MELISSA GORGA: Joe Gorga’s MortgageMess…

October 17, 2012   10:30 pm  

“Oh, the tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!”

Melissa Gorga laid it all out in her last BravoBlog.  MeGo said that anyone could look up her home information online and see that she and Joe Gorga are NOT broke or anywhere near broke.  Hmmmm….

“When Joe Giudice told Joey Gorga to “Pay Your Bills” we wondered why would he make such a statement. . .

Joey Gorga was a successful contractor who lavished his wife with a recording studios, a Bentley and over the top gifts.  Melissa Gorga repeatedly stated that they are not financially strapped, nor was that the reason they are selling their love shack.  So why would Joe Giudice make such an odd statement?”

These people are posin’!!

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115 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: Joe Gorga’s MortgageMess…

    • Its a bit late for her to be blaming the economy. Things fell apart for the Giudices RIGHT after the GFC hit. Whilst i’m sure some of their problems are due to living above their means, its not all their fault.
      Also Tree picked a HW related business that would make her money. Melissa can’t carry a tune in a bucket & will never have a proper singing career.

        • You’re forgetting what Caro taught us. She’s smarter than us remember? If you fool youself or let someone else fool you because you can’t be comfortable any other way, that makes you smarter than everyone else , right? ;P I’m sure she’ll know Mz.GaGa right off the charts. uhmm, uhmm, (oh that was just me clearing my throat) ;D

      • when you think of all the American Idol contestants with AMAZING VOICES.. that after the show.. no one heard from them again.. and what does this poser think is going to happen to her??? There was a contestant on the Voice from Alaska.. that was i think #3 with the most hits on U-Tube and guess what he didn’t “make it” in the battle round…. So her narcissitic personality and her hubbies “I’ll do anything for attention” is unbelievable.. and i think the whole stripper thing was PLANNED for her to have her covers.. now she’s had 2 due to the story.. Sick people will do ANYTHING TO BE RELEVANT… I hope Teresa keeps HER CHILDREN AWAY FROM SUCH A DIABOLICAL WOMAN.. sadly her hate for Teresa runs sooo deep.. i’d be afraid to have my children babysat or watched by someone with such horrible agendas.. I hate to say that.. but that’s how i feel!

        • Totally agree and yes, also hate to say that because she is someone’s mother, but sociopathic obsessions are scary as people so afflicted have very blurry boundaries between what is acceptable behavior and what they feel they must do to fulfill their obsession. B-r-r-r-r

        • She’s only trying to get in the music industry so she can meet her next husband. Like Teresa said, “If a richer man comes along…”

  1. Of course they are SH! I firmly believe that Melissa e-mail you recieved. It speaks nothing but pure truth in my opinion.

      • Maybe, but it wouldn’t be fair to discuss in the forum. I have a lot of history with one party in the camp behind that site and they are quite unsavory. One of the regular contributors, i worked very closely with on the Caylee Anthony case blogging and find the tactics used to be disgusting and barely legal. I’ll leave it at that. I have severed communication. Sorry…I said a little more than I wanted. We can sum it up as bad blood.

        • And please don’t interpret my disdain for them as any reflection on this site. SH is a breath of fresh air and this site has been quite warm and welcoming.

        • TracyM: The site just started. The site NEVER wrote about CayleeAnthony. You must have your information scrambled… what site EXACTLY are you referring to? A link would be sufficient. TFC!! SH

        • Thanks to SH for keeping me laughing, because when I read this stuff, I realize my life is pretty darn awesome! :)

          • MP, I believe that TracyM is definitely from camp Marco. Trying to discredit Faux Reality site. I really love the site. SH is my first go-to site, I bring it up first thing, but I love Faux, and FameWhorgas also. These sites all have one common goal and that is to expose the lies and deception that we have had to endure from Bravo and these idiot housewives and their families.

        • Anyone can make vague allegations . Really sad that you would drag a murdered child’s name into this as justification. A tiny slip to some but speaks volumes to me about who is disgusting.

  2. I heard or read months ago they were having problems, I am not surprised. If you search his name in the county they live there are a lot of Mortgages under Joe Gorga not sure if they are all him but I bet some of them are.

  3. Whoever is running that site I love it, they have shown images and given data that we didn’t know about.

  4. No sh*t they are having money issues. I said this this the first season those to scumbags were on RHONJ. Melissa was to busy blowing it out of her ass how well off they were. Well the type of business her husband is in has not been doing well for years now, so unless he was the ONLY person to step in shit and this economy didn’t affect or she is a bold face Bullsh*tter!!! Also what doesn’t add up is she came onto the show bragging how this was a present for her, her “dream” home, then she claimed they were selling because this house was always meant to be flipped because thats what her husband does for a living, now 1 year later teresa and her “bully” daughters will just torture her sweet child that she has to protect and get out of town. I like to know who was protecting her daughter at that white trash group sex party they had when every adult was under the innfluence of something and her daughter was almost trampled on???

    • Jen, I’m with you. The shore trash party spoke volumes about their priorities. I have worked with children a good deal of my life and I was shocked and appalled that the party occurred in the first place given that I had some expectation of values from the Gorgas and the Wakiles. I can blame Bravo but the adults share equally in the blame.
      Teresa’s concerns are not unsubstantiated.

      • The hard partying is obviously taking it’s toll, just look at the face of Joe Gorga. He looked older than Joe Gudice.

      • Aint…great comments! I was appalled by that party too. Who was watching the children that night? Also, if they’ll behave like this in front of cameras, can you imagine how they act when the cameras are not there??? It’s frightening for the little children. They should have been reported to CPS when that aired on TV. My husband and I have always had parties and had fun but NEVER anything like that and NEVER in front of our children. Normal people just don’t. do. that. It’s trashy, low class behavior and I can’t believe Bravo aired it.

        • IMO. Bravo encouraged all that risky behavior. It was well past the kid’s bedtime and they should never have been subjected to drunken adults having a gropefest in the hot tub. ITA with you if the Gorgas were not to have that lowlife crapfest whip it party in front of the children then what goes on behind closed doors. Stumpy called Antonia a c**kblocker and while rutting around like an animal in heat.

          • ITA about how upsetting it was to see the children there during an adult party. It’s just 1 more reason why Bravo/Andy should be so ashamed! But, it also got me literally sick to my stomach to see Tree’s kids physically abuse each other too. Throwing a sibling around like a ragdoll while Bravo films, is criminal.

  5. About a year ago I went to the website and it said that JoGo and MeHo were worth 15 million dollars, after the reunion when Juicy told the hobbit to pay his bills I checked again. Now it say they are -1,500,00. Of all the ways MeHo wants to copy Tree………really? JoGo better start looking for a new poison receptacle cuz the one he has now has bled him dry! Now the comment about MeHo wanting to look SEXY for a head of a record label makes more sense. She is ready to trade in her now broke husband for one with real money in their bank account!

    • Yep, she is ready to trade up! I wonder if she was trying to look like J Lo (when she was being trained on choreography by J Lo’s ex husband Chris Judd) thinking that she could land Chris Judd? It just seems like such a coincidence that she is working with J Lo’s ex, then she starts to try and look like J Lo. Too freakin’ funny! She will never, ever in a million years ever come close to looking like J Lo or having an ounce of her talent!

      • TV: I agree with you about MeGo trying to be like JLo. And you are right – she will never come close. MeGo is delusional. Tre is hard working. Her businesses are authentic and are succesful. Go scratch, Melissa!

  6. I’ve seen sites going back several months on this also. I don’t know if they ever eggmitted it was a house they were just building to sale or if they wanted everyone to believe it was theirs but, that story has been around awhile. There are stories that they should have moved out a good while back & didn’t & they are said to owe alot because of they stayed & couldn’t sale. It sounds like they were paying more attention to being on this show than what they needed to do to have it sale.

  7. I get that everyone (well lots of people) wants to be a star but they have gone overboard. Mego should be smarter and realize that she does have three children. She let her husband get underwater and continues to sink him further and further so she can look rich. I feel bad for him. He totally looks like a simpleton. When her 15 minutes of fame are up, his family will be torn up, they will be broker than broke and there won’t be squat left for her children. Hope her fake ass teaching degree can land her a job or maybe she will go back to Lookers to work.

    • Hey, bizzy! Jogo doesn’t totally look like a simpleton, jogo totally IS a simpleton. I kind of feel sorry for him, too, although he’s not really a victim. When will these guys learn to stop letting the little head make all the decisions? :-)

      • I really think that he was dropped on his head a few times. It’s crazy how he is letting tiny Joey run the show. Sad that is going to cost him dearly. I don’t see her sticking around when his money runs out. She is going to leave him with his babies and run to her next sugar daddy.

        • I agree with the comments that JoGo is a simpleton. If he thinks MeGo has talent that will get them out of debt, he is more than stoopid.

  8. You know, and maybe this is just me, but I’ve heard them say how hard Joe Gorga works. Oddly, I’ve never seen it. Say what you will about Juicy, I’ve seen him cooking, doing work on his garage, and even slinging pizzas. I remember that Joe Gorga got really upset regarding that garage and then telling his Sister that she could help with the parents bills, but If he’s paying all his parents bills, why are they not speaking to him? There are so many holes in the Gorga stories. I would love to be a fly on their wall. I think they are jealous of Teresa, pissed off that in spite of their efforts she still has over 1/3 of the viewers on her side and is the most popular (love or hate her it’s true.) I think Joe Gorga is the baby and got used to always getting his way.

    • JoGo is the official purse carrier. His only job is to trash his sister on command and follow MeGo around like a panting dog.

    • Not only is he the baby, but he is the male. That is so old school, to favor the son. Not that the parents don’t love the daughter, but to have a son is what every father wants.

    • I read that the parents ( and Tre) loaned Joey money. To start his business. In exchange Joey was providing them housing, maybe more to luve off. So it is not out of the good son bit, he was repaying their investment but his business has crumbled.

  9. hey hate Tre for the same reason any bully hates. It’s not what the other person is or should be , it’s based on what the bully is & should be. I’ve seen people like that sit & cry over what’s wrong in their life but won’t admit to it? I remember a girl from h/s who tried her best to bully some of us .I’m not the bullied type & neither were some of the others so she was ignored but kept her silliness up because she thought she was fooling someone. Then near the last day of school she was in class on time (very rare) & had her head down crying her eyes out. The teacher finally asked her what was wrong & she said she had failed her English class & wouldn’t be allowed to receive her degree with the rest of the class. I mean you would think the someone had harmed someone in her family the way she was so upset. The teacher lectured her a minute on knowing better & just let her sit there & cry. Bullies are thes people who know somethings wrong , might even know what it is, but just can’t face it. Whatever turned Caro so hateful & sad , it’s not Tre & I suspect she knows that but can’t find it in her to face whatever it is. (Bad marriage I suspect) Now what Jax problem is , other than the “liquids” thing , I have no idea. Chris L seems to care about her aleast somewhat. Maybe she just doesn’t care back but stays for the money?? Or maybe it’s the legal thing.??

    • Lol !! That typo makes it look like I’m telling you to hate Tre :P Call me Caro :P should say “They hate Tre…”

      • JaxAss and Chris are in legal problems up to their necks. They gotta stick together. Jax’s behavior was so ugly on the reunion show. She was in on the MeGo – she texted all the time and talks to Kim D everyday.

  10. Great work exposing the truth about MeGo and little Tarzan. I just couldnt resist posting the link on MeGos FB page and also on Tre´´s. Will probably be deleted by the PR persons, but guess she will somehow hear about it a´trought the grapewine anyway. Enough with the stoopid lies!

  11. Don’t you know Tre wakes up every day & thanks her lucky star that she’s not Mego the faker or Carowhine the sad clown. Makes you wonder if M or C ever wonder why.

  12. really after all the asst. Tre gave MeGo, she has shown tons of restraint not talking about this at the reunion. She has had to listen to everyone bully her about bankruptcy, yet Chris and Jaq have a lot more criminal money laundering things with their apparel business, and now MeGo ..actually got the help of Joe G and Tre for their fake love house

  13. No problem–that house will sell really fast. Who doesn’t want a cookie-cutter mcmansion with overdone venetian decor and a recording studio priced a million over its assessed value?

    • If themarket in NJ is anything like it is here in GA, there is a 10 year inventory of houses on the market for over $1,000,000…good luck selling. Any now that particular house is tainted by the stank of RHONJ.

        • Right–and you are definitely not getting any kind of financing for amounts so far above the assessed value. Unless your lender is the guy who Joey uses….

  14. I have post this one before but I think its appropriate here given that,according to the timeline, Juicy helped Joey get what he needed to attract the trashbox hooch that he is saddled with now.

    • Thanks Made! Loved the clip and so apropos. So Teresa loaned her brother to get out of the lawn maintenance business and start a construction business. Juicy and Tre then loaned money so that Jogo could have a nice home. I wonder why MeGo didn’t mention any of that when she was discussing the Bravo pie that she and Wonkili deserved a piece of? Amazing that when Teresa needed help her brother was MIA. The Gorga Jrs. (MeGo and Joey) must not be playing with a full deck if they thought they could go on a reality show and all this wouldn’t see the light of day?

      • I agree. I can totally see it happening that way since my husband helped my little brother out in a similar way. I saw a flash of fear in JoGo with his “ya bum” thing. Fear that he was fixin to be exposed. He also telegraphed his fear to KimD “you are a mother…..” translation “my wife is a mother too so…. please lets not go there… anymore”

        • Joey Gorga was practically crawling on his belly with that apology to Kim D. Why would Joey G back off very clear allegations that Kim D is a coke ho and how would he know anything about drugs? If he and Melissa wanted to hurt Kim D that allegation alone would certainly harm her business and drive away moneyed clientele who do not want to be associated with even the whiff of scandal. Yet Bravo didn’t edit those comments and how many years has Bravo filmed the fake drama at a Posche fashion show? Bravo does not mind pushing the edge of the envelope. IMO the producers are pushing the boundaries as well as some unsavory characters down the viewers throats. In addition we are subjected to constant PSAs about drugs ,bullying yet Bravo’s agenda and story lines are completely at odds with those messages.

  15. Wow…just WOW! She sure had ME fooled, but that won’t happen did HE. NOW I know why Juicy dislikes this guy so much and exactly what Tre is talking about.

  16. On famewhorgas, they had a post of a twitter from Penny :

    Penny Drossos @PDKhair
    @Keena620 @melissagorga when you came back didn’t you say he wasn’t your type! Go bitch u want to play lets play how’s Fred Caruso bitch
    7:33AM – 17 Oct 12

    Ok, curiosity got the best of me, cause I never heard mention of this Fred Caruso guy, but I found this article dated Oct. 3, 2006 about a guy named Fred Caruso from New Jersey. If Melissa was mixed up in drugs, could he have been her alleged drug supplier?? IF it is the same Fred Caruso? Very interesting!
    Here’s the article:


    BALTIMORE, Maryland – Fred Caruso, age 31, of Clifton, New Jersey, was sentenced today to 163 months in prison, followed by 5 years of supervised release for conspiracy to distribute Ecstasy, conspiracy to retaliate against a witness, conspiracy to distribute ketamine and conspiracy to commit kidnaping, announced United States Attorney for the District of Maryland Rod J. Rosenstein.

    According to the statement of facts presented at his guilty plea, from 1999 through 2000 Caruso conspired with others to distribute ecstasy in Maryland and New Jersey. In November 2000 Caruso arranged to sell ecstasy to an established customer, Thomas Dixon, and sent a courier with approximately 41,000 tablets of ecstasy to Maryland to meet Dixon. Law enforcement officers were conducting surveillance of Dixon and observed the courier place two large shopping bags in Dixon’s vehicle. Dixon and the courier were arrested and the ecstasy was recovered. Dixon agreed to cooperate with law enforcement and made monitored calls to Caruso, who admitted to supplying the pills and sending the courier to deliver them.

    Caruso was indicted in Maryland on charges of conspiracy to distribute ecstasy and a trial date was set for October 2001. In preparation for trial, the government provided copies of the monitored conversations between Caruso and Dixon to Caruso. The trial was subsequently postponed to allow the parties to conduct plea negotiations. On February 24, 2002 Thomas Dixon was shot six times as he left his home. He survived, but suffered permanent injuries as a result of the shooting. Court documents show that Caruso admitted to soliciting and hiring individuals to shoot Dixon in order to prevent him from testifying in the federal case.

    In a New Jersey case that was transferred to Maryland, between October 10 and 17, 2002 Caruso and others kidnaped a victim, beat the victim repeatedly, threatened the victim with a gun, transported the victim from New York to New Jersey and eventually returned to New York where the victim was released. In addition, on December 18, 2002 a Passaic County New
    Jersey police detective witnessed Caruso distribute 300 bottles of ketamine to another person.

    Dixon, age 40, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute ecstasy and was sentenced to two years probation on April 14, 2004.

    United States Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein thanked the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Baltimore City Police Department and the Baltimore County Police Department for their investigative work in this Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force case. Mr. Rosenstein also praised Assistant United States Attorney Christopher Romano, who prosecuted the case.

  17. The things I dislike most about the Gorga house is the family bedrooms are all in the attic ie. sloping roofs.

        • I suspect Joey is too cocky (and cheap) to think he could use the services of an architect to get those little details right. I too noticed that the bedrooms felt like an attic addition…In a $3+ million house? NOT!

          • I’m no architect and my spatial skill are really crappy, but it seems like all the space inside that house was used up on that HUGE foyer and the vaulted ceilings downstairs and then there was no room upstairs except for in the eaves of the house. It is really weird.

            • I think that house has been staged! They had no furniture season 3 and in season 4 they had a dining room set, a bed…and I can’t think of anything else. I think the house is a big closet for Missy’s clothes!

            • I thought I read somewhere that they got an advance on their salary for the season so they could furnish the mansion with rented furniture from some upscale Hoes ‘R Us furniture place.

    • Thanks, Adriana, that was HILARIOUS! I wet my pants three times just reading the commentaries :-) . Gorgas are such posers.

        • Their whole house is sparsely furnished. You would think they had more being as he had a large house when he met her. I can’t imagine what the cost of the upkeep on that house is. One of the articles said the taxes on that monstrosity or a house was currently $68k a year, that is roughly $5700 a month. There is no way in hell they can afford that, their Bravo checks coupled with whatever appearance fees she is earning is in way, shape or form covering that kind of bill. Then you add the mortgage and the monthly upkeep, she better start saying that Tre is stalking her and that she needs to sell that house ASAP.

        • Aunt Dorsey, I noticed that too and was going to ask if anyone is surprised that there is not ONE book on the shelves in the library. LOL I’m not even sure JoGo can read a book.

          • If they were smart, the would have someone stage the house and then retake the pictures so that the house will show better. Who has a library with no books. She better start hitting some garage sales and get some.

            • Bizzy, maybe Caroline can fill up the library with all of her horrible books that won’t sell to help them out. ;)

            • I think if she does have something printed it will be done in a very limited run. Maybe 500 or so books. Personally out of curiosity I might read it if I find it for free on the web and if I have nothing whatsoever to read. There is no way I would pay even a dollar to buy that book.

            • I heard a very interesting statistic on the news which gave me hope regarding wannabe celebrity authors. The latest book by Arnold Schwarzenegger has tanked, the sales have flatlined, Snooki’s book is also selling close to nil and the skeevy mistress of former Presidential candidate also sold almost nothing. So perhaps people are smarter than we give them credit for being.

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