RHONY REUNION: Ramona Singer Tells Andy Cohen… “Get A New Question”… AND… WatchWhatCrappens Podcast!!

October 17, 2012  8:30 pm

Get on over to TVGasm and give a listen to the brand new WatchWhatCrappens podcast!  In fact, it’s a DOUBLE HEADER!!  There was so much to talk about that this week’s WWC is a two-parter!

“Real Housewives of New Jersey and Real Housewives of New York both ended this week, but the nasal, desperate whine of Jill Zarin just won’t die. In part one of our special birthday (We’re 40, y’all!) episode, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo TV), Ben Mandelker (bsideblog) and Ronnie Karam (TVgasm) rag on Blarin’ Zarin’s desperate attempt to land another gig on Bravo. Then it’s on to RHONY’s ladies trying to pass toasting off as high drama. PS LuAnn totally banged the pirate. Enjoy!”

Speaking of the RHONY reunion… the best part was the following video where Ramoaner tells MissAndy to get a better question to ask her!  Go Ramoaner!!

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26 comments on “RHONY REUNION: Ramona Singer Tells Andy Cohen… “Get A New Question”… AND… WatchWhatCrappens Podcast!!

  1. Between Ramona’s comment to Andy and Joe G’s short fuse with him, I’m hoping that more of the HW people will lose their temper and just call Andy out on lying, scripting everything and setting ridiculous situations up. CAN’T.WAIT.

    • Like I said about my fund to remove MEHO from TV forever, I would do the same with Andy’s dumbass. He is biased, he hates Tre and he just sucks for never asking questions that viewers want answers to.

        • Done, you are absolutely right about Andy being evil. He takes greats joy in being a puppet master and seeing others being hurt. In addition to being a misogynist, he has a sadistic persona.

          His attitude towards Russell’s suicide was unbelievable. It was almost as if he thought a character was killed off, rather than a flesh and blood human being dying.

          • CJ: I agree, and I sense that this is nearing the end of his Bravo career. I also lost respect for so many others (Kelly Ripa and her husband, Wendy Williams…). Sad.

            • Wow Done I’m over Wendy,Kelly and Mark too!! I stopped watching Wendy after her “interview” with Teresa and Her WWHL appearance she really lost me when she uttered those two curse words “team Gorga” buh-byeeeeee

            • Andy should have been called and required to help remove Mr. Armstrong’s body with the coroner. His family (not Taylo) should also sue BRAVO And Andy for slandering his name posthumously. Andy is too full of his own feelings of being “God”…..he is a vile piece of dung. He has perpetuated a bully and gang-up mentality on each Housewife show. He may have had loads of viewers for NJ’s reunion, but unless he changes his obvious bias towards certain people…he will see the numbers slide like on each of the other series. I wish the heads at BRAVO would put him in his place. Under his watch we have had a suicide, people undergoing extreme bullying, families being torn apart, death threats as well as threats of serious bodily harm from one family member against another, and he has really started destroying BRAVO with his agenda.

            • And you can add Anderson Cooper to that list also. I always thought of him as a highly intellegent news caster and now is is one of Andys puppets. The way he treeted Tre on his show was high school. And the only reason he had her back is because of the crap he got from viewers.

      • Andy has been after Teresa ever since Joe made the remark “gaylord” to the dance teacher. He won’t let it go.

        • Yet it was fine for Joe Gorgas to call his own sister and Kim D “but-buddies”…..he never has commented on it or on Ritchie and JoeGo using the f*g/f*ggot terms. Quite the double standard.

  2. hmmmmm………..
    wonder where they got that expression “nasty bitter queen”
    answer: petty homo’s like miss andy
    good for moaner for calling that bitch out.

  3. I’m conflicted about this. On one hand, I think it’s obvious that Ramona does have a drinking problem. When LuAnn was talking about how Ramona can drink a lot I was thinking, “Well, *duh* alcoholics build up a tolerance to alcohol and have to drink more and more to get drunk. I have no doubt she’s an alcoholic and is in denial, which is why she lashed out at Andy.

    On the other hand, I am sick of Andy picking on one person over and over, asking the same question a hundred times to put them on the spot and make them squirm. He loves to have control over these women and make fools of them. I think it’s how he gets his thrills and I bet he loves telling all his friends at cocktail parties all about how he humiliated them. *barf*

    It’s time to make Andy squirm in my opinion. Good for Juicy Joe and Ramona for calling him out and not playing his little boy games.

    • Good for Ramona for telling Andy to pick on her for anything but the rumors about her being an alcoholic. Same old stuff from the past 2 seasons.

    • Maybe she’s just trying to market her Pinot. It’s a bad marketing technique because it appears that she drinks too much but all she drinks is Pinot Grigio and Ramona is now synonymous with it. I’m sure Italy is proud of that.

  4. I watched a wwhl on with top chef masters. Andy read from his cards that one chef was mean and rude to the other chef. I forgot the chefs name, but he outed Andy saying that’s not true it was overly edited to make him look bad. Andy sat there dumbstruck and moved on to other bs. Ilmao.

  5. I’m going to try Ramona’s skin care line just for telling Andy to pound sand.

    If I turn green, I’ll let you know and send pics – before and after….

  6. No idea whether Ramona is a functioning alcoholic or not. Jillzy-poo, who doesn’t drink, and her little coven Kelly and LuAnn started that business and hammered on the fact that she was, to get under Ramona’s skin. It worked. BUT, that’s pretty much a matter for Ramona and her family to deal with, so good for Ramona for telling Andy to sit and spin on it.

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