ALEX McCORD: Silex on “CouplesTherapy”… What Are They Doing There?

October 21, 2012  10:11 am

Wendy Williams coined the phrase “FameHooker”… that phrase was first used by Wendy when she was talking about WHY Alex McCord and her husband, Simon Van Kempen were participating in the “reality” show, “CouplesTherapy.

In the last episode of “CouplesTherapy”… the therapists were wondering why the hell they were there.

Alex decided to dig deep and pull out her very bestest acting skills…

NOTE:  We can see you, Silex!  We know that you jumped at the chance to get yourselves back on ANY reality show, because you are FameHookers.  Like everyone watching “CouplesTherapy,” both therapists can see that you don’t really have any issues…  Silex better come up with some marriage problems quick!  Wonder who’s watchin’ those chums of theirs? 


For your further enjoyment… Doug and Courtney…

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55 comments on “ALEX McCORD: Silex on “CouplesTherapy”… What Are They Doing There?

  1. Well, to answer the question “What are they doing there?” — anything to get their faces some airtime.

    • Oh, and Alex has got her some alien arms! They look to me like they are out of proportion to her bones body. I also see that the hypnotist didn’t work out so well with Simone quitting smoking. He is grossly disgusting!

          • ugh yes he does have gerber baby lips!

            Have you seen the ‘Hello Courtney’ video on youtube? I think he was the one who filmed it…

            • I haven’t watched them yet. Just seen bits and pieces of them when she is being poked fun of on the TV.
              The dislikes on this one is like through the roof.Her momma ought have a mud ole stomped in her

            • I feel sorry for Courtney, somewhere along the line, she was probably abused. That’s why she can’t act “normal” for a second, her entire psyche is programmed to always appear as a sex object.

            • The therapist asked Courtney if she had ever been abused and she answered with a firm “No”. I think the therapist even said something like “the way you dress, screams sexual abuse” Courtney appeared rather offended and said she liked all the attention and she didn’t want to stop dressing provocatively. I think the guy should be put in jail where the big boys can teach him right from wrong :<(.

            • While I agree Doug is disgusting, Courtney’s parent’s are deplorable. If there are other underage children in their, CPS should remove them. The worst parenting ever.

            • Have you heard anything about Court’s father? I have heard the mother mentioned but not a father? I have also heard the mother encourages Courtney’s wild behavior because she is racking in the $$.Terrible! I was watching last night and poor Shane just cannot stand Courtney prancing around and takes it out on her hubby. I kinda feel like Courtney knows exactly what she is doing and enjoys all the attention :o(.

            • Ummm, shoot where to start? Wtf is she drinking out of? Did she just come back from the fair where they sell those type of drinks? That’s strange… Her dog is even odd. Maybe it was shocked too many times by that collar. Please stop with dyeing your dog’s hair or was that a weave? Lastly, please DON’T put that on me! Whatever it is. I just don’t want any part of it. No thank you

            • I’m with you on this, the whole Courtny, Doug thing freaks me out. When they first got married I tried to explain how strange they were to a friend of mine at work, she never went on line to see what I was talking about and we kind of forgot about it. A couple of days ago she called and asked me if that was who I was talking about before, I said” YES!!!!! are they not the creepiest?’ She said ” Yeah but wasn’t that like a year ago when we talked about them? Because she is only 17 NOW!!” I said ” Hello!!?? that is what I was trying to tell you!! that little girl was acting like a vertern porn star when she was only 16. I find the whole situation disturbing. This technicality of parental consent that would allow a marriage at 16 needs to go bye bye. He is a pedophile!” Needless to say she agreed. I really think that vh1 really messed up putting a sanctioned child molester on their air waves. I hate the way he keeps trying to justify it with the fact they are legally married. There is nothing o.k. with this. I know those two have been shopping around for a reality t.v. show since the day they got married. I can tell you if I found out they were going to be on the same show I would have to boycott out of principle. Guess Silex just want the air time so bad they don’t care.

            • Should I be watching that show? I haven’t yet. I kinda half forgot, half thought the show pretty much sucked. Does it?

            • It is boring and repulsive at the same time. All the other players are blah blah blah and Silex is a lot of phoney over acting and then Doug and Courtney are just sickness that you can’t not watch.

            • Because of her age, she is not even allowed to stay overnight at the rehab place…she has to leave the set and is taken to a hotel to spend the night. Doug stays at the center with the other castmates.

      • I loved that old man hypnotist, “YOU ARE A NON SMOKER!” Then Simone smacked her lips and said she was cured. It was just another ruse to get the cameramen over to their bordello looking hovel. Silex are transparent in their quest for fame. Sad.

    • Have Silex realized that their 15 minutes are dwindling (even though they’ve tried to get attached to another reality show)? This past episode highlighted them for only about the first 5 minutes. When Alex promoted her towel line last week, I found it odd that she was compelled to bring her own towels to this retreat. Certainly, there were towels available prior to her visit. Did anyone else notice how they whispered sweet nothings at the pool deck as though no one could hear them? So much for their fight being about something… They were play acting and doing it badly.

  2. I don’t know if i’ve missed what you meant. But chum = friend, & its british not australian.
    The most common slang terms for children are kiddos & little tackers. Simon wouldn’t use either of these unless he was joking though.

    • On RHoNY, Silex refered to their two boys as the chums, I think they mean that they are friends of each other and not misusing chums as a reference to children. Who knows though with these crazys….

    • Finding Nemo took place in Australia and they used chum as friend.

      “A little chum for the chum, eh? – said the shark to his friend that brought a clown fish to support group and proclaimed “Fish are friends, not food!”

      • Its not an Australian film. We really don’t use the word here. Sometimes ‘chummy’ is used, but that sort of means sucking up.

      • I think this is more of a play on the word chum as in ground fish bait chum. I need to finally watch this movie…it looks fun. (Not due to this line, tho. lol)

    • I never hear it unless its in reference to the dog food called Chum (its meaty). Mate is used a lot in Victoria, where I live.
      Are they from SA or WA?

      • I live in Perth W.A and have never heard the term “chum” used, except for a brand of dog food….Chum is very English, and Mate is typically Australian. Of course there are a lot of “ex-pats” living here, I’m one, I was born in Ireland, and maybe these people who use “chum” for friend are first generation English, but that would be very rare, as we tend to start using Australian slang after a couple of years :) G’day Mate……anyway, don’t want to start an argument, just wanted to “back up” panda, especially since we both live here and hear the language every day!! xox

      • The Simonizer is from:everywhere. In his first season, he claimed that he was from Australia or UK or New Zealand. I thought he stated that his mother moved to Australia when he was an adult. He’s probably from Iowa and his accent is a put on job. Alex is from Kansas. Whenever he’s from, he’s still a preening, control freak who doesn’t stop bragging about himself.

        • I’m pretty sure he is from rural Queensland, couldn’t get into law at UQ & started working at a hotel. His accent is affected (trying to sound like he went to a private school), but real.

  3. i cant stand this show. i want silex to admit to being famewhores and how it’s destroyed their lives but vh1 cant seem to get anything juicy out of them so we have to put up w/ courtney stodden and lorenzo lamas’ daughter both acting like drugged out bimbos.

  4. Silex are famewhores, but I do think they have some real issues. Their fighting about interrupting rings a bell from Alex on RHONY, she was always so flustered when the ladies interrupted her. I see Simon as an egotistical loud mouthed poser, he just seems so full of himself, and he is only happy when Alex is agreeing with his every word and acting like he is some grand prize. He plays a game with her, she is beautiful and strong as long as she agrees with him, other times she needs to “find her voice” when her voice isn’t echoing his.

    • Could you imagine how absoultely infuriating that would be to have him say “Alex McCord needs to find her voice?” I would be tempted to say “Simon VanKempen needs to find his ASS a job you havn’t worked since you got fired from the Hotel.”

    • That’s interesting. Your comments echo what Ramona claimed in the first season: Alex had to parrot whatever creepy Simon said. Alex also stated that they could NEVER be a part because they were “soul mates” and enjoyed each other’s company more than with anyone else. I guess getting dumped from Bravo changed their minds.

  5. Shoot I missed it. I saw the first episode because everyone was talking about it. Regarding Courtney I find HER parents disturbing. Some people shouldn’t BE parents just because they can have kids. Having said that it’s better than watching the Kardashians. Anything is better than watching the Kardashians so my bar is set pretty low.

  6. These people are so desperate; they must either really need the money or are just the biggest fame-hos ever. Alex’s acting is sooooo bad. She overdoes it way too much. I think that’s one of the reasons Bravo fired them.

  7. I walk around singing, don’t out it on me, girl. Du du du du du du du don’t. I’ve grown to love it, much like the stinging Nettles that grow in my Hydrangeas. Someone (Made) please post the Hello Coutrney vid! I’m just not mentally ill enough yet. I need more.

    Chum is bait. It’s one of them danged ol’ double entendre thingamajigs.

  8. I watched 56 saconds of that video. I think she is high in it. Dr Jen is disgusting for allowing her on. Notice how the other couples are repulsed by them. The rapper and singer just laugh at thm, and their wives are worried about her safety walking around dressed worse than a stripping prostitute.

    • Courtney seems more in control of things than her over-the-hill fossil of a hubby. He schlumps around in shorts and bare feet; looking like he’s trying to be 15. When his child bride is not around, Doug(?) cries like a baby. All the while, his gray stubble and bad rug tell the story of his true age. When Courtney re-enters a scene, she’s as calm as can be. They are both re-enacting the film, “Lolita”.

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