MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s SuperSecret Recording!… Listen And WATCH MeGo Without Auto Tune!!

October 20, 2012

It’s Melissa Gorga!  Caught in pre-production for her latest video!

JillZarin was invited to MeGo’s latest rehearsal of a video recording session for her newest, bestest and goodest ever song.  Jillz took the same recording devices she had taken undercover into the Bravo Clubhouse to record MissAndy (but was thwarted in her efforts by some big mouths running to MissAndy and tattlin’ on Jillz’ plan…) and this time successfully recorded MeGo’s singin’ and dancin’!

Jillz released this super-secret video… proving that she CAN use her secret recording devices and, unintentionally… proving AGAIN… that MeGo just can’t sing!

According to “rumors”… Jillz has blocked da Gorga’s from all further communication.  Da Gorga’s are attempting to obtain the original recording from Jillz… so they can release it themselves!

NOTE:  Well… this WOULD be Melissa IF she were ever to “sing” without auto tune!

 Maybe if MeGo didn’t have to put up with the half-assed debut venue that her hubbend, JoGo and BigGayGreggy arranged for her MeGo would be “singing” much better now!  Hey… someone has to take the blame, ’cause MeGo just won’t stop!!   Note to MeGo:  Please stop “singing”… (Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky…).

13 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s SuperSecret Recording!… Listen And WATCH MeGo Without Auto Tune!!

  1. I get that this was joke ( obviously it’s not even her ) and I am willing to bet this chick sings better lol but what is the deal with Jill ? any truth to any of this ?


  2. I know MeGo reads SH, but will someone please tweet her that video anyway? Pretty please?? I want to see all the comments on her TL of peeps blastin her no singing a$$.
    Thx ;-)


  3. Lol Stacey. She’s looking at the MAN in the mirror. Yes, let us all pray to Jesus . Let’s get prayer candles everyone. No more singing please.


  4. Oh my God, Miss SH, that picture of Jillz, with the Heather caption, is so very funny, that smile on Jillz face…lmao


  5. OMG Ms SH you are simply evil AND I might add I’m still laughing at MeHo in her training exercise. I had seen a short clip on some TV news, but I didn’t connect the dots to the infamous MsHorga. I’m so glad that you did and created this funny article, complete with actual footage and the Jill photo OMG – hilarious. You continue to amaze me with your crativity AND factual reports.


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