ANDY COHEN: MissAndy Gets A Prank Call…

Lord of the Housewives got himself his very first prank call!

Wonder if MissAndy woulda been so aggressive had the caller stayed on the line?   I swear, MissAndy, the caller was not anyone from SH… or any SH reader!  NOTE To SH Readers: It wasn’t none of you, was it?  

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61 comments on “ANDY COHEN: MissAndy Gets A Prank Call…

  1. Thanks Miss SH, I never go over to Bravo so wouldn’t have seen that little gem otherwise. Miss Andy certainly got all excited about it. He even wanted to know if they got her number so he could call her back!

    • I am thinking this was yet another staged call. So Andy could flip off all his “haters.” I am only surprised that the “caller” was not from St Louis.

  2. Using a double negative when asking,”It wasn’t none of you, was it?” Isn’t of belief that when one uses a double negative it actually implies a positive? LOL ;-)

  3. So the phone nazi lets that get thru and wont let lil ole me on? My my my. Not a wise choice at all. Did I tell yall it was TWICE?!?!?!

    • Hahahaha I’ve never tried to call, but I am always amazed at what won’t post when I say something on the blogs. It is usually the ones that aren’t that bad. Then I will see someone that posted something 10 times nastier than me!

    • We all already know she shot Kennedy, She staged Area 51, and she may have a tie in to Lincoln’s death, too ;)

  4. I thought it was hilarious and he handled it great! I don’t always agree with Andy, but he makes me laugh!

    • ITA…he was a good sport about it.
      I liked that he wanted to engage further and hear her point of view. She caught me off guard with all the compliments before she blasted him, I didn’t think that was going to be the caller that derailed.

  5. He was very drunk, and I’m sure had it been any of us on the phone, we would have detailed the reasons why we detest him. Too bad they hung up!!

  6. There’s a funny blind item over that site BG.(don’t want to get in trouble but I think Miss SH likes them). It’s about a thieve stealing from charity& popular guess is Wacko or Mego! Bankrupt!

    • Wasn’t it Wackos hubby’s business bankruptcy that had Susan B Komen listed as a creditor? Now just how exactly does sumpin like that happen unless a company had a fund raiser and didn’t pony up the proceeds. And if that’s true AutismSpeaks better look long and hard at the Lautitas before doing any sorta deal with them.

      • If the item is true and not a plant it fits the Lauritas to a T. Susan G Komen and now Autism Speaks.

        • And speaking of Jax. She has latched on to this purple anti-bullying thing on her twitter…. sure doesn’t square with every time she opened her mouth at reunion. Specifically her “she was sniffing them” remark. But so many others as well. What she did WAS bullying. I know its hard for Andy and Co to wrap their minds around anyone but a gay teenager killing themselves but straight girls do it too at alarming rates over behavior JUST LIKE JAX.

          • I will never forget how she read that preschool book to Gia in that sarcastic voice with a sneer on her drunk face as she ignored Gia begging for someone to get her mom. That woman is EVIL.

            • ITA Ana and Made. How would Jax feel if Teresa had behaved like she did with Nic? It was torture. Jax is a manipulative bitch. Nothing is out of bounds , not even children. People can dismiss Jax behavior but I find it to be disturbing….

            • Don Caro thinks getting nasty and tough with an 11 year old is good parenting. Jax doesn’t have the good sense to limit Nic’s interactions with Chuckie. Easy to discern that Caro was itching to slap Gia and teach her a lesson. That “let me tell you something” isn’t an act it is a threat.

            • Its almost word for word what she said to Danielle at the table flipping dinner. And we all know how she felt about her. Nothing burns my biscuits more than watching a grown woman terrorize the child of someone she hates.

            • ITA made and excellent point. Don Caro and Jax found kindred spirits in each other. They will protect each other’s secrets, explain away and make excuses for one another’s sins and shortcomings, transgressions while eagerly ripping Teresa and her family. They pounced on Gia like two angry jackals who finally found weaker prey. I found it very disturbing how entitled they felt to attack a little girl and to act as if she were some sort of monster. We all knew who the monsters were after that incident Jax and Caroline. Little did we know it was the tip of the iceberg in regards to what must be deep black pools of nasty destructive behavior for the two of them.

            • I know!! We were hard on Ashley but things make more sense now…we understand her lack of respect for her “parents”.

          • Thank you so much for saying that! It is amazing how all of the biggest bullies are jumping on the anti-bullying bandwagon. I wish they would look in the mirror. Jax is just a lost cause. She has a complete lack of self-awareness.

            • Gessie, I hadn’t seen these situations in that light till you articulated it.

              The biggest bullies on this show are jumping on the anti-bullying bandwagon!

              They DO have a complete lack of self awareness.

              Just wanted to second your thoughts and say how much I agree with you. Right on, sister.

  7. Jax needs to clean up the shite in her own backyard it’s piling up fast. The bullying of Gia. The panty sniffing comment . She is so juvenile. Jax puts on the woe is me act and friends start confiding in her and then she turns on them. Jax shares their secrets and doesn’t give a fig about honoring their private confidences . Ask Danielle.Ask Teresa. Ask Dina. Jaxstabber earned her mean girl title.

    • And dont we all have a Jax-type to put up with at some point in our lives. I don’t know what causes women like this to exists but I know the cure… get away from them. Jax is the NJ equivalent to Linda Tripp. These people are everwhere.

      • Exactly Made. Linda Tripp and Jax both want the pay off and are willing to sell out a friend to achieve that aim. Not a single soul is safe from Jax. She sold her own daughter down the river for another season RHONJ. frankly that’s when I ceased to believe Jax wasn’t mentally ill. All the things Ashlee said, revealed and accused her mother of have come to fruition.

      • Not to mention juvenile and vulgar. What grown, mentally stable person says that? Oh wait…this is Jacass we’re talking about, who is anything but. She needs to be put in a mental hospital and taken away from Nicolas asap.

      • She is a real pig. Notice how HER mind immediately went to the gutter. She is the town gossip and will gossip about everybody. I had a friend like that and I realized that if she was talking bad about everyone, and taking pleasure in everybody’s misfortune she must be talking like that about me. That is Jacqueline. Combine that with her substance abuse issues and mental problems, and she is someone best to stay clear of. she is sick.

      • That was full of freakishness.

        Then again, at that point Jax was high as a kite and wasn’t able to tweet it, so she blurted it out on tv.

  8. Andy Cohen is such a hypocrite! First, I’d like to say that I believe that this phone call was staged! But, I want to point out the hypocrisy of the scene! Teresa get hammered when she reacts and responds back with insults to people who have ridiculed her, demeaned her, set her up, back stab her, and have come between her and her brother, but I guess when Andy responds back in the same manner to a caller that tells him to “drop dead mother f’er” in a negative way by stating, “f you” and sticks both of his middle fingers at the television, and then calls the caller a “bitch” and that is okay?! If this is the double standard that gays are being allowed to do on television because they own the Bravo network, then we all shouldn’t watch!! If a heterosexual man was calling a woman a “bitch” it would not be welcomed, but since it was said by a gay man it’s suppose to be funny?! ABSOLUTELY NOT!! Andy Cohen needs to be replaced because he is biased and disrespectful and not entertaining anymore!!!

  9. OMG Hilarious! Look at poor Lauren Conrad’s face. She is horrified! She obviously doesn’t read the tweets to Andy.

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