FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Wendy Williams Says Teresa Giudice is “Worst Housewife EVER” AND Caroline Manzo Got That “Susan Boyle” Look!!

October 18, 2011   RE-POSTED OCTOBER 18, 2012   

From one year ago today… Interesting that Wendy Williams has the same thoughts re Tree!

Wendy Williams was all over the Real Housewives of New Jersey… everyone of them, except for the missing-in-action New Jersey Housewife, Jax Laurita.  Which, IMO, Jax’ absence was totally a producer-induced set up.

 I…… am…… leeeeee-veeeeee-nnnnngggggg…..

Jax was done; she already shot season four; Jax and Bravo had already agreed to part ways and she would not be moving on to season five; Jax never has anything of substance to add to the shows or the reunion shows, so why not give her a pass.  BUT, let’s make the viewers think that Jax made a huge stink about not showing up… the story will be that ‘Jax is just too emotionally and physically exhausted from the show to even think about throwing on her favorite one-shoulder frock and get on over to the Count Basie Theater for the reunion’.  Producer setup if there ever was…

                                         Tree Joodice is THE worst Housewife EVER…

Back to Wendy… she borrowed a line from Don Caroline Manzo when Don Caro appeared as a guest on WWHL.  Don Caro told Andy that she would choose Danielle over KimG as her nemesis because Don Caro could predict what Danielle would be doing, but that KimG was another type of crazy.  Wendy says that she would choose Danielle over Tree, basically for the same reason…

  Wendy’s right!  Although Susan is lookin’ much better than Don Caro!!

Wendy had much more to say…

    • Don Caroline Manzo has that “Susan Boyle” look to her
    • It’s hard to believe that Don Caro is ONLY 50 years old!
    • Kathy Wakile is nice… that’s about all
    • Melissa Gorga is too syrupy sweet
    • Dina Manzo’s HGTV show is a huge YAWN (FYI: Dina’s show is tanking and whoever told her that she could host a show needs some shock therapy)
Wendy also had a lil chat about da Stanker… BUT, Wendy has to defend da Stanker; they’re old friends and their parents are friends.  However, Siggy Flicker is a huge improvement over da Stanker and her motley crew
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77 comments on “FROM THE SH ARCHIVES: Wendy Williams Says Teresa Giudice is “Worst Housewife EVER” AND Caroline Manzo Got That “Susan Boyle” Look!!

  1. Where would Wendy Williams be with the housewives? I never heard of her before and her elevator doesn’t go to the top floor.

    • You know not that WENDY is any OPRAH I hope that ALL of you that feel TERESA has been puled through the ringer & this WEEDY Williams has the guts to say shit about Teresa she is ANDY/BRAVO’s Buddy & what does good OLD Wendy do like everyone else she jumps on the “BASH & BULLY TERESA Band Wagon cant not make headlines or get viewers with out riding Teresa’s coat tails, “WHAT YOU DOING WENDY?”
      I’ll cc ur Advertisers a Talk Show Host who BULLIES a MOTHER & Best selling writer ~ GOSH thought more of ya Wendy you had the ENTIRE cast of NJ on @ one time & the only one u got on the blogs was our Sweet TERESA *Hey how about leaving TERESA alone talk about Hum, Don’t be a bully!

      • Well if anything horrible happens to Tree, God Forbid, Wendy will be devoting a whole segment to her “heartfelt” bullcrap apology just like she done to Whitney Houston. Too late.

    • I hate to agree with Wendy Williams but I agree, Teresa is the worst of them all. She is just too much for the housewives. IMO she belongs on the Bad Girls house or Jersey Shore. I like Teresa in the first two season, but she is too much drama. The crazy thing is that she starts it all!

      • I’m not a dyed in the wool Treehugger but, for the life of me, I cannot see where Tree “starts it all”….heck, even where she starts any of it. She may be tacky, loud, a bit crass, a teeny bit delusional at times and not the sharpest knife in the drawer but she is the one person on that show who has shown any strength of character in dealing with their financial crisis (of their own making) and enduring the worst case of bullying from other adults. Those other castmembers, former friends and relatives, supposedly grown ass women, have united and relentlessly hammered her…..and there is NO excuse for that kind of behavior….EVER. And the men piling on? Really? I’ve never met a man who would participate in something like this. I don’t care what perceived or real slights there may have been, it’s very apparent that this is motivated by jealousy….and it fueled their fire because she hasn’t cracked. I can just imagine the faux sympathyand ‘I told you so’s’ some of these women would put forth if Teresa did have a breakdown.

          • Agree with Abby . Whoever the previous poster is, YOU must not have been watching RHONJ for long. The posts here are from season 1 and on fans. Get your facts in line. Teresa is defending herself and being set up by EVERY other cast member. Use the rational part of your brain. This show has been scripted and edited to bash Tre because there is NO other story line that is of interest to the viewers. Bravo is rehashing the Danielle Staub story line because ratings were high during that period and who better to target than Teresa and Joe Giudice with their money issues. Then when Teresa gets out there and is VERY SUCCESSFUL with her endeavors to pay back their debt, well, that’s when you see the natural greed of the rest of the cast come to the forefront. The Manzos lost some of their clout, income and insurance when Al Manzo got thrown off the zoning board for fraud., the Lauritas are in a sh=tload of trouble for declaring a business bankruptsy and then transferring business assets(that should be used to pay creditors ) to their personal accounts to the tune of millions. Richie Wakile did not pay Exxon their cut of his gas station revenue, and he is in trouble. The Gorgas are trying to sell their house, not to get away from some hypothetical, future fear of Teresa’s children bullying Antonia, but because they have exhausted anymore mortgage ploys and can’t PAY their bills. They are all jealous of Teresa and have sold their souls to Bravo to remain relevant on this show. They are trying to get on the franchise bandwagon with Melissa’s delusions of a singing career, which I believe, to date, has earned her all of $16,000.,, The Wakile’s with Kathy’s canoli kit. Laugh. The Manzos with BLK for which they were sued by the real originators of that idea.,and Jacqueline with her pimple cream etc. No one is putting them on any best seller list. So just how Teresa stirs the pot in your very obviously uninformed opinion is ridiculous..She has been on defense for two seasons and YOU have been duped by Bravo, the real Sh=t stirrers, who have contributed to the breakdown of the families and friends appearing on this franchise.,

    • I consider her show beneath me, sorta like the Jerry Springer show. Not that I have anything to brag about as I get very involved in Rhonj & Rhobh. I’m still having trouble believing that she is not a man.

  2. Who cares what that drag queen Wendy Williams has to say. She looks like a clown and is one of the most annoying characters on TV.

    • I am So…with you on that one Hersandra! Win…dy Williams has to be the most annoying queen on TV! Just the sight of her… and the sound of that voice–is equivalent to having a tooth pulled! I watched her show twice and all I kept thinking was..Hey, when is the faceless guy with the cane going to show up? Ya know, where the long cane with the hook-like handle slowly comes out from behind a curtain and wraps around her throat…dragging her OFF stage! Some one needs to tell that pseudo housewife….it’s time…Way Past Time.. to get OFF of television!!!

    • And who the hell is she to say she would choose Danielle over Teresa because T is crazy. Isn’t she some ex-crack head? Who the f*ck would want to be in her company??!!

    • That is no women! I did a little research on shim and found it’s husband cheated on shim with a Transgender person. I looked back to see maternity pictures of shim and found her child was adopted. BLOOP. D’ATS NO WOMEN. That’s why he kisses Mandy’s ass. If I were Tre. I would never go on the Transgender Moose’s show again.

  3. I’ve attempted to watch WW. She is so fake and phony a real life mean girl who will say anything for attention. She is all over the map when interviewing and does not listen to her guests. It’s a shame that she doesn’t have a fan base but is so dependent on the Bravo housewives to appear to be relevant. WW is a talk show host why the need to trash an entire group of women with nasty comments to get attention. She is feeding the frenzy of nasty negativity that has become a staple on television. can we not aim higher than this?

    • Pittypat, I’ve wondered how some of these people get their own talk shows. Ellen Degeneres is awesome, can totally see that. But Bethenny, Wendy Wms and that ilk, just don’t get it. Anderson Cooper had a solid journalistic reputation then sold himself down the trashy river, and for what? Hmmm, the lowest common denominator here is…wait for it….ANDY COHEN.

      • I still remember Anderson Cooper’s start was hosting, let me see, wasn’t it called “The Mole” or something like that, and didn’t he whinge that it was SOoooooo beneath him to host a crappy game show? (There was a fluffy blonde girl with a floppy stuffed cow that had a mad crush on him. Too funny.) So, now that he’s back to hosting yet another a crappy talk show, in an ocean of them, I don’t hear him crying that it’s beneath his dignity as an illustrious journalist and all. Effete poser.

  4. WW used to have a respectable NY radio show many years ago. These days she’s another Bravo puppet on my now-unwatchable-list!

    • Yor are so right. She used to expose things about people too. Her radio show was funny and hit hard she did NOT play favorites. When she got her show I was excited to see it. I know at first she had trouble getting people on because she had a reputaion(Think Kathy Griffen and how stars avoid her because she will talk about them in her routine). I guess Wendy got around that by kissing the ass of ANYONE even slightly more famous. Now she is just a big sell out and after her apperance on WWHL she makes me mad. I will not watch her show again.

  5. I really enjoyed her show at first. But her laugh is so fake, it makes me uncomfortable. I tried to watch today and she mentioned Madonna and Sean Penn. she talked about past allegations that he tied her to a chair and beat her and then Wendy just laughed and laughed and laughed… What a freak. I mean talk about crazy.

  6. I don’t know how Wendell still has a show. Who watches this crap? I really can’t believe it gets good ratings..maybe other channels show puppies getting slaughtered…that has to be it.

    • My MIL watches- in her sixties, could care less about celeb bs, love her- but it’s just kind of background noise.
      We were watching the 3rd installment of the Reunion, and she says to me, “Oh, Caroline is the one with the gay son, right?”
      I sheepishly smile and say, “Well, we all assume but no, he’s not out.”
      And she said, “No, they said it on the first season, the older one is gay.”

      • Come to think of it, my mil has had it on a few times I visited. She is in her 60′s too. Kinda weird since that isn’t Wendell’s demographic. Ur mil figured Albie out from day one.He will be forever closeted though. Especially if he wants to keep receiving Mommy’s money.

  7. I realize that Wendy Williams has a large following. I’ve tried to watch her show a few times. I just don’t find her interesting. AND she really, really looks like a man in drag (her hands are enormous). Therefore, her opinion of what anyone looks like is irrelevant.

  8. Wendy reminds me of Mego. Wendy tries to copy (very poorly i might add) everything that Oprah did early in her career. So naturally Wendy would hate on Teresa because she is a big ole copy cat..or copy heifer ( which ever you choose).

  9. I can’t believe Wendy has the gall to criticize the way other people look. Has she looked in a mirror lately – I mean one the size of a trailer-truck so she can see her entire self?? Really – she looks and thinks like a prehistoric reptile.

  10. I don’t have an opinion about Wendy either way, but how dare she compare Caroline in any way to Susan Boyle. One of them actually has talent, and it’s not Caroline.

  11. Lol , Susan Boyle. I don’t think she meant to insult Ms. Boyle though. I’m surprised she was that honest about it , I thought since she seems to dislike Tre she would either ignore or praise her looks. I’m looking forward to next season. But those of you who hate the whole bitter/craziness thing with Caro may be in for a surprise if you think it’s worn off. That type of personality rarely if ever questions itself. It’s just like politics (for some people) . If I decided I hate like thing guy (no matter the election year or person) I will not abide anything bad being said about him (or her) & nothing good can be said about the one he’s running against. Simply put , some wanted to see a change in Caro’s bitterness & blame. I really wouldn’t expect it. Jus’ sayin’

  12. I like Dina but I think they gave her the show to host based on her looks , at least for the most part.

    • Yeah, I don’t understand why Dina is worthy of her own show. I, personally, don’t find her style or taste to be artistic, creative, or unique in any way at all. Plus, she comes across to me as not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I don’t find her worth watching because she seems ditzy (and not in the hilarious Lucille Ball way) and there’s nothing about her personality that stands out. When I watch her, I just think “blah” and “wet blanket.”

      • I tuned in once for about 2 minutes, then turned the channel when I saw her bringing out power tools to decorate for a baby shower. Way overdone and tortured.

  13. First saw her on DWTS and thought she was a drag queen. Looked her up in wikipedia and was socked she was really born a woman. Nothing she could say has any meaning to me. Miss SH: Let’s not give her any more publicity. She is gross.

    • Dina had enough integrity to walk away from this show when it turned into the precurser of the slag heap it has become today. Who else did that? No one.

  14. The problem Wendy have with Tre:, Wendy had the other NJ housewives on and when she asked them about Tre they all bashed Tre and that’s what she wanted, than she had Tre on the show she wanted her to bash the others and Tre would not. You should have seen Wendy face when she asked Tre something about MeHo, Tre said “I don’t know, you have to ask her.” When Tre said that Wendy looked like she had been slapped in the face but she still tried to get Tre to talk about the others but Tre would only talk about her cook books. and from that day on I have never heard WW say anything nice about Tre.

    • Can you imagine how she must have been in high school? On second thought she was probably the target of bullies in high school, so now she’s turned into the bully, herself.

  15. I am not sure if I am right but I swear that she was a radio host a long time ago and I remember her being on a hip/hop radio station in NY…..this was like 10-12 years ago and I believe she got fired for her big damn mouth…..I am going to have to look up why but there was a scandle around her and remembering listening to her and about her lipo surgery if I recall correctly. Should be a matter of time before she does that again on TV now.

    Yet another overly opinionated host I cannot stand listening to now….

  16. They’re playing the Lost Footage episode on Bravo now. Andy is aksing Juicy about his calling people “homo” again.

    I thought it wasn’t supposed to air until Sunday?

    • Jane, I saw that too, but they only showed about 20 mins of it and then after a commercial it went right into RHW of Miami. Maybe it was a mistake? I was so annoyed when Andy called Juicy out on the gay bashing b.s. Deja vu, this is like the 4th time he’s done this.

      • It’s something called First Look where they show about a 15 minute preview of the upcoming episode, I discovered.

      • Andy loves and supports all fellow gays no matter what they say or do, as evidenced by Rosie’s absolutely, hideous prosecutable outburst on the reunion show. He needs to just quit with the emphasis on his sexual preference as most rational gays are fighting NOT to be defined by their sexual orientation, but by the same traits that define all human beings.

  17. Wendy Williams is THE most uninformed interviewer I;ve ever seen on T.V. She is a disgrace to the profession of journalism.. I had to be more informed to be a reporter on my high school newspaper than she apparently does for national television. Who in the heck hired her.? Shame on you, Anderson Cooper. Where are your standards?

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