ALEX McCORD: Silex on “CouplesTherapy”… What Are They Doing There?

October 21, 2012  10:11 am

Wendy Williams coined the phrase “FameHooker”… that phrase was first used by Wendy when she was talking about WHY Alex McCord and her husband, Simon Van Kempen were participating in the “reality” show, “CouplesTherapy.

In the last episode of “CouplesTherapy”… the therapists were wondering why the hell they were there.

Alex decided to dig deep and pull out her very bestest acting skills…

NOTE:  We can see you, Silex!  We know that you jumped at the chance to get yourselves back on ANY reality show, because you are FameHookers.  Like everyone watching “CouplesTherapy,” both therapists can see that you don’t really have any issues…  Silex better come up with some marriage problems quick!  Wonder who’s watchin’ those chums of theirs? 


For your further enjoyment… Doug and Courtney…