SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Whining, Wedding and Engagement in the OC… RHONJ… DonCaro, Vicki Gunvalson and Melissa Gorga

October 19, 2012   

The HoneyBooBoo of Orange County, Tamballs Barney, has set a wedding date to Ellie!


Jeana Keough’s daughter, Kara, is now engaged to Jacksonville Jaguars, Kyle Bosworth!


 “Get your hands offa my cake!  And… get outta my house!”

Heather Dull-BRO chatted with EverBeautiful about her life since becoming an OC Housewife.  Heather mentions her “brand”… uh, what brand?  Could that be the “highly educated” brand?  Heather also mentions Alexis Bellino and Sarah Winchester… she’s not highly fond of either of them!

ML: What do you hope to bring to the Real Housewives and what do you want to get out of it?

HD: You know I was hoping last year that the audience understood me and understood my brand. I think they did. And, if we continue on with the show, I hope to continue in that vein to stay true to myself and ourselves as a family. And as far as what I hope to gain from it, honestly it’s already happening. I have found that being back on television, the old adage work begets work, really runs true for me. I’ve had a lot of really fun opportunities lately. I’ve been subbing for some hosts, doing some radio shows on KFI AM, a talk radio station which I really enjoy and i’m going to be on an episode of Hot in Cleveland. That’s fun because I cut my teeth on sitcoms. I’m constantly talking about trying to get that balance of servicing my family but getting a little bit of my career back and being creative and doing what it is that I feel I do best and that I love to do which is working so I love that I’ve been afforded some of those opportunities for being back on the air.

OH… it’s really NOT about the cake, it was about her “brand”!


Hmmm…. what could Vicki Gunvalson be filming?

NOTE:  Vicki’s not scheduled for a visit to MissAndy’s clubhouse.  BUT, DonCaro IS!  DonCaro will be a guest after Sunday’s RHONJ “LostFootage” episode…


Speaking of WWHL and DonCaro, Jackie Warner gave her assessment of who should get the LapBand procedure on WWHL.   Could the call have been any more staged??   Really… isn’t the RHONJ OVER???


Supposedly, Melissa Gorga won an award from Odyssey Magazine…

Odyssey issued all the awards on their FacebookPage… and MeGo is not mentioned!   “BestRealityShow” went to MobWives…

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32 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Whining, Wedding and Engagement in the OC… RHONJ… DonCaro, Vicki Gunvalson and Melissa Gorga

  1. Heather looked like a real idiot during that cake scene. She was like a 6 year old, just wouldn’t let it go. The party was stupid enough — a party for changing your name? And then to go ape%#@ just because someone took a piece of frosting off your cake? Cuckoo, big time.

    • I know, kept thinking, who wrote this stoopid script? All that drama over a tiny piece of crappy fondant icing. That stuff tastes like caca…..

      • I agree she blew it way out of proportion! At the same time it was pretty disrespectful… that girl was being a B already and then to do that to the cute cake before it had been cut into… i dunno it was pretty bratty.

        • Heather couldn’t control the stupid fondant eater. She could only control herself, and she blew it big time. The opposite of a gracious hostess.

        • I also agree. H’s reaction seemed over the top until you factor in the hugely disrespectful act it was to grab a piece of cake BEFORE whatever speech was going to be made and the cake was sliced. It was bad behavior and I don’t blame Heather for her reaction. Stupid thing to have a party about a name change if you ask me, but hey when you have to shoot scenes for Bravo, why not a name changing party to fill in the gaps?

          • ITA that the woman was totally out of line to take the cake and was also belligerent and bitchy when asked nicely to leave, but Heather blew it up bigger than it needed to be, IMO. I actually used that scene as an object lesson for the kids to show you can be totally in the right, but still come off looking not so great, depending on how you handle yourself.

            • Interesting…I love it..your point: you can be totally in the right but still come off looking wrong. I think that’s what happened. Heather wasn’t wrong per se, she handled it wrongly.

    • Maybe, the reason for the party was a bit frivolous. But I think Heather was right to be p.o.’d at that anorexic drunkard who crashed it. Sarah was not invited and did show a lack of respect, overall. She stuck her fingers in the cake (gross). Heather’s outrage was more to the principle of the situation.

      • Agreed that the woman was totally out of line and Heather had a right to be angry, but I thought she could have handled it better. She lost me when she started involving the other HW, who had nothing to do with it. That was middle school behavior to get your whole crew involved in an issue you have with someone.

        • ITA. Heather could have shown more maturity. Gathering her forces (the other women) seemed staged and scripted. She seemed to want witnesses as she threw Sarah out on her bony ass.

  2. I’ll never forget Heather screaming that This Is MY Night at the finale. She was so annoying and who cares if someone ate a bow….it’s not like Heather was going to eat a piece of cake anyhow unless it was made out of lettuce. As far as Tamballs wedding, Bravo would get better ratings if they filmed the housewives going to Kara’s wedding. Save your money Bravo and film Tamballs and Eddie’s wedding in a bathtub with a justice of the peace.

  3. ”The honey boo boo of OC, Tamra Barney”- LOL. omg that is SO funny MS SH.
    I’m not sure why Kara Keough annoys me so much but I can’t stand the tone of her voice and how affected and melodramatic she is. I couldn’t spend 5 minutes with her without wanting to run in the other direction.
    That is the ugliest picture of Caroline that I’ve seen. She looks like a character out of Fraggle Rock.

    • I really couldn’t care less about Kara. I find her annoying too. What is with all these kids showing up anyway? The HW’s are the stars….*cough*…if you can call people on a reality show stars..but why are the kids getting so much attention? Is Bravo checking out the possibility of a spin-off? The real children of the real housewives? OMG! Where/when will it end?

      • I appreciate Kara far more than Tamra’s slacker, tattooed son (what’s his name?). Kara is intelligent and interesting. Tamra’s kid is a loser without an education or ambition.

        • Ok LyndaS. I’ll agree with you there. Kara is much more intelligent and interesting than Tamra’s brat…I don’t know his name either and I don’t care to know who he is.

  4. heather may have been a little over the top, but i understand her anger. she planned a party. every hostess wants their parties to be perfect. the invitees should also behave. that girl broke off the bow of a very expensive cake before heather could showcase it. she paid a lot of money for it. that girl did not need sugar. that was such a bs response as to why she did it. she was full of alcohol, so she had more than enough sugar in her system. also, if she has low blood sugar, you don’t eat sugar, you eat protein to raise the sugar level. i also thought vicki’s behavior was horrid. who goes around screaming at a party? she is an adult with a business, and she should know that you cannot throw screaming childish fits at a party in someone else’s home. i was appalled at her behavior. she did everything, but get on the floor and kicking her legs up and down while yelling at the top of her lungs. she should be ashamed. her daughter is more mature than she is.

    • ITA with you. As for Vicki’s outburst – it was sort of funny the way she screamed at Tamra (who flinched and backed off). I laughed at Vicki’s flipout. She shrieked like a maniac. That entire fracas was caused by Crooks, who egged both women on and then smiled to himself with satisfaction. Vicki’s true selfishness came out when she made that idiotic announcement after Heather’s speech. Most of the guests probably didn’t KNOW the Vickster and most likely didn’t care who the hell she dated.

  5. Maybe Icky and Crooksey are filming a new series “Con Men and the Stoopid Women who are Conned by them”.

  6. Aww so happy for Kara, I hope her and her soon to be hubby are very happy. I tried to read the HD thing but all I could hear was “she……ATE…. the…. BOW…. offa ma cake”. As for Icky, I’m glad she’s back, only to see how Briana, Ryan and little Troy are getting along :)

    • Lol, ya she ate that BOWWWWWW. Heather sounded like that SNL skit, “The Californians”, where they all sound totally valley and melodramatic.

      • It was the ‘look’ too haha, I’ve seen it before when I’ve been at one of my kids parties and one of the other kids lost their party bag lol. Not sure of the SNL skit but I’m sure it was pretty close anyway :D

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