CAROLE RADZIWILL: Rollin’ In The Deep…Deep Pile of Money!… Carole Gets Book Deal…

NYPost… “Real Housewife” Carole Radziwill has landed a six-figure deal to publish her first novel, “The Widow’s Guide to Sex & Dating.” We’re told that following a bidding war, Radziwill signed a two-book deal with Henry Holt & Co. worth $700,000. The second book will be a collection of essays and is tentatively titled “Girl’s Guide to Life.”

NOTE:  Would Carole have gotten this book deal had she NOT signed up to be a New York Housewife?  Would Carole had ever been approached to be a New York Housewife is she wasn’t friends with MissAndy?

(Thanks to SH reader “GF”!!!)

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25 comments on “CAROLE RADZIWILL: Rollin’ In The Deep…Deep Pile of Money!… Carole Gets Book Deal…

  1. Carole made a strategic decision to appear on RHONY. Her fame quotient would shoot up. The new fame quotient allowed her previous book to be reissued and to be offered new book deals. She is the same as the other HWs – they are using the franchise to launch business ventures.

  2. I’d NEVER compare her to the other housewives. She actually has a brain and the ability to put a pen to paper with wit. Her exposure on the RHONY just added to her fanbase. Good for her on a great book deal!! She deserves it.

  3. she worked in tv. she already knew a lot of people. also, having her last name, editors would know who she is. she didn’t see rhony to launch her writing career.

  4. I just finished reading “What Remains” and it was heart wrenching. What this poor woman has lived through. Five years watching your husband dye and then a couple of weeks before it happened, having the two people you were closest to, that helped you through it the most, were suddenly killed. So much death, grief and funerals all in a matter of a couple of weeks. God bless her. She deserves every success that comes her way.

    • It was a great read..and well written… her take on certain members of the Kennedy/Radzwill families was subtle not gossipy. It was an unbelievable amount of pain and hurt to go thru… I respect her for that (not the celebrity of it).

  5. Would Carole have gotten any book deal is she hadn’t been married to Jackie Kennedy’s nephew? I doubt it. Even really great writers have difficulty getting published. Kennedy’s sell and she is smart enough to capitalize on her brief association with them.

  6. Congratulations to Carole! As someone who has experienced tremendous grief, losing four people I love in a period of five years, including having my daughter murdered, I admire her courage and attitude. IMO she approached RHNY as an observer then became involved in the drama. I love her sense of humor and the fact that she can laugh at herself. She was even able to see the humor in the show and not take it so seriously.I think she must be a fun person to be around and would be a good friend. When you compare Carole to Aviva, there’s all the difference in the world in how the two women handled tragedy. One came out of it a bitter, phobia ridden mess and the other came out of it wiser and stronger. I wish only the best for her and will read her new book. I admire people who can deal with grief and tragedy in such a positive way and not come out of it a bitter person.

  7. Love Carole and wish her all the best! I am reading her current novel and her writing style reminds me very much of the late great departed Nora Ephron. Gosh it would great if she could fill that void! My favorite movies were written by her. They share a very similar humour.

  8. Carole is who she is and she married who she married. she has lived her life constructively and dealt well with the cards she was given. The world is full of people who have floundered in their circumstances and she has more than survived. Good for her…

  9. RHW didn’t get her a big book deal, she’s worth over $50m. If anything, RHW’s is hurting her reputation. This is just scripted nonsense. I’m amazed that she chose to do. I’m amazed that she continues to be associated with it.

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