FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Wendy Williams Says Teresa Giudice is “Worst Housewife EVER” AND Caroline Manzo Got That “Susan Boyle” Look!!

October 18, 2011   RE-POSTED OCTOBER 18, 2012   

From one year ago today… Interesting that Wendy Williams has the same thoughts re Tree!

Wendy Williams was all over the Real Housewives of New Jersey… everyone of them, except for the missing-in-action New Jersey Housewife, Jax Laurita.  Which, IMO, Jax’ absence was totally a producer-induced set up.

 I…… am…… leeeeee-veeeeee-nnnnngggggg…..

Jax was done; she already shot season four; Jax and Bravo had already agreed to part ways and she would not be moving on to season five; Jax never has anything of substance to add to the shows or the reunion shows, so why not give her a pass.  BUT, let’s make the viewers think that Jax made a huge stink about not showing up… the story will be that ‘Jax is just too emotionally and physically exhausted from the show to even think about throwing on her favorite one-shoulder frock and get on over to the Count Basie Theater for the reunion’.  Producer setup if there ever was…

                                         Tree Joodice is THE worst Housewife EVER…

Back to Wendy… she borrowed a line from Don Caroline Manzo when Don Caro appeared as a guest on WWHL.  Don Caro told Andy that she would choose Danielle over KimG as her nemesis because Don Caro could predict what Danielle would be doing, but that KimG was another type of crazy.  Wendy says that she would choose Danielle over Tree, basically for the same reason…

  Wendy’s right!  Although Susan is lookin’ much better than Don Caro!!

Wendy had much more to say…

    • Don Caroline Manzo has that “Susan Boyle” look to her
    • It’s hard to believe that Don Caro is ONLY 50 years old!
    • Kathy Wakile is nice… that’s about all
    • Melissa Gorga is too syrupy sweet
    • Dina Manzo’s HGTV show is a huge YAWN (FYI: Dina’s show is tanking and whoever told her that she could host a show needs some shock therapy)
Wendy also had a lil chat about da Stanker… BUT, Wendy has to defend da Stanker; they’re old friends and their parents are friends.  However, Siggy Flicker is a huge improvement over da Stanker and her motley crew