT hopping around or those New Jersey skanks swinging at each other. What fun, eh?
    I just love this site!


  3. I’d like to see her do a onw on one interview and give all the juicy details but on another station so she could screw Bravo Andy too! BOOM


  4. Of course Teresa would be in town the one Sunday my husband is working! Ugh! I’ll see what I can do to get down there myself but he usually runs into them, anyway. I just let him know she was coming. The last Housewife here was Cynthia but he didn’t tell me until two days later. Which was fine, because it was Cynthia and she was exactly like one would expect her to be, but I don’t want to hear about Teresa that late!


  5. I wonder if Danielle is holding out on all the info for a reason. Although she told Mel in a tweet that a producer has Mels emails to her, too. But if Danielle is waiting for the most profitable time to spill all she has…the clock is ticking. I know that I have personally lost some interest. I still feel the same…that Mel should be exposed…but am I still waiting with baited breath? Nope. Ive stopped checking her tweets. I wonder if she has been bribed or threatened by Bravo not to say anything more. Maybe it would ruin next years storylines. If it is not apparent from the very first episode of next season that Mel is headed for a fall…I wont be watching. And its not because I cant stand the Teresa bashfest anymore…I cant….but because I just dont think it will hold my interest and Im tired of it all. Its just getting so contrived and boring really. And I cant even look at MiniJoe anymore.


    • Yes she is but not just Melissa but everyone including the Manzo’s and the whole family. You have to consider that Jax was enemies with Dina and Caroline and she used Danielle as her friend to listen to all her problems and also all her secrets. Not to mention Danielle using a private detective to follow up on some of the stuff she knew from Jax and also other people. Danielle isn’t stupid, she knows that she has juicy stuff and wants to parlay it into something for her. For her to be going and having a discussions with Andy tells me that ANDY and BRAVO wants her on the show to blow this whole thing up and out everybody. And then after Teresa can get her own show and then they could get new casts for the show (like the did with NYC).


  6. This is completely off topic, but I was wondering if that is Andy Cohen’s face in the above Manhatten picture…it looks like a face on one of the tall buildings. Does anyone else see it and if so, is it Andy? Just wondering :)


  7. dina is running around the country, while dau is tweeting pic with boyfriend and tampons! higher education will love those pics…..


  8. Danielle knows all their secrets. I’d like to see her make a surprise appearance somewhere they all were, the camera fixed on their faces to see the immediate look of fear.

    Not necessary for Danielle to be a regular. A few well timed appearances to keep it interesting. Kind of boring with her having the violent intensity they expect all the time. Have her show up and be friendly, smiling and cordial a few times. The BAM! The old Danielle. Keep them on theirr toes. Nice…nice…nice… BAM!…nice…nice…. BAM

    Make ’em sweat, never know which Danielle will appear.


  9. dang….why am I all darker than all of ya’ll? all I see is all of them appearing on a remake of Ghost Ship? and Teresa is the survivor? Dang….what is wrong with me?


  10. Oh, Ms Sh…thank you so much for taking the Kim wallpaper down…that was the most unflattering pic of her ever in the entire universe….blech! yucky icky poo! yicky yuck! did she look old!


    • I know right! Any other housewife and I could care less but I love an underdog and I really am hoping she does great this year.


  11. No more Danielle unless in a very controlled environment. No matter how right she might be about Mewitcha, they both have too much in common to have two people with narcissistic personality disorder on the show. It would be akin to inviting Kelly Ben Simone to cross over the Hudson and join in with these two for a round up of the certifiable, criminally insane.


  12. I’ll be at the show!!! Can’t wait! BTW I find it rather odd that Mego is in Florida at the same time Tre is here too. What’s up with that?


      • Duh! After I sent this, is thought, “that’s not even Manhatten”! Thanks for the reply though…still, I see a face in one of the buildings, and I promise, I’m not on any meds or drugs or booze! It kinda looks like Andy to me and I thought it was a little spoof on him or something. I even asked my nephew if he could see a face and he did too. The eyes aren’t what they used to be so I wanted to make sure I really wasn’t seeing things! I’m wondering what it says about me when I see Andy on places he’s not even supposed to be…lol.


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